You won’t believe who Democrats are now blaming for the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting


The Democrat Party shocked the world when they couldn’t denounce Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic actions.

In addition to tearing down monuments, taxing everything that moves, and murdering the preborn, the Democrat Party decided to add racism to their list of policy stances.

And now, you won’t believe who they’re blaming for the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting.

Democrats in California are bringing up a resolution essentially blaming Israel for the deadly 2018 Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting where 11 worshippers were gunned down.

As Fox News reports:

Tentatively titled “Commending the House for resolving to fight all racism and bigotry and for resisting the false conflation of support for Palestinian rights with antisemitism,” the resolution blasting Israel’s purported role in furthering white supremacy was authored by David Mandel, an elected state Assembly delegate and progressive attorney who says he holds dual U.S.-Israel citizenship and lived in Israel for 10 years.

The document calls the October synagogue shooting “the culmination of an alarming re-emergence of virulent antisemitism that is a core element of historical and currently resurgent white supremacism in the United States and around the world.” The “Israeli government, along with some of its U.S. backers,” the resolution continues, “welcomed support from Christian fundamentalist and ultra-right groups in the United States and abroad, dangerously ignoring their deeply rooted antisemitism while aligning with their virulent Islamophobia.”

Speaking to Fox News, Mandel said it would be “far-fetched” to say that the resolution “directly” blames Israel for violence against Jews. But, he suggested, Israel officials did bear some indirect responsibility for both anti-Semitic and Islamophobic violence.

“The Israeli government and its supporters here seem to be embracing the right-wing and not caring what they say about anything else — Islamophobia, dog whistles for anti-Semitism,” Mandel said. “That, I think, does indirectly lead to some of the violence.”

Mandel added: “What we’re saying is the Israeli government is aligning itself with right-wing governments around the world, including in this country, and those right-wing groups — a core tenet of their ideology is antisemitism.”

This so-called “resolution” is nothing more than an anti-Semitic hit piece on Donald Trump and Israel from the party that can’t get enough of anti-Semite Ilhan Omar.

They’ve become so anti-semitic that they’re now blaming Israel for the murder of Jews.

Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly decried the horrors of neo-nazism on Twitter:

The fact of the matter is the Democrat Party hates Israel and loves socialist anti-Semites like Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Israel is regularly rocketed by anti-Semitic Muslim terror groups like Hamas and Israeli citizens live in fear of survival whenever a siren blares telling them to run for cover.

Israeli troops have to regularly patrol the borders because anti-Semitic Muslim terrorists sneak into the country and kill people.

But Democrats willingly ignore all this, and now no longer bother to hide their growing anti-semitism.

But we want to know what you think.

Is Israel to blame for synagogue shootings?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  2. Just when I thought the Democrats could not stoop any lower with their lies and deceitful actions, they now come up with this ?? And look who the Democrats are embracing as their “poster children” for their party and this country; Omar and Cortez!! These two especially hate our country, the constitution and our values. But yet so many Democrats are blindly following them just because they hated that Clinton wasn’t voted in as president and Trump was . ” There are none so blind as those that will not see”. GOD help us…

  3. So answer me this. Why is nothing being done about these DO NOTHING TREASONOUS RAT’S and their TRAITOR FOLLOWERS? Still waiting.

  4. Just have to say I love the closing quote “There are none so blind as those that will not see”. So appropriate !!

  5. The Democrats are crazy . Do they know how that sounds ? Isreal is to blame.No, that Omar and her Muslum terroists are to blame.Get rid of her and the other Muslum fact the whole Congress needs to go.They are way to left wing. Remember this when they need to be re elected!They are run by evil . Nothing good about them.God Bless Trump and Barr.

  6. Yet ANOTHER case point for I.Q. testing Voters & Politicians alike. How long am I going to have to be on this rant before SOMEBODY does SOMETHING about MAKING IT LAW ???

  7. I have called the Democraps stupid, intellectual midgets and inflictors of moral bankruptcy…unfortunately, they never, ever manage to prove me wrong…ever. The lame stream media is also guilty of the same level of misbehavior. The best part? They award themselves for the dissemination of misinformation and call us rednecks and deplorables because we’re the only ones paying attention and calling them out on it.

  8. The Democratic Party needs changes they no longer have any common sense. Religious Freedom is a basic Right in the United States and for the Democratic Party to blame this despicable act on Israel is just STUPID. I’m Catholic and find this public statement a threat to my Constitutional rights. I want to hear from the Party leadership and I want to hear from them soon.

  9. They will blame any one or and any body but the actual person who committed the crime.
    The police Chief is absolutely right no law would have prevented this mass shooting, but this will work.
    The ignorance of our politicians and gun free zones. It is time to pass H.R. 38: Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2019.
    There is a city named Kennesaw in Georgia and they have a law that it is mandatory that every family must own a gun, this law in Kennesaw Georgia was pasted 15 years ago and in all that time there has only been one murder and crime is almost nonexistent. There is another city called Rifle in Colorado Where everyone openly carry a gun and they can’t remember the last time someone was arrested.

  10. Trump’s racism, hate filled speeches, insults to immigrants, people of color, people living in other countries has filled this country with an attitude you can say and do what you want and you can get away with it. Trump has been a criminal his whole life and has gotten away with it as a President he has condemned numerous people and organizations and even the FBI, Mueller, his Republican colleagues, CIA, the press, the handicapped, all Mexicans, people of color, NFL players, the list is nearly endless. He is an egomaniac and if there is an anti-Christ it is Trump, Mr. 666

  11. tiffany: If there weren’t any Israel, then the left could get back to just hating Western Civilization and Whitey Righties [White non-elitey lefties are allowed only as long as they support, and pay, their leftist Overlords] It doesn’t sound crazy if you’re forced to drink their Kool-Aid, first but most don’t even have to be asked, It’s like mother’s milk if you have no integrity, honor, or thinking skills.

  12. Pelosi is to blame because she approves of anti-semitism and does not denounce the anti-semites in the House. She is also a representative of Cali where this occurred. She should be ashamed

  13. Thank you, Moses. Finally a comment of substance and truth. These people here; most of them, no not what they do.

  14. Wow, Moses, I can read from YOUR little snippet that YOU are an obvious expert in “hate filled speeches.” You have packed MORE HATRED in those three run-on sentences, than in ANY of President Trump’s hours-long speeches. I believe that’s known as TDS! I can’t imagine being around anyone with so much self-loathing as you. I’d offer my sympathy for your broken life, but you seem to relish breaking it.

  15. Linda M. I thought “John” was speaking to the leftists who just want to re-write history. It seemed like his obvious expression of disbelief to progressive mandel who would blame Israel for supporting Anti-Semitism in any round-about way.

  16. Trump did it. The NRA did it. Now, Israel did it. Democrats NEVER look in the mirror and consider the notion that their sustained RESISTANCE and overwhelming slavish support from all things Democrat by the FAKENEWSMEDIA might have motivated their typical THUGGISH BEHAVIOR to believe violence and TYRANNY are now acceptable behavior!

  17. 2004done, If John was reacting to the leftists, I humbly apologize. I truly thought he was reacting to the posters. You can understand my confusion, because there are some on these postings that do not contribute anything constructive. They just name call and disrespect the president.
    Thank you for pointing out my error…

  18. John, I must offer an apology to you. I thought you were comment was towards us, the posters. Not to the leftists.Forgive my confusion….

  19. Moses = WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Scott27 = WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Art Crosby – oops, too late. I already agreed with them. They are so right in their comments. Most people on here are only backslappers – just agreeing with everyone who has the same awful sense of evil!!

  22. Being a Trumpster your life is far worse Done, because you are the one filled with ignorance, fear and hatred. When Trump was elected I could see a few votes going his way because of the TV name, the bragging and fake confidence. Also, many people were displaced from very secure jobs over a few decades. However, Trump has proven to be a monster mobster. You know that if you have any intelligence and any honesty in your soul.

  23. How is Israel to blame for the Synagogue shooting? What facts does the Communist Party have for such charges?

  24. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Muslim Demoncrat Party & RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception,Fake News(Russian Collusion & Jussie M hoax)the list is endless!And the clueless minions that follow them!


  26. Agree 100%…could not have stated my thoughts any better!!
    THIS IS NOT A DUPLICATE POST for those that monitor. Wake up!! Is it because your opinion differs??

  27. John: You might want to read a little more history, including the roughly 1,400 years of conquest and barbarism by Islam. If you like slavery, you’ll like Islam, they still engage in it. Try reading Alexis de Tocqueville.

  28. Nancy, as I have stated many times, everyone is entitled to their own opinions.But we that support our president and can see the TRUE evil that’s in our government are not “backslappers”. And yes, I will agree with you on one point; we do agree with each other and have the same awful sense of evil. It’s called the Democratic party.They have NOTHING but cause havoc within our government and refuse to work WITH the president.Sorry your candidate Clinton wasn’t elected.Wait, no I’m not. I thank God she wasn’t voted in! Why don’t you and several others that have been posting here and other similar websites, just stop.Your bitterness serves no purpose.Other than echo the Democratic’s mind set…..

  29. Look in a mirror for the problem. The Dumbascrap party is responsible for ALL of the mass shootings, period. Your deflections aren’t working, children. Your folks are doing them.

  30. Dear Moses and partner in idiocy Scot27, there is absolutely NO truth in your post. There is as much substance in the comments as there is on the MSM (MAD STREAM MEDIA) all of which is spin, lies, and deception. I assure you there is an
    antichrist and people just like you, who know not The Truth, will be first in line to welcome him.

  31. And Jim, you are nuts!! Absolutely nuts. No brain , and no place to put one!! Please calm yourself, and rethink your last statement.

  32. Linda: you seem to have forgotten how the Republicans in congress absolutely refused to work with President Obama when he was re-elected for his second term. They said loudly for all to hear that they wouldn’t work with President Obama at all, and did nothing but oppose him for the next 4 years. How quickly you forget, but I haven’t. So you can just get off your high horse and come down to the earth with the rest of us.

  33. how do you work with some one that didn’t do anything for this country except apologize for you being an american and putting 11 million more people on the welfare system and doubling the give away’s of food cards. obama shut down jobs over seas with his regulations and put people out of work as to depend on democrats for a hand out. the party of no is a disaster to this country.

  34. most shootings are done by democratic voters. that’s because most of them are mental nuts. last weekend in chicago there was 50 people shot and all of them were democratic voters.

  35. Nancy, Not on a high horse.Just stating facts. And I am down on earth. It’s you Democrats that are far out there and keep throwing temper tantrums just because Clinton wasn’t elected..And look who is representing the Democratic party in the government.Pelois,Omar,Cortez,and Tlaib.Fine examples….
    Oh since you brought up Obama, what exactly did the Republicans stop Obama from doing? He didn’t accomplish anything his years in office… If you want to post another nasty attack at me, feel free. At least you will spare some else your bitterness….

  36. Nancy stay with it, these right wingers can wear you out, but there racism, hatred, and ignorance cannot go totally unchallenged. Rick

  37. You must mean Trump and his corrupt cronies like Manafort, Flynn and Cohen. Read about his buddy George Nader.

  38. Linda, I won’t use bad words to describe you right wingers except to say you are all idoliizing the anti-Christ Trump. Not only is there nothing admirable about Trump, there is nothing even redeeming about him, and many of the right wing nut jobs on here. I think that you can still be saved from the cult of Trump.

  39. Previously I never met or heard of anyone named Tiffany that wasn’t an airhead, and congratulations you keep that streak alive. You are supporting a serial sexual assaulter, a constant braggart, insulter, thief, liar, just an egomaniac and cowardly draft dodger.

  40. Virtually all the hate crimes are by right wing nuts like yourself, they are gun nuts that support Trump, they killed at churches, theaters, Las Vegas, New Zealand, Sandy Hook. You comment comes across as insane to be kind.

  41. You are an absolute liar and you know it. You just make up stuff as you please and repeat what others have made up too. Please only report the facts!!

  42. I have never seen a report of a shooting where the shooter was identified as a Repub or Democrat. You are a liar in saying that such a report is ever made. Don’t tell me that isn’t “fake news”. Shame on you for writing such drivel!!

  43. Moses,
    I have never called anyone a name on any of these websites just because their beliefs or policical views are different from mine. We are here to voice how we feel on many different topics. Yes, sometimes our passion(on certain topics) will take over and words are spoken that shouldn’t have.So even though showing respect should be upmost for all of us, it can be difficult at times.Because the division is so great within our government everyone is upset and feel frustrated. The Democrats blame the Republicans The Republicans blame the Democrats.Having said this, even you have to admit, Omar, Tlaib and Cortez and their conduct does not help the Democrats image.Plus now the Democrats are blaming Israel for the shootings is just absurd!
    Well I just wanted to voice my opinion to you.And you made me laugh by saying there’s hope for me being saved from the cult of Trump.But regardless how you feel about Trump, all I am saying he is our President and should be shown some respect..Now, PLEASE don’t go crazy on me for saying this.This is how I feel and I’m having a bad day so I need some peace…Thanks!

  44. Sherm: The Israelites have 2 major branches growing apart. One branch, the Zionists (Bibi Netanyahu), mostly Israel based, mostly religious and conservative. Their main goal is the protection, strengthening, expansion and well being of Israel. Their enemies are the Middle Eastern Arab states.
    The Israelites’ 2nd branch is the Globalists. They are mostly liberal, Marxist, non-religious and live in the US and Europe (Georg Soros). They are extremely wealthy (The Rothschilds) and extremely influential (banking, politics, media, commerce). Their final goal is world domination.

  45. Nuncy: The US economy is better now than any time since the 1960’s. How brainless this makes your nosex Clinton or your gay baboon with their crappy economics?

  46. Moses: Did you know, “It is the economy, stupid”. Your gay baboon was dumb as a doorknob regarding the economy.

  47. Moses: Civil War II is coming. One side has 350 million guns, the other side is not sure which bathroom to use. 🙂

  48. Parduc:I am very fearful, that what you have stated, may be come to pass.I have never witnessed so much hate and open acts of treason being committed within our own government, directed at the Republicans and our country . I know I will probably be besieged with hateful, cruel remarks directed at me from the Democrats posting here. But unfortunately, most are so blinded by their hate of Trump, they can not see what is happening! I’ve read on this posting Trump being called the anti-Christ.Well, EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinion and to voice them.But in all fairness , I can remember Obama being called the same name.
    Do I agree with everything Trump has said and done? No. But I am very grateful Clinton was not voted in.I was accused of having a short memory because supposedly the Republicans stopped Obama from doing his job. Well, I suppose that person has a very short memory as well.Especially when seeing the truth about both Clintons and Obama….
    Both my late husband and myself are Vets.Do we have guns? Yes.Does that make us gun nuts? No. But I’m quite sure some will not see it that way.
    People, all I’m saying is, what ever your political party, we ALL live in the USA and we better start working TOGETHER, before its too late….

  49. Dear Linda M, I think you are a wonderfully controlled person who has a great regard for all people, even those who are out to destroy us. That being said, we cannot keep turning the other cheek. These people want to kill us, slaughter us with no qualms whatsoever. That is their agenda and they care not about any of us. Wake up Linda! You do not have to bad mouth anyone but you do have to realize what these war mongers are about and are doing. We need to stop them and their hate of us and their agenda. Being nice is great but being a patriot and aware is much more important. Everyone needs to get America to Wake UP!!!

  50. Oh Geez, I have battled with Scott27 on other blogs. He is so left is is inside out. I strongly urge everyone to not respond to this idiots comments. PUT HIM ON IGNORE and save yourself aggravation. I think is a paid liberat to instill aggravation and cause trouble (typical of the left)

  51. You Nancy are you another paid Liberal that comes on conservative blogs to try to destroy? YOu stink

  52. marleen davis: I am a little confused as to who you think I am defending.Who are “these people” that want to slaughter us?
    I will await your reply. Oh , just so you are aware, I am a vet and I am very much a patriot..Thank you.
    Linda L.

  53. And where did you hear that trumpsky’s IQ is 165?? Oh, he told you that?? I thought so. Just another lie by the liar in chief!!

  54. Nope, not a paid liberal here. Are you a paid Republican troll?? Oops, you also stink and destroy!!

  55. Oops – a bit of a racist there aren’t you?? Just like your “president”, trumpsky!! You must be so proud!!

  56. There you go again, Parduc!! That old racism keeps creeping into your comments. Aren’t you a proud Repub evangelical conservative though??

  57. That was paraphrased from Jeremiah 5:21. “Here now this, O foolish people and with out understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not.”

  58. Moses, we put up with your president for 8 years of him doing nothing now you can at least put up with ours who is trying to accomplish what he promised, but the Demonrats keep blocking him. Only reason people don’t like President Trump is because he’s not a politician, he isn’t letting Congress tell him what to do and he is keeping his campaign promises. He is strengthening our military back up where Obama weakened it, He has caused the unemployment rate to go way down where with Obama it was at an all time high; I could go on but I’m gonna leave it at that. Oh and one other thing Obama put us further in debt when he gave Iran $150 billion with the help of Schummer and Pelosi.

  59. He’s a better man than Odumbo will EVER be. President Trump is making the U.S. stronger that Odumbo ever did. There was no greater liar than Odumbo. He lied about sending help to Benghazi (which he never did) for the 4 men over there that got ambushed and killed and they begged him for help. I could go on but you have your head stuck up Odumbo’s arse so far that you can’t hear the truth.

  60. Karen K: No matter what the REAL truth is , Democratic s are so blinded by the fact Clinton wasn’t voted in( thank goodness) and there is no reasoning with them.They call us(and our president) all sorts of vile , incorrect names. Which, in reality, describes the Clintons and their immoral actions.And how about Omar,Cortez, Tlaib and Pelois ? We all know how they feel about our country, constitution and values and want to destroy all we hold dear.But the Democratic s won’t even acknowledge their treasonous actions. So we can only hope we will win again in 2020.
    And yes I was paraphrasing a quote from the Bible. It was so appropriate in my comment.

  61. And your head is stuck up trumpsky’s ass so far, that you can’s even see the truth when it is right in front of you, Karen K!!

  62. Dear nancy,Thats because obama was and IS a Traitorous Moron that almost Ruined the country on Purpose,If a 3 y/o tries to run into the road,You Stop them,Thats why they stopped obama!Everything Trump does has actually HELPED the country Fool!!But defects like you are Soo Far into the twilight zone you Cant(Wont)see Facts NoMatter What the Truth And Facts tell you.Not wasting another Second on you.Semper Fi

  63. Sorry for the name calling but it drives me crazy,Too Much blood has been givin for this country for a bunch of uninformed,vidiogame playing,full bellied,softbed sleeping noodles to Ruin it with their childesh and increadibly Naive and in some cases Traitorous actions and ideas! Semper Fi

  64. Art Crosby: Don’t apologize. We that have served this country has been pushed to the limit with these very ill in formed liberals spewing their nonsense . No matter what you say(a few like Nancy) think they are being so cute and smug with their postings. When in fact, those of us that have an active working brain, know how disrespectful and wrong they are.Constantly name calling and just posting their democratic propaganda. With every posting they do, they show their ignorance.I have said many times, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But to come onto this website to be so disrespectful in voicing their opinions, is not alright….

  65. Oh good, Art. I’m glad I won’t be seeing any more of your hateful comments toward me. I don’t like or even believe any of your constant lies regarding your hero, trumpsky!! I can’t wait for his 4 years to be up. Good riddance and toss him to the trash bin. That’s where you should be also, for promoting all your hate and made up “facts”.

  66. No one ever told me nor ever said that “Culture Watch News” was a totally owned christian evangelical conservative website. The name “culture watch news” does not even indicate that by its’ title. So where do you get off telling me that I am so wrong to post here. And by the way, I was never disrespectful until someone started it with me. My opinion is still that there is no god, but I was attacked for saying so. And you want to talk about traitors?? trumpsky is certainly in the lead for such a title. He and his campaign may not have “colluded” with Russia, but our own government has shown that Russia was definitely involved and meddled in our last election. trumpsky and Manafort and Flynn were all involved with “business” dealings with Russia. And if that doesn’t qualify as being traitors to the USA, then I don’t know what does!! You folks seem to be so blinded by trumpsky’s “aura”, that you can’t see what is right before your eyes.

  67. You are a demented idiot, for which there is no hope of redemption All of these were made up so-called crimes, for which the elite Dems commit, every damn day, so wait ’til we start going after them. You’ll be crying when we imprison Hillary, and Bathhouse Barry, Lynch, Holder, and the rest of the cabal.

  68. Moses : I don’t know of any politician who has not violated the Constitution (usurpation), but the democrats are more flagrant.

  69. mental midget airheads that supported kenyan boy, the old worn out drunken hore, the bernhole, and all of those scummy democrapo aholes running for prez in 2020 are still getting their manure from cnn and watch the late night scum for giggles…

  70. mental midgets get their “information” from the hores and pimps on cnn who, most often, do not know the truth. On those occasions when the truth is known they choose to ignore it because it would reveal the fact that they are ahole scummy pigs earning(sic) a salary for lying and promoting worn out criminal drunken $luts like the hore clintoney.. The news(sic) that those hore spew has been shown to be all lies and Trump has been vindicated repeatedly.. Hoping that the new AG will files charges and pursue convictions of the scum in the swamp and those that believe cnn are so horrified at the truth that they run away to Canada of Mexico like their lowlife heroes did in the 1960s..

  71. Well I guess you mean me – even though you can’t spell my name correctly. I’m answering as Nancy, not Nuncy. How do you judge me to be racist sir?? I must have missed your comments somewhere.

  72. Nuncy (a wordplay, research it:-): You have a favorite food, a favorite color, a favorite actor, a favorite movie, a favorite in everything, but you don’t have a favorite race?? Come on, you cannot make a bigger lie.

  73. Typical liberal. Lie cheat and steal because you can’t do any thing else. Problem with idiots like you is we just can’t fix stupid

  74. I have no idea what you are talking about, Parduc. A favorite race??? You mean like the Kentucky Derby, or the local charity race for breast cancer, or maybe that bicycle race for endurance?? Please explain.

  75. Nuncy: The subject was “racism”. How did you get to the Kentucky Derby, the charity race or bicycle race? A.D.D? ROFL

  76. You, sir, are the one who asked me “What race do you prefer?” I was only asking you to explain further. So do not belittle me for asking!!

  77. Those who blame Israel for what happened in Pittsburgh are the lowest forms of life! For advocating a warped and horrific view within the parameters of intersectionality, those who blame Israel are automatic homosexuals and lesbians!


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