You’ll never guess who just stabbed the pro-life movement in the back


The Midterm elections were bad news for Republicans in the House.

With the shift in power, conservative legislation could come to a halt in 2019.

But you’ll never guess who just stabbed the pro-life movement in the back.

GOP legislators are in for a ride after the Democrats gained 40 seats in the Midterms.

As a result, some pro-lifers were trying make one more push for pro-life legislation, including defunding Planned Parenthood, before the new Congress takes the reins.

But it seems as though that has been stopped in its tracks, as most GOP legislators are afraid to “rock the boat.”

Politico writes:

Congressional Republicans are giving up on years of promises to cut federal funding for Planned Parenthood as Democrats prepare to take control of the House, a major setback for the conservative movement after controlling both chambers of Congress and the White House for the past two years.

The futility of the congressional efforts was clear as the lame-duck session of Congress convened this week and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) briefly tried — and failed — to rally support for one last bid to push through Planned Parenthood cuts, Obamacare repeal and other conservative priorities. But most Republicans, already rattled by the possibility of a shutdown next week triggered by President Donald Trump’s border wall demands, dismissed his bid.

That’s infuriated anti-abortion groups, who plan to take their fight to state legislatures and the courts.

“They had two years to defund Planned Parenthood, and they failed,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of the anti-abortion group Students for Life of America. “It’s a huge frustration. We worked so hard to elect supposedly these pro-life Republican officials, and we expected results.”

House Republicans who’ve repeatedly voted to defund Planned Parenthood — a priority since Vice President Mike Pence served in the chamber — say there is no point using their remaining days in power passing a bill that’s sure to die in the upper chamber. Next year, the dynamic will be reversed, with conservative bills that might get traction in the Senate sure to collapse in the Democratic-led House.

Weak-kneed GOP House members are often more dangerous than hardline Democrats.

They make campaign promises to get votes from pro-lifers, but refuse to lift a finger once elected.

As the President of Students for Life of America, Kristan Hawkins, pointed out, the Republican dominated Congress had every opportunity to pass legislation to defund Planned Parenthood and end abortion.

But instead, these so-called “pro-life” Republicans avoided pro-life legislation in hopes they could appease liberals and be elected to another term in 2018.

Their plan backfired, however, as the Democrats gained nearly 40 seats, most of those taken from faux pro-life representatives.

On a positive note, Kristan Hawkins of SFLA did urge President Trump to reject any bill that keeps Planned Parenthood funding in-tact.

And as we know, Trump is not afraid to hold out for a deal that he likes.

What do you think about these Republicans failing to support the pro-life movement? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. Why are we surprised and shocked? Don’t we know that many Republicans are hypocrites that will say one thing to get elected and do something else once in office? They have no principles. Their only objective is to stay in office.

  3. Sounds like any other politician. They can say what they want about President Trump, but at least he is getting many of his promises done, if it wasn’t for the Congress and some low level court blocking him, a lot more would be accomplished.

  4. this makes me so mad! We are only asking for what is fair, why should we ever have to pay for the death of these babies. It’s bad enough that woman can kill their own babies, rather than take measures to prevent it! Guess I’ll be praying even harder in hopes of changing those people with selfish hearts.

  5. Tell me one Democrat that does not do this very same thing! Instead of Democrats and Republicans they should be called LIERS and LIERS.

  6. Time to remember them this next election no matter what they promise to get elected. You can not trust them for anything to represent the people that voted them into office. It is time now for term limits on all congress and we get people in office that will do what the people want.

  7. I agree that RINOS are worse than Democrats…..they are snakes who stand for only one thing….RE-ELECTION…..

  8. The problem is not only the murdering lefties but also the do nothing Repubs who’ve done next to nothing against the murderers or for the people thus voters are disgusted with both parties. The left is following Sanger’s depopulation orders from the NWO trash and so are the Repugnants.

  9. There are in reality three political parties. The largest party is the progressive party, they have subsumed the entire Democrat party and utterly control it for the past thirty to forty years. Approximately one third of the Republican party, more commonly known as RINOs are also progressives, sadly that one third comprises the party’s leadership. Trump is a huge threat to the progressive agenda and is subjected to everything and anything they can do to stop or slow him down and most of the media participates in the obstruction and cheers them on.

  10. Politicians have a bad reputation of promising and never delivering! Trump has been a welcome surprise since he is delivering on all promises he made during the campaign! Both parties have these lying weasels that do not back up their promises and the voters have to be able to find them out and turn them out of office before the burrow their way into the bureaucracy and become embedded as swamp monsters!

  11. I strongly agree with all, especially Carl! I was so proud to support President Trump, a businessman and not a politician, then this “Wimpy Republican Congress” shoots him down! I don’t believe President Trump will run again in 2020!

  12. You can”t trust anybody ! Losing a vote is more important then an unborn child or your right to defend yourself! Even the upholding the constitution or their pledge of Allegiance !


  14. Jan13: The conversation is about the fact that no meaningful restrictions have been put in the way of access to abortions and the pro-life agenda has not been advanced. As the Republicans controlled both Houses of Congress and the Presidency, they more could have been done. We are not talking about Trump overall, though he could have pushed for this matter to be seriously addressed by Congress. He did not. Republicans all of them are politicians and most are not guided by principles, just by their any to get re-elected. To think otherwise is to be naive.

  15. Odele: We are discussing the fact that the Republicans controlled both Houses and the Presidency – and the Democrats were marginalized. They clearly could have done more. As to Republicans and Democrats, I don’t disagree that they are all politicians – and principles for politicians are not important for most of them. Their overriding goal is to be re-elected. So, your comment about my liberalism is totally off the mark.

  16. By now, we know where the RINO’s stand and there are many more than we knew. They have poisoned everything with their anti-Trumpism by delaying and never acting when they had the chance. We don’t know if a Republican Majority is ever in the cards again but the Dems have some young and completely ignorant Reps in the House and even the Senate. They will certainly get nothing done and there will be more gridlock than ever. If only we could reform this entire behemoth!!

  17. Birth control should be vasectomy for men, tubal ligation for women. And they are usually one time procedures. There are Ssooo many people out there who would love to have a child but have issues preventing it. Think beyond oneself. That child was conceived because it needs to be here for a reason.

  18. WE need to form a new party with term limits and select a person with integrity and finance him/her.
    Let the Rino or Dimm in office know he is no longer supported. A change must be made and it could happen with the Convention of States, but I don’t think that it is going to happen soon enough.

  19. Btty: We are talking about the issue of abortion. I don’t want to discuss your biased and offensive views about the Democrats. They are no commies. They support policies with which, it is your right to disagree with. However, please avoid extremist language. It creates hatred, anger, is non-Christina and is most divisive. Do you want to create the level of anger and the hatred that lead to Civil Wars? That certainly would not Make America Great Again. If you value the sanctity of life, you should espouse non-violence and moderation.

  20. Here’s the thing Alberta, even though we started out with control of both houses we had and still have rhinos that claim to be Republican but aren’t. They vote with the Demwits more than the Republicans. Those are the ones we have to weed out. We don’t have to worry about McCain any longer but we have Flake, Romney and others to contend with.

  21. I do believe that! Unfortunately I live in Ca and I believe God has been trying to get Ca. attention but they aren’t listening. Just look at all those horrible fires. But of course moonbeam wants to blame climate change. Moonbeam and EPA have blood on their hands! Gods wrath is at work. They want to keep killing babies?

  22. Remember when we all were so outraged when China was limiting families to one or two children and were making families abort any children over two? What makes us any better? We not only abort these precious lives we then sell their body parts to labs! Hell they don’t even do that at vet school! Outrageous!

  23. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi party at work here!FOX NEWS!GOP House of RINOs!Don’t forget the RINOs(Gowdy,Ryan, Rubio,Romney,Sessions,Flakes, Roberts, etc) to name a few!Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

  24. How many dead babies will it take to satisfy the blood lust of the pro-abortion Republicans? Please publish their names!

  25. Actually, a reply to Roman: No, Roman, you’re wrong. It is also an economic issue in that the Democommies want those who oppose abortion to fund it. As Jefferson pointed out forcing people to support (pay for) that which they abhor is tyranny. Can you provide a better example of a domestic implementation of Communism? If you object to the description of Democommies, consider that the issues are interwoven and of a piece and to surrender on any is to give aid and comfort to an enemy.

  26. Rivahmitch: Many people oppose what they have to pay for through their taxes, such as public schools, airports, roads, maintenance of public parks, the military, etc. However, they still have to pay for those government programs. That is not communism and that is not tyranny. And Democrats may have different views about what the government should or should not be doing than you. In fact, even among Democrats, there are many divergent views and some Democrats do oppose abortion on demand. This is democracy – everyone is entitled to their opinions and it is guaranteed by the First Amendment. Why should people who hold views different than yours be considered enemies? You are just being intolerant.

  27. Republicans have forgotten their conservative roots. The overwhelming majority are supposedly pro-life, yet they countenance the killing of the innocent by allowing tax payer funds to support the largest abortion provider in the nation. The party has lost its heart, and like democrats has compromised its soul.

  28. The Republicans had two years to cut funding for Planned Parenthood, repeal Obamacare and get started on securing the border. They stalled and stonewalled all this time and did nothing. As a result, three major campaign promises were broken. That was a major contribution to the results of the midterms.

    With all the RINOs in Washington, the liberals never lost control of Congress. A conservative majority in Congress these past two years was a joke. As much as I hate to say it, Senator Schumer was right on when he said that the Republican Party isn’t organized like the Democrats. How right he is. When a Democrat wins the nomination, the rest of the party put their differences aside and they all give support to the nominee. That support continues if the nominee wins the White House. That hasn’t happened in the Republican Party since Reagan.

    By turning on Trump these past two years, they were left holding the bag in the midterms. Before the 2016 election they kept chanting repeal Obamacare and secure the border only to make brownie points with the voters to keep their seats. According to Senator Cornyn, there was no intention of doing any such thing. Trump winning the White House caught all of them flat footed because they expected a Hillary win. Right up to Election Day the polls were giving Hillary over a 90% chance of a landslide victory. President Trump is bringing out their true RINO colors.

    The way the RINOs have been acting since the 2016 election, I suspected that one of two things would happen in the midterms last November. Many RINOs would lose their seats to other Republicans in the Primaries which didn’t happen. Or lose them to Democrats in the General Midterm. That happened in the House and, the only thing that surprises me is that it didn’t happen in the Senate, although it almost did.

    The GOP has done everything to make sure that two of the biggest campaign promises of 2016 were not kept. Remember when George H. W. Bush said “Read my lips” in 1988? We all know what happened in 1992 as a result of that broken promise. This time the RINOs weren’t even smart enough to put it all on Trump like The Democrats did to Bush in 1992. The Republicans lost the House and they have no one to blame but themselves.

    The Republican Party needs unite, stop fighting against each other, and focus more on regaining control of the House and Senate and keeping a Republican in the White House. They need to go back to the conservative principals that has served them so well in the past. It is time for the Republican party to put their differences aside and get behind and support Trump. Had they done that in the first place and did everything possible to keep those promises, I have no doubt they would still control Congress.

  29. Roe v. Wade is doomed to be overturned as soon as the pending lawsuits wind through the courts to the Supreme Court. More and more people have come out to attack the basis on which it was affirmed While it is sure to be overturned, the states will have the right to allow abortions in their jurisdictions. What overturning Roe V. Wade will mean is the failure of Planned Parenthood. I am Pro-Life but I also realize why, in a few cases why abortion can be approved. What I am against is the wholesale slaughter of babies as a result of Roe v. Wade, and it is nothing less that state sponsored genocide as the Democrats with Planned Parenthood have allowed taxpayer funds to pay for it. Sixty million lives have been terminated under Roe V. Wade.

  30. The Republican party is the only reason for wich the democrats will be in power in January, GOP is full of traitors and hypocrites if you ask me, I guess that many of them have been part of the swamp and the corruption that has existed in Washington for a long time.

  31. Hey, you are finally starting to see they have only been massaging your but to get your vote.
    The republicans only care about their rich fascist and oligarch donors. Otherwise, tough sh%^.

  32. Planned Parent Hood should be treated the same as any other medical provider, and abortion should be covered by ALL insurance, the same as all other medical procedures.
    If you do not want an abortion, do not get one, but do not interfere with those who do.

  33. Roe v Wade may be overturned, but there will still be abortions readily available.
    There are many states that will not obstruct abortion, and the abortion meds are becoming readily available from over sea. One vendor will only ship to where abortion is otherwise unavailable. If the Roe v Wade is over turned, it will become officially unavailable in some states, and the over seas vendor.
    there will still be “back alley abortions and caring doctors who will help those who want an abortion.
    It will make it more difficult in some locations, but it will make little difference.

  34. Dr. Martin Luther King from jail cell in Birmingham, Alabama: “There are 2 types of Law; just and unjust. One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.I would agree with St. Augustine that an unjust law is not law at all.” Roe vs Wade is an unjust law. Read it and you will see there is no such a thing as “ a Constitutional right for an abortion,” as most liberals always say. They have to cling to the Constitutional “ right to privacy,” and through that language, they then say they have the right to abortion…When the time will come to define that human life commences at the moment an egg is fertilized by a sperm and is now called a zygote, then it might finally end this debate. This definition has been in the medical literature for quite a long time. By the way, the so called “back alley abortions,” have been overblown for many years now. You don’t hear the amount of botched abortions that are committed in Planned Parenthood clinics, do you? The girls and women who have died because of complications in those clinics…why don’t they allow a sonogram to be done and seen by the girls and women before they have an abortion? Why is it legal for an underage girl to go to these places without her parents consent and have an abortion, which is a surgical procedure and yet needs her parents consent to have a Tylenol given at school?

  35. I have yet to meet or hear of a politician who will hold true to his views. It’s all about the votes, it’s all about being able to retain power. The electorate easily forget what was said or voted on shortly after it happens. It’s not unusual for politicians to go round the same old issues with the same old BS. Seriously, who would trust a politician to get anything right or do anything right???

  36. A Christian that doesn’t fight for the bible, isn’t a Christian. A Republican that doesn’t fight for conservative values, isn’t a Republican. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing, cowards, low life back stabbers, afraid of their own shadows. That’s why I don’t call myself a Republican anymore. The rotten apples are mixed in with the good ones. You only know when they’re bad if you crack them open. I personally like to be called a CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE CONSTITUTIONALIST. And if any of those RINOs try to change the constitution with some of their liberal buddies, take the wind out of their sails. Push them back so far that they fall off the ends of the earth. Just kidding. I’m not a FLAT EARTHER. Another crazy bunch. People will believe anything!

  37. That’s why their called RINOS, but now that they’ve been replaced!, those areas are now in the DARK!, for the next two years!, meaning SOMEONE whom has the backbone & Guts, as does OUR PRESIDENT, needs to grow their “GiONAS”, to retake those areas, in 2020. I firmly believe that at the present time the “MILLENNIALS”, will re-educate The AMERICANS on how to “ PUT OUR ADULT PANTS”, back on, & use that GOD GIVEN, “ COMMON SENSE & LOGIC”, to regroup AMERICA.

  38. Ted: Americans are so divided – there is hardly a consensus on anything. There is so much hatred in America and the country is tearing itself apart. There are very few moderate voices working to establish compromises. If anything, the millennials are even more liberal than the mainstream democrats. Extremism on both sides only perpetuate further extremism. I fear for the future,

  39. If Democrats are so bad in running the Gov’t office chambers of the Country, can Republicans who get elected can’t keep there word on anything, a new political party must evolve and a gernessis of a new beginning for a reawakening o a Renaissance to take place.

  40. Philip simon: Thank you for your insightful comments. The idea of establishing a third (hopefully a moderate, yet principled) party is certainly worth considering and exploring.

  41. you are correct! Flake is gone but his replacement is a Dem-and Romney is just sour grapes because he was not elected President and Trump was! So he wears a Democratic hat! And as a point to consider-we had 51 Republicans in the Senate but need 60 votes to pass bills-which would have to include a few Democrats-and none of the Dems strayed from the Democratic farm. Meaning NO Democratic vote for anything proposed by the Republican Senate

  42. The Republicans had a chance to sweep the elections in Nov. and blew it because most of them would not stand up for conservative principles; they are weak and ineffective and always will be. We have a wonderful President and he deserves their support but they don’t have the guts to firmly support him. A great disappointment as usual.

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