You won’t believe why leftists are attacking this classic Christian children’s cartoon


Few things make leftists happier than a degradation of true Christianity.

They attack it from the podiums, the television sets, and the movie theater.

But this latest attack on a classic children’s cartoon was a bridge too far.

Liberal academia has just decried VeggieTales as racist.

They say it portrays so-called “vegetables of color” as the villains.

This was part of a “Whiteness Forum” at California State University San Marcos that sought to take a “critical look at whiteness” according to The College Fix.

The College Fix reports:

Another project suggested that the children’s Christian television show, “VeggieTales,” perpetuates racial stereotypes. A female student who worked on the project said in an interview that the accents of the evil characters tend to sound ethnic, such as Latino, while the good characters sound white.

“When kids see the good white character triumph over the bad person of color character they are taught that white is right and minorities are the source of evil,” the project stated.

A student in Pindi’s class who attended the event for the extra credit also told The College Fix that he felt the forum accomplished just the opposite of promoting the notion of equality for all.

“I feel like the university system [leaders] are a bunch of hypocrites, they’re talking about stopping racism and promoting equality for all, yet they have no problem bashing white people,” the student said, adding he is half-Mexican.

But there’s one problem with this: the show actually teaches children to love others no matter how they look.

In an episode spin-off of The Grapes of Wrath titled “God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?” Junior Asparagus, a lovable, relatable character, is made fun of for looking different by a group of peas.

Junior’s character has an “afro” and is a different vegetable than them.

Junior’s father then came out and put the peas in their place by explaining to them that making fun of people who look different than you is wrong.

The daughter of the peas then ended up apologizing to Junior for her actions when she realized it was wrong.

VeggieTales is arguably the most successful Christian TV franchise.

The show’s entire premise surrounds the unconditional love of God and an emphasis on loving and accepting people who are different from you without compromising your values and integrity.

And it was a staple for millions of Christian children and taught them the value of love and friendship, values they hold to this day.

Do you agree with liberal academia that VeggieTales is racist? Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. AND , the ‘leftists AREN’T ” racist ” ? Ha ! What do they think it is to ‘single ‘ someone out of a populace ? ” RACIST ” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Attacking Christianity is just like attacking Judaism. The New York Times and the School System, that is a gang up.

  4. Liberal Academia is the most racist group there is, they just proved it by this study and divided the races even more.

  5. Can someone please give the definition of being a racist? (And, I don’t mean an example. So often that is what people, especially kids do. They point to someone, or mention a name, rather than give a definition.)

  6. Leftist agendas and wasted time on studies like this keep getting more absurd and bizarre. It is also a waste of hard earned money for tuition costs. Stop this waste and teach students how to survive and earn a decent living in this world!!!!!! Judging others is God’s job.

  7. As a kid I never related bad people to the color of their skin or their accent. It was just a cartoon or western, or whatever, and as soon as we were outside mingling with people, it wasn’t an issue. I just saw kids, adults, whatever and there was never a problem. Bringing this crap up now is racist on their part, not to people with more than one brain cell!

  8. The one thing I learned in my profession is you can’t reason with irrational people.
    You can’t ignore them either.
    Sometimes they have to be put in their place.
    You may never get them to see your point of view.

  9. The Left attacks any thing that has a moral message instead of looking and listening to what the message is saying they accuse everything and anything as “RACIST” there go to word that does not line up with their agenda.

  10. Ever since the Mother of stupid got elected “aka” Cortez it seems the attacks have increased on what the left considers racist which to them is everything . But I for one care not what they say I still say MERRY CHRISTMAS and still read Dr. Seuss to my grandchildren still stand for the Anthem and kneel to pray to the all mighty LORD our God and will continue no matter what a bunch of crazy haters think

  11. These people are the biggest hypocrites there are! They are cursing God, and that is going to bring His wrath down on them! Not good! But that is their choice! They have no idea of what is coming! So sad!

  12. Amen to that Gordon Goodrich!! And Laurie Arhelger and Bob Blair! The left are the ones promoting hate and discontent. We are the ones who believe we are equal in God’s eyes no matter the color, size or language. It is the actions that people do that make them bad.

  13. The progressive left can find racists under every rock and bush. And they would be the first in line to decry McCarthy and the communist witch hunts of the 40s and 50s.

  14. This Cortez ! If ever there was / is a definition of racist it can found in this person. If you listen to her you can hear racist in the definition of her meaning. She isn’t as smart as she would like you to believe ! She was elected by racist not that she is smart!

  15. DemocRATS insinuate that blacks are too stupid to obtain a photo ID to be able to vote. They have driver’s licenses and can buy alcohol. Hmmmm. That is the main platform they have AGAINST voter registration reforms. That is THE MOST RACIST idea anyone could have but the media doesn’t SEE that. They are ALL hypocrites and you can’t make anything else out of them.

  16. I honestly never heard of Veggietales (but it does sound kind of nice, so that is my loss). However, I am not going to waste my time on a snipe hunt courtesy of Culture Watch. And frankly the Forum may very well have made a point that the author wants very much to ignore. Is it possible the writers have allowed racism to sneak in, even if unintended? After all, none of us are perfect, self avowed Christian or not.

  17. These are people with to much time on their hands. They complain about everything. If they don’t like it here they are free to leave. What a stupid bunch of jerks.

  18. My father-in-law had one of the greatest saying, you can’t get mad at a crazy person, it will never end up well. I remember that every day, when I see what has happened to our great country. Talking and reasoning with a liberal leftest, is like dealing with a crazy person.

  19. You have to be NUTS. What a stupid misinformed idiot racist you are. Children are only racist when taught to be by their racist hate filled parents such as your self. God bless your children and protect them from you and your evil teachings.

  20. This posting is proof that there’s something wrong. ????
    Too much any religion is dangerous.????
    How many wars and acts of hate and terrorism could have been avoided without religion and conflicts between them?!????????

  21. I am to the point now where I don’t agree with anything coming from the racist and violent Liberals.

  22. Many different religions and world views create conflict but that’s because they cannot all be right. But the true faith of Jesus Christ, where you are to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, to “love your neighbor as yourself”, and even to “love your enemies” would hardly be a problem, if it were universally shared.

  23. Can’t believe dems are attacking cartoon veggies
    When Sarah Silverman made a Disney movie for
    Kids with her famous potty mouth.


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