Your blood will boil when you read what a school in Washington state is forcing its student athletes to do


Schools across the country are implementing radical regulations on students and teachers, all in the name of “safety.”

The COVID pandemic has caused many to lose all sense of reality, and now they’re imposing their fear-driven rules on children.

And your blood will boil when you read what a school in Washington state is forcing its student-athletes to do.

America has watched as school board meetings across the country have turned into screaming matches.

There is no doubt many parents are angry at school administrators for imposing tyrannical regulations on their children, like social distancing requirements and mandatory masks.

Despite clear evidence that masks can, in fact, harm children and their ability to connect with classmates and teachers, many districts across the country are demanding students wear them.

It has become a form of virtue signaling for many and is in no way about anyone’s safety.

Well, one school in Washington state has taken it even further by tracking who student-athletes come in contact with others regularly.

A 15-year-old girl was allegedly forced to wear an ankle tracking monitor during volleyball practice at Eatonville High School in Washington.

Yes, an ankle monitor – like what a criminal serving home confinement might wear.

According to sources, this was a condition of participating in team sports and was required for both the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

The girl’s mother received a text from her stating she was being asked to wear an ankle monitor for practice.

When the girl did not respond to the mother’s texts or calls, the mother assumed she was busy practicing and tried to call the school via phone.

No one at the school was able to answer the mother’s questions about the tracker, so she drove to the school to find out more.

In speaking with the coach, the mother was informed there had been a meeting the week before to discuss the ankle monitoring program.

It appears the program was designed for supposed “contact tracing” in the event of a positive COVID test of a student.

Once again, they are claiming it is all being done for the child’s safety.

According to the website for the company that makes the monitors, they were designed to help people “maintain social distancing guidelines” and provide “real-time insight into whether these guidelines are being observed” for construction and other manufacturing businesses.

Nowhere on the website does it say anything about schools using the devices.

The tracker gives off a “visual and audible alarm,” so people know when to “adjust” their current distance to adhere to proper social distancing guidelines.

To top it off, the trackers also provide a “passive collection” of “interactions for contact tracing should an individual test positive.”

They’re using these to track children.

The mother said these devices were never mentioned to parents but that the coach said there were opt-out forms.

Again, the mother was never told of any opt-out forms or programs.

The athletic director at the school apologized for the “slip up” in not getting the mother’s consent.

Slip up?

Tracking someone’s child without their consent is far more than a slip-up.

This is just the beginning of government schools attempting to take complete and total control of the children in their care.

Parents need to get their kids out of these indoctrination camps as quickly as possible.

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