You won’t believe why Hollywood just gave Michelle Obama a top award


Hollywood award shows are nothing but an anti-Trump hate-fest at this point.

But while they hate Trump, they adore the entire Obama family.

And you won’t believe why Hollywood just gave Michelle Obama a top award.

Barack and Michelle Obama are two of the most adored people in all of Hollywood.

During their presidency, while everyday Americans were losing, the Hollywood elites were doing great in their little bubble.

That’s why the Obama family is worshipped by those in Hollywood.

They even gave Barack and Michelle their own production company, Higher Ground Productions, where they produce shows and movies for Netflix, all while bringing in many millions of dollars.

But with President Trump standing up against the elites, he is hated among the smug stars in Hollywood who believe they are better than everyday Americans.

At the recent Grammy Awards, anti-Trump music star Alicia Keys referenced impeachment before bringing another music star on stage, stating, “Commander in chief impeached. Ya’ll get out.”

But while there were plenty of anti-Trump attacks, they had a different tune when it came to the Obama family.

Despite them not being in attendance, Michelle Obama won the “best spoken word album” for her memoir Becoming.

She beat out John Waters and the Beastie Boys, along with multiple others to gain the award.

This is the first Grammy award Michelle has received, but it is the third that her family has to their name.

Her husband Barack won the same award for the audio-book version on his books Dreams of My Father and The Audacity of Hope in 2006 and 2008.

It seems that this award is often used to award left-wing political figures, because the Obama’s aren’t the only ones to get this award.

In 2003, Hillary Clinton, gained the award for her book Living History.

Michelle Obama’s book tells her life story, from living in Chicago as a child to joining her husband in the White House.

It is the sort of story the Left fawns over.

They have an obsession with Michelle Obama, and have even called on her to run for President.

In fact, Joe Biden recently stated that he would consider having the former First Lady as his Vice President if he is able to become the Democrat nominee for President.

Do you think Michelle Obama should run for President?

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  2. The Ted Cruz campaign put out a nude photo of Melania in 2016 and warned conservative Republicans: “Your next First Lady.” Dr. Jordan similarly comments online: “How can you compare a nude uneducated model to a Ivy League graduate who has a law degree? It is sad to see how prejudiced and ignorant you people can be.” While the media was taking note of what Trump later dismissed as “locker room talk,” at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Michelle Obama was practically in tears, warning her fellow Democrats and the American people in general, “We need an adult in the White House.”

  3. Vasu Murti = Melania Trump is the classiest first lady. She has it all over Michelle Obama who is totally a classless racist. The Obama’s brought racism back to where is was in the 50’s. They were so anti-American, anti-white, anti-Christian. They infiltrated this country with tens of thousands of Muslims. Obama’s “hope and change” was in reality a Muslim takeover of our country from within.

  4. Should Michelle Obama run for president?? NO!!! I wouldn’t vote for her if she was running for dog catcher!! Our country and the whole White house staff, from what I have read about Michelle’s contact while there, has suffered enough!!! We DO NOT need someone who has stated on many occasions how much she hates this country to be our next president or vice president. It’s going to take years to TRY and repair all the damage her husband did to our nation the 8 long years he was our president, as it is …

  5. Eleanor Dombroski: Thank you and bravo for your response to Vasu Murti!! He keeps bringing up that nude photo of Melania that classless Ted Cruz talked about. How about the nude photo of Obama’s mother that is on the internet? No one seems to be concerned about that, do they? Our beautiful First lady has more class than M.O. could ever hope to have. And should be shown respect she deserves!! As well as our sitting President….

  6. Linda M – Fortunately I never knew of a nude photo of Obama’s mother on the internet and would not care to see it, but being the Obama’s, there is nothing ever done about their misdeeds. I had to laugh when I heard Obama say that he had an 8 year scandulous-free administration. I guess he forgot about Benghazi, the TSA scandal, the IRS scandal, fast and furious, etc., etc., etc.

  7. We all know why the media loves Obama’s ,they are all very racist. It wouldn’t help Biden to get obam2 to run with him,, he wouldn’t know it. You block me but the left can say it a hundred times… don’t block them..

  8. Why doesn’t, barrack Obam ever talk or give any credit too his Caucasian grandparents,who raised him, in a respectful manner, and gave him a decent upbringing.(just saying)

  9. Hollywood elites are the trash of the nation. They make their living faking other people. Then they think they are relevant. What a joke! The Obamas are terrific OUT of office…if they would just stay away ! She was a flop, ruined the menu at nation’s schools to the point kids were tossing the food in the trashcans. Awarding them the same award..hahaha.. wouldn’t dare giving them a real award. what a frigging joke!

  10. JC – but the Nobel committee commited the gravest mistake by awarding Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize when he was only in office a few months. What peace did he ever bring to this country is what I’d like to know.

  11. Why?????????????? She is devoid of skills, but that is what the Democraps always put forward. She/He and her gay husband have nothing but anger and Saul Alinsky.

  12. Joe Biden has a better chance of being in Prison on January 20, 2021 than to be sworn into Presidency that day. Michelle Obama had better just stay in the Background because TRUTH is coming out. When that happens Barack and Michelle may wind up in a WORLD of HURT. The last thing either of them need now is to be in the Spotlight.

  13. Narcissistic individuals wallow in accolades that feed their ego. Holly wood is full of egomaniacs absorbed in their self awards. The Obamas fit right in with the crowd.

  14. Linda M. we know you wouldn’t vote for her but let me tell you a lot of people would.

    Anything would do better than the DOTARD you have in the WH right now.

  15. Jack, how can you compare? I would NEVER, NEVER vote for a transexual and if he wasn’t, I wouldn’t vote for her either. He/she is an ugly overrated person. The Obamas hate this country and all they care about is themselves. I am sure that all the decent and Christian people of this country, would NOT VOTE for him/her either.
    Obama added to the corruption of the WH that now Trump is getting rid of now.

  16. “You won’t believe why Hollywood just gave Michelle Obama a top award.”
    Of course we would!! Frik, they give slobs whose only achievement is reading words that others, smarter than they are, have written for them.

  17. Michelle Obama is a man named Michael Robinson and his husband is, our former President is gay. Barack was involved in so many scandals while in office and it will all catch up him soon. Our POTUS has startled unraveling the deep state and all former Presidents and many of our house and senate members are evil and deserve the gas chamber. I cannot wait for the subpoenas to start flying out of the DOJ. Just wait until the fake impeachment is over. Trump is fired up and sick of all the crap he has had to take since the day he took office because the deep state knows his main objective is to dismantle it and return the US to American citizens as it was intended by our founders. He is the great disruptor of all things evil and he will get it done. TRUMP 2020!!

  18. When an award is given by a group, who specializes in make believe, to recipeants who came to fame as a novelty not for their ability, shows the value of the award.

  19. this person HATES AMERICA & should take her “spouse” & move to a country she can be PROUD of! she will pay for her deeds sooner or later & I sure hope it’s gonna be soon! her & her “spouse” should give back everything they received & are still receiving from their time of being in White House!

  20. Jack: I know a lot of people would vote for her. Not because she is qualified or even because she is a decent human being, who loves our country. But because of all the propaganda they still believe about the Democratic party is for the “hard working middle America”. That boat sailed a long time ago!! Plus, because of their unjustified hatred of President Trump. Judging him on his personality flaws. Not by his abilities. Just like you do, Jack…
    You will be surprised how many people have changed their party from Democrat to Republican now , Jack. They have seen just how vicious, underhanded and corrupt the demon party is. There’s still hope for you, I would imagine. But I doubt it. I have read all the horrible things you have written about our president and all of US. But this is still the United States( no thanks to the Dems) and you are entitled to your own opinions….

  21. I could that I didn’t write. She got the award because of political reasons..nothing more. Where’s the talent?

  22. jackass, the fact that people would actually vote for her (him) shows their extreme lack of intelligence and that they have no clue of the truth. You blindly believe the lies of your sick lib leaders without question and have no concept of reality. And Pres. Trump has done NOTHING wrong but has done a LOT of good for this country, but you deny the truth

  23. NEITHER Obama should be allowed anywhere near our White House ever again. They hate this country and side with our enemy islam. Both are very dangerous to our freedom

  24. Deborah D. , you are right on everything you said. But the dem robots deny the truth. They have been totally brainwashed by the left and have no concept of the real world

  25. Good grief NO! I sure don’t want her as vice president! The Obama’s already set our country back a half century when they called for racism! Obama went against all the rules and did what he wanted and he got away with it all! No other President ever did that. Ship the Obama’s to Iran where they can live happily with the terrorists whom they gave American taxpayers money to so they could kill Americans!


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