You won’t believe which pro-Trump actor just challenged Mitt Romney for his seat in the Senate


One of the biggest critics of President Trump over the past four years has been Mitt Romney.

And for this whole time he has gone unchecked for his criticism of the President.

But you won’t believe which pro-Trump actor just challenged Mitt Romney for his seat in the Senate.

Back in 2012, Mitt Romney was the Republican nominee for President of the United States.

Not surprisingly, the uninspiring Mitt Romney not only lost the election to Barack Obama but even under-performed his polling numbers.

He was an epic failure of a candidate.

But that hasn’t stopped him from criticizing President Trump.

Every opportunity Romney has had over the past four years, he has coiled up and struck at Trump.

His attacks have only gotten worse since becoming a Senator from Utah, as the Fake News Media loves to cite a Republican Senator criticizing the President.

And Romney really hasn’t faced any real political pressure for his continuous attacks on Trump.

But that may be about to change after this famous actor challenged Romney.

Actor Scott Baio had enough of Romney’s attacks on Trump and openly challenged him and his senate seat.

After Romney criticized Trump for trying to expose voter fraud, Baio tweeted at Romney, “Hey @MittRomney, beautiful golf courses in Utah……maybe I’ll move there, play a few rounds and unseat you. P.S. My wife is still waiting for her $2600 refund. Remember your wife canceled that Beverly Hills political luncheon fundraiser? But your campaign kept the money.”

Baio is obviously not a fan of Romney’s after Romney’s wife bailed on a fundraising event in Beverly Hills while still collecting all the checks from it.

Only time will tell if Baio will actually follow through on challenging Romney but it is nice to finally see someone defending the President and calling out Romney for his attacks.