You’ll be disgusted how trans activists went after a high school freshman about dumb Spanish pronouns


One high school kid used three words to set classmates straight.

Leftists came unglued.

But you’ll be proud of what this kid did next when trans activists attacked him about dumb Spanish pronouns.

This past September a high school freshman in New Hampshire found himself suspended from playing on the football team for sharing his views with another student.

What views?

The view that there are “only two genders” – male and female.

According to the Daily Mail the suspension stems from a discussion that began in Spanish Class when “one student informed the class they considered themselves to be non-binary and wanted to be addressed by ‘they’ as a singular pronoun.”

The Daily Mail continued the suspended young man “later chatted with friends on the school bus over the complications of using third-person pronouns when referring to themselves in Spanish.” when a female classmate, “overheard the conversation and told the friends, There’s more than two genders.’ “

To which the student responded, “No there isn’t: there’s only two genders.”

According to sources the freshman was in a private conversation with another student about his belief that God created only two genders and this private conversation got back to the Assistant Principal of Exeter High School, Marcy Dovholuk.

This young man has been suspended because he has a belief, and that belief is that there are not hundreds of genders – just two – and he shared that belief with a fellow student.

The world has gone completely mad.

But the Exeter freshman isn’t taking it.

He has filed a lawsuit in Rockingham Superior Court stating that the text conversation in question happened off school property, meaning the high school administrators don’t have the authority to suspend him.

Attorney Ian Huyett of Cornerstone Action, a nonprofit Christian advocacy organization, is representing the freshman.

Huyett stated that the student, “did not harass or demean any student, but simply expressed his views on a contentious cultural issue.”

The school has no grounds for suspending a student for exercising his First Amendment freedoms, but they’re sure as hell going to try.

The Left is determined to brainwash the youngest and most innocent among us.

The suit also aims to block the enforcement of Exeter High School’s gender-nonconforming student’s policy because of what he says is its infringement on his First Amendment rights.

Exeter High School has made no public comment on the matter other than to say they are aware of the lawsuit and in the process of reviewing it.

These types of actions by teachers and school administrators are becoming more common and it must be stopped.

The good news is god-fearing, patriotic Americans are rising up and pushing back against the indoctrination of kids with these mental and scientifically wrong ideas.

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