You’ll never guess what crucial piece of history Notre Dame is removing from campus


Radical leftists are attempting to completely rewrite the history books.

They want to destroy historic statues and buildings they claim are “racist” and “sexist.”

But what the University of Notre Dame is doing to this one piece of art will leave your jaw on the ground.

At the University of Notre Dame, the school administration sent out a letter informing students and faculty that their mural of Christopher Columbus would be covered up.

The Columbus mural dates back to the 1880’s.

The art will be left in tact, but will only be displayed “for certain and rare circumstances.”

In the announcement, the president of the university, John Jenkins, wrote that the mural is “blind at best to the consequences of Columbus’ voyage.”

Campus Reform writes:

The president of the University of Notre Dame sent an email to all students Sunday night, informing them of the school’s decision to cover up an on-campus mural of Christopher Columbus.

President John Jenkins wrote “as we prepare to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day…at Notre Dame, I write to let you know of a recent decision,” in an email obtained by Campus Reform. “The murals by Luigi Gregori that adorn the ceremonial entrance to Notre Dame’s Main Building depict the life and exploration of Christopher Columbus.”

“In recent years, however, many have come to see the murals as at best blind to the consequences of Columbus’ voyage for the indigenous peoples who inhabited this ‘new’ world and at worst demeaning toward them,” Jenkins wrote.

Jenkins added that the arrival of Columbus to the “new world” was a “catastrophe” for native Americans. He added, “whatever else Columbus’ arrival brought, for these peoples it led to exploitation, expropriation of land, repression of vibrant cultures, enslavement, and new diseases causing epidemics that killed millions.”

Many students take issue with the decision to cover up the classic work of art.

John O’Neill, a political science major, criticized the decision as an attempt to “cover up history.”

John argued “covering it up shouldn’t be a justified way to approach a solution.”

The University of Notre Dame has also come under fire for its Fighting Irish mascot.

Critics claim the mascot is “offensive” to Irish Americans.

ESPN host Max Kellerman argued on his show First Take that Notre Dame should even change their mascot.

Notre Dame is kowtowing to the Social Justice Warriors in the name of political correctness.

These SJWs are the ones claiming that true history is offensive and needs to be censored from the public space.

They have successfully torn down Confederate statues all across the country.

And now Christopher Columbus is their next target.

In October of 2017, a 60-year-old Christopher Columbus statue in Pittsburgh was vandalized with red paint.

Many Americans are wondering who is next. American heroes like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson?

In fact, in April 2018 at the University of Virginia, the words “Racist+Rapist” were spray painted on a statue of Thomas Jefferson on the UVA lawn.

Even President Trump expressed his disgust about historic statues being torn down.

The SJWs won’t stop until their version of history is all that remains.

Do you think the mural of Christopher Columbus should stay up? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. You can cover them up or remove them, but the history will still be there and you all doing this just tells the people, that you don’t want people know about this. You better hope that dismissing this things, that they don’t happen again in the future, because the future people don’t realize they need to fight against this crap!!!!

  3. Good by America. You have been the greatest Nation of all time. Its sad to see you fallen to nothing because you yourself voted for it by electing commie liberal democrats. History will forget how great and awesome you were as that will be erased also.

  4. Next they wii want to take dr kings down. The one the President laid a wreath at yesterday. When is this going to stop. It’s our history. Really is sad ????

  5. Just to be fair, why not tear down the Alamo for the Mexicans and, while we’re at it, tear down the USS Arizona Memorial and the Marines Raising the Flag over Mt. Suribachi to spare the feelings of the Japanese.

    When will this stupidity ever stop?

  6. You better NOT do this as you will offend a great deal of American citizens of Italian – Catholic’s. You better think twice before you do anything stupid as you may very well end up on the short end of a stick. I for one will NEVER attend any N./D games and will spread the word here in Pennsylvania for every one to know what you are doing. SHAME – SHAME on you.

  7. It’s part of our country’s history, be it offensive to some, it is still part of our history and students should study this. It seems that history is not being taught in our schools today, only leftist propaganda.

  8. By LIBERAL NUT JOB philosophy the NAACLP is racist because they only work for people of color! When does it CLOSE???

  9. Max Kellerman is a jackas who cares what he thinks the fighting Irishman is the face of Note Dame. I am half Irish American and do not find it offensive at all. Things are getting out of control everyone is offended by something.

  10. I think it is terrible to cover up the painting maybe everything about MLK should Also be put away and only brought out on his birthday Columbus did many great things fir our country so sad to see institutions caving in to the radicals that school is not a public university they should not act like one


  12. And some how covering up this art work will change history? The millions that died from disease would have died anyway from other causes like tribal wars. Remember that the Native people (don’t call them Native Americans because America by definition did not exist) killed others in tribal wars, stole women from other tribes and raided other Native peoples homes and villages. They spread different disease and were referred to as savages for various reasons. So, should we remove all Native Tribal symbols since they also practiced what others have done. NO, it’s called History. Leave it alone, if you’re offended find someplace that you feel safe and leave History where History is. Shame on anyone who thinks tearing down History will fix History!

  13. You can’t change history… you learn from it!!
    Covering it is a NATIONAL DISGRACE…SO SAD!!

  14. Jerry, you are so correct. It is truly shameful and disgraceful that their are people (citizens) that are actually trying to erase our history whether it be good or bad. Also, disgraceful that we no longer teach our nations history in our schools anymore like they use to.

  15. If we change our history because certain PC people think we should it dosen’t change it, it just hides it. Look in the mirror of history and realize that none of us would be here if Columbus never discovered America. We can only learn from history not hide it. We are here now. We can’t hold history responsible for who we are today by erasing it. Stop the nonsense now. Isis did this and is still doing this in Mosul and destroying culture and art for the sake of Islamic State beliefs. You will end up making our country sterile and focused only on present cultural beliefs and not on history.

  16. I’ve been a Notre Dame fan ever since I was a little kid. That was a long time ago. The people now running Notre Dame are a bunch of sissified twits. They need a back bone transplant! They are cowards! It’s no longer the Fighting Irish. It’s now the Sissified Twits!

  17. Our higher powers need to step up and put a end to this. This our history and it should be studied by all students and people here in this country. It is a shame that there is so much hatred still in a country that is supposed to stand united and not divided. We will fall from within if we the people do not take a stand and we will lose our heritage and our beloved country. You know I sign petitions all the time and speak up and call our rep’s and let them know what’s on my mind and do something about what is going on,but even them seem to do nothing about it. Shame on the people and our leaders that are allowing this to happen and shame on Notre Dame. Those in high places that are supposed to uphold our constitution and our heritage do nothing for the people they work for,shame on them and us all. But we have the Dem’s sitting up there who have been bought off for the sake of lust for money and greed and sorry to say but one day they will regret what they did as well,when it’s all too late.

  18. For sure, getting so sick of it too. Leave our History alone, who does he think he is to remove our History!!!

  19. Those who lead in the Universities need to know that this is history and should never cave in and stand up no matter what. So they are scared of being sued,so what make a stand,they cannot sue us all as a Nation. Cowards!!!

  20. President Jenkins is following the example of Joseph Stalin. As Stalin had many of his former comrades executed, he would have artists airbrush out their images on murals or in photos that they had occupied. There is nothing like trying to erase history. I am waiting for Notre Dame to soon hold a book burning rally for books they now deem unacceptable.

  21. Notre Dame ceased to be Roman Catholic long ago.As have many Colleges .It was founded by Fathers of The Holy Cross. Another Roman Catholic funeral !!As a lifelong Roman Catholic, I am saddened, very saddened. I am 62 and have to live through this!!!!

  22. Why is it O K to display ( black ) ni–er statues and not historical statues of explorers that happen to be white , or , close to white ?

  23. Most Christian denominations are subjecting themselves to secular demands. The historic Episcopal Church in the U.S. essentially no longer exists. Its membership is shrinking drastically as it that of a number of mainline churches. It is unrecognizable from its original Anglican roots. Same sex marriage and acceptance of female and gay clergy have verified its apostasy to Christianity.

  24. This is precisely the approach taken by the Taliban which was so decried by people around the world when they destroyed the centuries-old statue of Buddha. Destroy the memories and you destroy the people. If you don’t know where you came from, then it is likely you won’t know where you’re headed. Or by whom you’re being led.

    I served the United States of America in three wars. I no longer recognize my Country. I pray for her every day. May God bless America.

  25. Actually, Columbus is a great role model for those in Congress – he didn’t know where he was going; didn’t know where was when he got there; and he made the trip on borrowed money from a foreign government. Sic transit gloria mundi.

  26. HISTORY is in the past.We can learn not to repeat some actions and to improve on others. However, as much as “the few” want to erase history, that should NEVER be done, not ever. The good, bad, and ugly must remain as lessons for the generations that follow.
    Notre Dame: PLEASE gather your courage and stand up to these “destroyers.”
    Regarding the “Fighting Irish,” I believe that those of Irish heritage are/should be proud to have their ethnicity part of this prestigious university!!

  27. Hey Submariner, I spent 23 years pocking holes in the ocean. I was stationed on the East Coast. New London for 19 years, Charleston for a year. Retired in Damn Neck, Virginia and I could not get our of that state fast enough.

  28. I Can’t believe how many ignorant nuts(saying that politely), there are in the United States and our people who we elected don’t care about us. It has been said ‘AMERICA WILL BE DEFEATED WITHIN”
    Think about it. It’s Happening and seems like people don’t care.

  29. Another LWNJ having their fit and they cannot move quick enough to do their bidding. We all know this is communism!

  30. The mural is a work of art and as such should not be covered at any time. Maybe the president Jenkins would rather have that piece of garbage with Christ on the cross being urinated on. Thanks to the America hating bullying left there are a lot of art work that has been lost. I can only equate the left, including the democrats, BLM, Antifa and some others with the pre WWII brown shirts of Hitler that destroyed art and burned books.

  31. Blacks will do nothing until it affects them as in removing MLK and others! Whites are their own worse enemy. diversity is code for anti-white and soon black and who knows next! With illegal immigration soon it will be instead of “Remember the Alamo” it will be ‘Forget the Alamo” and so forth! Regardless of who or what’s at fault for 9-11, since than the meaning and face of immigration has changed and NOT for the betterment of the United States of America! Heck! These days it is from within, Americans are their own countries worse enemy as in the anti-American agendas of the Deep State, rhinos and especially the anti-American democrats and their tool for their anti-American agendas the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES! See what happened at the recent saints game ,it will happen at all elections by fraudulent means by the anti-American democrats and you Americans will Not do a darn thing meaningful in resistance and preventing a fraudulent future elections by the anti-American democrats and others!

  32. Why are these people so arrogant they think they can rewrite History. Yes, the results of Columbus’ arrival was everything they say. However, it wasn’t deliberate just the fact that he arrived bringing with him elements of life (disease,etc.) from whence he came. Rather than try to change that which cannot be rectified (based on what we have learned and how far we have come since 1492) it would make a lot more sense to examine our own current behaviors and act as we think poor old Columbus should have when he arrived in the Americas. Self- examination is painful – trying to change the past is easy – all it requires is a big mouth and threats of really bad behavior.

  33. Jerry and Tony I totally agree with you both. Wondering how we can stop them from trying to erase our history and monuments. So many have been destroyed already. Education in our schools don’t teach kids as we were taught. They can’t even write cursive. Seems like they are being brainwashed in school and especially in college. Never thought our country would be in this divided situation.

  34. Yes, he will have to be covered up. Opponents will likely be offended. Jenkins covered up crucifixes so as not to offend Bathhouse Barry.

  35. In the good old days,father Hesburgh would have thanked the offended for their input, told them to reflect on how to move on, then get back to class or leave.

  36. Sounds like More LIBERAL IGNORANCE to ME. While Columbus coming to the Islands and to Central America was bad because of illnesses he did not know. Now you want to talk bad guys go after those who came after Columbus who went after the Incas and Aztecs they were bad. The pilgrims were not bad either. It was not until long after Columbus and the pilgrims were gone that Native Americans( improper name) started getting shafted. The French were some of those who treated those here like CRAP. Even got them a bum rap with the scalping business. So Columbus was not the bad man the IGNORANT LIBERAL HATE MONGERS try to make him out to be.

  37. The DemoRATs learned it from their fearless leader who learned it from the Taliban when he was in training in Indonesia, good old BATHHOUSE BERRY. #BLACK GUNS MATTER, BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  38. ONLY if it is displayed ALL the time and not covered most of the time.
    This is just another of the actions that those radicals just SAY they do not want to see that painting. and I SAY that if that painting causes them to become HATEFUL or scared, then do not go anyplace close to the painting, OR if those paintings do not work for them, then go to another country, and BUG them about all of the things in their country that they do not like, and IF they do then those other countries will most likely either KILL them or put them into jail for life.

  39. Erasing history is wrong. We must learn from the past in order that we do not repeat it. We learn by visual effects.

  40. All this boils down to is they want to REPEAT HISTORY and can not do so as long as people are TAUGHT what actually happened in History when certain DICTATES were imposed upon the people.

    If they actually OPPOSE the tyranny and oppression that resulted in slavery instead of worrying that someone MIGHT LEARN what happened so they can SPOT those politicians trying to do the exact same thing today they should focus on those nations that STILL PRACTICE slavery etc. and the politicians we have that continue to spout how GREAT those nations are because their government is not RESTRICTED by the US constitution’s protections of CIVILIAN’S rights as they attempt to COPY THEIR LAWS of censorship and confiscation of property, and imprisonment without due process in this nation.

  41. Whether it’s art, music, a misspoken word, the grievance industry; their bigotry and politically correct and morally corrupt mindset, do us all a disservice. Notre Dame a Catholic University takes sides in the culture war, and it is not the Right side.

  42. You know, if you don’t care for the things in this country that has granted you the right to live and earn a livelihood in it get your butt out of it—LEAVE! No true American wants you here. Have you ever worn a military uniform and defended it? I doubt it- only ONE percent of the population do and have done so. I have–and I don’t want you enjoying the fruits of what I have done for you, even dying if I had been called upon to do so. You liberals sicken me!

  43. One can not change history, only learn from it.
    Removing statues or paintings are not going to change the events that have occurred.
    Leave them be for all to see.

  44. They should NOT cover it is history I hope that the man in charged has the balls to say NO to them ! They should had been shut down when it got started but NO one had the BALL,S to stand up to them

  45. Catholic church, with all cover ups of molesters, communist pope have become as bad as communist democrat party, disgusting weak useless pieces of garbage. Glad I am not either one.

  46. we don’t change history by erasing it. we learn from it and make it better. Don’t these communists have any family history? where did they come from?

  47. You the heads of Notre Dame show less guts and toughness to succumb to the very very few who go after our history . You watch next will be to go after Touchdown Jesus . You the trustees should all be replaced.

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  49. My word to all those protesting racist NUT JOBS……..LEAVE HISTORY ALONE!!! It tells the story of the trials & hardships our anscestors have been thru. Instead of trying to change the past why not put all that energy into making TODAY better and to be sure none of these things happen again. It might not hurt ALL of us to follow….’Love Thy Neighbor’….instead of shotting them.

  50. So glad my kids dodged a bullet by not going to Notre Dame. It used to be a dream to possibly attending that university. Now it has gone so liberal. I first saw it when the administration new student were going to walk out on Pence during graduation ceremonies. Now this. What happened to the original Catholic values. When I went to college, it was to learn—-not be stifled. Who gets those high-paid nuts in our colleges? Surely, the majority of people don’t have a say.

  51. I say we find whatever is near and dear to them and demand it destroyed, or just destroy it , take for instance the statue of stalin they have erected in the northwest, I think it’s in Seattle, just stuff like that needs to go

  52. What is wrong with the liberals!!!!! They are nuts. Republicians please stand up to these fools and stop letting them rule!!!

  53. How sad that another supposedly “Catholic” University has bowed down to specially anti-Christian groups. Someday, they will regret what they are doing. We must pray as hard as we can, that Christ will hear our prayers and put us back in the right path. God bless this country now and forever.



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