You won’t believe what these Feminists just said about pregnant women


The Left has officially lost their minds.

And radical Feminists are leading the charge.

But what this Feminist group just said about pregnant women took things too far.

According to the radical Feminist “think tank” The Equality Institute, it is no longer “politically correct” to say “pregnant women.”

In a recent social media post, they argue there are an infinite number of genders, and not just women can get pregnant.

According to them, the new “PC” term is “pregnant people.”

The Equality Institute faced immediate backlash for this absurdity.

One user commented: “They must’ve failed basic biology.”

They’ve thrown all scientific reality out the window.

Another recent post from The Equality Institute claims that regardless of biological orientation, a person’s gender is whatever they say it is.

But they aren’t alone in their insanity.

Planned Parenthood claims that some men have uteruses.

Even Bill Nye “The (so-called) Science Guy” is now pushing the regressive ideology of infinite genders.

Yet the Left constantly demeans conservatives as “anti-science.”

Do you say “pregnant women” or “pregnant people?” Let us know your answer in the comments section!


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  2. Women are the only ones who can get pregnant. What’s wrong with this world. Some people need to grow up. Good grief!!!!

  3. I think the whole PC (politically correct) culture should take a pregnant pause. It is not only absurd but seriously harmful.

  4. ha, Is there anyone out there that thinks these need to be having children or is it just me. when you take the big 10 off the walls of our school this is what happens. Adam & eve these are the only two genders there are, UNLESS you live in fantasy land and cannot accept truth!

  5. absurdity reigns in the left, liberal mind. common sense flew out the door long ago. It is pathetic that anyone would identify with or support this kind of garbage. alinsky must be very happy along with obama/soros/clintons who are vile through and through.

  6. I say pregnant women! God made two genders, male (Adam), female (Eve). Unless these liberals turn from
    this sinful life style, they will see one day when they come face to face with the Lord Jesus
    Christ and will answer to Him. He made women to be man’s helpmate to go and replenish the
    the earth. If He had made man to bear children, why didn’t He do it then? He made man and woman, not two men nor two women. God have mercy on you liberal idiots.

  7. I’ve been a biker since the 60’s so these loons shall not ever make me ‘politically correct’
    Male is male and does NOT have a uterus no matter how MUCH the little pansies like to “THINK” they do.
    Female’s are female and do NOT have a prostate so they cannot EVER be a man no matter how much they might WISH they were.
    Not even sexual reassignment surgery can make a man a TRUE female nor a woman a TRUE man no matter how much these loonies blather on about how they “FEEL”.
    Oh . . . in case there be any question I am not nor shall I ever be politically correct. So if their little snowflake self melts when they run across someone like me . . . to bad.

  8. These so called feminists are democrats. They believe they have the right to tell everyone else how to think, what we can or can not say, how we must act, and of course what we may or may not do.
    That may be fine for anyone that does not want to think for themselves or the freedom to make their own choices.

  9. If a “man” has a uterus, he is NOT A MAN, BUT A WOMAN!!! There is no such thing as a REAL DNA MAN who has a uterus!! Do a chromosome study, and if this person has a uterus, it is a DNA XX FEMALE!!! A man will always be XY, no matter how many surgeries, hormone treatments, etc. they have gone through!! Take Katelyn Jenner – do a chromosome study and it will show that HE is an XY biological DNA MALE!!! YOU CANNOT FOOL GOD!!!

  10. Pleased to meet you Jim…..been a biker m’self since the late 60’s, early 70’s and I couldn’t agree with you more. And like you am not nor ever have been politically correct……quite frankly, I couldn’t give a crap less about these loonie’s pathetic feelings. Melting snowflakes??? They’d be better off facing a flame thrower than me in a debate.

    Live to ride…..MAGA

  11. THANK YOU!! I laughed so hard, I fell out of my chair (took me ten minutes to get back up being weak with laughter). I can’t wait to tell my friends.

  12. The family is the future. I am 84 and I was pregnant 6 times. I misscarried one. Your children re your future, the onlyPossession that is eternal all else is temporal you can’t take it with you but you can your children if you raise them in the Lord .I have five Maarried children, 27 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren and two great great grandchildren most of my grandchildren are married and two of my great grand children are married counting everyone in the family there is more than 50 they’re all Christians our children are our future for eternity

  13. These people have lost their minds, their purely indoctrinated & evil minds!
    I will continue to refer to a pregnant woman as a pregnant woman, not a pregnant person!
    How far will be allow the PC police to rule us? Not me. I’m 100% over this culture, which is nothing but trash. PC mentality has aided in the destruction of our Great Republic. I URGE YOU, DO NOT BE COMPLACENT JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK THESE ISSUES DO NOT AFFECT YOU. These issues directly affect us & will affect us more as the liberal left continues to push their agenda, their lack of morals on the rest of us. In Canada now, it is a jailable offense to use the wrong pronoun, EVEN THOUGH you can not tell which sex you may be talking to.
    Wake up AMERICA! Vote R in November- Let’s take back our Republic and restore it to the original intent of our founders!

  14. It is such a waste of time, brain cells and sense to take the way some do…We know what the truth is and how God made us all, that is that! I move we find a planet to sent them all to so they will leave decent, real living a lone and stop trying to trash the truth and our kids with garbage. Believing evil junk is a sickness that some seem to thrive on. Too much time on their hands sitting around thinking about ways to push nonsense and show just how insane they are.

  15. Get out and vote for the GOP in Nov. to save the country from NAZI Commie Demoncrat liberal mobs!They want to make America into another Venezuela!Obama almost got us there mob! Now that America is great again because of Pres.Trump let’s keep it that way!

  16. Pregnant Women.
    Here’s why: 1. There are only two genders (regardless of what the progressive leftist idiots
    say), Male and Female.
    2. Only females can become pregnant. Period. A male can never become pregnant.
    Period. It is simply impossible, unless sometime in the future doctors come up
    with some method to make it possible. Then and only then, we’ll deal with that.
    3. That makes pregnant “people” females, or women if you prefer.
    4. By default, that makes the liberal lunatic femenists WRONG by default.

    Phil in TX

  17. I wish we could not have to listen to all this ridiculous stuff and get on with our “normal” lives. I was in the fashion industry in the 60’s and had many gay friends. None of them were ever pregnant. Because of this experience I have no ill will against gays, anyone who isn’t the same color as I am, or any other difference. I just like nice reasonable people. I am a very open minded person and try to understand other viewpoints. I am a conservative Republican. Shocking, huh! MAGA!

  18. That would be OK, except for the fact many will terminate the pregnancy, by abortion, and will never experience the joys of motherhood. Let me add this, my sister had an abortion many years ago. She is now 71, and you should see her cry when she realizes she has no one to pass her possessions down to. As a result of the abortion, she has never been able to get pregnant again. Her husband died several years ago. They never had children. I have seen the agony and tears as she realizes she murdered her own baby. And Murder is the accurate term she uses. Yes, God has forgiven her, but she cannot forgive herself, and has lived with this grief for more than 40 years now.

  19. The femiNazi Reared their ugly head again. This old NAZI touched and said he would rape her! But when she asked for help from the femiNAZI even though it was on camera ,they all said he didn’t say that! The femiNazi,me too! movement is a fake,fraud and a phony created by the liberal NAZI machine!

  20. They’ve finally reached the point of absurdity. Only women can get pregnant. You can blame the NWO and population control freaks for killing off the family. Well, that and welfare. The communist democrats won’t be happy until they’ve destroyed this country. What these pinheads don’t realize is they will be the first ones the communists kill off because they figure if they can turn you against your own country, someone can turn you against them.

  21. when i had children never did see a pregnant man at any of my doctor appointments, seena lot of father to be that were nervous. never was a man in labor in the labor rooms. so it is pregnant woman . pregnant mommy to be.pregnant lady, so don’t try to shame us with your being perverts!


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