You won’t believe which major corporation just got caught paying for abortions


Big Business has gone completely woke.

They are racing to support whatever far-left cause they can.

And you won’t believe which major corporation just got caught paying for abortions.

In terms of profits, Apple is the largest company in the world.

Last year, they netted $57 billion in profit.

They are also extremely liberal, supporting left-wing causes on a regular basis.

In their most recent move, Apple CEO Tim Cook has stated that his company will be paying for their Texas employees to seek abortions outside the state in response to a new law banning abortion after six weeks.

This announcement came during an employee-only meeting broadcast to the Big Tech giant’s roughly 160,000 employees worldwide.

Cook was responding to questions from employees about how the company plans to respond to the state’s new law.

According to The New York Times, who obtained a recording of the meeting, he stated that not only would the company be looking into ways to help aid the legal fight against the law, but that they are planning to offer funds for employees who need to travel out of state to get abortions.

“Mr. Cook said that the company was looking into whether it could aid the legal fight against the new law and that its medical insurance would help pay for Apple workers in Texas if they needed to travel to other states for an abortion,” The Times reported.

According to MSN, if Apple does get involved in the legal fight, they would be “one of the bigger tech companies taking a position in Texas politics concerning reproductive rights [abortion].”

Already, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Match Group (Tinder’s parent company), dating app Bumble, and some smaller companies like online survey software company QuestionPro have indicated they will get involved in the fight.

In similar fashion, customer-relationship management company Salesforce stated that they would help move any employee out of the state of Texas who asks.

The fact that these companies are so up-in-arms against a pro-life law showcases a despicable reality about them.

For a company like Apple, they would rather throw huge amounts of money to help their employees kill their unborn children than use the money to support life.

Perhaps they are looking at this from a business position.

If a female employee can simply kill her unborn child, she can spend the time she would spend raising them helping increase their profits.