You’ll never guess how “#MeToo” is changing American workplaces now


Radical Feminists have turned America on its head with the #MeToo Movement.

Numerous successful careers have been destroyed over false allegations and baloney claims.

But you’ll never guess how the “#MeToo” Movement is now changing American workplaces.

The #MeToo Movement has officially gotten out of hand — literally.

What started as a legitimate movement against sexual assaulters quickly devolved into mass hysteria.

Now, some businesses are adopting zero physical contact policies — that include bans on handshakes — to avoid being dragged into the #MeToo movement’s destructive wake.

The Daily Wire reports:

Employers seeking to avoid lawsuits in the hypersensitive age of the #MeToo movement are looking to ban even the most innocuous professional courtesies, including handshakes.

Last week, Kate Palmer, associate director of advisory at human resources consultancy Peninsula and an alleged “expert” on the matter, said that employers may soon seek to ban “all forms of physical contact to avoid confusion about what kind of touch is appropriate,” according to The Sun of Britain.

Employers would implement clear-cut “black and white” no-contact policies to avoid any potential situation that could lead to a harassment lawsuit, Palmer told the outlet, fingering the #MeToo movement as the catalyst for the changes expected to come.

“Some employers may put a complete ban on physical contact,” the expert told British-based Metro, adding, “Whether that’s going too far or not is a question I would pose, because it’s contextual. Does shaking someone’s hand go too far?”

“They may just say ‘no contact at all’ because there’s no grey area,” Palmer explained.

Radical Feminists have gone off the deep end.

The whole #MeToo culture they created has ruined careers because of the “believe the women first” mantra.

At Missouri University, a man who asked out a woman was suspended because he was taller than her.

The University said he made her “feel uncomfortable” by being too tall.

But it gets even worse, The Daily Wire cited a report showing that 33% of millennials believe “commenting on attractiveness” can be a form of sexual harassment.

There is nothing sexual about a handshake.

There is nothing wrong with asking a woman on a date.

And there is nothing wrong with telling someone they’re attractive.

But because of Social Justice Warrior snowflakes wussifying America and #MeToo allegations and lawsuits, trigger-happy feminists can have men fired or disciplined even if they didn’t do anything wrong.

And worst of all, there is no accountability when accusations are based on nothing but lies.

But we want to know what you think.

Are Social Justice Warriors and the #MeToo Movement destroying America?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. I was sexually harassed at work for over a year, went to HR and they told the perpetrator to be careful around me!!! I was the victim but he was my superior so he was let off with NO punishment and I was forced to continue to work under him!!!! Disgusting ????????????????????

  3. What do so called radical feminists have to do with any of this? The article is completely full of b.s., conjecture, and nonsense. One person speculated on banning of handshakes, and all of a sudden the World is going to hell. Geeze right wingers, get a grip. You are slipping ’round the bend.

  4. I want to know, where are these “radical feminists” in the ME countries? Women in Muslim-majority countries need the assistance of international feminist groups, but I just can’t hear these groups….

  5. No wonder birth rates in the US are dropping…
    Things are getting ridiculous
    How come the #metoo isn’t doing anything about the Virginia lieutenant governor? Isn’t there proof he molested a few women?

  6. Statements concerning male/female contact in conversational situations are just that and are not proof of anything, they are statements only and have no basis in fact. The idea you can liable someone by conjecture is not only wrong, but illegal. That is why we have liable and defamation laws. If any individual is not provided with the requirements of the “Due Process” required by the constitution, and loses their job or position based solely on a unsubstantiated statement, he has the federal court to fall back on, see a lawyer who deals with federal lawsuits.

  7. you know how the #metoo movement got started?it was during slick willies administration.a high ranking official came to willie and admitted that while he was married he was having an affair at the same time.slick willie answered me too!

  8. Touchy-feelie Joe Biden will want to adopt a no touching policy.

    President Trump was not a hand-shaker ’til his recent years in politics. He was just germophobic.

  9. If women become a problem at work the big wigs will try to either segregate them or not hire them at all and then watch the left scream about unfair work environment . Don’t talk to them don’t look at them and for GOD’s sake don’t touch them

  10. The “ME TOO” movement is getting as bad as the”POLITICAL CORRECT” movement and number’s don’t always make anything right. If there is a lot of money involved, this only makes it hard on the real victoms, there is something called “jumping on the bandwagon.

  11. As a woman I’d rather shake a man’s hand then the fake cheek to cheek kisses or a hug. By shaking hands I don’t know but that is my message don’t get any closer. What the rest do I don’t care and I can’t say I was sexually harassed. I understand that there are some jerk/louses out there. Women you can’t have it both ways, flirt and don’t touch me. Women respect yourself and just tell men no. If that doesn’t work go as high up the food chain as you have to to get that louse to know you mean business but to declare a hand shake as sexual is over the top.

  12. There certainly are men that use their positions to take advantage of women working under their authority. They are not real men, they are predators. Women are justified in taking action against these men. Gather the proof and go after them. By the same token there are women that want to play the victim. They flirt and give mixed signals, then when a man responds they get offended and want justice. Then there are the women that flat out think they are sitting on a gold mine. They use their bodies to entrap men and gain perks and power. Until recently, men had the upper hand. But since the #me too movement unleashed all of the hatred and anger women have built up, things have gotten out of hand. Some women are drunk on power and want to get even for real or imagined offenses. We can never seem to balance anything, our society reacts in extremes. There are liars in both genders. People are innocent until proven guilty. No one of either gender should be punished until it is proven they committed an offense. At that time the appropriate punishment should be rendered. It should be illegal for the media to do a character assignation on anyone that has been accused before they have had their due process.

  13. I’d suggest you get a grip. while it does happen, it’s not with the severity they claim…..and people have the right to complain when it does and should. If the company doesn’t handle it take it higher.

  14. Eric…Why do you bother to come here????? If you don’t like the articles, simply stay away. No one is forcing you to read them. All you do is come and complain about things that you have no understanding of. You have no concept of what a “right winger” even is

  15. No doubt there was a time when men felt free to sexually harass women and it needs to stop; however, many woman and their bosses have carried it too far. Since the law seems to hold true in some of these cases, I believe our state legislators need to pass reverse discrimination laws focused on women and bosses that make false or marginal claims. After numerous claims are reversed and heavy fines ($50,000 or more) are paid, maybe all parties will begin to get real.

  16. I for one will not comply in this PC culture. Quite frankly I don’t care who I offend and it is time to stop this madness. Grow up and toughen up if your skin tears so easily than maybe you need to lock yourselves in a room somewhere so you can be safe. If you want to participate you need to get on my level because I am not going down to your level

  17. Patricia, you are dead right! One of the biggest problems with any issue be it #Me Too or Black Lives Matter or any thing similar is people, whether truly guilty or innocent, are tried in the Court of Public Opinion – the Media. The hyper hysterical headline hunting media is much to blame for these regularly occurring feeding frenzies. As we say out here in the West, it is way past time to Cowboy and Cowgirl up and do your own thinking and behaving for yourself. To allow the media to think for you is a dangerous and eventually disastrous trail to travel down

  18. Why didn’t you look for another job? This is a free country. You can change jobs any time you care to. Were you properly “work” dressed, or in the new low cut blouse, high mini skirt attire that so many women are wearing now -then screaming “sexual harrassment” Were you overpaid and underquallified and therefore could not have found a job that equaled this one?. Something is wrong. I am a very atractive woman who has been in the workplace at many different jobs. I saw more women playing up to men to get favorable treatment/pay than the other way around. Dresslike a lady, act like a lady and you will be treated like a lady.

  19. Poor Nancy – must have liked it, or she would have quit and gone to another job!

    Its gotten so bad, now, that men in the workplace are refusing to be alone with a female co-worker. Certainly “no mentoring allowed”. Hiring women is a risky proposition. We need to invent, as has the College Board, a numeric measure of a woman’s propensity to cause trouble in the workplace, rather than effectively dealing with flirtatious actions, which have always occurred in commingled (men and women) situations!

    All of the #metoo hysteria is definitely harmful to women AND men! But, the Feminazis love it, that way!

  20. Good for you girl. I truly hope that you get your way about this. That would mean that eventually there is so little or no procreation that you libs will just disappear and leave the rest of us to live a life of happiness. So keep it up.

  21. I agree with Peggy. I have seen how mean and nasty women can be toward men. It is a two way street so if you are purposely acting in a certain way but it then backfired then do not blame the guy or in reverse the gal. If things got so bad you could have just found another job and left. Since we only have one side of the story which this whole stupid #meetoo stuff seems to care about then just move on to a better place. Stop being such a crybaby.

  22. Where are these “Radical Feminists” when the “Trannie Men” are beating the women in sports?

  23. I worked in a large office for 30 years, more than 50% women, and the sexual innuendos were frequent, often very risqué, and very often hilarious. If a new person moved into our area, the comments would stop until we determined whether or not he/she was tolerant of these playful comments. We never had an issue, and we all were very careful around ‘strangers’. If a comment did manage to actually offend someone, they’d call out the offender, apologies were made, and life went on. As workplace rules began restricting such banter, comments would often start and stop as the person swallowed their words so as not to offend anyone. And remarks like ‘this stupid place’ or ‘we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings’ became common.
    I’m an old man, and I think people have become too darn sensitive. They have nothing to truly worry about. When I was young, we worried about dying on the battlefield, not what Dick said to Jane. We worried about nuclear war between the USSR and the USA, who would survive it? We worried about saving enough money for college, or not attending. Now, people worry whether something that was just said has offended them in some way! In my opinion, if WWII happened today, the allies would lose because the USA is full of a bunch of spoiled brat cry babies!!!!

  24. This Me Too movement ruins all lives. No one wants to hire women and Men do sometime get accused of things they didn’t do. No one wins here.

  25. I think in a place of business where men and women work . put men on one side of the place and women on the other side. when a man or women need to say something to the let there be a witness on both side. Men just flat leave them alone, that is what they. don’t speak to them unless you have a witness.

  26. While the issue is a sad commentary on our social …public… stay a step ahead of any POTENTIAL affront and to eliminate true or false accusations… there is something to be said for a NO TOUCH policy. To protect both men and women….don’t touch….keep doors open…as in never be alone….and thereby avoid any controversy. Whether you intend to speed or not….there are “NO Speeding rules.”….for everyone.
    Thinking and rules must change with the times……like it it not!!!

  27. Talk about caving in to sensitive women. Handshakes are literally harmless compared to the things Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, and Charlie Rose all did.

  28. Poor DonRS, must be a hard to be such an idiot. Of course you’d take the position, the women are the ones causing trouble. I wouldn’t doubt you’re a harasser! If women need to take a test, then for darn sure men should too.

  29. What was it some woman suggested? “We should take the right to vote away from men for 100 years?” Trump was elected because men between the ages of 20 and 60 were tired of being told, legally, that they must stand aside so women and minorities could advance. #metoo is all part of marginalizing men by allowing lies against men to be adjudged as truth without requiring proof. As a man, I have men inappropriately touched by women hoping to get an undeserved reward in the workplace.

  30. me to movement is mostly for women wanting to collect money for lying. ford that accused kavanaugh was paid by the liberal communist democratic party to lie on him. men should start an me too men movement that tracks just how many women in this country in the workforce that flaunts themselves in front of men and makes a pass at them which sooner or later has a man leaving his wife and children for that woman. women break up a lot of marriages in this country and no one seems to notice it.

  31. In MY day, that “hashtag,#”, was known as a POUND sign! So the only thing #metoo says to ME, is “Pound me too”!!!????

  32. I agree. We’re becoming a nation of weaklings and babies. Grow up, people! Compared to what our parents and grandparents lived through, this is nothing! Could you possibly survive traveling by wagon across the country to start a new life? Could you survive a world war or two? Quit being offended by everything. It’s sickening. Buck up!!

  33. Vicki, I think that you, Nora, and Peggy are all being very single-minded in your thinking. Nancy, the original poster was obviously upset with what happened. Peggy asked her if she could have had any involvement in what happened and suggested that a lot of what passes for appropriate dress and behavior today might actually not be. Nora elaborated further on this line. The truth is we really don’t know what happened. We know nothing about Nancy’s supervisor. We haven’t heard anything from either of their co-workers. I think it’s appropriate to sympathize with Nancy but it’s not really right for us to judge the man she says sexually harassed her. I think that’s the whole problem with #MeToo. We are too willing to take one side or the other without really listening to both sides and, if necessary, checking with other people. Also, we are to ready to convict a person for what might have been a mistake and not an attack. Again, we don’t know what happened exactly but maybe it was something that could be misinterpreted. Did Nancy’s company sit her down with her supervisor to hash it out? Maybe and maybe not. Did Nancy dress provocatively as Peggy suggested she might have? If so, yes, it’s her right to dress the way she wants (within the boundaries of the company’s dress code if they have one) but having a right means also having a responsibility. If it’s making other people, male or female, uncomfortable wouldn’t Nancy have an obligation out of politeness to change the way she dresses. I think that in many cases we all have to be aware that the extent of our “rights” can border on the feelings of others – and that is a two way street.

  34. These women are nuts.. They take everything wrong and they should all pound sand! If I owned a business, I would not hire a single women, not one of them! As a woman of a certain age I find what these women have “pulled” have hurt the few women who have legitimate complaints. And because of all these stupid restrictions in hiring now where the employer cannot ask certain questions, the employer cannot screen these candidates as to their motives or how they feel about certain things to see if they are troublemakers or have a history like that. It ruins things for everyone. Yes, when I was younger, men sometimes came on to me but I was smart enough to stop them immediately and strong enough to do it immediately and with a conviction and strength. I never had to suffer any consequences because I was firm! These snowflakes are ridiculous and have ruined so much. Again, if I had my own business today, I would not hire any female millenial and maybe not any female because it seems like they don’t want to work, just sue for money instead of earn it.

  35. The key word here is consent. By law, if you don’t have consent to touch someone, then it can be considered assault. To shake someone else’s hand, you need the other person’s permission to do so. If you stick out your hand to shake another person’s hand and the other person doesn’t reciprocate, then there is no handshake. It isn’t sexual, but it can be unwanted.

    Yes, there is absolutely something wrong with asking another person out at work. You are at work. Not a place to socialize or to get a date. There is also something wrong with telling someone else that they are attractive at work. Again, the workplace is not a playground or a bar. It is a place to work. Be professional.

  36. These stupid women are destroying the Cowboys of America where men are men. I am repulsed by men that are wussies. Stand up men, don’t cower to these ugly at heart women.

  37. Not all women want the “Cowboys of America”. Women want men who respect them, not someone who ignores what she wants for their personal gain. Stop enabling these sexual perverts.

  38. I believe the words you were looking for were trans women. Name one trans woman that had beaten every woman, every time. I’ll wait.

  39. You are judging this woman without any information, you are wrong, ignorant and mean spirited.

  40. Was sexually harassed at work for over a year, went to HR. If HR listened to her and decided it did not rise to the level of sexual harassment, why should we think otherwise? Why is that mean spirited?

  41. I love it…totally agree. I love how this has backfired on the feminists and now they stop rising high in corporations because the officers are unwilling to hire, mentor, train or be anywhere near them. This was the biggest jackass move of the century by feminists and the poetic justice is so sweet. Screw you thots

  42. So I guess your perfectly fine with all the psycho trannies destroying women’s sports. This is another thing that will backfire so bad it will be hilarious just like the metoo movement has backfired on feminists now hurting them from getting corporate jobs and promotions because professional men won’t hire them and want nothing to do for them…the irony is delicious. Pretty soo we will have men’s sports and tranny sports and again feminists will be scratching their vaginas wondering wtf happened????????????????????

  43. henry: Separate but equal, huh? Did that work between the whites and blacks? How about separating gays and trannies too? And separate liberals from conservatives. Can we separate workers with different IQ levels?

  44. #MeToo has gone completely overboard and is having deleterious effects, such as fewer women being hired. And the idea of “innocent until proven guilty” has been turned on its head. What a silly culture we now have. Eventually, things may even out but presently all is a mess. And the idea of having “stay at home moms” has become laughable, even tho such is the very best way to raise kids.

  45. I was a manager in restaurants when I was young. I always prefered men because they came in and got the job done with out any cattiness and trouble making. Women seem to exsued trouble. They always want their own way and will boo hoo if they don’t get it. Most of the women of today are followers and can’t stand up for their own rights. Luckily I have two daughters like me that don’t follow they lead. You can see the women in politics are all winers and make all the other congress and senate miserable with their tantrums. They push laws that don’t mean anything and don’t work at putting the people of this country first. They only put their agenda first. I’m sick of our lame society and what it’s turning into. It putting color first not the rights of our citizens. Its putting sexual desires first not the things our country was built on and the christian ethics first. Our country is imploding as we speak and the foreign infiltration into our country is doing this to our country. WAKE UP PEOPLE OF THE USA AND LOOK AT THE DESTRUCTION WE ARE CAUSING BECAUSE WE ARE SO LIBERAL AND DON’T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE BUT OURSELVES AND OUR ME ME SOCIETY. WE ARE GOING DOWN THE DRAIN JUST THE ROME DID AND ITS HAPPENING RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES. THIS IS OUR ARMAGEDDON RIGHT HERE AND NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Nothing is solved chastising s person, man or women, for something they believe they didn’t do. Nancy believed she was wronged. Telling the man to watch himself around her didn’t solve the problem for Nancy, and that company will have a lot of problems in the future for their lack of professionalism. We don’t know all the circumstances, but assuming the whole thing is fault is what has brought the pendulum so far left. Both parties should have been counseled and the situation corrected. Sweeping it under the rug solved nothing.


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