You won’t believe why these Christian cake bakers are forced to appeal before the Supreme Court


Liberals have a message to Christians: toe the line or lose your business.

They will stop at nothing to tear down freedom of conscience.

But now a new case could be heading to the U.S. Supreme Court to stop them.

Melissa and Aaron Klein, the owners of Sweet Cakes By Melissa, were fined $135,000 for refusing to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding.

The couple was forced to close down their business due to the fine and multiple death threats they received.

The couple has been fighting for their livelihood in the Oregon judicial system.

The Oregon Supreme Court declined to take their case.

Now the couple is clinging to the hope that the U.S. Supreme Court will stand up for Christian morals and freedom of conscience by deciding to hear the case.

The state of Oregon told them that they cannot decline to cater certain events that go against their religious convictions.

Oregon says they were discriminating against homosexuals.

But the couple have baked cakes for multiple gay clients in the past, with some being repeat customers, but have never baked a cake for a gay wedding.

The legal battle has raged on in the Oregon court system for years.

Recently, they spoke to Fox News’ Shannon Bream to explain everything.

WATCH the interview:

This isn’t the first time liberals have sought to shut down Christian businesses.

The Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of Colorado baker Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, who had a very similar situation.

The ACLU and State of Washington also filed legal proceedings against Florist Barronelle Stutzman of Arlene’s Flowers because she declined to provide flowers for a gay wedding.

Should Christian bakers be forced to cater gay weddings?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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  2. Stop persecuting Christians. Their religious beliefs are sacred and they shouldn’t have to bake cakes for a gay wedding, which same-sex marriage is against their beliefs. This assault on Christians and Jews has gone way overboard.

  3. Discrimination against these Christian bakers is all that it is these gays are nothing but sick sick perverts if I was a baker I would never bake a wedding cake for any gays because I don’t believe that I should have to be forced to! The good Lord will allow them to win the case

  4. The whole game is BS. They have the right as owners of said business to deny service to anyone and it’s time the lib trash is forced to recognize it.

  5. Should Christian bakers be forced to cater gay weddings? NO. No one should be able to force any business owner to do anything they don’t want to. It is their business, they pay the expenses. Just like restaurants can refuse service to someone who is not wearing a shirt–no difference. Do the leftists make muslimes serve pork in their restaurants? This is all about power by the left to shut down morality. I know a lot of alphabet people and while they are nice and some are friends, they are NOT moral. You are either born male or female anything else is a sick choice


  7. Of all the bakeries in Washington State they pick a Christian one because they know they will be declined which will give them the a reason to sue them. The same goes for other businesses that will not cater to them.

  8. The church members in Apostle Paul’s day were worried about after becoming Christian that when buying food that was offered to idols (FOOD FROM THE MEAT MARKET) it would say to the onlookers or today Christians that the one buying the meat approved the worship of idols in their purchase.
    Paul told them that it’s not what goes into a man but it’s what comes out of him (HEART). And he named all the immorality of his day.
    But as for eating meat offered to idols it goes in and it goes out and by buying and eating it you’re not promoting idol worship.
    As to refusing to make invitations, bake a cake, provide flowers, photograph gay people that get married if it offends you or a brother who is watching you than don’t do it.
    Just don’t say anything and just get out of the business or serve the public. Jesus will find work for you.
    But let me show you a better way. Think on the Sermon on the Mount, what kind of sins were people committing or had committed who were there listening to Him speak? Jesus was not selective

  9. Gay people can be cured by hypnosis telling them to go to the first time they had feelings for the same sex, this is like Diane tics might have to do it 2 or 3 times to erase this program, it might surprise you but you might find that these feelings come from the previous life where the person was the opposite sex to what they are.

  10. The government has a history of FORCING PEOPLE TO DO, SAY, AND ACT in specific manners..

    Let me rephrase that.

    The government HAS TAKEN SIDES of one person, or group of persons to HOLD POWER OVER OTHER CITIZENS.

    Want to work for company X? but don’t want to join a union?

    PICK YOUR ‘FAVORITE’ “regulatory AGENCY”.

    Does the agency exist for THE COMMON GOOD? Or does it give THE POWER OF GOVERNMENT TO ONE GROUP over another group of Citizens, or even THE FULL WEIGHT OF GOVERNMENT against a Baker in Oregon, and Colorado?

    Does the ‘epa’ exist for THE COMMON GOOD of to FORCE A POLITICAL AGENDA against the vast majority of CITIZENS to line the pockets of politicians, their families, their friends…. THEIR DONORS?

    Look back to the origins of the agencies, and discover how they came to be.

    FOUR Federal Departments have a CONSTITUTIONAL REASON to exist.



  11. This is a wider issue that baking wedding cakes that celebrate an event that violates conscience of the bakers; it’s a matter of enslavement, which is what it IS when ANY person is FORCED, by any means, including the law, to do ANYTHING against his free will. Slavery was outlawed in the US before 1870, with ratification of the current 13th and 14th Amendments. Yet states now seek to enslave citizens to the wills of a minority of their citizens (slave masters were always a minority); via forcing compliance with demands that violate the rights and conscience of certain minority persons: in this case, those who stand on their Christian belief that God’s law demands they not participate in events that celebrate homosexual or other sexual behaviors outside the bounds of a marriage between 1 man to 1 woman. For those, it means not creating a special cake or floral arrangement or produce a special video or photographs, etc for that event. But this also applies should, for example, a Jewish deli owner face a demand they make ham sandwiches for someone, or a black tee shirt printer be required to produce tees for a KKK gathering, or a Muslim be required to provide pulled pork in his eatery. It’s not, as the left so often insists, just a simple matter of a cake; it’s a matter of human rights, free will, enslavement to others’ wills, etc, all of which fall into violation of our God-given rights! It doesn’t matter the specific service demanded; if it violates that provider’s rights and free will, it’s ENSLAVEMENT!

  12. The assault and persecution of Christians and Jews is at an all time high, world wide. The liberal left, homosexual lobby, Muslims, and atheists have joined forces to ridicule and force Christians to go against everything they know is morally right and true, in our Christian faith, and biblical walk with Jesus Christ. We must stand together, through prayer and legal action (Vote into all official offices, conservative Christian people, everywhere!) to prevail against the destruction and war that is being waged against Christianity and Judaism. The Klein’s have been fighting for their freedom of religious persecution for quite some time now, (As Oregon continues to persecute, fine, and make an example of them, they continue to try to destroy, that which cannot be destroyed!) and Oregon being one of the biggest LGBT activists in this country must be overturned. I pray for the Klein’s, and I pray that the US supreme court will whey in on this issue, and set Oregon’s biased government straight, Oregon has been running contrary to the law, and our constitution for years, and it is time that the Oregon government is put in it’s place. With their continued misuse of liberal left power, Oregon’s extremely liberal left bias, through their persecution of Christians, is who needs be held accountable for it’s actions, and brought back to reality. Religious persecution is against the law of this country, and has always been wrong in the eyes of the church and state, but most importantly, it is morally wrong, and against every biblical truth we believe in. “In God We Trust,” is not just some outdated slogan of the past, it is, and always will be what this country was built upon. America is grounded in Christianity, and always will be, the LGBT community, and their liberal left cohorts cannot change that; the truth will prevail!

  13. I wonder why the news never tells us when muslime bakers refuse to bake cakes for homo weddings. NOT!! Jesse Waters, Man on the Street has already proved, by going into the shops of these people, explaining to the man at the counter that he is a homo, asking them to bake a cake for his wedding and being told to go to the bakery down the street, that they WILL NOT bake a wedding cake or any other kind of cake for a homo. It’s against their religion and they WON’T do it. The government never brings lawsuits against them because it would be considered discrimination against their beliefs. The Bible tells us that in the last days the persecution against Christians will increase substantially. It gives us the word sodomy, from Sodom and Gomorrah. These two cities were destroyed by GOD because they were totally given over to homosexuality, which is an abomination before GOD ALMIGHTY. The Bible also tells us to “Be not deceived, GOD is NOT mocked. As you sow that shall you also reap”. The homos and those who promote and protect them are going to be bouncing in the heat and total darkness of HELL for eternity and there is NOT going to be any federal government to take GOD to court over it.

  14. The recent judgements regarding homosexuality is just another method our government uses to RAM THEIR MORALITY DOWN OUR THROATS.

    Big Brother is almost here!

  15. A crowdfunding campaign for the Oregon bakery Sweet Cakes by Melissa has set a site record by raising $352,500 in about two months after being kicked off the GoFundMe website, far exceeding the initial goal of $150,000. The fine was covered and then some. I do agree they should not have been fined though.

  16. The sodomy spoke of in Sodom and Gomorrah was actually a war tactic used against the enemy to gain notation. They would sodomize their captured victim with a painful instrument that would destroy the colon. The victim typically died even if they gave the information from bleeding to death or infection. Sodom and Gomorrah had nothing to do with homsexuals. It was heterosexuals using sodomy as torture. That form of torture is still in use today in 3rd world countries. This is what happens when biblical stories get edited for agendas. You do not get the full story or the full truth.

  17. Bwaaahahahaha!!! Is that what you did Bryce? Get hypnotised to hide your homosexuality? 😉 What a load of bunk you spilled here.

  18. Yes
    They should be able to denight service to this and any other wedding.
    One day in the near future they will see the God who says one man and one wowan.
    God bless the people who stand for their rights.

  19. Sandra Lee Smith I agree with you . I wonder the requesters have aids. they are the ones we need to keep away from us.

  20. Virtually any business I have known states that they have the right to refuse service to anyone. But, everyone should follow God’s laws before man’s laws. Remember the three Hebrew Children, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego are figures from chapter 3 of the Book of Daniel, three Hebrew men thrown into a fiery furnace by Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, when they refuse to bow down to the king’s image; the three are preserved from harm and the king sees four men walking in the flames, “the fourth … like a son of God”.
    BRAVO, my Christian friends, I applaud your convictions and courage.

  21. Why is it that the gays (in this case) are going after that baker? Why couldn’t they go use the services of another baker? The answer is simple….they wanted to use this as a political example. No business should be forced into any services outside of their comfort level (whatever that may be)….For example, if a butcher only wanted to carry pig products such as bacon, pork chops, pork for pulled pork, that should be solely the business of that butcher -(no pun intended). There are other butchers around town that can provide the cow products, chicken products, or the seafood products.
    Unfortunately it is a typical leftist practice to insist that everyone “conform” to their ideals!

  22. Bryce, you are totally wrong and this has been confirmed by the American Associations of Psychiatry and Psychology. it does not work, and worse, does more damage than it does any good.

  23. Right, Allen, and we still have freedom of choice until the Trump Administration takes it away in their efforts to have a monarchy.

  24. The Supreme Court has already Ruled on this with the Master Piece Cake Shop in Colorado back in June with a 7 to 2 Decision for the Baker. Shouldn’t be to much Different in overturning an Unconstitutional Law in Oregon and allow them to seek Reparations for Damages.

  25. My thoughts and prayers are with you! God Bless you and give you strength to fight these evil people who would persecute you for having faith and love for our Lord.

  26. Here is what I would do if a gay couple came to me to bake a wedding cake remember every wedding cake is custom made so there is no set price I would tack on extra 30 per cent to there price and then donate the 30 percent to a national organization that supports marriage as one man and one women and doing it in there name

  27. What happened to the response, We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. That was in most restaurants as a written declaration.

    On another hand, I have been watching the antics of one Jim Acosta.
    Does he not know it is a privilege to just be at the White House?
    Anyone who takes this for granted, does not deserve this privilege. What is this teaching our children? More of the same. Blustering, making everyone look at you and saying, is this the way things get done? And then you have Antifa.
    Oregon, where I live, used to be a great place. weather conditions, yes subject to rain, but a beautiful place to live. Now look at it? Antifa, our downtown looks like SF with all the vagrants, etc. Pathetic

  28. An owner has the “right to refuse service” to anyone that walks in the door.

    I’m sure these businesses are being targeted. Anyone will try anything to get a fast buck.

    Stop the stupidity !!!

  29. What I never see mentioned in these articles about Christian business people refusing to bake cakes/do photography/arrange flowers/etc. is that they are turning down business, which is turning down money. Wedding cakes cost hundreds of dollars so if a Christian baker refuses to bake a “wedding” cake for a gay couple they are turning down the money they could’ve made. People who are in business are trying to earn money, they don’t turn down orders, because orders bring money. To turn down the money over a principle would imply the principle is more important to them than the money. The Kleins and others like them value their Christian principles over money and ought to be commended for that, not sued, not fined, not treated like ogres for it. They’ve gone through enough already! Enough with the persecution!

  30. NO. How about throwing the lowlifes in prison for what used to be against the law, before the Liberals saw fit to start taking this country down, for the sake of COMMUNISM, and legalized Homosexual and Lesbian life styles. When are we all going to finally say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, and put a stop to the likes of Pelosi and Schumer, and the rest of the Commies in Congress, along with the Deep State.

  31. Without DISCRIMINATION there wouldn’t be a civilization. Discriminate lots more not lots less when it comes to being forced to salute the fecal matter laced act of Sodomy which is ALWAYS lifeless and often lethal; ALWAYS fruitless and often fatal. Make this EVIL fear good! Round them all up. Thank them for ‘Coming Out”.
    We know who they are and where they are. “LOVE” can never mean making evil deeds committed by evil doers easy and comfortable in their evil deeds. Sodomize and Die!

  32. Here is the pathetic FACT. In the main, the USA was founded by Christians on Biblical principles who fled to America to escape “religious persecution”. Even today 60%-70% of the population identify as Christians. Christians pay 60%-70% of the taxes that fund a government who denies them “freedom of religion”; “freedom of the press [via censorship] etc. Christians account for 60%-70% of the casualties in WARS fought by the USA and yet they are ENSLAVED by a perverted 2%-4% [LGBT’s]. I don’t blame the deranged LGBT’s and their life hating lying is sacred enablers nearly as much as the GUTLESS and GULLIBLE Christian who pamper and pacify them. Could you picture the Christian minorities in the Middle East dictating to the Muslims who want to behead them. WE HAVE THE IRREFUTABLE RIGHT AND THE IMMUTABLE RESPONSIBILITY to defend ourselves from PERVERTED laws that with premeditation treat evil better than good.


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