YouTube banned this video exposing Planned Parenthood doing this nefarious act


It’s no secret Silicon Valley hates conservatives.

Google and Facebook were both caught red-handed shadow banning and censoring conservative sources.

And the reason why YouTube banned this video will infuriate you.

YouTube recently took down a video exposing a Planned Parenthood worker who was aiding sex traffickers.

The video posted by Live Action shows a live recording of a Planned Parenthood manager instructing a pimp to lie so he could get his underage prostitute an abortion.

When asked what to do when the person is too young to be at Planned Parenthood, the manager told the pimp to “send ‘em right there (to a different facility) if they need an abortion” (emphasis added).

You can watch a Twitter post of the video below:

YouTube’s Twitter account responded that the censorship was a “mistake” on their end and they put the video back up.

But they only did so because of a wave of backlash from angry YouTube users.

This isn’t the first time YouTube was caught censoring conservative content.

PragerU, a prominent conservative educational effort that is hitting home with millennials, had over 100 of their videos banned by YouTube.

And a leaked YouTube employee chat revealed that searches are routinely manipulated to remove conservative topics and artificially pump up leftwing videos in its “trending” section.

The file is reportedly named “youtube_controversial_query_blacklist” and is updated regularly.

Do you think YouTube should censor anti-abortion content? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  2. “It’s no secret Silicon Valley hates conservatives. ”

    Without conservatives what and where would liberals be?

    Who (foolishly) would support them, not they!

    Liberals, (communists) are like the 1960’s hippies, they live
    off others until the others abandon them after understanding
    that they are a drain on resources, which ends with all having nothing.

  3. This is not up to Trump, it is a local issue and should be attended to by local authorities,
    however, I will agree Trump might seek defunding of PP.

  4. Thank you for posting this. I am so sorry this is going on, and I am praying for the people involved here. I am praying authorities will see this video and close this place down. (How was it recorded, anyway?!) The young prostitute asks how she can continue to work and make money. There are many, many ways to make money: Babysitting, working in stores, fast food restaurants, etc. Prostitution is not the only way to make money. And, why are their customers using their hard earned money with this kind of activity?! It can’t be inexpensive.

  5. Joann – why on earth would you slap the girl?? I thought you were angry at the pimp. I guess you don’t understand how this works. The girl ( 14 or 15 years old as per your statement), works for the pump. He has her under his control. Don’t you get it?? I am sorry for you and your obvious stupidity!!

  6. No videos should be banned. If you don’t agree just don’t watch, make your comments, allow others to do the same, move on.
    Very simple boys & girls.

  7. Why is Planned Parenthood getting our tax money? How about giving our tax money to pro-life groups? They don’t kill babies.

  8. Although I am not on the wasteland that is social media, I am not surprised the powers that be would discriminate in their determination of what is right and wrong in their morally corrupt and warped minds.

  9. The part about minors who are still legally the responsibility of their legal guardians not needing their consent for an abortion is the most repugnant part of the Roe vs Wade law, yet another reason R vs W needs to be repealed.

  10. I have read and re-read her post. She writes poorly and it difficult to follow. Again I read it as she wants to “slap the prostitute”.


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