You’d laugh at what these snowflakes are doing if it weren’t so dangerous


The woke Left is all about, “if it feels good, do it.”

And “shaming” people they don’t like always feels good to them – consequences be damned.

But you’d laugh at what these snowflakes are doing if it weren’t so dangerous.

The Left is all about shaming people these days.

In recent years, born out of the “anti-body shaming” movement, there has been a common refrain of “Health At Every Size.”

Now, large-loving leftists are trying to tell doctors what to do in the most passive aggressive way possible.

That’s right, the so-called anti-body shaming crowd is passing out “Don’t Weigh Me” cards to their fat followers.

Rotund radicals are to present the card to their physicians, instructing the medical doctors only to weigh them in case of emergencies.

Much like the intimacy waivers Social Justice Snowflakes want everyone to bring on all their dates, these “Don’t Weigh Me” cards act as “informed consent” to being weighed by medical professionals.

The feel-good cards are provided by

The organization’s food-loving fanatics can order five cards for $5, or a box of 100 cards for the low, low price of $35 – so a sacrifice equaling 10 Chalupa’s and a soda at Taco Bell. purports itself as “empowering parents to raise kids who are free from body hate and eating disorders.”

According to More-Love’s Amanda K. Bailey, the incredibly basic and routine practice of being weighed at a doctor’s office is more traumatic for the “Health At Every Size” movement than when the McDonald’s ice cream machine is out of order.

“Being weighed, particularly in front of someone else, is rarely a pleasant experience thanks to a culture of relentless weight stigma and unrealistic body expectations,” Amanda explains. “But beyond being uncomfortable, it can also be harmful, particularly for those dealing with disordered eating, eating disorders, and body image issues. Because we live in a fatphobic society, being weighed and talking about weight causes feelings of stress and shame.”

So, doctors trying to help you live a healthy life are causing feelings of stress and shame for their pleasantly-plump patients?

Amanda and her colleagues at More-Love seem to be missing the fact that along with smoking, there is nothing that causes more long and short-term health issues than being overweight.

Forget about being responsible for your actions, instead doctors should pretend leftists’ penchant for Pizza Hut and Pepsi has no detrimental impacts on their health.

And in case they’re not just obese, irresponsible leftists, but also cowards, the team at has some suggestions to make “confronting” medical staff about the traumatic nature of stepping on a scale easier.

Ranging from I prefer not to be weighed today to slyly pass them your card if you need the communication to be more discrete.

If face-to-face interaction is just too much, you can email your doctor and have it put in your records that you don’t want to be weighed.

If staff say knowing your poundage is important, offer a self-estimate on how much you feel like you’ve gained or lost since your last visit.

But why let medical facts get in the way of your self-esteem?

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