You’ll never guess what one city is doing to wage war on Chick-fil-A


Chick-fil-A has inexplicably become a primary target of LGBT activists.

They are determined to sabotage the delicious fast food chicken chain over their Christian values.

And you’ll never guess what one city council decided to do to wage war on Chick-fil-A.

Ever since the Left failed to launch a boycott of the fast food chain, Chick-fil-A has become one of their favorite targets.

Now, radical LGBT activists have turned to their local city councils to challenge Chick-fil-A.

And, in one instance, the San Jose City Council just voted in favor of hanging rainbow flags next to the restaurant.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The San Jose City Council voted to hang rainbow flags next to a soon-to-be-opened Chick-fil-A, in a display of support for the city’s gay community.

The city council recently approved the new Chick-fil-A, which is set to open at San Jose International Airport in May. The fast food chain has faced boycotts from gay rights advocates because of its CEO’s support and funding for anti-gay marriage groups. Chick-fil-A has been blocked from opening up in airports in San Antonio and Buffalo, N.Y., in recent weeks.

The San Jose City Council voted unanimously to post the flags near the airport Chick-fil-A after the idea was suggested by Santa Clara County’s first openly gay elected official, Ken Yeager, according to NBC News.

The radical LGBT movement’s bizarre decision to target Chick-fil-A as one of their top public enemies has produced mixed results.

Hanging a rainbow flag by one of their restaurants is just one means of harassing and intimidating the business over the organization’s Christian beliefs.

But it’s far from the only way.

LGBT activists successfully lobbied the San Antonio City Council to disapprove a location being added to their airport.

A university in New Jersey refused to open a location citing their alleged record of “hatred” for the LGBT community.

Chick-fil-A has responded that it does not have a political agenda and only wishes to serve good food with great hospitality.

No one is forcing anyone in the LGBT community to eat at the restaurant.

But they are doing everything they can to try and put the fast food chain out of business.

What are your thoughts?

Is the radical Left’s targeting of Chick-fil-A effective? Or does all this talk of Chick-fil-A in the media just make everyone hungry?

Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Trying to destroy a business by denying access to that business is not the way to get others to accept you. Those who would have liked to eat at a Chick-fil-A will think of you as spoiled brats and will think of the airports who denied the business as pandering to a specific group. America has died.

    • Apparently FREEDOM of SPEECH & Though is DEAD in this country. NOT surprising that this is happening in Locales listed- ALL Dominated by Progressive, Globalists. I want to see them IF Globalism comes about, & they WATCH all “their” MONEY being allocated to some Warlord run 3’rd, 4’th, or 5’th world country.

      • how about Chick-fil-A closing every restraint they have in cities that are so supportive of gay rights
        think of the jobs lost the taxes not paid then see those pompous cities beg them to return

      • Nancy,,,,,,,,,, look @ this from a legal point of view.. These airports receive federal funds this means that they cannot deny the opening of the franchise without loosing these funds.. They receive these funds through FTC & FAA..

    • Hopefully anyone wanting to book San Antonio for business, will realize it is not the friendly Texas City it once was and take their business to a city that is seriously wanting tourist trade. They are too intent on using the illegal aliens to make money for the city council, they used to get from catering to legal business instead what they are doing to be rewarded for hiding the unjust and illegal and their trade. Someone should be investigating these sanctuary cities and the human traffic they represent. They no longer have the moral and legitimate fiber to even be in Texas. They do not deserve they are paid by the Federal Government. Then they can sue Nancy Pelosi for their lose of moral fiber.

  2. Homosexuals, transgenders and all other perverts cannot force anyone to accept their sickness. We simply do not have to accept them. God says to hate all sin. He will have the last word.

    • As shown these LGBT morons are just a bunch of queers who want to have the rest of society accept their abnormal behavior and accept them as normal people. They are NOT normal and they cannot accept that.

    • I am Damned Tired of the LGBT Community shoving their perversion at me ! When will all these sick animals keel over and go away ? If they want to “play with each other ” then they can keep it in the privacy of their home !

    • yes they will force you to do just that through special laws being passed, the baker in Denver a case in point
      and there are many more examples of being forced to accept them
      the same goes with Muslims just wait until they manage to get their own set of laws in America then every thing will be a joke
      Remember Rome once a great power then the same things happened to them as is happening to us right now
      our founding fathers must be spinning in their graves

  3. the elected officials that are targeting a business need to be recalled by the voters! It’s had to understand that such people elected by the voters can stoop so low to do what they are doing…

  4. Fagots are taking over the country, with the full blessings of the anarchist dumbocratic party. To be a dem you must first adhere to the ranks of the weird, the dirty and ugly, the stupid, the extreme foul-mouthed, and, did I mention, stupid in addition to perverts, criminals, illegals in more ways than one, mass muerderers, and, did I mention, stupid.

    • They need to leave the restaurant alone, they don’t care about fagots.They just want to go on with their business and be happy in their Christian lives. So leave them alone there are only two sexes man and woman. I’ve seen men turn who think they are women. Real women don’t act the way they do.God help this world

  5. EXTREMELY IMMATURE, Beyond CHILDISH and the ‘elected’ MORONS would rather give them what they want just to shut them up?

    san josie probably needs to be REPOPULATED with ADULTS instead of 11 year old babysitters on the city council.

    • I never had an opinion about these gay ppl, but now after reading all the ridiculous things they do, I CAN’T STAND THEM, I now will do anything that will be against what they are, complete weirdos. I will look for the flags so that it WILL make finding Chick-Fil-A easier!! Thanks weirdos!

  6. No one has been able to show where someone had been refused service or employment, or been dismissed, for being homosexual. Which means these measures are religious bigotry, nothing more.

  7. Many officials today r leftist Anti-Christian/Anti Jewish. They r godless SOCOMS. Others r just spineless cowards who r in their cubby holes waiting 2 b thrown a bone. In the end they will get their bone but not the 1 they expected.

  8. Listen, if the LGBT want to live their disgusting lifestyle then go for it but, one day you will have to answer to your Creator for your sinful rebellious ways. By pushing your evil agenda is wrong… Leave good godly people alone! You don’t want to mess with Christians, God’s people… Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.

  9. Hang dead chickens in front of their flags/fight ignorance with ignorance. Pray for them to be able to come out of the sin they are living in because repenting, changing and obedience to God’s Word is their only eternal hope. They want to be looked at and want attention; ignore them when they are near. They want freedom of speech and of flaunting their agenda but don’t want anyone else to have any freedom. Think of how this would work if we tried forcing ANYTHING on them?

  10. This is disgusting. The city council going after chick filet is wrong. I say to the people in San Jose when the restaurant opens that everybody goes there and eat. Show the council and the world that the group behind this is not respectful of all Americans. It is your groups that are not right and you need to find a way to be friends without the hate you spew. Life would be easier for all.We are not against you and who you are we are against you shoving it down our throats. I have friends and family who are gay and we love and respect them.

  11. That’s their Christian beliefs, this is America don’t like their beliefs, don’t patronize the business.
    But their sandwiches are good, and I’m sure they will serve LGBT and the JKASCSNXVR community
    as well.

  12. Chick-fil-A abides by Biblical standards: Hate the sin, love the sinner. I am not aware of a single incident where a member of the LGBT was denied service at a Chick-fil-A establishment. They do not discriminate against anyone. Why should any government agency be allowed to discriminate against them?

    • These people don’t care if u accept their lifestyle or not. The object is 2 shut u up. Afterward they will control your speech & exact their revenge 4 their perceived feeling of persecution. Just like the SOCOMS wish 2 destroy the republic by burning the constitution. Next u have the islamists who believe themselves superior.
      Now why would these factions combined with elitists unite under 1 banner? They really all have only common goal destruction of a country they hate. Figuring that out is the 1st step 2 saving the USA from plunging in2 the abyss.

  13. I can accept them hanging flags, but any city that denies Chick-fil-a from being built due to their Christian beliefs should lose any and all tax funding, and should be reprimanded and put out of business. The “tolerant” left loves to shut down any divergent opinions other than their own. Most religions do not support the gay lifestyle. Get over it. Chick-fil-a is a restaurant, not a bigoted organization like the DNC. They are not trying to convince anyone to believe the same things they believe, they just don’t support the gay lifestyle. Learn to accept differences and stop being the intolerant bigots that you are lefties.

  14. What the Hell does the lgbtqueer group care if Chick Fil A, sells it’s chicken sandwiches at the San Jose Airport, it sounds more like, the odd people doing all the hatred, while Chic fil A is just trying to do their job, of selling Chicken Sandwiches. This group and other similar groups, seem to be the real problem, demanding special favors by any group is wrong, and people should not go out of their way, and demand special favors, that are already covered, in State laws, and or in our Constitution.

  15. Reopen the mental institutions. You will be able to fill them to capacity with freaks from the Left. Please allow them to wear their vagina hats and provide everyone with a safe space. Then the rest of us can continue to enjoy the delicious food at Chick-Fil-A!

  16. I dine at Chick-fil-A twice a week, I am going to change that to THREE TIMES A WEEK. I also like the discount that they give to VETERANS (USCG). Keep up the good vwork.

  17. Time to wage war on San Jose City Council. From this point on, when you see one of them out in publuc? Start throwing stones at them. A fist or two to their faces will do fine as well. Your job isn’t to chase business away. Your job is to help business stay. Want a war? We’ll bring it. And don’t whine about the violence. You created it morons. We are just allowing you to live the dream. And you in the LOBBY communitty. By condoning these actions, you are getting people to see just how hateful you can be.

  18. The rainbow was Gods gift to the world after the flood. ANOTHER symbol being used for personal gain.I see the rainbow for its real meaning.I don’t think Any Christian will be offended.

  19. EVERY day the LGBT lose another 100,000 people who accepted them. People see the frothing addiction to POWER that the LGBT thinks they have. Pitiful humans who will end up with the extremely small group they started with.

  20. Chick-fil-A, love your menu! LGBT community, love your one-digit-IQ-slug-mentality. As a fk’dup community of sick-demented-perverts you should realize that your attempts to blackball Chick-fil-A or any business only pisses-off normal-healthy-moral-people to resent your existence even more. So, just continue your debauchery and decadence because most of you will eventually commit suicide in the end.

  21. EVERY day the LGBT lose another 100,000 people who accepted them. People see the frothing addiction to POWER that the LGBT thinks they have. Pitiful humans who will end up with the extremely small group they started with. The best part is they will never post this comment.

  22. Must be the san jose city council is comprised of little girls all having their monthly at the same time. What a bunch of cowardly sh**birds.

  23. What is wrong with these cities. Is it really legal to deny a great business like Chick Fil A from doing business anywhere in the city. Sue the no good bastards until they get the message. PS: I have no problems with gays. It’s there right to live their lives anyway they wish. God Bless all of them.

  24. What some of these cities are doing by preventing Chick-fil-A from opening in their area is terrible, but hanging flags in the area is just stupid. It will only encourage the people who like Chick-fil-A to eat there more. I ate at Cfa today. I wasn’t trying to prove anything, just wanted a good lunch. But the cars were lined up to the street, and where they normally have two drive-thru lanes, they had opened a third. And the dining room was packed. That’s the best response to anyone who tries to harrass Cfa.

  25. All the LGBT group is doing is to force people to look more at the Muslim religion.
    They are creating a real opening for this religion.
    Shiria law is gaining strength.
    Stupidity is what Nazism capitalized on.

    • muslim is not a religion it is a cult that will kill you if you leave. Anyone that goes to Islam is crazy. Being queer is a sure way to be killed.

  26. Congradulations on Chick-fil-A for taking a stand for their faith.

    The Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender group does not represent this country founded on CHRISTian principles. This radical group wants to take this nation to hell. We do not want to love the sin these people are perpretrating, however, we should pray for them that God will bring them to repentence and conversion from their sinful lifestyle. When they eventually die they will be judged on what kind of life they lived namely the sex they originally were created for whether male or female.

  27. that is without a doubt a hate crime and open harassment of this business. they should be arrested and charged with a hate crime. was has happened to the IQ’s of the people we vote into office. i have absolutely no tolerance of stupidity anymore. the older i get the less i can stand it. the LGBT community still haven’t learned that all their attacks only makes people want to support this business even more. they want to be accepted for who they are, but won’t accept others for their beliefs. you can’t receive acceptance or tolerance unless you give.

    • You said it rightly moonlightmile…HATE CRIME is what the alphabet soup crowd are perpetrating on Chick Fil-A and other businesses. They’re the ones who should be locked up-if for no other reason than to keep from spreading their mental (and other) diseases…

  28. Seems to me the way to deal with the situation is to ignore the LGBT community, and purchase more Chick-Fil-A meals. All LGBT folks want is to have people pay attention to them, ie “accept” them. I plan to ignore their foolishness and support Chick-Fil-A even more! I remember when these sorts of intimidation tactics were tried before. Chick-Fil-A’s sales skyrocketed. It’s a tasty way to fight back.

  29. When a conservative is not in favor of something, they just do not participate in it. They do not try to
    destroy it. They do not try to stop free speech regarding it. There is a lesson to be had in this.


  31. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberal Muslim demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  32. LGBTQ targeting chick-fil-a is one thing. City council targeting a new tax paying business is almost as stupid as AOC telling Amazon that NYC dosen’t need their taxes.
    Ate at a Chick-fil-a for the first time recently, goos fast food, good atmosphere for a fast food restaurant. No one forced me to eat there, i really don’t think anyone is forcing LGBTQ to eat there. If LGBTQ just leave chick-fil-a alone, my guess is that chick-fil-a will do the same. For city council, voters need to vote every person complying with that anti-business attitude out of office and replace all of them with council members with at least 1/2 a brain.

    • Every letter of the acronym used by these activist idiots stands for a form of mental illness. Instead of kowtowing to this behavior, officials need to be lock them up together where they can do others no harm.

  33. The rainbow is God’s promise to mankind to never destroy the earth again by worldwide flood. Nice of the city to provide that reminder on a daily basis! A cross amidst the flags would also be a great reminder of God’s love for all of mankind. just sayin’…

  34. From a strictly scientific standpoint….science has had a universal belief that: the main purpose of any species is to reproduce in order to continue the species for another generation. If that is true, then…what is the purpose of gays and lesbians in ANY species?

  35. Since when did it become legal to deny a business to be a business because the owner of the business admits to being a Christian. Isn’t that breaking the law of the Constitution which gives a U.S. citizen the right to practice his religion and also found and build a business which is pursuing your life and our economic foundling of capitalism. Doesn’t anybody on these gov’t councils and gov’t jobs read the Constitution any more. Why in the world doesn’t Chick-A flick sue the bee Jesus out of these Constitution law breakers, take their rights to the Supreme Court. Bring down the business of gov’t employees which is what council members are in reality as in getting paid by the taxpayers not the LGBT organization unless the LGBT organization is making “donations” to these council members. What other reason would gov’t employees deny anybody their Constitutional rights unless they are democrats or homosexuals themselves pushing their own agenda, power and control to the point they kill Christianity.

  36. Hanging rainbow flags by Chick-Fil-a restaurants is similar to when the Nazis painted Star of David emblems on Jewish-owned businesses to try to discourage people.

    • Ooooo…GOOD call!? Intolerance is their key word-all the while asking for “tolerance” for their perversion. Funny how some do not see themselves as they really are…

  37. Maybe Chick-fil -a should hang up their own rainbow flags, I think everyone likes rainbows and they have been around a lot longer than LGBT.

  38. The LGBT has turned out to be extreme in their intolerance. Chik Filet has never lobbied against gays, or tried to boycott gays. The LGBT needs to take a dose of their own medicine. I have gays and a trans in my own family, and they don’t behave like this. I think the LGBT has gone off the rails. People are going to disagree with them, just as they disagree with others. They should learn the important lesson to live and let live. The entire population is never ever going to be in complete agreement with gays and trans, and they should not expect it.

  39. Being Gay, Transgender, or any group within the LGBT community is a personal choice. Why the LGBT community is determined to make everyone cower to their desired sexual preference, is beyond me. It is apparent, the LGBT Community feels forcing people to accept their choices, or be harassed by members of their life choices is an accepted practice. But, it is not. Maybe Christians and other religions should post their religious symbols around LGBT businesses and protest, against them. If you choose to be a member of the LGBT community, as I stated earlier is your choice. That does not mean everyone has to have the same beliefs of accept your choices. You choose to try to force others to accept your choices, so why doesn’t the LGBT community respect other’s rights and beliefs. I do not know, but I have heard from several outlets, the majority of the LBGT community is aligned with the Democrat party or far left wing radicals. If that is true it makes sense, because it appears the LGBT community acts like the Democrat party. That is either agree with what we believe or demand or you will be targeted and the LGBT community, like Democrats will try to destroy you. That may seem a appropriate stance for the LBGT community, like the Democrats, but that will not make most Americans accept their demand for acceptability or else idealism. I am a Christian and respect the LGBT community’s right to be whatever sexual orientation they want to be. You should respect my beliefs and religious beliefs . Push me, to abandon my beliefs, in order to accept your beliefs and give up mine, and I will tell you to go to hell, as I push back. If you dislike Chick-fil-A, or other businesses, then don’t buy their product. If the LGBT community would try, to be a part of society, that wants to get along, without, the threats to non-LGBT members or businesses, most people would not care whether you are LGBT or not. The LGBT Community seems to have prejudices, against those who do not share their beliefs. So, why does the LGBT community think others, are not entitled to have their own prejudices? Very much like the rest of the Democrats that want to force change through force, threats and intimidation. God Bless All Americans and God Bless America.

  40. I wouldn’t be surprised to find their sales going up because of all the hoo-hah about Chick-Fil-a! In fact, I’m going to do a search to find one in my city and start going there regularly!!!

  41. I don’t normally eat there, but now I will start. The owner doesn’t discriminate in his business. He simply answered a journalists question about his personal faith and they have been after him ever since. I guess you’re not allowed your own opinions or thoughts anymore.

  42. Am I missing something here? Doesn’t Chick-fil-A have just as much right to their religious & social beliefs as the LGBT group, or any other group in the United States? As “legal” citizens of the United States we all have a right to our own beliefs and moral principals, but we do not have the right to “force” those beliefs onto others. No citizen is “perfect”, although we all should strive to get along. I am not a spokesperson for Chick-fil-A, but am very familiar with their history, beliefs and commitment to follow God’s Word. Should a LGBT individual come into Chick-fil-A they would be treated with kindness and respect, even though their lifestyle may not be in line with Chick-fil-A’s beliefs. Would be nice if others had the beliefs and heart to do the same. “Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as GOD in Christ forgave you.” (Ephesians 4:31-32)

  43. Not much on chicken sandwiches but they serve fries and salads. Think I’ll go and join in and help their sales go up. I don’t think they quite get they are only giving them free advertising and helping save the cow population and their cow farts. Sorry I had to throw that in for AOC and the left.

  44. The perverts are a pesky bunch aren’t they? I try to be likable but even so I’m certain there are people out there who don’t like me. It doesn’t bother me that this is so. The perverts are mentally ill and totally hateful, so it would be much harder to actually like them. The Chick-fil-A stores are terrific businesses: they have a decent product that people like a lot, they treat their employees well, their prices are reasonable and I have heard that they have achieved the status as the number one fast food business in the country. The owner is a Christian, which used to be good for extra points, but today the perverts are doing their damnedest to destroy the company. The left wants to crap on anything good, so good people will have to decide to buy Chick-fil-A.

  45. Look at the cities involved, ALL dumbocrap led LOSER places. What else would you expect from leaders who say to hell with Americans, we need Illegal’s here to maintain our POWER hold. Buffalo is the BIGGEST loser city of the bunch!!!

  46. What is so amusing is that none of these protests keep people away from Chic-fil-A. What is the purpose of the protests except to help the LBGT community express their bigotry toward Christianity? Nobody cares how many flags they hang up. Chic-fil-A and Christianity will still keep going.

  47. I read some of the responses and they left no doubt as to what most sane people think of the LBGT and their rag tag minority group of confused gang of participants! Whatever you claim to be today or tomorrow, just be thankful that you are in a country that ALLOWS you the right to make your absurd biased claims and to meddle in things that you do not even understand just to gain attention to your bigoted clams.

  48. When I received a call from my alma mater asking for a donation, I reminded them that the majority of students wanted Chick-fil-A on campus and the administration refused to let them on campus. Therefore, I told them not to bother me until this wrong was righted. I also pointed out to them that despite their protests to the contrary, homosexuality and its derivatives are still and will continue to be sins. I may love the sinner, but I cannot support their sinful lifestyle.

  49. A sad day in America. Interestingly, market research shows Chick-Fill-A has the highest ratings for food quality/value for the $$ and customer loyalty at87% when compared with all other fast food chains Sure wish they would come to my town!

  50. Congradtulations to Chick fil A for taking a courageous stand for their CHRISTian principles.

    San Jose City caved into the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender group. The city voted to hang rainbow flags near this CHRISTian restaurant to intimidate the business owners. This city does not represent America to the world. Because Sodom and Gomorrah engaged in homosexual and other moral disorders, GOD bought down fire and brimstone on these wicked cities. San Jose is hastening the wrath of GOD on this nation.

    May the Lord bless Chick fil A for standing up for truth and morale principles.

  51. In our small community of Victoria, Texas, our chi-fil-A had a lesbian manager. No one cared. No one protested! She was awesome and stayed there until she relocated to Colorado! I also have several LGBT students that work for Chic-fil-A. They love their jobs and love working for super managers and owners!

  52. Eat more chikin…really, those who support Chick Fil-A should give them as much business as possible..but IF the city in which I live were to try any of these antics (not likely, I think, bec. of a large evangelical Christian population) they would hear from its citizens, loud and clear- Don’t mess with our favorite chicken place..!!!

  53. BrainStorm here. Let us steal back our thunder. The rainbow is a promise to Noah. Fly the rainbow and reclaim it as GOD’s word and beauty and leave the left smoking like the BLM got really pissed when they started calling BLM Blue Lives Matter…

  54. Any city that discriminates against chick-fil-A should be boycotted by every normal person. Se if the city can function with just the queers.

  55. LGBT represent less than 2% of the population and, as a group, are very sick people. They are also law breakers trying to deny a business, any business, of their livelihood.

  56. WHOW, Please wait one minute. There is something that I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. Nobody is Denied Service. So what is the problem. Are people saying that if you are a Democrat and do not like Republicans that you are EVIL? Hey, haven’t we fought a number of wars that have cost us MANY lives of Patriots in order for the United Stated of America to become a GREAT Country and one of out many privileges which are to many to list here BUT one important one is “FREEDOM OF SPEECH” WHICH goes along with the right of being able to believe and practice/WORSHIP FREELY AS YOU BELEIVE. I have eaten at a few Chick-Fil-A’s and just like any other restaurant I have gone into “MENU’S” are posted and NOT ONE BIBLE VERSE OR EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMANT STATES ANYTHING about the BUSINESS OWNER’S belief’s, Religious RESTRICTIONS or SIGNAGE THAT WE ONLY SERVE (WHO,WHAT OR WHERE). Now what is the problem??? Let’s not forget that we live In the “GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD” so every citizen should be HAPPY that they do not live under a “DICTATORSHIP” now that would be a problem as to what everybody’s RIGHT’S WOULD BE. If permission is given to demonstrate, fly a flag somewhere, zone property or what ever that would be up to the local City of County Government (Department). Big deal as that is how it works NOT by discrimination.

  57. The trash on the San Jose City Council should be recalled for mistreating the city’s citizens, and for making fools of themselves.

  58. Homosexuals are NOT “gay or Gay or Gaye”, they are homosexual. If honest they would call themselves so.
    One of their favorite terms for themselves and was the name of a TV show “queer”. More accurate than “gay”.
    The TV show was “Queer Eyes”.

  59. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Muslim Demoncrat Party & RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception,Fake News(Russian Collusion & Jussie M hoax)the list is endless!And the clueless minions that follow them!

  60. A run-off election is scheduled with early voting beginning on Tuesday 28 May. Our current major Nirenberg is the first incubent to be be forced into a Run-off in many years. Hope the LGBTQ Bigot loses and chick-fil-a gets its deserved spot in our San Antonio Airport.


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