You won’t believe what this transgender “woman” tried to pull off


The LGBTQ social justice army is rapidly advancing.

They already control Hollywood, the Fake News Media, and many politicians in Washington.

But you won’t believe what this transgender “woman” just tried to pull off.

A transgender cyclist just won the women’s 2018 UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships on October 14, 2018.

Except there’s one problem – the winner, Rachel McKinnon, was formerly a man who “became” a woman.

Many called the win unfair to women cyclists because men have natural advantages over women in physical strength.

McKinnon, responded by calling the critics “bigots” or “transphobic.”

Pinkies News reports:

A transgender woman has won a world championship in cycling for the first time.

Rachel McKinnon won gold in the sprint at the 2018 UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships on Saturday.

McKinnon has faced backlash for her participation in the Los Angeles-based championships, with many people online accusing her of having an unfair advantage over her opponents.

The Canadian cyclist, who is also an assistant professor in the department of philosophy at South Carolina’s College of Charleston, has defended herself against the claims on Twitter.

In one post, she wrote: “I train 15-20hrs/week, twice/day 5-6 days/week. Yeah…I just jumped off the couch and won. Transphobic bigots, y’all.”

Things got so out of hand that even the American Council on Science and Health weighed in.

An article published on their website by Alex Berezow titled “Should Men Who Identify As Women Compete In Women’s Sports?” affirmed the charges of unfair competition:

While we are not privy to the underlying nature of Dr. McKinnon’s transgenderism, a cursory glance at her physique reveals that she is built like a biological male. Regardless of what postmodernists say, there are real, objective, measurable biological differences between men and women. That is why sports are segregated by sex.

But Dr. McKinnon rejects that basic biology.

Men are bigger than women. Period. Additionally, men have more muscle mass: Skeletal muscle constitutes about 42% of a man’s body mass but only 36% of a woman’s body mass. This is literally textbook anatomy & physiology.

Likewise, Dr. McKinnon’s claim that the performance gap between men and women in sports being due to sociological differences rather than biological ones is pure rubbish. The reason that the world’s fastest male 100-meter sprinter (Usain Bolt) is nearly one full second faster than the world’s fastest female sprinter (Florence Griffith-Joyner) is because of biology, not the male patriarchy.

Rachel McKinnon is a philosophy professor at College of Charleston.

Dr. McKinnon claims that it is the male patriarchy that bars women from entering sports.

But the American Council on Science and Health totally debunked his claims.

Even other members of the LGBTQ community thought that McKinnon’s arguments didn’t pass the smell test.

Dr. Kathleen Stock, a lesbian and professor of philosophy at University of Sussex, downplayed the win due to McKinnon’s “genetically endowed features.”

Should Rachel McKinnon forfeit the award due to unfair advantages?

Sound off in the comments!


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  2. I don’t care what they want to pass themselves off as, a simple blood test will clear it up for ALL of them. You can not change your biology!!
    You can cut you dick off, or make one, still doesn’t change what sex your born as.
    All these people catering to these ppl are making me sick. They have a mental illness, and they’re trying to make it normal.
    Dress and do what you want, but don’t complete in the opposite sex sports! It’s not fair to those who are actually women and trained!!

  3. i agree with all the posts so far “men” shouldn’t be allowed to participate in a women’s sport regardless of how often they train for it.

  4. i agree with what most say ,that the male body is stronger than the female body hence giving him an advantage. however, i ask my self ,, how can women claim to be equal to men but only selectively. when it seems to favor their needs.

  5. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. Looks like explicit and implicit reasoning, logic and evidence are passe for these misguided progressives.
    His win is comparable to an adult winning a ping pong game against their six-year old niece or nephew.

  6. This country better wake up
    Because a man puts on the wig and has surgery doesn’t mean he is a woman he should not be allowed to participate in any women activity.
    This is so disgusting how they even think about allowing him to challenge a woman

  7. Do these perverts have such low self esteem that they have to cheat biological women to get their trophy? When will some of these weirdos get together and form a Little League baseball team? Go to Michaels and buy a trophy. If you can’t beat your GENETIC equals, you’re STILL ……. LOSERS !!!

  8. Wait…….. a mentally ill tranny is teaching philosophy. What’s next? A prostitute teaching morality? Oh yeah, I l forgot about hildebeast

  9. Take (HIS) win away. He doesn’t deserve it, riding in a womans event. You are what you’re born with regardless of what you outwardly look like. You may have gotten boobs, but you’ve still got a strength advantage. Transgenders should have their own country off in tim-buck-too somewhere.

  10. She should forfeit, alright. In fact should never have been allowed to compete. But out of fear of lawsuits UCI will no doubt wuss out and just hope the whole thing blows over.

  11. Nana 107, ur another lunatic who believes Michelle is a WOMAN, NOT she is a HE wacko& Barack Obozo is a gueer faggot MUSLIM,& their children r not their own (sic) their image is just illusion, that reprobates like ur kind swallow hook line&sinker bc u follow bollywood&MSM.

  12. He/she, or “IT,” needs to surrender the trophy and any awards from this or any cycling or any athletic event that “IT” participates in and places.
    “IT” is a ‘freak by choice’ and should not be allowed to compete with any legitimately gendered competition.
    Go back in your dark cave, freak!

  13. Of course she/he should forfeit. We now have to have a new category for all sports competition. There should now be males, females, and somewhere over the rainbow. All the crazies can play in the rainbow league. That would only be “physically and biologically” fair.

  14. All athletes should have to take a DNA test and if you have a Y chromosome you are a guy. All women participating should refuse to perform against a “male”. Not only is it unfair to real women but they could be seriously injured in a contact sport (wrestling).
    I personally think sex change surgery should be outlawed everywhere, especially in the US. These people don’t need to change their genitals, they need their head examined,.

  15. It’s like “shooting goldfish in a bowl”. Plain and simple” Absolutely no glory in that.
    He/she ought to be ashamed.

  16. I don’t care what he may say and think because he still has the genetics that says that she is a he. And God knows as well.

  17. Hope this dude is proud of himself, all he did was prove that HE is stronger than a woman – exactly how God created him. I suppose he was such a loser as a man that he felt his onky hope of ever winning anything was to have his male appendage cut off and become a freak. He’s no winner, he is a gutless coward. Dont preach to me how he is a man born who “feels” he was born a woman in a mans body. God doesn’t make mistakes but Satan sure has a way of twisting the minds of those searching for something – something that will not be satisfied by altering your body. I read an article of a high school boy, now a girl, who wrestled against other girls. Needless to say, he’s undefeated on the mat but terribly defeated in life. I suppose, just to be fair to those who don’t feel the need to change sexes, sporting events will hav to have a new category for the transgender. This way, they can compete with THEIR kind and stay out of arena of all the truly talented athletes that don’t deserve to be slaughtered by those who are not the sex they claim to be. Better yet, ban then from competition, after all, a dude disguised as a girl is not a true competition at all!

  18. Barack is the wimpiest man ever to occupy the White House. You do know that when he was a Senator he was frequenting homosexual men’s clubs in Chicago, don’t you? Rev. Wright was supplying women to the homosexual men so they would appear to be straight. This procedure was known as giving them a “beard”. Most of the women were rather ugly, like Michelle, that would have trouble getting a man normally.

  19. Whatever parts they have should define which gender events they entrer. Why complicate things more ?

    We may not like it, but it is 2018 reality. You nor I are going to stop it. So make rules to deal with it.

    I do not believe Gays have the control you claim. Every President since Clinton has made promises to that community and not kept them. If they had the power you claim they would not have broken promises made.

  20. Require dna testing…transdengers May be sliced and diced, but dna does not change…they will die male if born male…or female if born that way.

  21. It’s not a freak. It is a male that cannot compete with other males, just a pathetic sot…cannot change dna, will die a male whether sliced and diced or not…genetically cannot stop being male.

  22. Parts do not define gender,….if sliced and diced, genetically a male. They were born a male and will die a male…since suicide rate even after slide and dice is still 40 percent…time in between is unfortunately not too long.

  23. It’s an abomination! It’s a man that selectively had his man parts severed. If it wants to compete fairly, it needs to try out in Trannie Contests.

  24. I prefer that since women/feminists tell us that men and women are the same that we do away with separate sex contests, and let everyone compete best person wins.

    but then we will find out that these people that once told us men and women are the same, will change their tune

  25. If I were the women in any sport that is crashed by a transgender (non matching chromasomal) person, I would join all the women and walk out until he/she leaves. That transgender person should race against other transgender people or his/her biologically similar people. In the “old” days, the olympics tested to see if a person was genetically male or female when there was a question of suspision of unfair play. Several “imposters” have been thrown out of the game when they had xy chromosomes and were competing with xx chromasomes and visa versa. It doesn’t matter that you “FEEL” like a woman when you are biologically a man. The differences are there no matter how hard you WISH they weren’t. Time for a reality check you cheater!

  26. Cheryl: She cheated–and that is that–She needs to forfeit because she is not a female–biologically speaking. Like you say–enough of the BS!!

  27. If we are stupid enough to allow mwn to “identify” as women and pretend that it is completely natural-then we should accept the nonsense that is sure to follow-he SAYS hen is a WOMAN-then he IS a WOMAN-and if he beats the pants off the other women, GOOD-he just set a new speed record for women’s cycling! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

  28. How about this: If you are not biologically capable of bearing a child, you cannot compete as a woman. The only equal competition for McKinnon is against other transgenders, or against men. You can call yourself whatever you want but you cannot change your DNA.

  29. He is a male NOT a female. How can you be proud of cheating? Jesus loves you, please start reading Genesis with Les Feldick on you tube. Best bible teacher ever. The word of God will help you, if you ask Jesus to show you the truth.

  30. He is a male NOT a female. How can you be proud of cheating? Jesus loves you, please start reading Genesis with Les Feldick on you tube. Best bible teacher ever. The word of God will help you, if you ask Jesus to show you the truth. I have NOT commented on this. Everytime I try to post you say this.

  31. As far as we know, “she” may still have one. I notice an absence of breasts which tells me the good doc may not be taking estrogen.

  32. There is a simple way to put a stop to these WRONGLY CALKED Transgenders from doing this crap and claiming trans status to attack real females. Make the first step to the change process removal of their male member. This would stop 99%?of this Nonsense. But make sure the removal is done without pain killers don ‘t want them becoming opioid dependent. A sawed off shotgun at close range should be the surgical tool used.

  33. Well this creep shouldn’t be allowed to use the ladies rest room either. For hundreds of years men have fought wars because they are stronger. What is happening to our country? The liberals want to make right things wrong and wrong things right.I for one am sorrowing for the state of affairs in the USA,No the whole world!

  34. This is about fairness, not gender equality. Born a man compete as a man in perpetuaty. Born a woman compete as a woman in perpetuaty. Nothing else would be fair.

  35. I would love to see all women athletes refuse to compete against trannies. Boycott the competitions. Let the trannies compete against each other in the ” It Games “.

  36. He probably knew that in amantoman race he would lose, so by competinginawomansrace he knows the advantage that he has. Completely unfair in every way.

  37. This is so unfair to women. This just keeps happening, women losing sports contests to men who claim to be women and have an unfair advantage. I don’t care what you “think” you are, your body is that of a man. Men have superior strength, why else could a man rape a woman? If this keeps up they will need to come up with a third category in sports to make things fair. Men, Women and Transgender. Stop ripping real women off in sports!

  38. Yes, It should forfeit the medal/win. It’s sad when you are so unhappy with who you are and your abilities. Couldn’t win the competition as a man so I will win it as a woman. Use your own gifts to be the best you. If you love cycling then cycle but if your not the top dog so what, do it because You love it, not to prove something. Be gay, be lesbian be transgender but don’t think you deserve special privileges because you are. Be the best you you can be and love the person who stares back at you in the mirror because at the end of the day, that’s the person you have to sleep with and the person who you love. Want to be competitive then so be it but don’t think because you’re not first it’s a bad thing, you did your best so be proud of that accomplishment. I hated it that we felt the need give everyone a trophy, that there were no losers but we created a society where we forgot to strive to improve, we created I’m good enough. Well we are already good enough, we should strive to be better, we may not be number 1 but we improved from where we started and we did more than we had before. A child who fails a spelling test doesn’t get a star but when he studies harder and improves he gets a sticker saying great job or a penned smiley saying keep up the good work then one day he gets his star, he can spell better at the end of the year than he did at the start of the year. He should feel proud as he is a winner to the person who looks back in that mirror. Will he be the National spelling Bee champion, no but he is a better speller. He should be proud of what he accomplished. The person who could barely walk because of their weight who struggles and finally can walk a mile,then continues with her goal (me) to walk a 5k and does it, I did what I set out to do, was I first no, did I get a prize no But I made myself proud that I accomplished my goal , will I keep doing them, yes if I want but I still walk, and I’m proud of the accomplishment. Be proud of who you are, the gender you were born, love who you want and Thank God for everything you have past present and future as HE was and is always with you through it all. God is your strength in all things. Don’t beat or compete in things that are not your gender, that just makes you a weak person and a Bully!!

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