You’ll never buy another Budweiser after you see what they did for LGBT Pride month


June is LGBT Pride month.

Many major companies are attempting to show how “woke” they are by releasing LGBT-branded products.

But Budweiser did something for LGBT Pride month that has made their customers furious.

This year, dozens of high profile companies have done something for LGBT pride month to appease their demands.

But Budweiser may have gone too far.

The beer brand released nine different cans that “celebrate” different lifestyles of LGBT members.

Some of the “themes” are so bizarre that you’ve likely never heard of them.

The Daily Wire reports:

Like most major brands, Budweiser U.K. has launched a Pride-themed marketing campaign to capitalize on LGBT Pride month.

But unlike most brands, Budweiser didn’t simply decorate its marketing materials with rainbows or make a wishy-washy political statement about love. No. It launched an entire line of very specifically decorated cans designed to celebrate nine different LGBT lifestyles, some of which are pretty obscure.

The campaign is called “Fly the Flag,” and it gets very detailed

A couple of the flags are immediately recognizable. The first flag, in the upper left-hand corner, is the standard LGBT flag, updated with brown and black to incorporate “intersectionality” into the movement. The center can has the “Transgender Pride” flag, a recent — but now ubiquitous — addition to the Pride Flag family.

The cans look completely absurd and highlight how out-of-control LGBT propaganda has become.

Budweiser and other companies “celebrating” LGBT month are doing nothing more than pandering to the left.

Some may even be doing it out of fear, in hopes that radical LGBT activists don’t target their company for a boycott or protest.

Ever since Chick-fil-A’s CEO took a stand against same-sex marriage, the radical LGBT movement has not forgiven the tasty fast food chicken chain and still gives it trouble to this day.

Budweiser is either pandering to the Left or they have completely embraced the LGBT movement.

But customers in their traditional target market are furious and confused why Budweiser would do this to their cans and to their brand.

This may be a huge mistake on Budweiser’s part that could blow up in their face.

What do you think?

Should companies shamelessly pander to the LGBT lifestyle?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  2. I gave up beer drinking back in 93 and wish to God I never touched it like President Trump. Beer controlled my life and social circles for a long time until I got saved in 87. I’m so glad we have a sober President in the white House who can make sound judgements and intellligent decisions. Unlike the libtards who love ❤️ their beer and wine and martinis and love pushing drugs on the American people’s. So they can have another illegal easy income stream to line their pockets. I’m so glad I doubt waste my time and money on beer anymore and alcohol anymore praise God thank you Jesus.

  3. Bud Co. can take all of their products and stuff them up their ass and that is just to make it official that they are now, as far as I am concerned, just a bunch of queers. I will not buy any more but(d) products and I am throwing out anything I have related to BUT(D) companies.

  4. Bud drinker most of my more. About the best I will do is watch their Klysdale commercials.
    No thanks.
    Pandering to these freaks of nature, which amount to probably 3% of the population, is incredibly insane .

  5. Bud, KNOW YOUR BUYERS!!!!! These “lgbt” loonies are NOT your target audience! OR, take careful aim and shoot yourself in the foot. I’ll never buy another “Bud”, period, and they WERE my favorite among “American” Beers. Done, Son!

  6. As far as I am concerned, they have shot themselves in the A–. In the beginning, My relatives were part of the Busch family but, I am afraid that they are rolling over in their graves. Do you people at the top think that only queers drink Bud. Well maybe NOW !!! Thanks a lot !. The only word that comes to mind is (ashamed ). So, let the queers have a drink on you. For surely, You have helped destroyed your base. NOT so good luck…

  7. I have never drank beer, after tasting it at my wedding. I decided who would drink this crap. Yup, that’s what I think of it. It’s horrible to me. Sorry beer drinkers.

  8. Quick and easy…done with Bud and any other product that is associated with the corporation

  9. Why would anyone pander to those left leaners, and buy kweer beer? With all the really great micro brews in the United States brewing exceptional beers, why buy that limp-wristed stuff? Go with the better if you have to buy mega-brewery beers, buy COORS, or get the best from your local guys running a micro.

  10. I will not judge people who choose a life style contrary to nature, but I certainly won’t celebrate it either!!
    To quote a Pastor I had years ago, “If homosexuality is not wrong, God owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.”

  11. You know, if you want to drink a beer then drink a beer . It shouldn’t matter if you’re straight or gay, black or white, or anything else. This ridiculous, idiotic, immature and uneducated behavior for recognition Has to stop. If you want to drink a beer drink a beer. That should be it. That should be all there is to it. People just need to grow up and get on with their life In what ever the lifestyle they choose to exist in

  12. Another example how the Left has permeated the culture with filth. There are no morals left in society. The thinking is evil is good and good is evil. Praise God, these days will come to an end. The righteous who endure will go to everlasting joy and the wicked to destruction. In the meantime, pray for the sinful to come to repentance and turn from their evil ways.

  13. Interesting the lengths buttwiper will go to make the (LESS THAN)1% of the population feel good….

    Have they done the same for Cowboys/CowGIRLS?

    Hunters, Fishermen / sports FANS, Truck Drivers, Coal Miners, Auto workers….?

    When you’re down to bud, you’re supporting queers….

  14. When I was young and undiscerning, Budweiser was my beer of choice. My tastes have significantly matured since then and when I taste Bud now, it reminds me of what you get when you vomit into a glass, then try to re-drink it. Give me a dark ale, a lager or a foreign beer. Most domestics taste like p-ss to me anyway.

  15. What?? Where’s the separate designation for the ‘pitcher/catchers’ and carpet munching crowds? Cannot wait for the polygamists lobby to gain traction and start demanding similar recognition. Same goes for NAMBLA and the beastiality practitioners. Remember…..’Whatever’s right’ and ‘Just Do It’.

  16. Equality is guaranteed in the constitution. Why is it because some people choose a different life style they need to be glorified by their decision. LGBT is now being weaponized against the people who choose to be straight. Gary

  17. Coors was the target of alleged gay sympathy attack some many years ago. There were calls for a boycott. I was not convinced they had any evidence to prove the allegations.

  18. If it is the intention of Budweiser Company to represent changes to the containers for all various monthly recognitions such as breast cancer awareness month in October, Black History month in February, and other various campaigns then fine I can accept the changes for the month of LGBT recognition however if not then I look at it differently and say if you do it for LGBT you must do it for all.

  19. The Busch family soul was not for sale when they sold Budweiser to the woke Europeans. Glad the economic impact is on them.



  21. Well here is another company that has accepted LIBERAL LUNACY AND STUPIDITY , and helps make America today on of the dumbest and laughed nation on earth NO MORE BUD IN THIS HOUSE SHINER BOCK IS A MUCH BETTER BEER ANY WAY MADE IN TEXAS WHERE MOST PEOPLE HAVE GOOD COMMON SENSE

  22. Budweiser sucks bilge water !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I knew that I never liked Budweiser, and now I know why. Another European Company doing everything it can to destroy the United States. Every society or Nation that has embraced homosexuality FAILED.

  24. Why don’t you right wing nut cases go drink your Ruskie beer with Putin. And as far as the cans go, they will probably be very collectible for the next few weeks, and then go away.

  25. Your right on that 2 world wars Americans lost their live fighting to save Europe for what ?

  26. Sorry to say but all this is to rationalize the bad behavior Transgenderism is nothing more that a rebellion against God. Read the word and you will find that all sexual diversions are classified as sexually immoral acts . No one that performs such act shall enter into the kingdom of God. The book of proverbs tells us that wine is a mocker and strong drink makes a man to be a fool. The word pharma is used in the Bible to describe the drug culture and demon worship. Alcohol is part of that drug culture and transgender is also part of that practice as well as homosexuality and all other types of sexual immorality

  27. I have always bought Bud beer for over 50 years. But I will never buy any more or anything that they sell . no matter what it is !!!!!! They can shove it up their ass, the faggots will probably love that.


  29. It has always been the worst beer in America. I never drink it. Now I will try to discourage anyone I know from buying any Anheiser Busch product. They’ve caved in to the PC police. Cowards all.

  30. James – you obviously didn’t read the headline. It said this was happening in the UK. Ummm – that is England, United Kingdom, son!! Wake up!!

  31. Remember that Budweiser sold out to a foreign buyer so it’s no longer and American owned company. I wonder what the Busch family has to say about this????

  32. I gave up drinking about 10 years ago but I quit drinking Buttweiser a LONG time before that after I discovered what REAL beer is (Guinness Black) and realized Buttweiser was just a headache in a can. I hope every mentally normal current beer drinker tells Buttweiser to kiss off and just leaves it to the ‘alphabet club’ so their stock prices and their entire business takes a major nosedive right into the filthy dirt where the scumbags they are pandering to live.

  33. Truth to power!! Everybody in my family (in Germany) drinks alcoholic beverages, mostly wine but also beer. Budweiser and the other beer conglomerates would go out of business if they had to depend on us. I may have been drinker a couple of beers in my entire life and wouldn’t touch a Bud with a ten foot pole and I will choose very carefully which Company I spend my money with.

  34. Have been a Budweiser and Bud Light drinker for 50 years. Time to give it up. Gin & Tonic from now on.

  35. You would think the LBTQXYC faction is 25% of the population and they are already getting protected status along with Illegals and Invaders! I don’t care what sexual orientation someone is and anyone could claim to belong to this group but I don’t like this “In your Face Activism” and that is what these Corporations are doing. They should rethink their actions or suffer consequences!!

  36. Gay people are a very small minority in America and when companies like Budweiser go out of their way to attract this small minority of people they are ignoring the vast majority. I have been drinking Budweiser all my life but no more.

  37. I’ve never been much of a beer drinker and I’m not gay myself , but from now on I think I will start to drink more Budweiser beer , because I applaud them for standing up for gay rights in an America which is so full of disgusting homophobic bigotry and which unfortunately has a vile presidential administration which is filled with despicable homophobic bigots such as the unspeakable Mike Pence, who has spent his entire political career trying to persecute innocent Americans who have never harmed anyone merely because they happen to be gay .

  38. “Gay people are are a very small minority in America “. Yeah sure, Carl J Bujan . Jews were only a small minority in Germany when Hitler seized power there in the 1930s – and we all know what happened to them there . I don’t care if there were only a few thousand gay people in America- they would still deserve to be treated fairly and deserve to have equal rights with everyone else .

  39. Enough is enough the homosexual lobby is everywhere and the liberals back them.
    My church is going to celebrate Pride Month I will stop going to church. What is wrong with the people. The schools are promoting homosexuality, Why this people have more rights than heterosexuals . Their rights end when my rights start. Pride parade is an exhibit of disrespect and lewdness . Same sex marriage should be terminated.

  40. There are more alcoholic conservatives than Democrats, Kavanaugh is a good example, just look at that face and follow that history. Rush Limbaugh was one of the worst drug abusers, you know nothing, nothing at all.

  41. Boycott Fox New for all their lies and brainwashing so many rednecks like yourself.

  42. Carbone, you are probably gay but like to pretend you’re not with your Old Testament biblical references. Hitler killed the gays, is that what you think?

  43. Ummm – in case you haven’t noticed, the handicapped, the aged, and vets are not being persecuted. There are so many ways in which the LGBT community is called out and not only made fun of, but outright attacked and injured!! But what can you expect when all this bigotry and racism comes from the top down. trumpsky is the leader of all the hate being spewed upon us!!

  44. You may be right but how do you support a serial sexual assaulter, a constant insulter, braggart, thief, liar, money launderer and traitor who kisses Putin’s butt for fixing our election? Where are your values?

  45. Threatened much ? Everyone with a brain knows if you want the Truth you tune into Tucker at 8 pm , Hannity at 9 pm , & Levin on Saturday at 7 pm or Sunday at 10 pm all on Fox !

  46. It’s just another way to demoralize our nation so it becomes another commie country ! They support anything that removes God ! Sick stuff !

  47. Do you know sir, not only are you rude and ill informed but you love to call others names. Especially calling them a “redneck” Do you even know what that term means??.You troll these websites just spewing your juvenile comments without contributing anything constructive.Be an adult for a change.Mr. Carbone made a very pointed comment.Something you never have….
    And yes, Hitler not only killed the Jewish people, but gypsies,GAYS, priests nuns and anyone that tried to shield the Jews.

  48. What will they do when they run out of colors to represent all the new groups being created every day? It’s getting f’ing ridiculous.

  49. Bring back REAL beer such as Lucky Lager, Falstaff and A1 and Lowenbraugh.
    Of course, none of these make Bud wizer. (old pun to make fun)

  50. Dee: Looking on the Bright side! Great, works for abortion also if they like killing their own children, but not for communism – the marxists usually will murder free people JUST BEFORE they start killing THEIR proletariat.

  51. I believe that “normalization” is the imtent, so it will be best if we bankrupt them BEFORE they can DE-normalize integrity, honor, patriotism, and heterosexuality.

  52. This is probably going to be able unpopular statement, but back when I use to drink (budweiser) I didn’t care what design was on their cans. It’s just too bad that corporations feel they have to be PC. Just make the beer as you always have & forget the politics.

  53. Jim: EXCEPT plain heterosexual. It might be fine advice if I wasn’t called “homo-phobic, racist, trans-phobic” just because I don’t have any idea, or care, from what sex you think you gain advantage, but pink, purple, black, puce, orange, white cans that supposedly mean something BESIDES beer? I’ll continue to see it as a marketing ploy that I DISLIKE and AVOID that brand.

  54. Paul is right on. No more Bud for me regardless of the goofy flavorized versions now, and no more Gillette products either. On the other hand, the benefit of the gay lifestyle is obvious when one ponders the future of our planet and the concept of survival of the fittest; as their inability to reproduce will self correct their growth and slow the tendency toward over-population of the planet. It’s really quite beautiful!

  55. Exactly that product has now become poison in my mind! What did they do for veteran’s day? Nothing!

  56. He also had the disabled killed. After he received a letter from someone complaining about what a drain on their income taking care of a disabled family member was there was a sudden rash of deaths by “RESPIRATORY FAILURE” after doctor visits to people with certain disabilities.

  57. They have actually had defense arguments in courts for those being tried for such that mirror the claims used to declare the other groups “normal”.

    You know the “Born this way” argument that fails when IDENTICAL twins with IDENTICAL DNA do not choose the same lifestyle or the even WORSE one that “ANIMALS DO IT SO IT MUST BE NORMAL” that implies that because some mindless animal with no control over their instincts that are driven by pheromones and imitating what they have seen people do does something it should be ACCEPTED as NORMAL BEHAVIOR for humans to act that way.

    If we went through a list of what animals do and declared that behavior legally acceptable or even normal we would have to toss out every “law intended to protect anyone” that exists based on how wild animals act.

  58. Terry L: You are quite correct.I don’t usually show these misguided and ill informed Democrats the time of day. But I am so sick and tired of Guns Nuts of America and a few others besmearing us , logic and promoting their propaganda.Their hate just mirrors what the Democratic party NOW represents.

  59. To hell with bud,gave up football for the anthem I’ll give up bud for forcing crap down our throats.
    There are plenty other beers around.

  60. Companies shouldn’t be pandering to any particular lifestye. They need to just stay themselves and sell their products as usual. I am really getting sick of having perverted lifestyles enforced on me!

  61. Well Rob, you do know that gay individuals don’t add to the gay population don’t you?? Gay folks come from heterosexual parents. Please try to keep up with the conversation, sonny!!!

  62. Thank you for making me laugh. I can’t imagine a straight man holding that can. Budweiser is going to loose customers.

  63. Oh if only!! trumpsky making sound judgements??? That’s a laugh. He just “shoots from the hip”, and flaps his mouth with whatever stupid idea crosses his mind. He has no “sound judgement”, and his staff has to constantly mop up behind him and his comments, trying to cover up and then explain that “he really didn’t mean that”, or “that’s not what he said”. (Even though we can hear it on tape, or see it in his tweets.) trumpsky is still an ass, over and over!!

  64. Isn’t the answer simple. Just don’t buy their product. And perhaps after their sales decrease they will review why and begin to ask questions. People will explain as long as you promote this deviant lifestyle, you will lose our business.

  65. I never acquired a taste for beer. But more important, let’s pray that President Trump does NOT cave in and sign the LGBT “Equality Act”…which would destroy Christian Liberty.

  66. Actually animals are
    “gay” too, if that is what you call it. Pairs of males have been seen in the animal kingdom, among the apes and emperor penguins.

  67. Awww – you gave up football – rather stupid don’t you think??? What will you do without football??? Such a funny crazy person you are!! As my dad would say, “next you will cut off your nose to spite your face!!”

  68. Dee; You are spot on with your comments. You can tell by the ravings of some Democrats on all these websites, how their mind set is. Can’t stay on topic. Just us any excuse to call names and try to belittle anyone that doesn’t agree with them.

  69. Oops, there you go again. You mean “lose”, not loose, else you have a strange way with words!!

  70. How is giving someone else equality, destroying your liberty?? I don’t think you understand the concept at all!!

  71. When women gained the right to vote, the law made them equal to men. So how did that destroy your liberty??

  72. Wait – there are other websites to comment on? Please let me in on them so I can comment on them too. And since when did the Communists allow any of all this stuff to go on in their countries? Russia is the biggest Communist nation I can think of. So what is it that they allow now? You seem to have them confused with trumpsky’s America!!

  73. I an wait, because it’s not going to happen, ever!!
    Dream on – there is no god, no pie in the sky either!! I would however like to see all you sorry ass folks who like to put others down, and call names, stand before your “god” and see how he/she responds to your hate and racism. Now that would be a great thing to observe any day!!

  74. I no longer drink alcohol it almost killed me. The false idea that gays take pride in themselves is as nasty as what we called the beer = BUTTWIPER! If the corn cobb fits!

  75. By the way Nancy I have been to many places in my life time and feel without a doubt that there deffinatly is a God. He has gotten my through many hard places and times.
    Robert Hattendorf
    USAF/Civil Service Retired

  76. Nancy Alexander: I have tried very hard to ignore you’re constant postings.Being rude and hateful towards others. Now stooping to the level of stupidity by trying to belittle others by correcting their grammar errors.Who the hell do you think you are??And you know very well about the other websites. You are CONSTANTLY trolling all of them!! How many comments have you left on this one alone?
    Do you know what you remind me of? A school yard bully and a big know it all.That’s why most just ignore your bad behavior and don’t reply to your comments
    Trump is in office.Get over it.And I’d rather live in”trumpsky’s America” than what your idols(Omar,Tlaib and Cortez) are trying to do to this country…

  77. If you do not like one of our greatest presidents, Trump, you can always go to Kenya and live with Obumba. They had pictures of him in a car committing acts with other men. Even Michell if you look at him closely you will see he is a male. And I would sure like to see his real birth certificate. He has yet to prove to me he is a US Citizen.

    USAF/Civil Service retiree.

  78. So, as mentioned above, bud is now officially “Queer Beer” !!! I’ve got a cold pack in my patio beer refrigerator I now have to dump and no more bud in this man’s home!

  79. So please tell me how you all are going to respond to your “god” for all the hate, discrimination and racism you are so good at displaying here??? I’m looking for your intelligent answer!!!

  80. I am sure that your bravery and intelligence are beyond reproach, sir, but in the end you got yourself through all those situations. And I am very glad that you did!!

  81. So your Queen Hilda Clinton was so much better?Shes the most dishonest liar I cant think of in politics and thats saying something

  82. Well Linda M, I know who I am, and I’m not afraid to say so. I am a well-educated person who knows how to spell, use correct punctuation, and correct grammar. People today haven’t been taught properly or simply don’t care about correct spelling and grammar – but I do. Oh please don’t ignore me – I so enjoy the repartee!! And I actually did start out being polite and respectful, but I saw how far that got me. I have been called some of the worst things in the book, so I finally had to respond in “kind”.
    Well the “other websites” are all still simply “Culture Watch News” so you are no help at all!! Oh, and I guess I got my bullying behavior from trumpsky himself – he excels so well at it!! And the Democrats are NOT trying to change this country, except for the better!! So be it!!

  83. I never liked beer anyway but empathize with those who do or did because of LGBT’s tasteless move.

  84. You are so stupid, it is incredible. President Obama was born in Hawaii, and he showed his birth certificate to prove it. Also he was a senator from Illinois, so how does one get elected to a state office if not being born here?? I still can’t believe how you repeat all the lies that trumpsky states as facts. If he said the moon were made from green cheese, you would believe it and repeat it ad infinitum!!

  85. Sorry to have to tell you this, but Hillary wasn’t elected. Oh – you missed that somehow, did you?? How about you spend more time on someone, anyone, who is actually in office now?? That is if you are able to discern such facts beyond trumpsky’s lying and cheating!!

  86. Robert Hattendorf:Thank you for your replies to some of Nancy Alexander’s snide comments.No one has really put her in her place, because of her self righteous, and disgraceful remarks made against President Trump and any Republican, that posts here.
    My late husband was in the USAF during the Vietnam war. As well as my self serving in the Army. And you are also correct in believing in God. So thank you again…

  87. Nancy Alexander: You really sound well educated and well versed by your hateful, cursing remarks posted here.By the way, check YOUR little grammar mistake you made to Hattendorf at 6:01 P.M.
    This will be the last comment I make to you because you are school yard bully that tries to over power anyone that does not agree with your misguided beliefs.I KNOW who I am and quite frankly you are not worth my time or effort.So go on your little rants.If you attack me at least you will leave someone else alone.

  88. Ain’t nothing gay about them. Gay at on time was a good word till the queers got hold of it. I remember people used to say I feel to happy and gay. But then those queers had their march in San Francisco and while the were marching down the street they were saying, “Were here were queer”. Then the queers tried to change there name to gay. Nope don’t work with me, they are what the said in the march in the streets of San Francisco, they are “Queer” and they will always be queer.

  89. I think they may have just blew it… why make such an appeal to such a small (but loud) minority??
    And I was such a fan of the Clydesdale…

  90. esponse to Nancy Alexander:
    So please tell me how you all are going to respond to your “god” for all the hate, discrimination and racism you are so good at displaying here??? I’m looking for your intelligent answer!!!

    Sorry, I can’t find my “little grammar mistake”, Linda. It all looks perfect to me. And I see that you are unable to respond to my assertion that you all will have to “stand before your god, and answer for all the hate and racism you constantly display here”. I trust you have given some thought to this , Linda. And I am no more a bully than the rest of you folks, who have called me some awful names and questioned my “sanity”. I see that you all are allowed to bully me but you don’t like it when I give it back. What am I supposed to do?? I don’t grovel for anyone!! So goodbye, Linda. Have a nice day!!

  91. Ah, but I want to know how YOU all are going to respond to your “god” on judgement day. At least I have made you think about your hate and racism.

  92. You are wrong again, Robert. The LGBT community never co-opted the name “gay” for themselves. It was a way for straight folks to label those different from them. Gay is still a fine word to use if you choose. But the LGBT community took on the label, “gay”, as a way to stop the hurt it caused them. If one says a word that is supposed to be hateful and applies it to oneself, it takes some of the sting out of it. Look it up – you can probably find it in Google.

  93. And President Obama’s accomplishments are all good. If they are not, then why is trumpsky trying to undo so many of them??

  94. I don’t care for their swill anyway, but I know a lot of people who drink their “lite” version that wouldn’t subscribe to the LGBTQ bull.

  95. Won’t have to respond to God on that day. He already knows. Now how will you respond when he asks why you did not believe in him. Really feel sorry for you. But you will probably have a lot of company with you. Sorry but I can not join you as I have other plans.

  96. They were called queers before that had the march and they will always be queers. There is nothing gay about them. You are throwing insults at those who like to used the word gay and were not queer.

  97. You still haven’t given me a straight answer to my query. I want to know how you can live each day with all your hate and racism showing. I see you are unable, or too afraid to answer. Just as I thought – a coward after all!!

  98. Well, Nancy Alexander, you have a problem your cant fake off. Since 1 Jan 1950, all US birth certificates have needed the babies footprints do to the Lindberg Law from his son’s kidnapping . . . B.H.O. does not have them! Now what are you going to say ? …

    As to BUD WIZZER, it has not been an American Beer for sone 20 years now so why bother ?

  99. Foot print comment is very interesting. Do you have a a link that supports footprint required since 1 Jan 1950?
    Thank You

  100. Other Points most needed to be open here:: :

    BudWhipper also Owns Frito Lay so too there goes Chips & Dirotios . . . I know it’s hard to say good buy but you have too.

    Nancy, You asked so here is your answer … only the President can be only of BIRTH as an American for the office of the PRESIDENT. It is why O”BamYa locked his away by Executive order now here is the thing by law the opposition party can open said files, the new elected President can open said files, & the other party Voters can open said files too … 1 more caveat of it all is that the children of military or diplomats & all support personnel of same can the children be of can also run for the white house. In fact, they are the only Americans that are born outside of America that can run for the white house …

    NEXT YES H.R.C. was elected & we all know she has done so by John Kennedy Jr’s Murdered to do so. His aircraft could have flown almost 2.75 times father as his fuel load that was recorded was loaded on, all piolets load for 1 target + 70% more for 2Nd emergency target + for 45 Min more flight time … It’s why we know someone dinked with the fuel system …

    As to your clame how is it we know that 82% of gay & lesbians have histories like with the Catholic Priest & Nuns & others have stories of aunts, uncles, Daddies friend, Mommies Friend? Now tell me how older gays did not do so to children …

  101. They did not & it was all over the fact that Coors had no Gay or Lesbian workers, but how where they to do so when the whole of the state may have had 1,000 maybe 1,250 at most …

  102. In other words; you are passing info that may not be true. And as a matter of fact, I DID look and could find nothing to confirm your statement. I was definitely hoping it was true as I don’t believe his Birth Certificate is legit. Too ,many inconsistencies.

  103. before you know the LGBT will running the Budweiser Company , and it will definetly be producing queer beer . I never liked Budweiser any way … God bless this country after all this BS …

  104. Oh for heaven’s sake – just give it up. Your anti-birther campaign is so over. I’ve never seen President Obama’s birth certificate and neither have you. If you’ve seen a picture of it, you can bet it has been altered and photo-shopped. Obama was President for 8 years, now he’s just another American citizen. What do you hope to gain by all this??

  105. We have two daughters, and there are no footprints on the birth certificates I have. They were born in 1961 and 1963. Horrors – where are the footprints???

  106. Your message is so garbled and horribly written that I can not make much sense of it. Please get back to me when you are able to write intelligibly!!

  107. As I said to the person who stated it was a law after 1950 to have footprints on birth certificates. please send me link to verify his statement. He told me to do my “own homework”. I did do my homework (before I asked him), and all I could find was the fact that the birth certificate “with footprints” is just something the hospital gives and is NOT the official one. Can’t even be used for ID! So. Obama’s birth certificate without prints. does nothing to prove whether ,or not he was legitimately born in US. There are however. many “red flags” on his so called birth certificate.

  108. Really Nancy? And just what lies are you talking about. Since you do not even know me again what lies are you talking about. Oh and Nancy I was born in May of 1933. Just how old are you???

  109. I am not a beer drinker, but really feel Budweiser has over stepped their boundary. In NC, just south of where I live, are many retired Budweiser executives. They left the company when it was sold to a European conglomerate as they did not like the direction in which the company was headed-too controversial.

  110. You are correct, that fake birth certificate will never prove to me that he is an American. His own grandmother says he was born in Kenya. Obuma is a lier.

  111. The Bible is against LGBT people because it is wrong. Nancy sounds like one of them. Bud beer has gone to the queers. Will never get my money.

  112. The Bible is against LGBT people because it is wrong. Nancy sounds like one of them. Bud beer has gone to the queers. Will never get my money. They are Bud dumber now.

  113. The bible is simply an old book written by old men. Not one woman wrote any book in the bible. The bible is also just a history of the Jewish people. It has no relevance today. It has been copied over and over, retranslated over and over, so many times that no one actually knows what was ever written in the first place. And by the way, so much of the bible was written after the fact – no one was ever there when “Adam and Eve” supposedly lived. Every culture on this earth has an “Adam and Eve” story to explain where mankind came from. Nothing relevant here today!!

  114. Yes, go out and get drunk on someone else’s beer product, then get in your car and drive the wrong way down an interstate highway until you hit and kill someone. That’s the good old American way to do it!!

  115. Well that’s what I thought about the birth certificates. These posters on here just make up their own “facts” as they please, and then try to frighten us into believing a lie!!

  116. Your hate is constantly directed toward the LGBT community and a “black man in the White House”. I see it every time you post. Why so down on fellow humans? Why can’t you leave other people alone?
    There would be no LGBT community if people had just accepted those who were different from them “way back when”. But no, someone just had to drag up the bible and call out those who are different. And now you all wonder why there is an LGBT backlash?? Of course they have formed a “community” of sorts, banding together for safety and to be able to live their lives as they see fit. LGBT was never in anybody’s face, until they were constantly attacked (verbally and physically). No wonder they have struck back. That’s what countries do when they go to war!! (Terrible analogy but it’s what comes to my mind.)

  117. The lies come from trumpsky and the GOP. constantly telling us that the news is “fake”, and the news is the “enemy of the people”. That is typical of what Hitler told the Germans before he took over control of the radio and news papers in Nazi Germany. (Oh and you’ve got me there – I was born in 1938.)


  119. I only wish we would have had 2 years of investigations of 0bummer, instead of President Trump. Remember, Donald Trump was elected because smart people didn’t want a third term of the mess that ruined America. I’ll never be concerned about being called a racist, all because of 0bummer!

  120. there goes another company down the drain! why do these companies keep on supporting such a small section of America? some of their advertising offends me can I sue them? people don’t just set on your rears & complain get up & talk with your MONEY that’s only thing these companies understand!

  121. Well you know Omar got elected how did that happen and AOC, and the other towel head that run around our congress. So Obama got elected so he could kiss ass to the Muslims and fill our country with terrorists and attempt to be the first caliphate in the US. Also sell us out to Iran . So you just better hope President Trump gets elected again our your little ass will have the sharia law upon it.

  122. Thanks goodness for these Muslim-Americans who were voted legally, into our congress. We need to hear from all sides in the American debate.

  123. I can guarantee you there were and are a hell of a lot more that 1000-1250 gays and lesbians in Colorado. It also has a huge population of transsexuals in the Denver area lone. Pete Coors is definitely a conservative but he doesn’t discriminate personally or business wise against gays and lesbians. I might have one beer every 10 years but it’s always a Coors.

  124. Budweiser took a small hit when they backed the NFL and BLM, but this should lose them a lot of drinkers, I’m done buying any Budweiser products !

  125. Did you say that about the Mueller report too ?
    The fact that Obama has hidden all his school records and there are a lot of red flags about his birth certificate it should still be investigated !

  126. Because they are not good, that’s why they can be undone in the first place and that’s why most Americans cheer when everyone of Obama’s legacy’s are wiped up like feces !

  127. So you have read the Mueller report?? And it contains damning details about President Obama?? Or have you just listened to Barr’s “report” of the Mueller report?? I thought so!!

  128. To Nancy Alexander………. A few words of wisdom from a senior widow who hasn’t much longer to live. Please read the OLD TESTAMENT ON HOMOSEXUALITY, GENESIS 19 ALSO LEVITICUS 18:22 AND 20:13. IN THE NEW TESTAMENT, ROMANS 1:26-27………1 CORINTHIANS 6:9-10, 1 TIMOTHY 1:8-10 And JUDE 7.

    There are many choices in life ETERNIY has only two, HEAVEN or HELL……..choose wisely!

    ALMIGHTY GOD has made us responsible for each other and my making you aware of HIS words is meant respectfully!

  129. I’m an 84 yrold Marine who grew up in a railroad town (KKK,IL) and have enjoyed beer and wine for most of my life. Bless you for stopping a practice that you find distasteful. Just like you made that decision, other productive people did not make the one that you made and still enjoy having a brew or glass of wine. You seem to be somewhat classless and faulty of memory knowing that you were once “one of us”. Budweiser effort is one that disturbs me – I will not imbibe that product again for the reason that the company is spineless and hires far too many deluded people in advertising and sales. LBQTZM, etc. are not of my company – do what they want, but do not impact my life. Man and woman, boy and girl, an ok arrangement, God was not confused – you are.

  130. There are many religions on this earth. There is no reason to believe that christians have the final word and all the answers. It is simply wrong and boastful to say that christianity is the one and only way. I will never accept that. So you can stop threatening me with your “heaven or hell” statements. We simply die and go to the grave – nothing else regardless of what other faiths/religions promote.

  131. To Nancy Alexander………. A few words of wisdom from a senior widow who hasn’t much longer to live. Please read the OLD TESTAMENT ON HOMOSEXUALITY, GENESIS 19 ALSO LEVITICUS 18:22 AND 20:13. IN THE NEW TESTAMENT, ROMANS 1:26-27………1 CORINTHIANS 6:9-10, 1 TIMOTHY 1:8-10 And JUDE 7.

    There are many choices in life ETERNIY has only two, HEAVEN or HELL……..choose wisely

    ALMIGHTY GOD has made us responsible for each other and my making you aware of HIS words is meant respectfully!


  132. To Nancy Alexander:


  133. Take the blinders off. Dems drink like fish. But, MSM wouldn’t report that. They only report conservatives when they go to communion. Oh the tragedy.

  134. But what about for prostitutes, or pedophiles etc. It should only be done for something moral and good for our country. We are trashing America the Beautiful for dirty sexual desires. I won’t have that represent me or my country!

  135. Jesus may be god and god may be Jesus, but the whole thing is fake and made-up. I don’t need to “google” anything. The bible was written by old men, many years after the events they wrote about even occurred. Memories fail and reports of “miracles” creep in to any account. People remember things and events differently, so there is a lot of room for error and greatly exaggerated occurrences. There is no reason for christianity to be the “be all, end-all” religion when so many other religions also abound. I choose to ignore most of it. If you are happy with your beliefs and faith, then so be it. Please leave me to mine.

  136. Nancy, who knows everything, please be advised that periods and commas always go inside the close quotation marks. All well – educated persons know this.

  137. Stay THRISTY my friends and do NOT purchase any Budloser/Buddumber products ! Please especially stop confusing our toddlers-teens with books , adds , shows , cartoons that have anti Christian messages! Please Trust in our Almighty God and try to promote goodness not evil. Hallelujah !Thank you Jesus Christ . Remember you see an Angel when you see the face of a Newborn baby! Open your heart , mind , body and soul to the Holy Spirit ! God’s Grace will follow. ????????????

  138. To Nancy Alexander

    When I die, if there is no GOD, I will have wasted all my time with Prayers but when you die, if there is JESUS WHO IS GOD, you will have wasted an ETERNITY!

    A liberal person is one who wants to do his/her own will not the WILL OF GOD!

  139. I would call him a SMART ASS to be so successful and to have gotten to where he is. He speaks his mind, unlike the rest of Washington and the media.

  140. A liberal person is one who has a brain and knows how to use it. A liberal person is one who does not waste time praying. A liberal person is one who knows the truth and lives it every day.

  141. Ruining our country is all that trumpsky is able to do. He has made enemies of all our allies around the world. We are laughed at because of trumpsky. We are the laughing stock around the world. trumpsky is simply a reality star and must always be “on stage” and receive all the adulation!!

  142. Finally a president that’s bringing unemployment down, economy is on the upswing, and we have a leftist saying he’s “ruining” the country, worried about what other countries are thinking about us, you need to wake up.


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