You won’t believe what this school is forcing its third graders to do


Radical leftists are infiltrating schools with their “progressive” agenda.

And students are bombarded with leftist propaganda in everything from sex-ed courses to history class.

But these school administrators crossed the line with their latest experiment on third graders.

In Australia, third-graders are being be told to “explore different genders” and “wear ethnic clothing” as part of a new government program.

They will even be provided with a variety of clothing and toys to “try out” to see if they like items from the other gender.

Some students have even been told to wear a burka, which is typically worn by women of the Islamic faith.

The Daily Mail writes:

Boys and girls in year three will be encouraged to explore different gender roles in class and wear ethnic clothing as part of a controversial new program.

The fresh syllabus, which has the backing of the McGowan Government in Western Australia, will be introduced to a handful of Perth schools from term one in February.

Students will be provided with a range of dress ups and toys and will also learn about different kinds of ethnic dress such as burkas, traditionally worn by women of Islamic faith.

The primary aim of the course, previously introduced to over a dozen Victorian schools in 2018, is to break down gender stereotypes.

Up to 10 schools in Western Australia will take part in the $1million Respect Relationships program.

The initiative is even being defined as “core curriculum.”

As critics of the new government program have pointed out, the goal is to indoctrinate the students with the idea that you can choose whatever gender you want.

They are taking “walk a mile in another person’s shoes” to a sickening new level.

The reality is that gender is immutable, and the schools are doing a grave disservice to their students by failing to reinforce that truth.

And its surprising that the radical left isn’t calling foul on the “cultural appropriation” of asking kids to wear ethnic clothing that means nothing to them.

Unfortunately, this isn’t just happening in Australia.

In the U.S., school administrators are pushing LGBT propaganda on students.

Most recently, the Washington D.C. school district is allowing students to select “non-binary” for their enrollment, as well as “male” or “female,” depending on how they “feel.”

This exposes the inherent problem with government schools.

Government politicians twist school curriculum to support their political bias, completely throwing out a proper and thoughtful education.


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  2. So, Aussies, you see what happens to you, when you allow liberal governmnent to disarm you>?
    Start smuggling weapons in you are going to need them with this government

  3. I am a retired teacher. I have always believed that schools are supposed to teach children how to grow up as a person, NOT try to confuse them as to who or what they are. Children have many confusing aspects in growing up and they don’t need their adults confusing them more. IDIOTS!!

  4. These activist Muslims are themselves most highly educated in psychological programming and operational (operant)conditioning. Their religious-cultural impact upon American Nationalism is NOT compatible with our US Constitution, laws, tolerances/ acceptance of others.
    As a matter of religious practice/dictate, non-Muslim Americans do not throw homosexuals off tall buildings nor subjugate, inslave and behead women. Inclusion approval, conspiracy to comitt any of these practices are completely criminal and must be aggressively prosecuted, discouraged.
    Ideally, where Islam has proven unable to acceptably stabilize their own international communities, seating this cultural mindset in our congress and nationalism is contrary to American norms.
    That said: back off of my kid or else!

  5. It’s a shame that children, the most innocent of people, are always in the bad guy’s crosshairs. Don’t they have enough to face while growing up? A child headed for greatness, will become a thumb sucking, whining, messed up individual, if we let these people run our schools. And they are running them. No doubt about that. Parents need to be active in their kids schooling. They need to protest these shenanigans. It’s their children that are being ruined for life. Wake up, parents! The thing most valuable to you is being taken away. They are yours no longer once they are turned to this life of destruction. Parents everywhere, UNITE!!!

  6. Disgusting!!! Yet another reason to consider home schooling. I think these schools are overstepping their bounds big time! Parents should be deciding what age is appropriate for their children is to be taught sex education, not to mention all the confusion about trans-this and trans-that. For way too long parents have abdicated their responsibilities and flaming liberals have stepped in to fill the void and promote nonsense. Yet another example of schools indoctrinating young minds. I’m sure this nonsense is or will be shortly going on in the US thanks to the Federal Department of Education. The Dept of Education needs to be eliminated and put back into local school districts where it belongs, closest to the residents so as to have local input into what is taught, how and by whom. Parents desperately need to get involved and see what the curriculum is and what kind of propaganda text books are being used. Parents MUST get control of what kind of education their children are receiving!!! Small wonder so many high school graduates can barely read, write a coherent sentence, have poor reading comprehension skills, math is lacking, spelling is a thing of the past (NO Spellcheck doesn’t help tell the difference between there, their and they’re or your and you’re, etc. These aren’t even spelling errors, students and many adults, are using the wrong words!). Evidently public schools no longer teach US History or those that do are teaching “revisionist” history, no Civics classes, no geography or Social Studies. Some dimwit somewhere decided kids no longer need to learn cursive writing! The generation that doesn’t learn to write cursive won’t even be able to read the original Declaration of Independence, Constitution or the Bill of Rights! Talk about the dumbing down of our citizens!!!! It’s truly frightening and terribly sad.

  7. Based on how this is supposed to have the dual purpose of teaching them both ethnic diversity and to “explore genders”, I’m guessing that the boys will be wearing burkas, too? I’ll bet that sits well with the Muslim community.

  8. The first & only time I visited Australia was about 40 years or so ago. I have distant relatives in Pertrh & Adelaide. The Aussies I met were geunine and friendly. With the idiocy of the U.K. joining the E.U. it was obliged to more or less treat their loyal Commonwealth partners as ‘Foreigners’ to satify the French who really run the E,U. to their own profit. The British Prime Minister & Mover to the E.U. was Edward Heath – a Musician, who had a secret desire to turn frmer ‘Great Britain” into a new “Llittle Faerieland” under the control of De Gualle & France. He began by cancelling the entire Commonwealth Trading Rights, and the cherished right of virtually any honest then Commonwealth Citizen to freely emigrate to and work in the U.K. as in their old rights. The then Australin P.M. got up in their Parliament and said “Roight matey and the bloody same to you, and we now see ourselves as an Ayshun Nyshun !” (Meaning – Asian Nation). So the Commonwealth Nations al followed suit. Then Australia freely opened up its’ immigration policy to any and everyone – never minding if their new arrivals were extra light of their footsteps or indeed licensed Cross Dressers. You can be anything today as Australia has a Licence for any and every desire, however creepy – you may require. Hence the silly buggers now have made cross dressing a part of their School Curriculums in Western Australia. But like the introduced Rabbits that became an uncontrolled pest by th end of the 19th Century, this neo-nonsense of “Faerieland Political Correctness” will spread across Australia like a plague.

  9. Petty Officer 2nd class . Know this your not along in your thoughts, I am a retired / disabled Vietnam Veteran. 1st and fore most thank you for your service to our country.

    Rev. & Mrs . Royce Beasley
    Beasley Int’l Ministries (Bilingual )
    Phoenix , Arizona

  10. This insanity needs to stop. A couple more generations of this evilness and we won’t be able to do anything about it. If the guns go then we are doomed.

  11. Hitler said: “Whoever has the youths, has the future.” As much as the Left condemns Hitler it seems they espouse many of his techniques.

  12. The idiots who promote this curriculum are sick, sick, sick and should not be in the same building with anyone under the age of 18.



  14. Straight out of the mind of Lucifer. This is the same spirit that caused Adam and Eve to sin. Why are they not teaching children to take on the nature and righteousness of Jesus? Exactly!

  15. The U.S. Department of Education is illegal because the constitution does not state the states gave this duty to the federal government, it was retained as a power of the states. This is nothing but a pure infringement on the power of the states. Where were our states when this department was created? Article X clearly states powers not delegated in the constitution to the federal government are reserved to the states. Education is not mentioned in the constitution. This is an example of what liberals call our ‘living constitution,” a document open to very wide interpretation. As a former educator this department should be abolished. The people should demand it!!

  16. I want to do an “experiment” with these School Administrators and see how they stand up to a little jolt of about 240,000 volts

  17. Alrighty, then… I have a question. Actually thousands of questions! Our babies are innocent. Unless coached by other adults, namely parents, why would children in the third grade even need to have this crap shoved down their throats. A lifestyle chosen is one thing but a lifestyle shoved down one’s throat is quite another. Even the clothing of different backgrounds is pushing the ticket. I am not racist, divisive or any other negative force that I will probably be called for what I am about to say, but… Leave our babies alone. Keep them in their innocence instead of ripping their innocence apart. Should this actually happen, you will see these parents go to private schools of home schooling with just cause, I’ll add. The individual that came up with this idea must truly hate our babies and maybe, just maybe should not be around them!

  18. Parents need to attend school board meetings and their children classes to observe what crap is being taught to their children and who is teaching them. Satan has many of his supporters teaching his sinful agenda of the LGBQT and the Muslims.

  19. Parent cannot sit at home and be surprised reading in the news of the Satanic crap being taught to their children. They must visit the school and the classroom of their children and take notes of any crap being taught. Review the Lesson Plan of the teachers and report anything that you don’t want taught to your children..

  20. A 2017 Gallup poll concluded that 4.5% of adult Americans identified as LGBT with 5.1% of women identifying as LGBT, compared with 3.9% of men. A different survey in 2016, from the Williams Institute, estimated that 0.6% of U.S. adults identify as transgender.
    (The squeaky wheel gets the most grease. It’s time for the rest of us to put a stop to this insanity. Not only that, but the “T” must be segregated from the “LGB”. It’s a different character altogether)

  21. This is sick if kids want to come out thy well in good time. We don’t need the schools to try and make them something they are not. Dear GOD please help us.

  22. What the hell crap their making kids do in that school, if I had any school age kids I’d take them out of public school and home teach. I’m also glad I’m out of school so they can’t force me to do this. They need to firer all them.

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