You’ll never guess what Joe Rogan did to drive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez away from Bernie Sanders’ campaign


Joe Rogan is the host of one the most downloaded and widely listened to podcasts in the entire country and he has chosen to endorse Bernie Sanders for President.

But something he said caused major infighting within the Democrat Party to erupt.

And you’ll never guess what Joe Rogan did to make Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to abandon the Bernie Sanders campaign.

When the Sanders campaign released a clip of Joe Rogan endorsing him on his podcast, it caused all hell to break loose.

Joe Rogan has many fans and many of them decided to donate to the Sanders campaign when he announced his endorsement.

Sanders also received a great deal of traction on social media and some positive press.

But Rogan’s endorsement also created controversy among progressives and radical socialists in the Democrat Party and among Sanders’ supporter base.

Joe Rogan has been openly opposed to transgender athletes competing in women’s sports divisions such as in the UFC, powerlifting, and Olympic events.

There have been multiple cases of men transitioning into being a woman and proceeding to enter sporting contests and destroying the women they are competing against.

Rogan has even cautioned that it could be dangerous for women to compete with these athletes.

Naturally, the radical social justice warriors within the Democrat Party erupted with rage when the Sanders campaign started promoting the endorsement.

According to rumors, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez nearly abandoned the campaign altogether.

Sanders staff members had to beg her to make campaign appearances in New Hampshire and she has begun to completely distance herself from his campaign.

Joe Rogan’s endorsement could ultimately create too great of a divide between the Sanders campaign and the radicals in the LGBT movement.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is backing off because she doesn’t want to tarnish her position as the ringleader of the most radical members of the Democrat Party.

It would be easy for her to come to Bernie Sanders’s aid and tell LGBT activists that they can trust him.

But so far she refused to do so.

What do you think? Is Joe Rogan’s statements on transgender athletes offensive?

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  2. Joe Rogan is smart enough to recognize the immorality of allowing sexually confused men to compete with women, but stupid enough to buy into Sander’s free for all pipedream.
    I believe most homosexuals are not onboard with allowing men to cheat by competing against women but are too afraid to speak out against it. I think most gays are capable of being rational and level headed.

  3. They are all useful idiots for the CPUSA. Make sure none of them ever get close to the reigns of government.

  4. Leftism is a mental and spiritual derangement. Joe Rogan is like so many other leftists, demented. Even a broken clock has the correct time twice a day.

  5. For years, liberals said that anything a man could do, a woman could also do. Feminists said that men and women were the same, or even that women were superior. Odd that these are the very people making all the noise now about these transgender athletes. Now, all of a sudden, these same people are claiming that men have an unfair advantage. I find it amusing to watch the liberals choke on their own foolishness. And there is no resolving this. Either men are stronger, or they are not. You cannot have it both ways. What’s a liberal simpleton to do?

  6. It is totally unfair to have people who are born men compete against women in sports. While they may change the outward appearance of their body’s sex organs their DNA remains male. Whatever you are born you remains in your DNA until you die. Born with male DNA- die with male DNA. That DNA give males different muscle strength, and larger lung capacity. It is totally unfair to allow transgender males to compete against women.

  7. Letting men compete as women is probably to most stupid thing ever to happen. Libtards have proven they don’t even have a single functioning brain cell.

  8. Bernie Sanders communistic hypocrisy is well established. But whether Ocasio Cortez actually believes the lunacy that she promotes is debatable. What is certain though is that she is going to promote who and what she thinks will best benefit herself. And right now, sticking with Bernie Sanders is political suicide. So of course AOC is distancing herself from him because he is akin to the iceberg that sank the Titanic for her political and/or financial future. The one thing that she has clearly demonstrated is that she craves power and the financial wherewithal that comes with power, especially politically-wielded power.

  9. you can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig, just like you can add boobs and a skirt on a man but its still a man, transgender athletes (naturally born men) should not complete against women

  10. Joe Rogan is right on this issue and AOC is a lesbian! AOC is the Scissors Queen and in addition to scissoring her girlfriends, AOC eats a lot of pu$$! too!

  11. Bernie Saunders is another example of advanced senile dementia in Congress along with Pelosi and members of the fecal squad. Bernie’s physical, demented appearance is diagnostic, so obvious, that he and his colleagues should resign before they do more damage to our beautiful country.

    Dr. Dimento


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