You won’t believe what these Feminists just said about pregnant women


The Left has officially lost their minds.

And radical Feminists are leading the charge.

But what this Feminist group just said about pregnant women took things too far.

According to the radical Feminist “think tank” The Equality Institute, it is no longer “politically correct” to say “pregnant women.”

In a recent social media post, they argue there are an infinite number of genders, and not just women can get pregnant.

According to them, the new “PC” term is “pregnant people.”

The Equality Institute faced immediate backlash for this absurdity.

One user commented: “They must’ve failed basic biology.”

They’ve thrown all scientific reality out the window.

Another recent post from The Equality Institute claims that regardless of biological orientation, a person’s gender is whatever they say it is.

But they aren’t alone in their insanity.

Planned Parenthood claims that some men have uteruses.

Even Bill Nye “The (so-called) Science Guy” is now pushing the regressive ideology of infinite genders.

Yet the Left constantly demeans conservatives as “anti-science.”

Do you say “pregnant women” or “pregnant people?” Let us know your answer in the comments section!


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