You won’t believe what this Democrat Congressman is saying about prayer and puns


America continues to watch as the ‘woke’ Left makes a mockery of genders by telling us that there are more than two and that we now must recognize all 283 (or however many they’ve made up to this point.)

We’ve seen them change pronouns and distort the actual biological facts behind the male and female genders to fit their radical leftist agenda.

Now, we see them adding to sacred moments, and you won’t believe what this leftist Congressman is saying about both prayer and puns during those moments.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver delivered the opening prayer for the 117th Congress and ended it by altering the traditional ending of “amen” and instead said “Amen and awoman.”

Cleaver is an ordained United Methodist pastor and was tapped to lead the opening prayer to start the new session. 

Not surprisingly, Cleaver’s “adjustment” of the prayer’s ending raised quite a few eyebrows and garnered harsh criticism from across the spectrum.

Well, now he is on the defensive.

In an interview with the Kansas City Star, Cleaver stated, “I am deeply disappointed that my prayer has been misinterpreted and misconstrued by some to fit a narrative that stokes resentment and greater division among portions of our population.”

Yep, somehow, he has managed to turn this around and throw it back at those who were rightfully appalled at how he capped his prayer.

To add insult to injury, Cleaver stated that the conclusion to his prayer  was really nothing more than a lighthearted pun to recognize the record number of women who will be representing America in the 117th Congress.

Cleaver’s comments seemed calculated and well-timed in light of the recent House introduction to gender-neutral terms in Congress rules.

Katrina Trinko of the Daily Signal stated that she believes, “Cleaver’s wordplay coming amid a House Democrat push to eliminate gendered terms like mother and father from chamber rules in the interest of equality, it’s hard not to see the vocabulary choice as somewhat pointed.”

We continue to see a rise in dismissive attitudes towards Christianity among the political elite and moves like Cleaver’s are only just the beginning.

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