You won’t believe what this Governor did to make it legal to kill newborn children


The Democrat party is becoming the party of late-term abortions.

High profile Democrats at the state and federal level have come out swinging in defense of infanticide.

Now, you won’t believe what this governor did to make sure newborn children won’t survive.

North Carolina Democrat Governor Roy Cooper vetoed legislation that would require doctors and abortionists to provide medical care to newborns who survived botched abortions.

It would have required these newborn children to be guaranteed the same rights and protections of the law that any other newborn or person is afforded when they go to a hospital, clinic or facility.

This comes as Chuck Schumer called Republican efforts to protect newborns that survived abortions, “bogus.”

After a slew of Democratic lawmakers defended the gruesome process of letting babies die after they survived a botched abortion, Republicans in the House, led by Reps. Steve Scalise (R-LA) and Ann Wagner (R-MO), sought to push a bill that guaranteed the safety of newborn children.

The Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act is a bill to ensure babies born during an abortion is given the same medical care as any other baby born.

It had strong bipartisan support among voters.

According to Rep. Steve Scalise and Rep. Ann Wagner, claim “86 percent of Republicans, 70 percent of Democrats, and 75 percent of independents support this legislation.”

Why a bill that guarantees the safety of newborn children is even needed has many peoples’ head spinning.

But when states are allowing late-term abortions and even defending the murder of born children, action is required.

With a Democrat-controlled House however, a discharge petition would be needed to mandate a vote.

And if a majority of House members signed it, it would be brought to the floor for a full debate and vote, over objections of the House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

The bill ultimately failed to get enough Democrat support.

And now, in the North Carolina legislature, it’s unclear whether or not Republicans can override Governor Cooper’s veto.

The fact legislation like this is even necessary is beyond disturbing.

Children are innocent, precious miracles and should be treated as such.

Are you worried that more states aren’t doing enough to protect not only the unborn, but babies who survived the botched abortion? Let us know in the comments.


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  2. Gov Coopers mother should of aborted this piece of garbage baby killer. What is happening to our country that people are electing garbage like this.

  3. I am absolutely sickened hearing that sub humans like Gov. Cooper are in any form of power!! What in the hell is happening to this country of ours??? No respect for ANY form of life.Especially innocent babies!! I truly hope each and every one that has these abortions, the ones that perform the abortions and the ones who passes bills to have them preformed, will spend an eternity tormented by their deeds!!!!

  4. The parents of Democrats should have been sterilized at birth. The Dems . are using this as a form of genocide against certain people. These same people are uneducated and just plain stupid to realize it. Pretty soon the Dems . will send them back where they came from as they now have the new Americans to replace the.

  5. Yes, it’s the Demoncrat’s Fight Song again: Kill those babies, Kill those babies, Kill those babies, Kill those babies, Kill those babi _________________________________________________

  6. Congratulations to all of the idiots that helped get this POS elected. These innocent’s blood are on your hands. I wonder how you would feel if your parents decided to murder you. Hopefully you are awake now and will ensure that this a$$hole won’t get a second term.

  7. For the life of me I can’t see any logic in the libtards thinking ???? on this one? I mean what is it? The free thinkers crowd the free sexers crowd pushing the sex drugs and rock n roll mentality and LGBT mentality pushing that mentality on America’s youth? They should be locked up for murder or worse serious consequences for this villainy against the unborn? Why so many children still being born out of wedlock in public schools? What is the message these so-called educators are teaching kids? Planned parenthood should be abolished because all of these social benefits programs have drained Americans resources. Irresponsibility has consequences.

  8. The democrats have officially stopped being a political party and have embraced lawlessness. What we need is for someone to declare them a hate group and abolish them entirely.

  9. Most despicable governor in NC history.please, start an impeachment movement, now. He must be removed from office ,before he does more harm to all of us!

  10. The DEMON RATS try to say they are the MORAL party?? HOMOSEXUALS, GENDER MUTILATION, NOW INFANTICIDE!!! What happened to the MEDICAL OATH of DO NO HARM???? How can ANYBODY vote DEMON RAT and look in a mirror?

  11. Lord have Mercy on us! This Governor and our country need a lot of prayers! Satan is on the prowl, devouring all those he can. But we know who wins in the end!! Jesus is the Victor! Don’t stop fighting and praying! We will win this war!!

  12. It is truly unbelievable that Americans have turned into savages and barbarians who can blithely murder babies, as if the babies were some kind of malformed animals who could not survive in the wild.
    I wonder why God does not strike them down at any time. Hell is waiting for them, and eternity is a very long time, I hear.

  13. all of you People out there that belongs to that Democrat Party had better get out of it . If you stay in it, all of you are in agreement with all of those Baby killers in DC !! All of those Democrats had better spend some time on their Knees on Prayer !! I don`t know how much longer the Lord will put up with what is going on in, America !!


  15. We need legislation that would require doctors to withhold medical care from politicians who support abortion that survive entering a medical facility of any kind. Including Offices of Dentists, Chiropractors, Eye Doctors and let’s not forget pharmacies for whatever reason.

  16. Many people with character and conscience are asking, why this kind of action (the killing of newborns) is even up for a vote? But this is what eventually happens when we do little or nothing to stop the devil from overtaking our country. Those who advocate the killing of newborns, or ANY life in or out of the womb, are nothing more than the devil’s henchmen! Their final destination? HELL!

  17. This guy belongs to the clan of MURDERERS. Babies have all the rights to live a happy life. I believe that he prefers to save a pet’s life and kill an innocent human being.

  18. It is disgusting that so little value is placed on innocent babies who managed to survive being killed in an abortion. Our country is headed in the wrong direction. Whatever happened to our values as a nation? We send our young men and women off to war to save people in other countries and we kill our own! Disgusting!

  19. Hey Cooper … you are truly a Piece of excrement … its a damned shame that you were not aborted !
    You are not worthy to breathe oxygen you damned piece of SCUM !

  20. I just don’t understand the logic of being able to thump your chest and figure that you’ve done something good for women by allowing this! I remember when someone killed a pregnant mother and you were charged with double homicide. Now Planned Parenthood is using our tax dollars for abortions like it’s a form of birth control. I’m a pro-lifer & I don’t like abortions but I don’t think we should get rid of it and go back to the dark ages because no matter what, women will abort a baby (even if it’s unsafe) but don’t allow tax paying dollars to fund the abortion. That means that I’m contributing to the abortions and one day I will stand before God and I don’t want to be judged by Him!
    The founder of Planned Parenthood was a Democrat and a PROUD member of the KKK and her organization was to wipe out the black race. How people forget…….

  21. SICK, SICK, SICK!!! Females in the past were charged with murder for letting their newborn child die in a dumpster or garbage can when they didn’t want it, is now being hailed as a choice. There are so many couples that aren’t able to have a child of their own that would love to adopt a newborn infant to raise in a good home and give it a good life, but these mentally deranged democrats have gone so far off the deep end that they want to murder precious newborn babies denying them of any chance of a life. The doctors that want to do this despicable act have forgotten the oath they took when they became a doctor, just like the democrats have forgotten the oath they took when they were sworn into their office. So sick!

  22. Governor Cooper is alive because his mother wanted him, and did not fly in the face of nature to ensure that he was killed at birth or before if not no other reason, all the pain his pregnancy and birth caused her. So his mother, we can be sure, was sane, healthy, and moral; too bad her son didn’t turn out as well. When you see the devotion of mothers to their young in the animal world, you have to wonder what kind of monsters we humans are turning in to. Remember the little cat who went back and forth into a burning building to rescue all her kittens, though she herself was burned each time she did so? The big tough firemen watching this were literally in tears, and adopted the badly maimed mother and her babies whose tiny lives she risked her own, again and again, to save. Why is it that people can’t even emulate brute nature, but instead want to kill their own innocent, helpless, flesh and blood? I am sickened and ashamed to read about this.

  23. When the democrats stop abortion really the murder of babies not found guilty of a crime demanding death than I will listen to them complaining about children being held in Obama cages while being fed and receiving medical care and having a bed to sleep in things they probably didn’t get in the country they are a citizen of. In the meantime I am sick at the knowledge that democrats have slaughtered through torture to death sixty-five million of U.S. babies while demanding foreign kids receive better care than 65 million murdered U.S. babies meaning the foreign babies are suppose to replace the 65 million murdered U.S. babies at great cost to U.S. taxpayers. Democrats need to join those 65 million murdered U.S. babies but some how I don’t think that would change their black minds and black hearts.

  24. I think if we are going to have late term abortions? It should also be allowed we can kill politicians. You should be able to hang Nancy Palosi, or beat to death Nadler, and not worry about prosicution. After all, a person that would do these things. Would be doing society a great justice After all, who causes more damage on society?

  25. The dems are the worst kind of terrorist in this country. It doesnt bother them one bit to kill an innocent defenseless baby. Lets get rid of all dems

  26. Don’t get it? Preserve the lives of people on death row who beyond doubt are guilty, but children who are the most innocent among us can be disposed like trash.

  27. Why should I comment? You never let me say what I absolutely need to tell people. You say I already said that when I did not. You are censoring my comments, but I am getting them out anyway without you.

  28. Yes, in total agreement that abortion is murder. Allowing a child to die because it survived an abortion. As a society, we have become our own worst enemy. Christ said let the children come to Me. He didn’t tell us to hurry them along that path. Please help us Lord.

  29. I can’t believe that this isn’t considered murder. The next thing they will defend is, I quote, ” Older children’s lives can be taken because the parents don’t want them anymore or can’t afford them.” This will be their logic. The Dems. don’t care about life, only votes. Which will keep them in power so they can continue to take taxpayer money, which in return makes them wealthy. Shame on anyone who takes an innocent life as a newborn baby and anyone that would allow this is just as guilty as the ones that actually does the dirty deed. May God have mercy on our souls for allowing such a thing to happen. Just because a birth mother doesn’t want the baby, doesn’t mean that someone else won’t. I just want to cry knowing that there are other humans that are so heartless. God , please have mercy on America.

  30. Cooper along with Cuomo, Pelosi (the catholic, HaHa) and Schumer believe in murder as long as the victim can’t fight back. On the other hand they are completely against capital punishment when the criminal has wantonly and deliberately killed with no remorse.

  31. Yep. Criminals can do multiples and just go to prison. Babies have no chance at life, period, one way or the other.

  32. I find it amazing that a woman get charged with 7 felony counts for dumping 7 newborn puppies in the dumpster… no crime in killing and dumping a human baby. This is SICK.


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