You won’t believe what this Hollywood actress is doing to fight “toxic masculinity”


You can always count on Hollywood to come up with absurd solutions for their political agenda.

Alyssa Milano starting a “sex strike” to protest the Georgia pro-life law is a perfect example.

But what this actress is doing to fight so-called “toxic masculinity” will make you cringe.

The term “toxic masculinity” is a relatively new codeword that social justice warriors are using to attack men.

They perceive traditional masculinity and gender roles as a threat to the LGBT community.

By labeling anything remotely masculine as toxic, they are able to chip away at the “social construct of gender.”

And now, Gwyneth Paltrow has decided to join the fight.

She is starting a podcast that will allegedly help men recover from their toxic masculinity by creating a vulnerable environment for them to tell their story.

Breitbart reports:

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has launched a podcast aimed at helping men push back against so-called “toxic masculinity,” as part of a series of new products for her controversial lifestyle brand Goop.

The new podcast, named “Goopfellas,” will reportedly focus on helping men achieve their personal health transformation, whether they be physical, mental, or both.

“It feels like we’re at a point in the culture where men are rejecting that sort of toxic masculinity,” Goop’s chief content officer, Elise Loehnen, told Fast Company last week. “We wanted to do something that was more about the emotional health of men, the importance of vulnerability, and this acknowledgment of how hard these things can be.”

The first episode of the podcast, hosted by celebrity chef Seamus Mullen and functional medicine practitioner Will Cole, debuted last Wednesday.

This is just another ridiculous publicity stunt meant to get attention and make the actress money.

Hollywood is so out-of-touch with everyday Americans they have no idea how to effect change for their own causes.

A podcast where she attempts to get men to cry and share their feelings is not combatting “toxic masculinity.”

But it does make Gwyneth Paltrow’s public profile look better in the eyes of her leftist peers and give her the appearance of being “woke.”

What do you think?

Is “toxic masculinity” a real problem?

Let us know in the comments.


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  2. The leftists are doing everything they can to emasculate men, all the term “toxic masculinity” is a term that they have given to men being real men.

  3. Wow, she must have felt disgusted being in all those Marvel Super hero moves. All that Masculinity around her in those films. She should just return all the money she made in those Masculine movies and promise to only be in films with just LGBT male actors only. No more movies with big, strong, Masculine men anymore.

  4. How about toxic feminism? An actress gets parts and bigger roles using sex. That is not right for anyone. Jobs should be merit based.

  5. I love how you want to blame other people for your own failures instead of taking responsibility for yourself. No one can make you feel anything if you don’t allow it. Stop trying to play the victim card.

  6. Gosh what will I do. I awoke this morning as a normal husband. I had no dress to wear. My toenails were not painted, and I had not been to a beauty shop to get my makeup applied. I am just denying myself all of the pleasures in life. And I have this great fear in life that if I do go out in a skirt, all of the women will be looking when my skirt blows up. What do I do, what do I do? LOL

  7. Still a numb brained child, I see. Being masculine isn’t a failure just like being feminine is not. Stop playing YOUR victim card, tinkerbell. This is SMH stupid and having Paltrow flap about it proves it.

  8. You were the one who was complaining about failing, not me. It is not my fault that you don’t measure up. You really need to stop blaming the world for your short comings.

  9. Jerry, I love your comments. Way to go man. This gender nonsense is so ridiculous, not to mention abnormal. Thank God for all the real masculine men out there and the real women who are not ashamed of their gender or to become Mothers and Fathers as God intended.

  10. The majority of Americans think a lot
    about these smaller groups of people
    trying to make a useless point of
    controlling each and every inch of everyone’s life.
    That’s the problem, it will not work!
    Especially in hollywood …
    Where the so called toxic system, creates movies that sell.
    Everyone has a opinion, of what’s right, or what’s wrong.
    In the end…..the majority wins, and right now the majority thinks its wrong, and it sucks….

  11. So you enjoy men who beat up on women? Do you also celebrate when men put down women? Do you get excited when men rape women, as well?

  12. Toxic masculinity is a form of violent behavior that results when a man’s ideas of “what it means to be a man” goes horribly wrong.

    Ugly, but true…
    — Every 9 seconds in the US a woman is assaulted or beaten by a man.
     — Every day, 600 women are raped in the USA.
     — Every day, 3 American women are murdered by their partner or ex-partner
     — Every year, women experience 4.8 million partner-related physical assaults

    6,488 American Troops were killed in Afghanistan and Iraq from 2001–2012.
    In the same time, 11,766 American women were killed by intimate partners.

    Toxic masculinity is real, it’s ugly and it needs to stop.

  13. Being vulnerable is very nice for an actor who works in a protected environment at having a maleable persona. For most of us in the real rough-and-tumble world, a little toughness and a defined persona are helpful. Vulnerable is great for a wimp actor, not so much for a real person. Gweneth Paltrow is an idiot.

  14. Tell that to the thousands and thousands of men who used the casting couch to seduce women that went on for decades.

  15. Masculinity is a form of strength and support for family and culture. Assault on women is a failure, an inadequacy of masculinity. Your “toxic masculinity” is better termed “male inadequacy.”

  16. Because in this day and age it is still a very dangerous world full of animals that call themselves humans. Masculine MEN still have to protect themselves and their families from such.

  17. Being masculine doesn’t mean one beats up women or rapes. That behavior has to do with being unsure of one’s masculinity.

  18. In a lot of cases, those “men” are exactly who women need protection from. And that still doesn’t explain why you would need to be so masculine in this day and age. This isn’t the wild west and there aren’t dangerous animals (4 legged types) running around killing humans.

  19. Isn’t she gay? If not soon will be, no man will touch that, too many beautiful young woman that actually likes sex out there. She is done.

  20. So why would you call men who use their strength and support for family and culture masculine?

  21. Can somebody tell me what toxic Masculinity is I don’t know if I have it or not? What are the symptoms so I can tell?

  22. My first comment I was trying to be nice. My second comment was the ugly truth. Most of these women who were raped had no idea what was going to happen when they went to their audition. I am assuming that you realize what Harvey Weinstein is being charged with and why. His whole thing was doing couch auditions to unwilling and unknowing female actresses.

  23. “toxic masculinity” Is that a term that they have given to women who want to become men?

  24. No. Toxic masculinity doesn’t mean that being masculine or male, in itself, is toxic. Toxic masculinity doesn’t describe masculinity itself. It’s an adjective used to describe a noun. Confusing? Think “this is a car” vs. “this is a red car.” Saying red car doesn’t imply all cars are red. It describes a type of car. You see? There’s masculinity, and there’s toxic masculinity. They are not the same. Toxic masculinity is a form of violent behavior that results when a man’s ideas of “what it means to be a man” goes horribly wrong.

    You know what toxic means, right?

    1: containing or being poisonous material especially when capable of causing death or serious debilitation [Merriam Webster]

    The concept of “toxic masculinity” exists to highlight and address the nature of domestic violence, rape, murder, assault, and other male violence against women.

  25. Everyone should know that “toxic femininity” is the opposite of “toxic masculinity”.

  26. You really can’t tell when someone is pulling your leg, can you? Did you think I didn’t know what toxic masculinity referred to?

  27. Actually it seems to me that these women are blaming men for their own “toxic femininity”. You want to be men so badly and can’t that you have to blame someone for something …… hence toxic masculinity.

  28. There is no such thing as Toxic Masculinity. It is a total and completely made up construct of Leftard feminists….and Paltrow….she is the poster child for the consumate and fabled “Dumb Blonde”. If her brains were made of dynamite, she wouldn’t have enough to blow her nose.

  29. No toxic women are the problem. They are doing everything, that they can to destroy mens roles, that God gave them.

  30. Love your comment, excellent post. I have a question…Does Chaz Bono get a pass? I’m so sick of these perverts trying to force their insanity on normal people. No amount of delusion will change God’s intended roles for men and women.

  31. Just another ditzy airhead celebrity who is so out of touch with the real world. Most balanced people like real men and appreciate their masculinity.

  32. There is no female equivalent.
    Women comprise more than half the U.S. population but commit only 14.7% of the homicides. When women do kill, they’re more likely to kill their own children than their spouses. Women are not raping and killing and violating men the way men are raping, killing, and violating women.

  33. Yes, I really believed that you had no idea what it is. I still believe that you don’t know.

  34. Yes, women are blaming men for their violence towards women, for their raping of women, for their murdering women. Yes, it is men’s fault that they are doing such cruel things to women. No, there is no fault of women for what men do to them.

  35. I am not blaming every man. I am only blaming the men who are toxic to women. Who do physical harm to women. If you are not physically hurting women, then you are not what we call toxic masculinity.

  36. Then you are for men abusing women, men raping women and men murdering women. Good to know.

  37. How wrong you are. The concept of “toxic masculinity” exists to highlight and address the nature of domestic violence, rape, murder, assault, and other male violence against women.

  38. Are you seriously saying that it is okay for men to abuse, rape and/or murder women? That it is god’s plan to do so?

  39. Me? I don’t believe in that [email protected] But what are you going to do on judgment day when god sents you to be with the devil for your judging others? For your intolerant of others? For your bigot towards others? A sin is a sin is a sin. There is no sinner greater or less than, they are all the same. Food for thought.

  40. No, real women do not like macho men. They don’t like men who can’t communicate with them. Real women don’t like men who think women are less than them.

  41. To bad America, were the real Americans, we’re here we’re not queer and we will not back down to the sick society you want.

  42. This has nothing to do with being homosexual or transgender. This has to do with toxic masculinity. Men who physically hurt women. Men who abuse, rape and/or murder women. No, this is not all men. If you are against this movement, then you are for men abusing women in any way they want.

  43. Are you high? No one is trying to feminize men. We are trying to get the toxic masculine men to take responsibility for what they are doing and have done to women. If you have never hurt a woman physically in any way, then you are not the men we are talking about.

  44. Women who are trying to get their voices heard regarding toxic masculinity. That it is a real thing. That is very harmful to women and that it even kills women.

  45. Do you think those toxic men who rape women are going to open their little hearts and cry to Gwyneth Paltrow on her show. If you do you are delusional. Yes, there are toxic men out there and Weinstein had a reputation, so a woman should not be alone with him. And then ask yourself what percentage of men rape and abuse women?

  46. So are you hanging out in their bedrooms since you know so much about them? That is perverse. A real voyeur huh?

  47. Seriously? That is your answer to men who abuse, rape and murder women? I am betting that you are one of those men that are mentioned who do harm to women. Tell the truth, how many women have you abused/raped or murdered?

  48. Your definition was less than satisfactory. What you are describing is not toxic “masculinity”, but male inadequacy. Perhaps you should look into getting some help as your disdain of masculinity is telling of the deep pain in your life.

  49. Kaci, where did Richie say he was for “men abusing women”. Obviously you have been abused and that abuse has colored your entire perspective. I feel badly for you.

  50. If toxic men want to change, then yes. Look at the people who go on Doctor Phil. The question isn’t how many men are doing this, the question is how many women are being abused, raped and murdered. One toxic man can do damage to many, many women.

  51. Kaci, once again you could not be more incorrect. What you are describing is not in any way masculine and has nothing to do with “masculinity”. Instead you are speaking of male inadequacy, something that happens more and more often as the mistaken notions of the progressive lunatics are embraced.

  52. Considering that they have multiple children and I can be very certain that they aren’t virgin births, one can safely conclude that someone is having sex with these women. And since they are still married to their husbands, I can also safely conclude that they are having sex with their husbands. No need to watch them when you can see the end results.

  53. Are you seriously saying it is OK to confuse gender distinctions and attack men simply because they are men?

  54. Nothing you just said answers any part of my post and if you really knew anything about it you would realize that. Troll alert.

  55. Either you are for or against this movement. If you are against this movement, then you are for men who abuse, rape and murder women. There is no middle ground here.

    Why would you assume that I have been abused? Because I stand up for women who have been? You really shouldn’t assume things that are not in evidence.

  56. Kaci, just stop. You aren’t at all subtle. Every argument you have made is about feminizing men.

  57. The key word here is toxic, not masculinity.

    1: containing or being poisonous material especially when capable of causing death or serious debilitation [Merriam Webster]

  58. First, contrary to this article (which is mostly bs), toxic masculinity has nothing to do with the being homosexual or transgender. Second, what men am I attacking? I specifically said it was men who do physical harm to women. Why are you defending those type of men?

  59. When one has to resort to names, they already lost the argument. So thanks for the win, texas58. Better luck next time when you can actually debate someone without calling them names.

  60. I love it. Another christian who can’t be bothered with debating things at an adult level but must resort to name calling when they have lost the argument.

  61. texas58, give me just one example of how you perceive myself as feminizing men. If you think that me wanting to stop men from abusing, raping and murdering men is a bad thing, then I am very worried about you.

  62. No, texas58, the correct term is toxic. Here is the definition of the word from Merriam Webster dictionary.

    1: containing or being poisonous material especially when capable of causing death or serious debilitation [Merriam Webster]

    That is exactly what women are talking about.

  63. Toxic stupidity on the left seems to be the real problem in this country. Too much money and too little education leads too many celebs believe they actually have a clue.

  64. Kaci Stahl thousands and thousands of men? Calm down and think before you make a gullible, liberal, Demwit moron of yourself.

  65. Kaci Stahl wow some man must have done you wrong in your life. Your toxic femininity is showing.

  66. Kaci Stahl my wife has enjoyed that for 36 years. In fact she looks forward to it. Again some man in your past must have done something to you to make you so toxic.

  67. Kaci Stahl after that long, bloviating screed what did you say? You only made it more confusing trying to explain something that doesn’t exist. It is only in the mind of losers like you. I’ll bet you aren’t married are you? Afraid you will find a toxic male who will beat up and rape you?

  68. Every year 70 mosques in Muslim countries are bombed. Every day homosexuals are killed for being homosexuals in a Muslim country. Does that make it Muslim toxicity?

  69. I call my wife who is strong and my equal. I want her to be that way. She takes pride in being my equal. Is that toxic masculinity?

  70. Well, you do the math. How long have movies been around? The first full-length movie in the US was in 1909. So that is 110 years. Now how many casting directors or film producers and aspiring actors has there been? For each movie, there are at least 3 men. So again, you do the math.

  71. Wrong again. Don’t you get tired of being wrong so many times? I am happily married for over 20 years.

  72. I see you are having trouble with the definition of toxic masculinity. Being strong has nothing to do with it.

  73. what about the $luts that used the casting couch to fame and riches ?? looks like more of that estrogen stupidity showing that got it start with those $luts that started the now campaign.. take a moment someday and read about how women have been treated down through history.. in the Far East, the Middle East, in africa, and right here in the good old USA when it was still native America.. more victims.. getting fed up with all of the whining from darkies, homos, and women.. especially those that voted for kenyan boy and the hore clintoney..

  74. that line is no more valid than “toxic femininity”.. get real, mistreatment of anyone is wrong and that is why there are laws in place to place the offenders out of touch with the population.. Of course we have whining groups that pretend to be victims.. for example the criminals that do stupid things resulting in their getting shot, then the family (mostly morons) get all up in the air.. Take for instance the darkie criminal in Ferguson, Missouri.. he was acting like a victim because a police officer told him to NOT walk in the middle of the street and when he attempted to take the officer’s service revolver he got shot and his darkie buddy lied.. Other folks of color told the authorities that the punk was lying.. What happened, the aholes in the media and that clown in the oral office believed the lying punk and the clowns rioted, but worse yet kenyan boy stirred some darkies that decided to murder police officers.. spreading untruths has a way of destroying your effort to malign and castigate men.. we DO NOT need any more guilt trips from folks that ignore reality and live in some fantasy world..

    In psychology, toxic masculinity refers to traditional cultural masculine norms that can be harmful to men, women, and society overall; this concept of toxic masculinity is not intended to demonize men or male attributes, but rather to emphasize the harmful effects of conformity to certain traditional masculine ideal behaviors such as dominance, self-reliance, and competition

  76. feminazi
    A woman who, instead of supporting gender equality, supports sexism.

    They think wearing a bra is letting men oppress women, they don’t want you to say “Hey guys!” or “Hey girl!” to them, and they sure as hell can’t stand men. There’s a big difference between fighting for equal rights and just being a bully.

  77. So they can have sex but they want the rest of the world not to have sex because our men are masculine toxic but theirs aren’t? Just saying I like this kind of toxic waste, so go preach to the hand, because that’s what they must be using to have sex.

  78. “Kaci Stahl June 4, 2019 at 12:47 am
    There is no such thing as toxic femininity.”

    kaci, dear, it’s called “feminazi-ism”. You are a perfect example.
    MAGA/KAG †
    TRUMP 2020

  79. The recurring problem here is Kaci’s insistence of tying the term “Toxic” to “Masculinity”. What Kaci keeps defining as “Toxic” – someone who rapes, beats or otherwise harms women – are just criminals, no matter what gender that they happen to have. It has nothing to do with them being males or masculine. For example, other men — gay or straight — who beat, attack or otherwise abuse men are not Toxic Males but just criminals. Lesbians who beat, attack or otherwise abuse their female partners are not Toxic Males (or females) but just criminals. By insisting that the term “Toxic” be tied to “Masculinity,” it attacks — whether Kaci can understand/appreciate this or not — all of the positive attributes of being masculine. Hence the blow-back comes from those of us out there who don’t abuse, attack or otherwise degrade women, and in fact respect them and always treat them as our equals. However, we still take pride in those positive attributes that define us as masculine. Kaci’s comment concerning why we need those attributes in today’s world ignores the too real fact that there are still animals — the two legged kind that are far more dangerous than the 4 legged kind — out there who would insist on doing harm to us and our families if given the opportunity. Our positive masculine traits keep most of them at bay. Sad but true and to deny that is naive. Until Kaci can stop making this about gender identity and focus solely on the bad conduct she is complaining about – and no one here is arguing that abusing anyone is acceptable — she will never be able to have a serious conversation on the issue as a respected equal with her male and/or female counterparts.

  80. “Thousands and thousands”. Where did you get you figures, Cupcake? Name us 5 of your Thousands and thousands.


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