You’ll never guess who banned a group of seniors from celebrating Christmas


Radical Atheists do everything they can to silence Christians during the Christmas season.

They will even tread on Christians’ First Amendment rights to do so.

And the reason these senior citizens were told they couldn’t celebrate Christmas will make you red.

According to the Alliance Defending Freedom, an assisted living complex in Chehalis, Washington banned its residents from celebrating Christmas or displaying Christmas decorations.

The complex justified the ban, saying it couldn’t allow residents to “engage in religious expression because it accepts funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.”

Even worse, the complex is owned and operated by a Catholic non-profit organization.

Christian Headlines writes:

A religious liberty group says a Catholic assisted living complex in Washington state has wrongly banned residents from saying “Merry Christmas” or displaying holiday decorations out of fear it will violate a federal law.

Providence Place in Chehalis, Wash., is an assisting living apartment for senior citizens and receives government funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The building manager, Katrina Newman, told residents they are forbidden from celebrating Christmas, according to Alliance Defending Freedom.

“As Christmas approached, Ms. Newman informed the residents that the Fair Housing Act prohibited residents from saying Merry Christmas, singing Christmas carols that reference Christ, or displaying any decorations referencing the Christian religion during the holiday season,” a letter from ADF to Providence Place states.

But Newman did permit a Menorah in the public space because “it was cultural expression,” the letter says. ADF is asking the facility to restore the religious rights of its residents. A resident contacted ADF after she was told she couldn’t say Merry Christmas or celebrate the holiday.

“Americans don’t lose their constitutionally protected freedom to say ‘Merry Christmas’ or otherwise express their faith just because they live in a facility that accepts government funds,” said ADF attorney Matt Sharp. “No HUD rule requires senior living centers that accept federal resources to deny their residents the ability to celebrate Christmas with religious songs and symbols.”

This just goes to show how far the fear of persecution extends.

Even a Catholic non-profit feels pressured to keep quiet about celebrating the most important event in history – the birth of Jesus Christ.

This is the effect of atheist groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation threatening Christians into silence.

As we reported, FFRF recently threatened a city in Ohio to remove its nativity scene or face the consequences.

The War on Christmas is real, and the radical left isn’t even bothering to conceal their outright hatred for Christmas.

More Americans are waking up to this reality, and are thankful that the President recognizes it as well.


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  2. Washington state as we all know is dominated by libtards who are really communists. If we don’t fight back very soon mentioning God will no longer be acceptable to the libtards. A perverse misuse and abuse of power exploitation and abuse and repression and persecution mistreatment of elderly. Satan comes to rob our joy to kill and steal the grinch the grinch libtards are the grinch!

  3. Wrong, it is not the spread of the Atheist type of Communism it is the rampant spread of the Moonie Muslime/sharia type Communism and it must be eradicated as swiftly as possible because if it is not it will be the cause of 99% of the world population being exterminated and 99.9% of that enslaved, or 99.9% wishing they were dead, we are on the verge of the ultimate jihad.

  4. Tell these people to stick the head in a bucket of you know what. They won’t have to look at or listen to any christian activity ever again.

  5. Everyone in this country has a right to practice their religious beliefs, I just don’t understand what happened to that ruling in our Constitution that these groups have been allowed by the courts to suppress Christianity

  6. Although a private enterprise, the Church should come to the defense of the senior citizens. As for atheists; they stand for nothing, believe in nothing, and are good for nothing. To hell with them, sooner rather than later.

  7. if one of my relatives or I lived in living center they wouldn’t STOP me from CELEBRATING BIRTH OF MY LORD & SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST! this is still AMERICA! I’d take it clear to Supreme Court! as AMERICANS we have FREEDOM FROM STATE RELIGION! I don’t believe many Americans understand what that means! schools have stopped teaching beginnings of United States & what they do teach is so “corrupted” it makes no sense! people pay attention to what’s being taught to children in your town, county, state schools! some of it will turn your stomach! Help us Lord JESUS! we need JESUS back in our schools! children are being taught about ISLAM! Forgive us JESUS!

  8. I am non-religious and if someone told me I couldn’t continue to wish people “Merry Christmas” they would be wished “Merry Christmas” multiple times. In fact, if someone wishes me a “Happy Holiday” I’ll tell them that I do Christmas not Holiday.

  9. To HELL with the DEPLORABLE ATHEISTS ! I will Celebrate CHRISTMAS
    the way I have always have.. They take ONE I mean ONE step on my Property and they would be DOWN the Barrel of a 357 Mag. PISTOL !
    The ONLY reason that they don’t Celebrate CHRISTMAS is because they
    Believe they come from and they Worship the SUN !

  10. Talk is cheap. Church’s, ministers, etc are bellyaching but doing nothing. If angry, why don’t the ministers/congregations unite & file a joint law suit instead of keeping quiet?


  12. Never, NEVER, no where in this entire country can those scumbag maggots stop anyone from celebrating any type of any religion in any way and NO ONE should allow them to do do. Those vile, gutless, wastes of oxygen “are” the grinch and every one of them can go straight to frogging hell and nobody will miss them!

  13. Lol, trust me I’m too angry reading this to mean “frogging” damnit, I guarantee I meant straight to FRIGGING hell- and with a vengeance.

  14. I’ve got a great idea for this situation: let the seniors buy the decorations with their own funds and since thiese decorations weren’t purchased with so called ‘government’ money, no laws of the BS separation of Church and State are involved, all is good. Shame on this happening in a Catholic senior citizens home. This dioesn’t surprise me in the least as Washiongron is controlled by the liberals who’re for the most part communists and athiests, sad! If push comes to shove, let the seniors have Christmas decorations in their own rooms so as not to offend the ‘athiests’.

  15. Celebrate as you will, and let the commie athies stew in their own juices. Stop letting satan’s minions direct your actions. Be prepared to FIGHT if necessary. You’re old, you say? So am I. I would rather die fighting satanic oppression than live under his heel.
    And I might find myself living in WA soon.

  16. And yes it is mostly atheists, they were trying hard to destroy Christmas long before we were having disgusting unwanted muslims dumped in our country and us unfortunately being forced to stand them.

  17. I don’t blame you! I was brought up Catholic and am an Agnostic. I have studied the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It states freedom of religion not freedom of religion. It forbids the government from endorsing any one religion over another. These Progressives sound more like Communists. It is all written in the Communist Manifesto. They are trying to take away these seniors Constitutional Rights. This goes for the schools too.

  18. Washington State is full of bull manure and run by Satanic Liberturds as evil as the Communistic government in The state.

  19. Great, Karen. Just great. I may add that some ‘organizations’ who pretend to try do something about an issue want a donation. But I have not seen yet about what they intend to do with my donation.

  20. When you understand what Jesus said about the last days it helps to understand why actions against Christians like this is happening. Jesus said that in the last days there would be a great falling away from God. I used to think this would be in the church only but that is proving not to be so. The world is turning their back on God as a whole and all things God – everywhere you turn. This is the great falling away. Everyone has a soul that God breathed into their body and Lucifer hates every man, woman, and child because of it and is out to destroy everybody and everything. We’re not fighting a political war any longer – it is a spiritual war – even in Washington. Such evil can only come from one source – Lucifer. People who fight God are pairing up with Lucifer and treading on dangerous ground. We don’t have long before Jesus comes to claim His Bride and He will lift all of His Spirit from the world – then, only Lucifer will reign for a time. Those days will be very bad for everybody. Be ready.

  21. This facility is these people’s HOME. The first amendment clearly protects the right of all people to practice their religion in their own HOME from government intrusion. These people in Washington are just plain nuts.

  22. No christian type of religion is wanted but it’s ok to be muslim. And sharia is fine in the usa.. Cutting little girls clits seems yo be acceptable. Women libers should be on an uproar about that…do u hear anything from them about it? Double standards

  23. The first one that denied my right to celebrate my Lords Birthday will find themselves in court – If it were up to me I’d teach them a lesson they would remember – but first I have to turn the other cheek. After that I pity these aethiests as they will spend eternity in Hell. Weather they believe it or not doesn’t change the facts.

  24. Every resident in that assisted living center should ALL put up all the Christmas decorations they want. I would have a speaker on my door that would say “Merry Christmas” when anyone came to the door. Or have a sing on my door That says ” If saying Merry Christmas offends you, then Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Merry Christmas”
    They get away this garbage because too many people let then.

  25. Where are the FAMILIES of these seniors? Or the local Patient Advocate? Both of my parents had to spend their last few years in a nursing home. If ANYONE had tried this type of thing there would have been some VERY LOUD protesting. Churches would have been informed, city officials would have been visited, lawyers would have been consulted…………and lots of press would have been called in. These elderly souls have a limited time to be with us and they should never be deprived of what few pleasures they have left………that’s suppose to be what these places are paid VERY well for!!!!

  26. What most do not realize is that most Catholic charities are Catholic in name only. For tax reasons. They have management contracts with many non-Catholic and even Jewish firms

    St Joseph’s Hospital in Houstonis is an example. MAnagement is a Jewish Corporation. The nun’s have little to no say in the daily operation of the hospital. They have no say who will receive charity ir assistance frim the hospital.

    In 1978 a semenarian attempted suicide the Nuns were not not allowed to admit him. We had to transport him to County Hospital.

  27. Christians ! If anyone attempts to stop you from celebrating Jesus Birthday. Speak softly and carry a BIG Stick! You will know what to do ????????????????✝️????????

  28. No no, OFFEND THE ATHEISTS!! Make them go to “their” rooms! Or better yet, send them straight to Hell where they belong. I can’t put my true feeling about them on here, that will have to do. It consists of two words and I mean it “BIG BIG” time.

  29. Right! Those two POS words need to be trashed forever, because that’s all they are is trash. They mean nothing, there’s no heartfelt feeling in them, they are absolutely nothing but a derivative to the beautiful words MERRY CHRISTMAS—— and I’m saying that to everyone of you on here- AND GOD BLESS YOU AND GOD BLESS AMERICA! This land I love so dearly!!

  30. I know what you mean, but right now a donation to the wall would be not just from our bank but from our heart too! …though with CHRISTMAS ???? time I’ll have to wait till next month lol! It would be a good start, and I’m going to start looking, tick tick tick!! Like the Chambers Brothers said in a great song years ago- The time has come today!

  31. Most Assisted living complexes have church services because some of the people can’t get around well enough to go to church. The Children should take their loved one out from there and see what happens to the complex. It must be run by Atheists .

  32. I wish everyone could just show some balls. Here is the deal: You have the right to practice and preach any religion. If it offends somebody, tough s**t. They will have to deal with it just as you have to deal with their Quansa Bull S**t. Everyone can celebrate what they want, when they want. This is the U S of A. That’s how we roll in this country. Just because it offends somebody, like I said, TOUGH. That law is getting just mutated more and more every time some moron comes in here for their freedom. Fine. Come here legally and you can be free. Come here illegally, and you get NOTHING. But do not think for one second that you and your diaper on your head is going to tell me how I must enjoy my freedoms to your liking. You are nothing more than a guest here.An uninvited guest at that.

  33. Why wasn’t Karen Newman chargedwith multiple counts of elder abuse. When I first scanned this article I thought it sounded like some female showing how important she was…then I reread it and wow I was right.

  34. I guess that the Manager, Ms. Newman missed out when President Trump was running for office and after being elected said: “We can say Merry Christmas again.” Regardles of whether she heard him or not, as a manager of a HUD funded property she really needs to learn the rules or get out of the business. I managed HUD properties and we not only said “Merry Christmas,” we decorated the office, lobby and main entrance to the facility with Christmas lights, Christmas trees etc., etc. and we sang Christmas songs.l

  35. That fake justification for their asininity is so much BS I can smell it from here. If we had an honest justice system they would be slapped so hard they wouldn’t be able to see straight.

  36. The Liberal and Atheist have found a New Religion called Islam. Democrats even voted to change the Dress code in the newly elected Democrat controlled House. Yes, The Muslim elected from the State of Minnesota demanded she be allowed to wear her Islamic outfit to Congress and they happily appeased her. Then she made the statement of how she would bring Sharia Law to the US. See how the Media down played Keith Ellison’s (the Islamic Muslim) assault on Women, and How the State of Minnesota, to Attorney General. He was once over the DNC. The right people George Soros’s supports everything wrong and has control of the Democrat Party. This was Obama’s Plan to start the Islamization of the USA, when he and his Democrat controlled Congress Created ” The Common Core Program” which the US Education department take control of all the States Education Programs and make them follow the Common core directive. This has banned the Holy Bible from Public Schools, and replaced it with the Islamic Holy Quran which teaches our children the 5 Pillars of Islam, and that’s its better to be a Muslim than a Christian or Jew. The other part of Common Core teaches your child, its OK to change ones sex if they think they may be the other sex, thus they are creating this, by making heroes out of Transexuals. Obama’s goal was to stop Homophobia and Islamophobia. Thus creating Chaos, doing away with Christianity, and giving (2.7% of the population which is Perversion) control over the Majority. One can go to jail or lose their job by addressing a Girl or Boy by wrong sex other than whats in their mind? How does one know. Now! Get this the Atheist never complains about the Muslim or any Islamic Holidays or what they wear? Democrats have embraced Islam, Illegals, Atheist, Open Border Society, they hate the Middle Class and everyday poor. They Tax the Poor to death, look at the State of California, who tells Illegals come to us and you can retire for life, 1. Instant Welfare 2. Food Stamps 3. Medicaid 4. Housing 5. Free to work for cash so they can keep their Welfare 5. Special Scholarships for illegals to go to College 6. Allow Illegals to vote 7. Illegals in California now own 60% of HUD housing where the Tax payer pays for their house if they can not make the payment. 8. Special Grants for Illegals to start Businesses, and they never have to pay the loan back, and they get first chance at these grants. Just Ask Governor Jerry Brown who keeps creating special taxes to keep Illegals there. More gas Tax, Texting Tax, Soft Drink Tax the list goes on and on. If a Illegals murders someone they are protected and let go free! Democrats have made the Illegals above the Law, no wonder the Caravan is parked outside of California’s door. They come their and retire for life, never have to work unless its for cash, then drop and anchor baby, where the Taxpayer picks up the tab. California even has banned the sale of the Holy Bible! This offends a Atheist, and the Muslim, the ones the Democrats have put above its own Citizens. Democrats control the whole State of California where they all love corruption and have become multi Millionaires. Nancy Pelosi the Bigot hates Walls but she has one completely around her house and property, even the lying Maxine Waters. The Bigot Nancy Pelosi says ObamaCare is good for you but not her!!!!!! Even Chuck Schumer acts the same for they all have Obama Exemptions from ObamaCare so they can keep their Cadillac Plans.

  37. The American citizens of this country really are the only ones that can put an end to the attack on our Constitution and drain the swamp of these corrupt and lawless Democrats and yes even some Republicans!!! Trump can not do it all on his own!!! We all need to show up at the polls in 2020 and remove all these Democrats all over the country not just in Washington!!!! We the citizens are the real power in this country and we need to show these politicians that it is our voice that has the final say not them!!!! What is a real joke is these Democrats wanting to put out a bill that would kill the funding of a wall by the citizens of the country!!! This is outrageous that these politicians think that our voice means nothing for they are suppose to represent the will of the citizens of this country and their personal views do not supper seed the citizens views!!! I don’t know where they get off thinking we have no voice, for these politicians have become dictators not representatives and we must put them in their place by voting all unconstitutional politicians out of office and that goes for all of them Democrats and Republicans!!! For any politicians that do anything unconstitutional should be removed from office, and any politician that doesn’t support keeping our borders safe from illegals should also be removed from office for it is an outrage what is going on at our borders and a outrage that we are politicians are spending our taxes in supporting these illegals when right here in our country we have a huge amount of citizens and military that are homeless and sick!!! We must rid us of these unethical politicians that have passed such ridiculous immigration laws and that have been protecting illegals and giving them welfare and whatever they can give, for these illegals get better treatment than our own citizens!!! It is so plain to see that these Democrats are willing to sell us out just to get votes and we the citizens can all go to hell !!! I really hope we all come together in 2020 to clean out all these unconstitutional politicians all over this country!!!

  38. Thanks to a JUDGE that could not understand the first amendment we have a government that now feels it has the power to RESTRICT religion in the name of not passing a law forcing the people to be a specific religion.

    The judge’s ruling was about PUBLIC SCHOOLS but was so poorly worded that they have twisted it to mean that ANYTHING from tax money is prohibited from being spent or given to any person , group, or business that dares to support any religion in any way.

    This is why the attempts to put the control of EDUCATION back in the hands of parents through a voucher program the FEAR parents will spend them at RELIGIOUS PRIVATE schools instead of a government controlled PUBLIC school.

    Remember it was a CATHOLIC PRIVATE school the STATE forced to admit islamic students claiming it was DISCRIMINATION to only admit Catholic students.

    They then proceeded to make demands that the SCHOOL remove anything concerning the RELIGION it was oriented around from the school because it OFFENDED the islamic students who only chose that school so they could TARGET THEM with lawsuits about the RELIGION the school had integrated into its teaching like the PARENTS of the normal students who attended the school wanted.

    Since they had no intention of converting to being Catholic or LEARN about the religion the only purpose they could have to demand being allowed to attend the schools was so they could sue about the number of crosses displayed and the RELIGIOUS content in the classes.

    Basically as long as the FALSE BELIEF that the government has a right to DICTATE the religion of those that get public funding despite the PROHIBITION of the first amendment simply because some judge decided that TAXES given to AID schools and communities equals the government FORCING people to be a specific religion if there is anything REMOTELY connected to CHRISTIANITY involved this persecution will continue.

    The fact is unless the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT orders them be or include something religious or orders them CENSOR something religious (which is what they are now doing) in order to get the funds then the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has not violated the “congress shall make no laws establishing religion OR RESTRICTING the free practice thereof”.

    The only reason the judge who CREATED the separation of church and state dogma did so based mainly on these things and possibly a few other anti religious beliefs.

    1) Children were compelled by law to attend public schools. (This made them a captive audience forced to hear what was taught in class. this remains true even today as schools preach ISLAM in the name of diversity)

    2) TAX money was used to fund PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

    3) Some teachers were in fact preaching their religion in class.

    4) Certain ATHEISTS want a society where the word RELIGION is not even allowed.(They want a world where their children have NO FREEDOM to choose their own religious path)

    5) The FALSE belief that even after the federal government RETURNS the tax money it took from a state to the state to spend on programs that it OWNS THE MONEY and can control how it is spent.

    In 5 we see this expand as politicians attempt to ALTER programs intended to AID the poor by forcing them into one size fits all diets with the false claim that it would somehow SAVE tax money these diets that do not take their medical conditions into account can actually prevent them getting what they actually need and the AMOUNT of aid like food stamps or disability they get is NOT ALTERED by what they purchase. Far to many people buy into the lie it will somehow SAVE THEM money or that the STATE has a right to control every tax dollar even after it was spent thus no longer being tax money. (extension of this belief means the government can dictate to ANY CITIZEN how they are allowed to spend the money they earn if it was EVER owned by the federal government)

  39. As you can see from the article, Katrina Newman approved a Jewish Menorah to be displayed. Obviously she is Jewish and committed discrimination. Why do Catholic organizations allow Jews to manage their affairs?

  40. Hell No, Christians should not yield to Satan believers. What in the hell is wrong with Christians that will allow a few Satan followers to deny their belief. Christians must stand their ground against these Devil supporters.

  41. But that was a mistake of the idiots that voted for him. He is trying to be a dictator. Racism make fools do stupid things.

  42. OK Steve. I have had it with you little pansy ass cry babies. How do you figure he’s trying to be a wannabe dictator? Or is that what that twit on CNN said? Because you can’t think for yourself?

    Listen up, little girl. It’s about time you and your little friends start being Americans and get with the program and stand behind your President. Just like everybody did when President Obama got elected. Nobody cried. Nobody marched. Nobody protested. We just took it in the shorts and followed our President.

    You never heard me cry, “he’s not my President”. Why not? Because I am an American. One who has honorably served in the USMC. Because that’s what Americans do. Things don’t always go the way you want, but that’s OK. It’s life. At least thats the way it is for those of us who grew up playing ball, keeping score, and knowing who the winners were, and who were the losers. Because we didn’t get Participation Trophy’s.

    All that garbage when you were a kid is coming back to haunt you. You needed to win. To know what it’s like on top. You needed to lose. To know what it’s like to be on the bottom. You need a good butt whipping. To know that there are unpleasant consequences when you don’t do things the right way.

    Racism makes fools do stupid things? You are so stupid you can’t see that it’s the Democrats who are racist. Always calling out the”white men”, the Christians, the Jews. This country was originally White. Pretty much. But it has evolved over the centuries. Now we are a melting pot. But now, everyone wants to come in here, sidestep our laws, and then set up their own communities. They don’t want to assimilate into our culture. That’s what you’re supposed to do when you migrate to another country.

    Our diversity makes us strong. Yeah, keep thinking that. It used to. Now, they have separated, and divided us. We are not one any longer. We are several different people’s separated into their own little communities. That promotes weakness.

    There are people here who have lived here for 20-30-40 years. Yet still, they speak no English. Do you think they came here to be like us? Nope. Came and stayed for the generousity of the American people. Oh, and Yes. The freebies. They never had any intention at all of being a contributing member of our society.

    So, who is racist? The guy who comes here and won’t speak to anybody except people from his neck of the woods. Or those that interact with people from all facets of life? I think I prefer the smorgasbord. I want a variety of good things this nation has to offer.

    So Steve, think about that for a while. I know I am a bit unconventional. If you don’t get it, try and get someone to explain it to you.

    Sorry, but that’s just the way it is. This is our country. They are just guests. Uninvited ones, at that.

  43. It seems to me that the FFRF are pushing forth discriminatory actions.
    That minority feels that it’s their way or no way and no one else matters and they need to stop and step on our belief system. The FFRF has a discriminatory belief and should be labeled a hate group and sued.
    America is a democratic society not a totalitarian one!!!!!
    This country/world is full of many people with various beliefs and to endeavor to stop others who hurt no one is discrimination.
    Why hasn’t the group of Christians/Believers sued for discrimination?

  44. This country was mostly Native American first. Now many groups of folk make up this wonderful country called America. And if a person should take the time to ‘smell the roses’ so to speak, it doesn’t matter the persons race, they are all beautiful.

  45. For Fear of Persecution and Withholding Funds, Christians hold their voices and stifle their rights!!! Keep bending over for these bullies and we will have no rights left!!!


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