You won’t believe what these MSNBC reporters did to Robert Mueller on Easter Sunday


The Left cannot accept Robert Mueller’s conclusions.

They are willing to go to any length to keep the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory alive.

And you won’t believe what these left-wing reporters did to Robert Mueller on Easter Sunday.

MSNBC has largely led the Russia witch-hunt in the news since Trump was inaugurated.

Their ratings are 100% dependent on the Russia conspiracy.

And now that it has been proven there was no collusion, they are in big trouble.

Which is why they just attempted this desperate ambush on Robert Mueller on Easter Sunday.

The Wrap reports:

MSNBC came in for criticism on Sunday after reporter Mike Viqueira attempted to question special counsel Robert Mueller as he left Easter church services in Washington, D.C.

“Will you testify before Congress, sir? If he were anybody but the president, would Mr. Trump be indicted, sir?” Viqueira asked as Mueller struggled to get into his car. “Sir, why didn’t you make a recommendation to Congress one way or the other? Did the attorney general accurately characterize your positions on conspiracy and obstruction, sir?”…

MSNBC’s man-on-the street style reporting on Sunday is more commonly found on celebrity websites like TMZ. And while the network may have been looking to burnish its “truth to power” credentials, the moment was panned online with many on the right and the left criticizing the aggressive approach taken just after church services — with some wondering why the left-wing media organization didn’t get in Mueller’s face before the conclusion of his investigation.

MSNBC ambushed Robert Mueller TMZ-style on Easter Sunday when he got out of church.

Naturally, Mueller appeared irritated by MSNBC’s questions and did not give any comments.

The man likely did not wish to be bothered in front of his wife while celebrating Easter.

Instead, MSNBC tried to celebrate the moment as an act of brave journalism.

However, they’ve received a great deal of backlash from both the Left and the Right for behaving this way on Easter.

Should MSNBC apologize to Robert Mueller for their Easter Sunday ambush?

Let us know what you think in the comments.


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  2. MSNBC / CNN, both sleaze FAKE NEWS!
    Nothing is beneath these dirt diggers, hypocrites and wanna be Game Show Hosts. No offense meant Alex!

  3. MSNBC should fire Mike Viqueira for what he did and Definitely Apologize to Mueller – it was uncalled for.

  4. The people at CNN and MCNBC should all be FIRED for the way they Report the News – very Biased/Anti Trump our President. Trump has done a lot good for our country n 2 years that Obama couldn’t do in 8 years… You never hear of the good Trump has dome from CNN and MCNBC – all negative stuff..

  5. Yes they should apologize. It is wrong what they did. Whether you like him or don’t. That doesn’t matter. Easter is a day for everyone to worship the risen Saviour. To intercept him when he comes out of Church. That is bad journalism. Their is no respect anymore for others.

  6. The entire group should be fired and Banned from journalism of any type. and the FCC should pull the license to broadcast til they start to tell the news on a fair basis, not a one sided leftist way. If the tables were reversed the results of the investigation would have been different and perhaps never happened. Those responsible for he long costly probe need to be indicted , and put in jail . But the Deep State will never allow it. The whole probe is because Hilliary is a Sore loser and can’t accept that the people of the country have spoken and don’t want her, and she along with the rest of the Deep State need to accept it.

  7. Ha ha ha…Robert Mueller got a taste of what he put President Trump through. And to tell the truth. All fake news reporters are rotten writers and liars.

  8. What a bunch of inane garbage! Who the F**ck does he think he is? Reporters should have some common decency! I think Robert Mueller is a zealot! People tell me he is a Republican, and the broad brush he used during his so called investigation of an original non-crime (Collusion is not a crime in and of itself) just goes to show his hatred, but to ambush a man and his wife on Easter Sunday is the epitome of a rude and classless individual!

  9. Yes! Apologize you piece of brainless…toast. (Ha.Ha. Thought you were looking for a different word?)

  10. The Muller Report did not prove there was No trump/Russian Collusion. Just that there was no definite proof of it. However, as the old saying goes, “ Where’s there smoke, there is fire”!

  11. I don’t know how to feel! He’s a fake Christian to begin with. If they had done this to trump(whom I love and support) it would of been ok or by the demoncrats and liberals! It makes me sick how these corrupt politicians claim to b Christians, go to church, and the whole time committing evil beyond words. To me he got a taste of his own medicine that his evil cronies are doing to trump! We need to pray for these lost souls because I’m sure they didn’t start out that way. Hopefully he was in there asking for forgiveness for his evil schemes. And to reply to Betty, there was proof of no collusion or any kind of crime. Are u Betty a msnbc watcher? Fake news watcher? The reporter should of waited until after he was away from the church because it was a Holy Day. But to confront him at the church was in poor taste, but that’s fake news media for you!!!

  12. And the Dems are the ones smoking!! So, there is probably lots of fire that can erupt on their asses when they are the ones who get investigated**The corruption started with the Dems simply because the “chosen one” lost an election, that was rigged from the start? How does that happen? The citizens woke up to the Corrupt Criminal “Leaders” getting to be Billionaires while drawing a modest 174G to 300G salary! How does that happen? Everyone knows how that happens!!!

  13. I guess now Mueller learned what the sleeze-balls were waiting for. What he was supposed to be writing couldn’t be backed up by any evidence. They didn’t want the truth, they wanted Trump’s head on a plate. Since they didn’t get it, they will go after anyone they think crossed them.
    Reporter(?) Mike Viqueira doesn’t have the class of a school of guppies. But, then again, he DOES work for msnbc. Non-Capitalization Intended.

  14. The threats facing our nation are so numerous that we desperately need a free press, a press that reports what happens without bias. MSNBC and CNN and some of the nation’s major newspapers color the news to fit their left end of the philosophical spectrum positions. This is evident in the following ways: (1) “By WHAT they tell, (2) by WHAT THEY DO NOT or WILL NOT tell, and (3) BY THE WAY THEY TELL what they do tell. ” If something happens that does not support what they believe they simply ignore it. If what happens doesn’t fit their philosophy they will either ignore it.

  15. Hounding Mueller on Easter Sunday as he was leaving his church service is harassment. When will Democrats learn to respect Republicans as fellow citizens. They refuse to even follow common decency towards Republicans. Their double standards and hypocrisy have damaged thier credibility. After all they have done to our President, and our citizens, giving our opportunities and protection to hordes of illegal aliens and depriving our military and hardworking taxpayers of protection and support. Shameful!

  16. I have no respect for that reporter or msnbc but what goes around comes around, beside that it was old news, move on. Mueller is a big boy he can take it. We have known for two year there was no collusion. Beside all this happened on the other Administrations watch why aren’t they being bullied, berated, and harassed for what happened on their watch.


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