You’ll be flaming mad when you see the ugly way this social media company tried to silence pro-lifers


Liberals in Silicon Valley have been caught red-handed banning political views they don’t like.

And the Left loves nothing more than to see pro-lifers being shutdown.

But what this social media behemoth is doing to stifle pro-life voices will make you sick.

Facebook is blocking ads for the upcoming pro-life film Roe v. Wade.

The people behind the Roe v. Wade film bill it as the “true story of the most corrupt court case in history that led to the murder of 60 million babies.”

Seeking to capitalize on a recent press story about the film, its creators tried to reach a wider audience with the film’s message by running an ad on Facebook with a link to the story but were shut down.

Facebook claims the attempt to promote the film violates the Mark Zuckerberg-owned company’s new “issues of national importance” rules.

Breitbart News reports:

The producers and writers behind the upcoming film Roe v. Wade starring Jon Voight and Stacey Dash, which tells the story surrounding the landmark legal case legalizing abortion, recently attempted to advertise the film on Facebook but were denied under Facebook’s new “issues of national importance” rules.

The ad that Loeb and Allen attempted to run was simply a link to a Hollywood Reporter article about the film. The ad featured a link to a post featuring a picture of actor Jon Voight along with the hashtag #BringRoevWadeToLife. A screenshot of the advertisement can be seen below:

The producers attempted to “boost” this post from their Facebook page and were informed by Facebook that their ad was not approved, a screenshot of the email that they received can be seen below:

Breitbart News reached out to Facebook for comment on this issue and was told that the problem with the ad related to Facebook’s new “issues of national importance” rules which requires further verification and identification of those running ads on important topics. A Facebook spokesperson said in a statement:

Below is a screenshot of the email notifying Roe v. Wade film’s creators that their ad was rejected.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Mr. Zuckerberg’s outfit has been called out for censuring pro-lifers.

As we reported in 2018, Facebook got caught red-handed doing this to handicap another pro-life movie exposing notorious abortionist Kermit Gosnell.

Clearly Facebook, which has been criticized for engaging in anti-competitive business practices and monopoly status, is using its monopoly power to force speech and ideas it disagrees with off the platform.

We’d like to know your thoughts. Should Facebook stop suppressing ads for the Roe v. Wade film?

Let us know in the comment section.


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  2. What happened to free speech in America? Mark Zuckerberg is just another commie/liberal whose censorship is abominable. I don’t understand why so many people still use Facebook to support this radical liberal. I certainly don’t use Facebook any more.

  3. I have a solution. Since FB is so biased and blocking free speech. Let’s have our fearless prez fine them say $20 Billion. That should cover the wall, DACA and a small portion of the costs we pay annually to suppport illegals. Then we go after Google and You Tube for similar amounts.

  4. The law has not caught up with the technology. The fact is social media is today’s street corner. And just like the free speech cases that ruled malls had to allow protests, the Supreme Court needs to extend that to social media under the same rationale. Let’s bae it, liberals hate free speech. Were that not so, there would be no problem allowing the issues they hate to be debated openly in the market of free debate. The First Amendment is an important part of our public debate. Those who suppress debate belie the fact that their opinion cannot prevail in the Court of Public Opinion. The truth of the matter is, the New York abortion law goes beyond what Roe v. Wade ruled and is simple infanticide. It is a practice that should be illegal.

  5. Approximately 30% of the posts I attempt to make are rejected by Facebook due to their conservative nature. This is a rejection of my First Amendment rights and I have complained to Facebook twice without even the courtesy of a reply.

  6. They should, but only someone who is totally naive and in a complete state of denial believe they will cease censoring true patriots because Zuckerberg is a lowlife traitor who like Jack Dorsey should be executed for treason specifically violating our right to free speech.

  7. The Achilles Heel of software based billionaires is that it doesn’t take much for a who;e new approach to pop up – technology pr competing software or both, and the Zuckerberg’s will either grow up or spend the rest of their lives looking in.

    “Blessed are those who have arrived, for they shall soon be leaving.”

  8. There can be no denying, Silicon Valley in all its manifestations is left of center, perhaps even far left. Roe vs. Wade is one of the many passages in their own corrupt version of a bible. It is an obsession and they will do all in their power to make certain innocent babies continue to die.

  9. Scumbag politicians who call for Congressional hearings for these Social media traitors to account for all the cases of people being censored for their political viewpoints blatantly lie under oath and simply return to violating our First Amendment rights of freedom of speech.

  10. Consider that NY is seriously considering allowing late term abortions up to 24 weeks I believe it is.

  11. I am aware of the unfortunate fact, but continue to hope eventually sufficient pressure will be brought to bear to change social media for the better.

  12. If the creators of theGosnell movie & “Roe v. Wade” cannot discuss or advertise on FB, then no other move should be allowed either. AND abortion issues ARE of national importance!!!!! So that reasoning, that these movies are not, are more liberal LIES and excuses that FB tries to use to limit freedom of speech.

  13. These people are so arrogant and are now pushing to completely destroy views that disagree with their ideology.
    Because they are wealthy they believe they are smarter than us, better than us and in a position to lead the “lemmings” as they see fit! Next they will take the vote! Beware Americans who value free speech! Educate yourselves!

  14. If facebook only allows what they want their viewers to see, they should be shut down. They are not allowing freedom of the press. They are like the fake news. They only want one side to be told. They should be taken off the internet if they can’t let all news be on their website.

  15. I vehemently despise fakebook’s policies of censorship and liberal biased discrimination, but no matter how I hate it, I cannot call for the government to do the same to them as they are doing to us. That is contrary to all we stand for… as a business, the first amendment doesn’t apply; it restrains the government from suppression of free speech, but protects the business’s right to it. If we insist that a Colorado baker has the right to say no to un-Christian messages, we must also grant the fakebook that same right. What we CAN demand, though, is a form of fairness through an act of government, similar to what was required for most of the history of television during elections, where a station was required to provide equal time for opponents of anything/anyone who purchased political ad time. I’m not sure why that policy was eventually ended, but it would be a great solution to this issue without violating the constitutional values we hold dear. Anyone know how I can get it considered by Washington?

  16. I have an idea. I believe th e law for FCC licensing are still on the books. If so broadcasters AND individuals
    should be required to apply for, take a test for, and pass a FCC licensing test as was done back in the 70’s. This time however include as broadcast airwaves ALL media, both radio and wired (wire, cable, fiber, & satellite) so that google, facebook, youtube, microsoft, etc would be required to have broadcast licenses, both corporate and their individual workers, to broadcast on the internet to the public – over public “airwaves” – to do business. Then, when they censor, their licenses can be pulled as they would be interfering with another’s transmission ie free speech. If they object then fine, they can just get themselves a real job!

  17. Google & Yahoo is moving your emails and any conservative web sites emails into your Junk Folder before you have even Opened them

  18. I am disgusted with the antics of facebook. It suppresses freedom of speech to the conservative view, but the liberal view no matter how horrific their views are toward the conservatives, it is allowed. We should be allowed to give our views. I have personally been attacked by facebook 5 times. Why, for voicing my thought’s and disagreement on matters, like abusive, horrific treatment of women and of other’s by a certain group of people, if you are not of their belief. I never threatened anyone but, I got blocked for going against them that do.
    I find it unfortunate that another group can call for a killing of other’s and when you go against them for their evil brutality Facebook goes against us. We are for the innocent of all innocent human lives, who are male or female, we have a right to be the voice for the children who can’t fight for their lives, just as we fought for the the Holocaust victims, and slavery, we have the right to stand for the innocent who have a soul. We have become a people of hate instead of love, we have people who have destroyed the act of respect for other’s that are for the good not the bad , these people today are for hideous crimes against infants, and children, and the elderly, and people of the Christian and Hebrew Faith’s. Facebook is not for freedom of speech.

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