You won’t believe what the media is hiding about the church member who stopped a mass shooting in Texas


News spread quickly about the attempted mass shooter who was shot dead by a church member defending everyone in the congregation.

With a single shot from across the room, the parishioner neutralized the threat.

But you won’t believe what the media is hiding about the man who stopped the shooter.

First, the media told the world Texas was insane to pass legislation allowing conceal carry permit holders to carry guns in church.

Then, a conceal permit holder stopped a gunman with a single shot saving countless people.

Now, the media is doing everything they can stop his story from going mainstream.

The media does not want you to know that Jack Wilson, the man who stopped the gunman, was actually a certified firearms instructor.

Not only was he a firearms instructor, but he also trained fellow church members how to handle a gun and protect the church if it was ever needed.

USA Today reports:

A volunteer member of a security team who is running for county commissioner is being hailed for saving lives by quickly ending a shooting Sunday at a North Texas church.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton described parishioner Jack Wilson as a onetime reserve sheriff’s deputy with extensive training who has taught shooting at his own range.

Wilson was one of two congregants who confronted a gunman during an attack that killed two people at West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, a town of about 17,000 people near Fort Worth. Paxton said Wilson was the one who brought down the suspect with a single shot.

This church was well prepared for any danger that presented itself.

Gun-grabbing Leftists love to claim that a good guy with a gun will never stop a bad guy with a gun.

They also love to claim having guns in churches is just too dangerous and must be banned.

Fortunately, Jack Wilson and members of his church knew better and took it upon themselves to defend their church.

What do you think?

Do you support church members being able to carry guns? Let us know in the comments.


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  2. GREAT SHOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT BEATS A BAD GUY WITH , A GOOD GUY WITH A GUN.

  3. Americans should not be allowed to own guns PERIOD! This isn’t the wild west anymore and something needs to be done to stop the mass shootings like they did in Australia.
    I say the government should confiscate all firearms and if anyone resists then shoot them with their own gun. I know that sounds harsh but go take your complaints to the surviving family members of all the slain victims from gun violence.
    The 2nd amendment needs to be revoked NOW!

  4. Sorry, I do not agree. What saved these people in church recently was the fact that someone was carrying and was able to stop the perpetrator. Honestly, how can you think that taking guns away from righteous, intelligent, able bodied citizens is the answer.
    Do you really believe the “bad guys” are going to give up their guns??

  5. In this day and age no one is safe anywhere. Going to school, going shopping going to the movies or even going to church. So yes, I support anyone to carry a registered, legal weapon.
    On a personal note, GOD bless Jack for being there. He truly saved lives !!!

  6. Molon labe anthony besides what makes you think you’ll not be one of the first to be murdered by our own government wake up communist

  7. I support all law-abiding citizens being able to carry firearms, concealed or open, “without infringement.” Hopefully every single one will have taken courses to learn responsible handling of these potentially deadly objects.

  8. I salute him. It is nice to see American citizens who think for themselves. Do not give up our rights to protect ourselves from criminals and politicians trying to take our rights away. Yay!!!

  9. And what the MSM hasn’t covered is that it hasn’t worked all that well there, as in many other places – like London, Anthony. If, by some miracle, no firearms were available to anyone, those dedicated to taking lives would use bombs, machetes, home-made firearms, motor vehicles, hammers, saws, you name it.

    This past Sunday a criminal was stopped by someone responsible who knew how to handle a gun, thereby stopping more people from being killed.

  10. GOD BLESS Jack of this church of Christ congregation. Many more would have been killed.
    May God be with each soul. My prayers and thoughts are with each member of this congregation.

  11. The “Liberals” will never get it. IF things had been the way they wanted we would now have a mass slaughter by some maniac who would not have cared less about gun laws. In this case in spite of what “Liberals” think the good guy with the gun DID stop the bad guy with a gun. The good guy prevented a catastrophe.

  12. So what else will you be willing to ban, knives, baseball bats, hammers, cars and trucks, toxic chemicals, gasoline, beer bottles??? Get real dude, anyone wanting to hurt people, can and will find a way to do it. Banning firearms owned by law-abiding citizens makes them more vulnerable to criminals, not less. Then the only guns will be the ones belonging to the criminals, who seek out “gun-free” zones, just like this killer did, and the only thing that stopped a lot of dead victims from being in the obituaries was an armed citizen!!! The crazy in New York that stabbed 5 people was not deterred from his crime by any paper law either…the only guarantee of one’s own safety is that each person is willing to protect himself and other innocents, otherwise, the bad guys will always win, and nothing will stop them, unless that is, that you plan on carrying a cop on your back everywhere you go??

  13. I am impressed that the church had security. The man that defended those in the Church was certainly qualified to draw his weapon & shoot the attacker. That is what the 2nd amendment means!
    Besides that he was a very good shot!




  16. Every single member of The House of Representatives and Senate that are Anti-2nd Amendment needs to be voted out of office if not outright removed period, for not supporting their own Oath of Office. They swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States… and unless I’m wrong the 2nd Amendment is in the Bill of Rights.
    But someone is going to whine and complain that No One “Needs” an AR15.

    Really? If that’s the case, “Why did Rosa Parks Need” to sit in the front of that Bus”?

    Because, in this Country, you ARE NOT “Required” to show a “Need” in order to be guaranteed a “Right” that is afforded to Americans in the Constitution of the United States. Until our elected political leaders figure that out, they need to NOT be in positions of Governmental authority to influence this country in any way. PERIOD!

  17. You are an idiot Anthony. It will never happen and there is no way to stop it. But as a thought, maybe the police should show up at your door and TAKE you private property. Of course you don’t have any guns you want somebody else to protect you. Who puts their life on the line for you Anthony or don’t you care who dies instead of you?

  18. lets start by example all the libtards with ARMED guards be the first to disarm and take up “stop no-guns” signs and we’ll see how much safer they would be!!!! Then the criminals would see the light and disarm also. Come on mikey bloomburg show us the way!!!!

  19. Well Anthony, you can always move to Australia or any other place that doesn’t have a 2nd amendment. Simple solution

  20. This guy Lukatella, who wrote such a nasty e mail should be shot before he does any more harm to anybody.

  21. Kind sir do you really know how many people in this country have died in shootings like this? No probably not. Do you know how many Americans have died in abortion clinic’s in the past year? No probably not. When you find out then open your yap and show us just how stupid your statement sounds.

  22. YOU SIR might do yourself a kindness by checking out the results in AUSTRALIA for their gun ban….you just might save yourself some embarrassment should you mouth off in public where you WILL BE RESOUNDINGLY LAUGHED AT>

  23. Dear Anthony Lukatella. The way you think is very violent you should never allowed to own a gun as you can see you have criminal mind shooting an inocent man just because he own a gun wow!!!! Guns purpose is to protect, defend from the ones that think like you.

  24. You know nothing of American history and why our FOUNDING FATHERS put in the second amendment.
    The second Amendment is to protect, American citizens against our government.

  25. A true ignoramus. Another progressive volunteering to be fodder for gun toting lunatics
    and criminals not to mention, an increasingly totalitarian group of democrat politicians.!
    I however, prefer the 2nd amendment and the NRA. But if he wants to sacrifice his life by taking a bullet, I say go to it.

  26. I love when ANY American Citizen exercises their Constitutional RIGHT to KEEP AND BEAR arms! “Gun Free Zones” are zones to freely shoot innocent unarmed citizens and need to be banned!

    Only a liberal would believe that “gun free zones” are good!

  27. I suggest you move to Australia. We responsible
    citizens enjoy our God given rights. You seem to
    want the government to remove them. Sad!

  28. Anthony, when I hear someone say this, I think about those who were murdered just for being Jewish. “Holocaust”
    Is that what you think? Should “the people” have their guns confiscated so that “the people” can be “controlled” and left to the “idealists”?
    Would you enjoy your freedom of speech taken away from you as well, you have enjoyed that liberty here to voice your opinion.

  29. Anthony Lukatella, You are an idiot! When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns…

    Besides, I and EVERY American have a Constitutionally Guaranteed RIGHT to “…keep and bear arms…“ that “…shall not be infringed”!

    This is one of the founding principles of our Republic! If you don’t like our Bill of Rights and our Constitution, maybe you should live somewhere else!

    It is people like you who have eroded away so many of our RIGHTS that have created the issues we see today.

    Bye Bye!!

  30. Note: If you watch the video closely, you’ll see that Brother Jack didn’t just rip out his gun and start blasting. That’s what happens in many cases, even those involving police officers. We hear of “gunfights” with the cops in which a hundred or more rounds are expended, and nobody hits anything. Brother Jack came up with the gun, took the time to set his sights, and fired one round. End of game. Friends, that takes a cool head, but it also takes lots of training and lots of practice. I wore the uniform for more than a quarter century, and many of the guys I worked with never fired their weapon except when we had our once-a-year qualification shoot. Seldom did anybody even come close to my scores. Not saying that to brag, but to tell prospective carriers that just strapping on a gun doesn’t make you ready to face an active shooter. Get so familiar with your gun that you can bring it out, set your sight and squeeze off an accurate shot without having to think about it, and then practice, practice, practice. Then hope you never need to use it.

  31. Not that I’m trying to diminish the courageous action this individual played that day, but this story is about the opposing views to gun ownership and the 2nd amendment. On the same this hero acted in Texas across this country there were recorded 56 gun related deaths (including these) and 85 injuries. While it can be argued that this gun totting citizen saved lives and justifies the 2nd amendment it is overwhelmingly over shadowed by the total deaths occurred across the country on the same day. The preponderance of evidence shows that there is a stronger need for the abolition of guns than for the proprietary right to own guns. Perhaps a compromise can be made by limiting the types of guns used more frequently causing the deaths, such as hand guns. To the hero in Texas well done.

  32. Agreed – Has not helped Australia at all!!! I have friends there and they know very well did not help at all!!!!!

  33. The people that want guns taken away from everyone needs to WAKE UP! Do you honestly believe the bad guys will give up their guns when the good people have to give up theirs?? NO WAY ! America needs to open their eyes to see what is going on in our country. The extreme Democrats want us to be without any defense while they have THEIR weapons for protection. This is what happened when Hitler, Stalin, and all communist did when they took control. America, WAKE UP ! AND PLEASE realize that we have a President that is trying his best to NOT let that happen. So you don’t like his personality….so what ! Try to see what a TRUE PATRIOT HE IS !!!! Because if you don’t, we will be a communist country within a year or two.

  34. Anthony, You must not have a family. If your child was sitting beside that lunatic and that gun was pointed at her or his head, would you had rather them get killed, or would you want that child to be saved? Personally I truly believe that you would never have been in church at all, or you would know that God gives us permission to protect us and our families.I truly feel sorry for you, because the progressive God haters have gotten into your mind! God said in order to go to heaven,you have to renew your mind! Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved!Just do it!!

  35. Yes, Australia took the guns. Now tell the rest of the story. Their crime rate is climbing rapidly, violent crime. Criminal will never turn in their guns, but the will continue to use them for violent means. And now there is no one to stop them.

  36. I do! The same day this hero acted there were recorded 56 (including these) gun related deaths and 85 injuries across this country.

  37. I do! The same day this hero acted there were recorded 56 (including these) gun related deaths and 85 injuries across this country.

  38. If this was Chicago or NYC or many other cities they would have to ARREST, then Try, then CONVICT these two heroes. Because on those places it is ILLEGAL to defend yourself even though the Supreme Court has stated that police have no DUTY to protect. Only to investigate and arrest.
    SO in those places they would arrest the two heroes and send them to PRISON.
    I suggest that in those places the PEOPLE need to rise up against the government and the unconstitutional diminishment of an INALIENABLE RIGHT. If they must then they must use whatever means necessary to gain back their inalienable rights. ANY MEANS.

  39. Your simple minded threat does not intimidate me. I’m simply relaying facts and deducing a conclusion based upon which side of the issue holds more evidence. You probably own a gun and it is simple minded people like you who should not have one. I own a gun but responsibly. Unlike you, I’m open minded enough to see both sides of the issue and willing to compromise with my fellow opposing neighbor.

  40. Anthony Lukatella Quit drinking the Koolaid. Are you looking for a ticket to AUSTRALIA?? I’m sure we could get you a one-way ticket, and when you get there you can get first hand experience of the rising crime rate. They don’t use guns???? Your nuts!!!! Do you really think that the bad guys turned theirs in. Anyway the crime rate is rising and being committed with many of the other TOOLS. (Knives, club, rocks, etc). Don’t blame the ‘tool’, blame the nut-so or whatever we call them, that’s behind the tool. Don’t even try to mess with my rights. Combat Vet 27 years.

  41. Every despot who ever lived agrees that only government should have access to firearms.
    “Both the oligarch and Tyrant mistrust the people, and therefore deprive them of arms.” — Aristotle

  42. It’s easy to say that someone else, the government, should confiscate the guns. I want YOU to confiscate my guns. I will see outcome.

  43. You need to go to de-ranged people;s classes. Maybe you would learn something. Anthony is sick and socially inatiquite as a man so he must blow off his problem with stupidity.uite t

  44. Anthony Lukatella, there is no such thing as “gun violence”. I have a few guns, maybe more. None of them is violent. NONE! The violent are people like the one that used shotgun in a church. And only other man with the gun stopped him. Can you get? Well… I doubt.

  45. Sorry, Linda M.
    The first thing Soviet NKVD did in the country is registration of the guns. Then the guns were confiscated because government knew who has them and where to look. The rest is history of over 26 million sent to Gulags and dead (not including WWII). Nope, don’t register my guns. No bloody way!

  46. Yes, Kayley.
    Courses is a good idea. This is responsibility of an individual. Just one note: guns are potentially deadly if not used properly. They also are potential last defense against evil-doer. So, guns be blessed. Also, knives, baseball bats, sticks, matches, cars, gulf clubs, fists, and many others are potentially deadly objects. Again, it is all in the eyes/hands of beholder.

  47. All available data points to the FACT that gun violence DECREASES when Concealed Carry is authorized and encouraged. CONTRARY to MSM propaganda, Concealed Carry individuals DO NOT pose a crime OR safety hazard to their communities. In my jurisdiction, BEFORE a permit is issued, the individual must be approved by the County Sheriff, successfully complete an approved weapons course, pass both an FBI and personal review (with fingerprints), REGISTER the weapon/s to be carried and PAY AN APPLICATION FEE. They do not consider this permit to be trivial.

  48. GOOD GUY—1; BAD GUY—0.
    Better for good guys to have guns than wait on police who are minutes away. Not good to kill but evil is everywhere, so you have got to deal with it then and there. Be armed and be prepared.

  49. Look around any and all politicians within a couple of feet away from them is a person with a gun in uniform or plain clothes while at the office or at home. Most live in gated communities. Every country that made their people to give up their firearms are under dictatorships. If you are a responsible gun owner you will train, train and do more training.

  50. The MSM told me all of this stuff already. You guys want America to think the facts aren’t readily available. But they are. You just want to keep your readers ignorant.

  51. Anthony, when a member of your family is injured or, God forbid, killed by a miscreant who has a gun obtained illegally, wouldn’t you want that family member defended by a person with a legally-obtained weapon? We do not live in a utopian society where everything is perfect and there are only law-abiding folks who live here…

  52. Do you really think the criminals, the terrorists, the gangs in and out of our country will give up their guns? You would end up with good people without guns and criminals with guns. A bad guy can always get a gun or a knife. I have the right to protect my home, and in the case of the church in Texas, they have a right to protect their members. And a last point, it isn’t about gun-control. It is about people-control — take away the guns from the people and you have Germany under Hitler. The ones who want guns confiscated are the globalists and those under their influence so they can control the people.
    GO TEXAS!!!!!

  53. History proves that in order for corrupt People to rule clueless People corrupt people promise clueless People free healthcare, free education, free housing, all paid by taking back all the money from rich People. Corrupt People say to clueless people, “Rich People didn’t build that! You did!” Clueless People agree!
    Rich people smile at corrupt people and laugh at clueless People.

    Next, corrupt People declare to clueless People that in order to have a “peaceful” society that is “inclusive,” and “diverse,” one that respects all People it is necessary that any speech not approved by corrupt People is hate speech and will not be tolerated! Clueless People agree!

    Next corrupt People decree that all weapons in clueless People’s hands be turned over to corrupt People in order to eliminate crime. Clueless People agree!

    In time clueless People open their eyes and see that only corrupt People are rich, only corrupt People have quality healthcare, only corrupt People’s children are educated, only corrupt People live in mansions protected by guards carrying weapons.

    Too late…….

  54. You are a perfect troll and with your opinion go to your safe room and cry your opinion means nothing to the rest of us who do not live in your dream world. why do you not go to Venezuela and live out your dream they don’t have guns there cupcake

  55. The leftist in this Country only preach gun control as a means to take your firearms and make those of us who own them helpless. There should be no gun free zones, national conceal and carry licenses, and the elimination of all these nuisance laws that simply make it difficult for law abiding citizens to own firearms for self protection in a society that no longer criminalizes human elimination on our streets, has no definition for the term illegal as it applies to illegal aliens entering this country,etc., etc. We are clearly headed for a showdown and everyone should keep their eyes on Virginia. This may be the flash point state for armed confrontation between those of us who legally bought and own firearms and those who want to take them away. My guess is once the politicians see that they are going to lose the battle they will back off as they did in NY, CT and NJ. In those States the majority of people who were asked to register firearms or turn in large capacity magazines did not do so and no one went looking for them from law enforcement. With 150 million armed Americans and less than three million military and police capable of even considering taking people’s guns it just is not going to happen. All of those folks took an oath to uphold the Constitution and those who violate that oath are going to be made to pay a very heavy price by WE The People.

  56. Well Anthony to bad to sad, your just one of those bad apples in the bunch. To bad you wasn’t there at that church………. and if that happens the gun confiscation, the bad guys will still always prevail and find a way to get them. It’s a proven fact that there are more bad ppl with guns and it’s always going to be like this wether or not our Politicians takes guns away or control it!!!

  57. I agree Paul with you 1000% Anthony should have been in that church I bet he would change his mind, and if that gun was pointed at his head. Hmmm

  58. I invite all LIBS, who want “gun control” for us, go to Mexico!! Then then will foind out what it means not to have a weapon to defend oneself and others!

  59. BZ Man: Well, unfortunately, we had to register our hand guns. If we didn’t and a crime (even defending yourself) was committed we would be charged. But that doesn’t mean my late husband didn’t make arrangements to cover this ruling. If you know what I mean……

  60. Anthony, you are WRONG!!!!!! Your ignorance is profound. Our founding fathers were very wise to give us the second amendment. We have the RIGHT to protect ourselves from those who would harm us and from the government if they choose to take over, as the dem party wants to do. If you don’t like our Constitution, you are free to move somewhere you like better. PLEASE DO!!!!!!!

  61. david, our founding fathers gave us the RIGHT to protect ourselves. PERIOD. If you don’t like our Constitution you are free to move somewhere that doesn’t allow guns. Please do

  62. dems want total control of our government and us. They cannot do that without taking our guns. They are very danerous

  63. Dear Anthony,
    Why don’t you come over to Australia, and learn some facts about how our Federal Government stole not only our firearms, but also banned knives and any other tool that just may be used to protect ourselves and our families.
    And being a ‘Convict Settlement’ we have never had anything like the 2nd Amendment. All we can do now is to try and call the police, as as a retired member I can assure you we always arrive too late.
    Oh, and by the way, in Australia the hero would be charged with murder for saving lives!

  64. Oh my Anthony you are part of the problem. Do you not see what could have happened if Jack Wilson had not been there with his gun & PERMIT TO CARRY. You Anthony are living in the dark ages.. God bless you Jack Wilson a job well done. Trump 2020/ God bless President Trump.

  65. It is up to us to spread this news article. The left doesn’t want us to be able to protect ourselves. This business of gun control and confiscation (Virginia for example) is a plan that has been pushing it’s way into our lives for a good wile. Forces such as Soros does NOT want the U.S. to be able to defend ourselves and these same people help the liberals in their quest to see to it we are defenseless so we can be overtaken and subdued and at their mercy. It is part of the ‘World Control’ that started in about 1970.

  66. Patricia Overbey: I trust you had a blessed Christmas?? Well, it seems Anthony has invoked A LOT of attention, hasn’t he? It’s truly sad that so many Leftists really follow this train of thought, isn’t it? They truly are so brainwashed and do not realize what the demon party is REALLY up to. NWO.
    Well, if our government comes to take my guns away from me and shoots me with my own gun as Anthony states should happen. At least I know I will walk with my Lord Jesus Christ for all eternity and have eternal peace. People like Anthony will not be so lucky.. Have a blessed New Year Patricia!! And keep praying for our great nation!!

  67. Murderer tried to slaughter the church congregation, and Wilsom “trayvoned” him. The media wants us to believe that Wilson did a bad thing. Hence, I call them ” Demonrats “.

  68. Humans have been using objects to smash in the heads, of other humans, since the beginning of inhumanity. The blame does not abide in the inanimate object but in the faulted stars of man. The second amendment of our U.S. Constitution, is not there to guarantee we can continue using objects to kill each other for the pettiest of reasons but to defend ourselves from others who are petty in their thoughts and actions. It was written specifically to prevent a tyrannical government gone awry, from turning the citizens into slaves, to that government.
    The authors well remembered what a tyrannical regime did first, when they proceeded to beat down the desire for liberty and independence, in the American patriots; they moved in and attempted to confiscate guns. When our struggle for independence was won and it was necessary to establish the reality of the new nation, a constitution was formulated and written, to which all of the concerned, original states were required to hold conventions and adopt the new constitution.
    In most of its matters it was approved, except none would ratify that constitution until it contained Amendments. The first and the second, being the most important. The second was there to protect the citizens from that same government doing what governments are likely to do. Meaning, patriots who were there, knew what people are capable of doing, they knew what the polluting power, of greed, indolence, ignorance, spite, envy and all else, that arises from the evil in man, has over them. They were futurists in the long term and realists in the short.
    You are correct it is not the Wild West anymore; it is better. In our short term, objects of all kinds are used as tools to threaten, wound and kill. In the long term, all humans are better off if they are allowed to defend themselves, with all means available, from the short term. We have a god given right to defend ourselves, from anyone who would do us harm. We are always, “The first line of our own defense.” Law enforcement will not arrive soon enough to protect us.
    Law and order, crime and punishment are beautiful ideas, unless you have a criminal mindset. Criminals know laws do not stop crimes from occurring and punishment only matters if they are caught. I will give up my gun when there are no more criminals.
    That is why it says, “…shall not be abridged.”.

  69. And how many deaths and over doses from illegal drugs and DUIs during the same period. Making it illegal doesn’t make it not happen.

  70. Libs are professional agitators which shows profoundly here.Do some homework before you put anything on a comment board.Its part of their plan folks.Never let your left hand know what the right hand is doing! Research HARPA – your being baited.A red flag law on steroids to falsely accuse Americans while stripping gun rights. If you want freedom,go to Washington and tell them personally to clean out their desk,then march them to to door and be sure to put their picture and info on a criminal data base like they’ve done you.

  71. Praise God these two heroes took this idiot out and saved, God only knows, how many more that might have died.Under what you propose only thugs would have guns! I think you would be much happier in Australia I know i would feel a lot better if you lived there!!

  72. If you had a sense of comprehension you would realize my comment reflects that I’m not opposed to the 2nd amendment but rather willing to compromise with my fellow neighbors who are opposed. The framers of the constitution gave us a flexible document that can adjust with human evolution. I hardly thing the 2nd amendment would have been worded so loosely had they lived in an era of weaponry that exist today. They lived in an era when men stood shoulder to shoulder hundreds across armed with muzzled loaded black powered flintlocks. Releasing a barrage of lead balls in unison hopefully hitting a target standing only a hundred yards away. That represented the latest in weaponry then. Today one person armed with any number of rapid fire weapons could mow down the entire opposing colonial army in seconds as they stood shoulder to shoulder. Your obstinate supposition to the belief your ownership of a modern day weapon somehow protects us is just a childish dream of patriotism. You need to grow up deal with reality as it exists. There are people who want to take your weapon away. I’m at least trying to keep something we can go hunting with. Be unyielding with the right to vote there’s more power there than any gun you own.

  73. Gun grabbers are just communists in waiting. The best way to deal with them is, each time they attempt a ‘grab’, is to grab them by the nose and kick them in the a**.

  74. David Kudos To You for your comment. 2000 years ago Rome occupied the world and the Jews, others who did not agree with Rome were killed outright, forced into slavery. These subjects of Rome did not have the means to defend themselves and paid for their transgressions with their lives. Today I am saddened by reality weapons are carried in places of worship to Protect our God given right to worship as we choose but realistic enough to honor, thank those who do carry concealed weapons to avoid unnecessary killings. Prayers to all.

  75. david, our founding fathers were much more intelligent than you. That is very obvious. It is YOU who needs to grow up and deal with reality!!! A gun doesn’t protect you????? Really???? If someone breaks into your house and wants to kill you a gun would not help you? YOU are a fool. Our founding fathers gave us a means to protect ourselves against a rogue government, not just to go hunting. And they left us a free nation based on God, whom they worshipped, and who gave us the rights that all of their documents reflected, including the right to protect ourselves.

  76. Good luck with that! Everyone who says that needs to research the number of guns in private hands in this country. You guys on the left like to tell us it’s impossible to deport all the illegal immigrants. Well, let me tell you that it would be absolutely impossible to confiscate all the guns in this country–even if all the law-abiding citizens lay down like sheep and handed over their guns willingly. And in spite of gun registration laws, it would be impossible to even FIND all the guns in this country.

  77. Are you aware of the hero of the shooting had to say about the incident?
    When asked about how he felt about killing a human being in church he stated he believe he had killed a human he had killed an evil. Or words to that effect and, and I have to agree with him. He has a lot of training with fire arms and one of the things taught along his experience he learned that you must be able to justify the use of the firearm when needed and if you can’t don,t carry it.

  78. It isn’t just about a good guy stopping a bad guy. The 2nd Amendment is about armed citizens thereby keeping government in check!

  79. Don’t believe it. The Democrat party is full of people that dumb and alot of them are in Congress and State Houses.

  80. It doesn’t matter whether bad guys give up the guns because when we shut down all the gun manufacturers and there’s no more ammunition then that will be the end of it. Eventually guns will become so rare people will only read about them in books. They’ll be like record players, completely obsolete.

  81. Kayley, don’t be a defeatist. Don’t give up on ending gun violence just because you think people will find other weapons. That’s a B.S. argument.

  82. Everything you mentioned has other purposes. Guns have only one purpose. You are making a pathetic argument.

  83. Ronald, I hope if you ever shoot somebody that you get your ass sued and then thrown in jail for the rest of your rotten pathetic life.

  84. You and I and everyone here knows you’re a liar. If Australia had any mass shootings we would hear about it on the news but we don’t and you know why. No guns = no shootings.

  85. BHR, don’t be an idiot. Your silly little guns can’t stop the U.S. military.
    The second amendment is obsolete. We are not peasants with flintlock rifles anymore. Grow a brain.

  86. Yeah Sarah, I’m sure if we had a gun buyback like Australia had we would immediately start going Nazi and throwing Jews in ovens. What a simple minded buffoon you are.

  87. You’re a liar. If Australia had gun violence we’d hear about it on the news. But we don’t because they don’t.

  88. Unintended Consequences and the Liberal Mindset
    Australian Gun Law Update

    Here’s a thought to warm some of your hearts…
    From: Ed Chenel, A police officer in Australia
    Hi Yanks, I thought you all would like to see the real figures from Down Under.
    It has now been 12 months since gun owners in Australia were forced by a new law to surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed by our own government, a program costing Australia taxpayers more than $500 million dollars.
    The first-year results are now in:
    Australia-wide, homicides are up 6.2 percent,
    Australia-wide, assaults are up 9.6 percent;
    Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent (yes, 44 percent)!
    In the state of Victoria… alone, homicides with firearms are now up 300 percent. (Note that while the law-abiding citizens turned them in, the criminals did not, and criminals still possess their guns!)
    While figures over the previous 25 years showed a steady decrease in armed robbery with firearms, this has changed drastically upward in the past 12 months, since the criminals now are guaranteed that their prey is unarmed. There has also been a dramatic increase in break-ins and assaults of the elderly, while the resident is at home.
    Australian politicians are at a loss to explain how public safety has decreased after such monumental effort and expense was expended in ‘successfully ridding Australian society of guns…’ You won’t see this on the American evening news or hear your governor or members of the State Assembly disseminating this information.
    The Australian experience speaks for itself. Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws affect only the law-abiding citizens.
    Take note Americans, before it’s too late!
    Will you be one of the sheep to turn yours in?
    WHY? You will need it.

    Don’t be a member of the silent majority.
    Be one of the vocal minority who won’t stand for nonsense!

    Australia: Became more violent crime despite gun ban!
    Thus, proving once again, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that Leftism is a Mental Disease!

  89. BZ Idiot, you can’t walk into a school and mow down children with a knife or a baseball bat. Grow a brain and do yourself a favor.

  90. If you ban guns and shut down the manufacturers ,including ammunition manufacturers then even bad people won’t be able to get guns. Obviously that requires closing the border too but you’re side wants that anyway.

  91. The old saying, “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”
    It has been also said that: “When guns are banned, only CRIMINALS and GOVERNMENTS will have guns!”
    Yes, and especially CRIMINAL GOVERNMENTS!

  92. Hey Anthony, why don’t you stop hiding behind your Communist government & you personally come to my house & try to take my guns from me. Please try it, please.

  93. You stupid fool. America isn’t the only country that manufactures guns & ammunition. You & your liberal communist friends are so stupid. I swear if I was as stupid as you are I would shoot myself with my favorite gun. It must be a real trip living with a liberal/communist’s mind.
    Now come & take my guns you pos.

  94. We all know the true reason for their gun control push and it has nothing to do with saving the lives of citizens, but only their absolute power. Demonrats care nothing for minions except for their votes as is typical of communists and their useful idiots who, once used, are no longer needed are disposable….and they’ve been dumbed down for decades, mainly by parental failure, so they can’t grasp that fact.

  95. Ok, so we eliminate ALL guns in the US including law enforcement and military because those could fall into the hands of the the ‘bad guys’ if we don’t. We disarm ourselves entirely as a country so as to prevent a few people from falling victim to mentally ill or evil people. Have you brushed up on your Mandarin or your Russian or your Farsi? If you can’t protect yourself and your country, you will lose. And you will lose on a much larger scale than you can even dream of. Don’t be so naive and don’t try to put the rest of us in danger with your silly little phony dreams of a utopia that just doesn’t exist. We can sit and sing Kumbaya all day long, but if the bad guys ain’t singin’ it, then you need an equalizer! Great job Mr. Wilson in protecting law abiding citizens from more harm!

  96. Don; Unfortunately you are correct. If we start abolishing our Amendments , what will be next?? It IS about, for the Demon party, complete control. Moving us one step closer to destroying our great country and turning it into part of the NWO. Please remember to vote this year and make sure we don’t get one of their own as our next sitting president… Thank you!

  97. Anthony, you obviously live in fantasyland and have no concept of reality. The truth is very foreign to you. You are an ignorant fool. And since you despise our Constitution and our founding fathers, PLEASE move to a country more to your liking. You are very dangerous to our freedom

  98. Anthony, look in your mirror to see a simple-minded buffoon!!!!! We have the RIGHT to own guns and if you don’t like it MOVE!!!!!!

  99. Anthony, YOU are the liar!!! What gene and fuddcat said is the TRUTH!!! But you have no concept of the truth. You are a sick fool

  100. Anthony, you make a total ass of yourself every time you post. If you don’t like our second amendment you are FREE to move to the country of your choice.

  101. Anthony, YOU are full of B.S.!!!!! We have RIGHT to protect ourselves. PERIOD!! If we could not do so, our enemies would soon control us, FOOL!!!!! Guess that’s what you want. You are very dangerous to our freedom

  102. And this is exactly what I am talking about. Trump supporters are some of the most vilest people around.

  103. Anthony, YOU ARE A FOOL!!!!!!! You live totally in fantasyland and have no concept of the truth. Our founding fathers knew we would need to protect ourselves from our enemies, of which YOU are one!!!! You are very dangerous to our freedom. If we didn’t have guns it would not be long at all before our enemies would be in complete control. You are truly braindead

  104. You need a gun to worship God?
    Now that’s really Sad!
    FYI: Jesus never carried a sword – just so you know.

  105. If the whole country was a gun free zone then nobody would get shot, or very few people would. Makes you think……..

  106. Anthony, that is FALSE!!!!! Your ignorance knows no bounds. Evil people will always find a way. You should know that. You sound very evil

  107. Yeah that’s right. I’m very violent for wanted guns banned while you seem to have no problem with people being shot every day. Go figure.

  108. Anthony, you are WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the one without a brain. That is very obvious. You are very dangerous to our freedom. FACT!!! The goal of the dem party is TOTAL control of our government and every aspect of our lives. The only way they can do that is to take our guns. NO WAY is that going to happen!!! Our founding fathers gave us the second amendment for a REASON and it is NOT obsolete. YOU have no concept of who they were or what they left us. You are just a sick hate-filled fool that has no clue about what this country is.

  109. Dear Aussie, I lived in Australia for 7 years. And I know crimes in your country is a tiny fraction of what it is in the U.S. even adjusted for the population difference.
    Maybe that’s because your country is an island where you don’t have to share a border with another country like Mexico.
    But regardless, something needs to be done about gun violence and what you’re country did seems to work pretty well.

  110. And other countries like Australia don’t have a 2nd amendment and they do a lot better than we do with gun violence. So you might want to rethink your post.

  111. Anthony, it is YOU who is truly brainless!!!! Have you ever heard of a bomb??? A bomb can kill many more people than someone with a gun. But guess bombs are fine with you, fool

  112. Anthony, someone can shoot you and it would be no loss. You are a true idiot. I feel very sorry for anyone who has to put up with you

  113. bj, what makes you an expert on everything?
    I’ve seen you post on here and you post more than anyone else on every subject. Politics, religion, guns, you name it.
    You stick your nose in nearly everyone’s comment.
    Just wondering why you are so much smarter than anyone else on these sites?

  114. Anthony, read your own postings to see vile. You are extremely sick and full of hate. I know HUNDREDS of people who support Pres. Trump and ALL are very loving, caring, kind people who do a LOT for others. They are FAR BETTER than you

  115. Codeblue, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Don’t worry, you are far stupider than I am. You couldn’t even read my post and comprehend all of it. I said we would have to close the border too Duh!
    What a moron.

  116. Anthony, you are clearly the stupid one. You have no concept of the truth or what this country is. You just hate

  117. Anthony, WRONG!!!!!! Your ignorance knows no bounds. If we were not able to protect ourselves we would NO LONGER be a free nation. Our enemies would take over. You are a FOOL

  118. bj, you are truly as big a fool as I’ve seen so many people on here point about about you. Your answer is, well we can’t take away their guns because they’ll just build a bomb instead. What a completely stupid ignorant thing to say. I think you should go tell that message to some of the parents that had their children murdered in schools. I’m sure that will go over real well. I hope you’re a fast runner.

  119. Anthony, It is GOD who gives us the RIGHT to protect ourselves. It is obvious that you know nothing about Him. And Jesus had no need to carry a sword. No one could harm Him until the time came

  120. Don, you are right on. That is the goal of the dem party…absolute power. And the only way they can get it is to take our guns

  121. Again, another stupid comment.
    I guess there’s no such thing as “car accidents” either since cars don’t cause accidents, people do.
    I have a pickup truck and it’s never caused an accident either.
    So many dumb dumb comments.

  122. And I want you to be comfortable with your tiny pecker. You don’t need guns to makeup for it. We all know why men find it necessary to collect guns.
    You don’t notice too many women collecting guns for an obvious reason.

  123. What a freaking moron you are. You think Australia has a gun violence problem but it’s being hidden by the fake media? Did you actually say something that stupid?

  124. Anthony, you are on a conservative Christian site, NEITHER of which you know anything about. No one forced you to come here. I am certainly not smarter than most people who come here. But I AM way smarter than you. You are the intruder. You have no clue at all about what our Constitution is or what banning guns would do to this country. You live in fantasyland. If we did not have guns we would no longer be free. That is a fact.

  125. bj, like usual, you seem to have missed the conversation.
    You should really go back and read all the posts and not just the last one. Sarah was implying we would become like Nazi Germany if we didn’t have any guns. Hello?

  126. Anthony, You are a very sad creature. You just come here to spew your sick hate, lies, and name calling. You can’t stand anyone who does not agree with you. I am very glad not to know you.

  127. Anthony the only stupid thing iam doing is exchanging comments with you. life should have taught me you cant fix stupid and you are the dumbest moron i believe i have ever run across someone may do us all a favor and push your face in

  128. Anthony, I read it and Sarah is correct. The first thing a country does to take over and control the people is to take their guns away. It is what the dem party wants to do here

  129. What I said is the TRUTH!!!!! WE ARE NOT AUSTRALIA!!!! Two very different countries. Feel free to move there since you hate it here so much. You certainly won’t be missed

  130. Anthony, if you really think that no one in Australia has a gun, you are truly the stupidest person on the planet

  131. David, thanks for your right-on comment. You explained it very well. Unfortunately, Anthony is not going to understand it

  132. bj, instead of lecturing everyone on these sites on every topic why don’t you post some bible verses to backup your statement. I’ve noticed you never do that.
    Do you even own a bible? If you have one please find some bible verses to backup your statement.

  133. I guess Australia is not a FREE nation then, huh bj?
    I guess their enemies took over then, huh?
    Who were their enemies that took over?
    Was it the aborigines?

    Obviously, it is you that is ignorant.

  134. Yeah and the only time one of them used a sword was to cut off a roman soldier’s ear, which Jesus promptly put back on, so your argument falls on the ground.

  135. We are not Australia but the point is we could be more like Australia when it comes to guns. Did you miss the point of the conversation bj?

  136. It’s not that I don’t like your comments, it’s that your comments are all dumb.
    Gee, there’s no such thing as gun violence since guns aren’t violent.
    What an adolescent thing to say.

  137. Bombs are not fine with me bj.
    I can’t believe you are so stupid not to know that bombs are already BANNED. Bombs are illegal already. Hello?
    Why would you compare guns to something that’s already banned in defense of not banning guns? You seriously are the stupidest person that posts on here.

  138. A coward why? Because I don’t own a gun? That makes me a coward?
    Well Jerry, it’s clear you’re another idiot like bj.

  139. Jerry, you just claimed we wouldn’t know about gun violence in Australia because of the fake news, and you call me a moron?
    Who’s fake news? Australia’s fake news or our fake news?
    What are you even talking about? Did you think first before you made that comment?

  140. Every time I think you’re finished you come up with an even stupider comment than the previous one. So every country that bans guns is taken over by some kind of enemy. That means countries like Australia have already been taken over by some enemy.
    What enemy would that be in Australia’s case? The aborigines?
    It’s shocking how stupid you are.

  141. I don’t know you at all bj, but I can say you are a very stupid person based on your posts.
    However, even with you being so stupid, I would never say if you were shot that it would not be a loss. Somebody that makes statements like you just made is a clearly an evil person and certainly no Christian as you pretend to be. You are a fraud, and you’ve just been exposed.

  142. Anthony, really?????? Look at what you just wrote!!! I KNOW bombs are banned. DUH!!!!!! But that doesn’t stop people from using them. So what do you think is going to happen if they ban guns??? The CRIMINALS will still use them. You are truly a fool. If guns are banned we will no longer be a free nation. That is a FACT. But you are so brainless that you cannot figure that out. It is what the dem party is trying to do. Their goal s a total government takeover and total control of us. The only thing in their way is millions of people with guns who can protect themselves. YOU obviously hate this country and our freedom. YOU are a traitor and very dangerous to our freedom.

  143. Anthony, what about the shooting in Australia last June??? If you think that no one there has guns you are truly ignorant. And WE have the right and the freedom to protect ourselves. THAT is what our founding fathers gave us in the second amendment. They were very wise. They knew that we may have the need to protect ourselves from a government take-over and that is just what the dems want to do. WAKE UP and see the truth that you deny. You are truly blind

  144. Anthony, you come here and spew your sick hate and your name-calling is extremely sick. You attack everyone whom you do not agree with. You are truly evil. satan is your master. Jesus forbids your sick hatred. It is very obvious that you have no concept at all of who God is and the great love Jesus has for you. I pity you. I am far from perfect (no one but Jesus is perfect), but I hate no one. You need LOTS of help. Jesus is there for you if you ever want Him. YES, I am a Christian. But you have no concept at all of what a Christian is. A Christian is someone who has come to Jesus and repented and accepted Him as their Savior. That doesn’t make them perfect, but it makes them SAVED. You have the same chance as everyone else to accept Jesus as the Lord of your life. But you have chosen satan and his hate and lies. He has you very brainwashed. This is a conservative Christian site and you keep showing us that you know nothing at all about either one. You just hate. sad

  145. Do you understand English???? Guess not. You have no concept at all of what I said. I DID NOT say that every country that bans guns wants to take over. Just the opposite. Every country that WANTS to take over first bans guns. Read your own sick postings to see stupid. I am far from stupid. It is YOU who denies the truth. That is not only stupid, it is very dangerous

  146. ANthony, really??? Are you really that stupid??? Who is going to take guns away from million of people who will not give them up??? We have the RIGHT and the DUTY to protect ourselves from those who would harm us. Come here and try to take mine, you FOOL. Our founding fathers were very wise. They knew there would be people like you. So it does not matter to you that the dems want total control of our government and every aspect of our lives. You hate our freedom and everything this country stands for. You are a traitor and should be in jail at the least. But you are correct in that one day nobody will have guns. When Jesus returns there will be no need for them. satan and all who follow him will be thrown into Hell and there will be eternal peace. All who belong to Jesus will join Him. sorry about you. You have chosen satan as your master. But Jesus loves you very much and you still have the chance to come to Him and be saved. It is your choice to follow Jesus to Heavn or satan to Hell. Choose wisely

  147. I guess I should have said the Trump supporters on here are mostly vile disgusting name callers with no substance. I don’t know the 100s of people you know.

  148. bj, take a good look in your mirror to see a vile disgusting name-caller. YOU call people names in almost everything you post. You need LOTS of help with your sick hate

  149. Anthony, of course I own a Bible. Try getting one and reading it. You will find all about God and His great love for us. I don’t have to back up my statements. What I said is the truth and you deny the truth. You have no concept at all of wo God is. And please show me where I am lecturing everyone. YOU are one of the few who need it. MOST of the people on this site are conservative Christians. You are way out of your league.

  150. Anthony, your ignorance knows no bounds. You have no concept at all of who our founding fathers were or what this country is. THIS IS NOT AUSTRALIA!!!!!!! Since you love Australia so much, PLEASE move there. Most of us will gladly buy you a one-way ticket. This country was founded by Christians who left us a nation based on their Christian principles. IT IS DIFFERENT FROM AUSTRALIA, which was founded by convicts. The dems hate everything this country stands for, including our Constitution and our freedom. Their goal is to totally take over . NO FREEDOM!!!! They have thrown God out and embrace satan and his lies. YOU are proof. Are you really that brain-dead?? Of course you are. You are obviously brainwashed by your lib leaders. Go back to Australia since you hate this country so much. You will not be missed

  151. Kawika, THANK YOU for your right-on posting!!!! You are so right about leftism being a mental disease. Just read Anthony’s postings to see the proof!

  152. Anthony, what I said is the truth. You can deny truth, but that makes you the fool that you are. You come on here and attack us with your sick hatred. The sick names you call everyone else are true about YOU. You hate everything this country stands for which makes you a traitor and you need to be locked up

  153. Our freedom comes from God, who gave it to us. You know nothing at all about who our founding fathers were or what they left us. You just blindly believe the sick lies of your dem leaders without question. satan is your master.

  154. bj, show me the verse/s that discuss protecting yourself in the bible.
    You do have to back up your statements if you want anybody on here to take you seriously.
    Is that the kind of person you are? Are you a troll like the others that throw stuff out there but can’t backup anything they say with proof.
    Do you have integrity or not? You claim to be a Christian but you can’t even defend your faith and show a bible verse? Are you a fraud or what?

  155. Anthony, so you can read the Bible. But very sadly, you have not applied what you read. It is all just a bunch of words to you.

  156. I didn’t mean about women collecting guns. The first part was very deranged. I know many men who have guns and YOU know why????? NO, YOU DO NOT!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t even have a clue

  157. bj, you accuse democrats of being liars but it is YOU that is lying.
    You said if we can’t defend ourselves then we are no longer a free nation, and I showed you a nation where guns are illegal and yet it’s still a free nation.
    You have no integrity whatsoever. You say things but you can’t back them up.
    If someone asks you to explain what you said you divert and try to change the subject or just start name calling. Australia was not founded by convicts you idiot. Convicts don’t create nations. The British put their convicts there in the beginning but they did not found Australia. Australia was built by people, including a lot of Americans. But that’s besides the point. Can you answer the question?

  158. Anthony, you prove that you are an idiot with every post you make. You come on here and attack us with your sick hate and name-calling. Yes, YOU are the coward. You would never dare to say all those vile things to our faces. You can’t stand the truth nor anything this country stands for. You are a sick traitor. Go back to Australia, since you like it there so well

  159. bj, you don’t even know me. We have never met and yet you accuse me of hating America. You call me stupid and say I have no concept of the truth. That’s what I’m talking about that you always say the same thing. Go look at your response. The first two sentences of every response from you if you don’t agree with someone is to say they have no concept of the truth or whatever, like only you know the truth.
    That’s what I’m talking about. You always the same thing. Not just to me but everyone you pick fights with. You are no Christian from what I see. You’re a FRAUD at best.

  160. Anthony, I am a college graduate and my IQ is far higher than yours. With your sick hate-filled name-calling yours seems to be about 10

  161. Anthony, we will buy you a one-way ticket BACK to Australia since you like it there so well. It is obvious that you hate this country .

  162. And you are very stupid. You say stupid things and then can’t back them up with proof.
    You said America can’t be a free country without guns yet you can’t explain why Australia is free.
    You said God gives you the right to defend yourself, and all I ask is for one bible verse but instead you just insult me.
    You have no integrity. You are no better than the other trolls on here that pick fights.
    You are not Christian bj, you are a FRAUD at best.

  163. If I’m nuts then half our country is nuts. Half of our country wants guns banned so people stop getting shot.
    And the number is growing.

  164. And it’s obvious you are an idiot. What do you call someone that says stupid things and then when confronted by it can’t back anything up?
    We call that person and IDIOT!

  165. You have absolutely NO CONCEPT of what this country is. NO, we could not be more like Australia when it comes to guns!!!!!! There is no comparison. Maybe we should just send the whole dem party over to Australia and see what will happen there. You have no clue. The goal of the dem party is total and complete control of our government and our lives. NO FREEDOM!!!! They cannot do that without taking our guns. So you think that is a good thing? YOU ARE A FOOL!!!! Our founding fathers very wisely left us a means to protect ourselves from those who would harm us, including a rogue government. WAKE UP!!!! WE ARE NOT GOING TO GIVE UP OUR GUNS!!!! That would be very foolish. We will hold onto them until Jesus comes back and sends satan and all else who would harm us to Hell

  166. bj, I have read the constitution more than once and am quite familiar with the bill of rights. I also read the bible too and am quite familiar with the New Testament. Not the Old Testament so much.
    Anyway, the reason I say you are a FRAUD is because you say things about God that you CANNOT back up with scripture.
    I don’t know where you’re from but we call that kind of person a FRAUD!

  167. Anthony, Ben Franklin said that we have a Republic if we can keep it. The dems have no intention of keeping it. And that includes YOU. You hate everything our founding fathers left us. That makes you a traitor. You are very dangerous to our freedom and need to be locked up. You hate the very Constitution of this nation. GITMO seems a good place for you since you like Cuba so much

  168. bj, if guns are banned, and manufacturers are shut down, including ammunition manufacturers, where are the bad guys going to get their guns from? Are they going to make them in their basement?
    Bombs are easy to make. Anybody can make a bomb out of household items and stuff from a hardware store. Remember the pressure cooker bomb? Ever heard of a pipe bomb???
    You just claimed we shouldn’t make something illegal because bad people will use something else that already is illegal.
    What kind of argument is that? It makes no sense whatsoever.

  169. Anthony, There is NO COMPARISON between America and Australia!!! I already explained that. YOU are very much part of the problem. The whole dem party threw God out and embraces satan and his hate and lies. YOU are proof of that. The goal of the dems is to TAKE OVER our government and us. FACT!!!!! The only way they can do that is to take our guns. Maybe if we send every dem to Australia we won’t need so many guns

  170. bj, in response to your other post about me coming here to attack people with no respond button, I did not come here to attack people.
    It is you that started all of this. You are the one that started responding to my posts, not the other way around.
    You even respond to my posts that are to other people.
    It is YOU that is into attacking people and picking fights. I read what you say to other people too. You are certainly no Christian.
    Just a FRAUD that can’t backup anything you claim. No scripture. NOTHING!

  171. bj, you are such a LIAR. You claim I came here to attack and pick fights and here you are responding to everyone of my posts to other people with attacks. Why do you find it necessary to respond to every one of my posts even to other people?
    Well obviously it’s because you love to pick fights with people and attack them. I remember you claiming democrats always accuse people of what they are guilty of and here you are doing exactly that. You are a hypocrite!

  172. Anthony, we get the same old hate and name-calling from you every time you post. You yourself said that our Constitution is obsolete and you want to ban guns. That goes against everything this country was founded on, so YES, I will accuse you of hating America because it is the truth. You want to do away with what our founding fathers gave us. That is very dangerous. Do you even have a clue who our founding fathers were and why they came here and what they left us???
    And I called you stupid?? Yes, I did, and you are. But look at YOUR OWN POSTINGS!!!! YOU CALL everyone on here that does not agree with you stupid and much worse. Look in your mirror to see what you have been calling everyone else.
    And it makes no difference to me whether or not you think I am a Christian. I don’t answer to you. I answer to Jesus whom I serve. I have come to Him and repented and accepted Him as my Savior. I knw that I will be with Him for eternity. Do you know where YOU will spend eternity? Your sick hate and name-calling are forbidden by Jesus. But He loves you very much and is waiting for you to repent and follow Him. Your choice to make. No one can do it for you

  173. Anthony, PROVE IT!!!!!! And I have told you many times that banning guns IS NOT going to prevent people from getting shot. That is a truth that you deny. Please explain that there have been many bombs even though they are banned. Please explain the shooting in Australia last June. If you think people in Australia don’t have guns, you are a fool

  174. Here we go with the IQ thing again. It seems like when anybody runs out of steam with their argument they have to brag how high their IQ is. That’s something children do, not grownups.
    Sarah is the one that mentioned Nazi Germany on the issue of banning guns, and I responded to her. Then you stuck your stupidity into it claiming countries that want to take over ban guns. What countries?
    Did Australia take over? What did they takeover? What does America want to takeover?
    Do you even know what you’re talking about?
    bj, do you smoke weed? I’m curious about you now.

  175. Anthony, I have told you several times that there is a huge difference between America and Australia but you just refuse to see the truth. It is clearly you who has no integrity. You want to change this country into something it was never meant to be. Go back to Australia. You will be much happier there, but not safer, as the violence there is escalating

  176. Anthony, you said “our county”, yet your allegiance is to Australia and you are trying to get us to be like them. We are NOT and will NOT BE like them!!! This is a whole different country. If you want to be like Australia, it is very simple…MOVE THERE!!!

  177. Look Lukatella i gave you Bible. Verses read Luke chapter 22 verses 36-38 btw assuming you are a Godless person the book of Luke is the 4th book of the new testament

  178. Anthony, You know nothing of what the Bible teaches. It is just a bunch of words to you. You have not applied what you read. You have shown that satan is your master. If you bothered to read the Bible you would know that Jesus forbids your sick hatred, lies, and name-calling. And who is anybody here???? You are on a conservative Christian site. It is YOU who is not taken seriously. We know that you are not a Christian. It is YOU who is the troll. You come here and spew your hate and name-calling. The Bible means nothing to you. But here are a couple of verses since you have no clue of how to find them yourself…

    Luke 22:35-36 ESV And he said to them, “When I sent you out with no moneybag or knapsack or sandals, did you lack anything?” They said, “Nothing.” He said to them, “But now let the one who has a moneybag take it, and likewise a knapsack. And let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one.
    Luke 11:21 ESV When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own palace, his goods are safe

    God has given us the right and freedom to defend ourselves. That is what this country was founded on…CHRISTIAN principles. But you do not know what Jesus teaches us

  179. Anthony, I would love for you to come over here and try to take my gun away. It would not happen. And criminals will ALWAYS have guns. They will get them illegally.

  180. Anthony, uh, the first settlers in Australia were convicts. That is a fact. So Australia was founded by convicts. But it has done pretty well for itself since then

  181. bj, the bible is not just a bunch of words to me.
    I am perfectly capable of applying bible verses.
    It is you that can’t do it.
    You claim God gave you the right to defend yourself but you can’t point to a single verse.
    All you can say is you don’t have to defend yourself, which is what people do when they already know they lost the argument.

  182. I suppose you believe that killing innocent helpless babies is good, too. And I’m betting that you think climate change is man-made. And that illegal immigrants should be welcomed and allowed to vote. And that Obama wasn’t born in Kenya.

  183. I just gave you the proof. It is the truth!!! Guess you don’t know how to read, either. So you have come to Jesus and repented and accepted Him as your Savior and follow His teachings??? He forbids your sick hate and name-calling, so guess that is a no. All you do is attack us.

  184. bj, you stopped short of verse 37 in Luke 22.
    “For I say unto you, that this that is written must yet be accomplished in me, And he was reckoned among the transgressors: for the things concerning me have an end.”
    If you don’t know what that means, its as reference to Isaiah 53:12.
    That Jesus will be treated like a criminal and the sword fulfills scripture.
    It IS NOT a call for Christians to buy weapons.

  185. Anthony, you have just proved what I have been saying all along. You hate everything this country stands for and what our founders left us. Yes, they are dead. DUH!!! But they left us a nation based on their Christian principles, one of which is your FREEDOM. But you obviously do not want this to be a free country. You and your sick dem leaders have thrown God out and embrace satan. He is your leader. Ben Franklin said that we have a Republic if we can keep it. The dems have no intention of keeping it. They are very dangerous to our freedom. satan will rule for a time, but then Jesus will come and rescue us from satan and all of his followers…dems, communists, atheists, muslims, and all others who deny God. There will be true peace for eternity but you will not be a part of it unless you come to Jesus and repent

  186. So you have read the Bible and think you know what it teaches. But yet you have no concept at all of who God is and why Jesus came here. You have no clue what the one single theme of the whole Bible is. satan also knows what the Bible says.

  187. Again bj, you stopped short on the verses and didn’t read all of them.
    Luke 11:21-26 is a parable referring to the Holy Spirit and casting out demons. The Holy Spirit is like the strong man. When an unclean spirit is cast out, if the house is not occupied by the Holy Spirit then the unclean spirit can return with 7 more demons and then the person is in even worse shape than they were before.
    None of these verses are calls for Christians to buy swords.

  188. Anthony, have you been born again? Are you saved from your sins by the blood of Jesus?? You hate all who belong to Him, so that can’t be a yes.

  189. Luke 11:21-26 is also interpreted in another way, that Satan is the strong man, and Jesus could not have cast out demons unless He already defeated the strong man, (Satan).
    But again, if the house is not occupied by another strong man, The Holy Spirit, then 7 more demons can return and take over the house.

  190. Anyway bj, the original argument was about you claiming that God gives you permission to defend yourself and I asked you to come up with verses. But all you did was take them out of context and not include the other verses that follow.
    Now you’re trying to change the subject again and question my salvation. So at this point I’m done with you.
    You are wrong, and I proved you are wrong. Nothing more to say.
    I’m not going on and on playing silly games with you because you love to pick fights on these sits and argue with people.
    You can have the last word. I’m finished. Has a nice evening.

  191. Nowhere in the Bible does God say we can’t defend ourselves. That is a fact. He uses many means to keep His people safe. But you would not know that. You very sadly do not belong to Him

  192. Wow bj, I just read all your posts at Anthony and while I think he’s crazy he certainly smoked you on the bible. If he’s not a Christian he certainly knows the bible better than you do, and seems quite intelligent.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m on the same page with you about guns. Just an observation I made reading the back and forth. No disrespect intended.

  193. Anthony Lukatella: I am not about to get into a spitting match with you as you have done with so many other supporters of our 2nd. Amendment. But I do want to correct you on one point you tried to make to Kayley. It is NOT a BS argument that people will find other ways of killing the masses. Do you remember the Boston marathon? Or how about 911?? I lost loved ones and friends that horrible day and who would ever think planes would be used to destroy and kill thousands? Evil will always find a way. You can not think by revoking the 2nd. Amendment and taking law biding citizens weapons away will bring us to a utopia .That is foolish thought. The world and it’s people have become more hostile. And I for one will keep my weapons, legally. But , as you so colorfully put it, if the government comes knocking at my door and shoots me with my own weapon, so be it. But that doesn’t make it right.
    Just think , if our 2nd. Amendment is abolished, what will be next?? Thank you.

  194. Gun training should be taught in schools. It takes no skill to shoot randomly, but good guys with guns need to shoot with precision. Mass shootings happen in gun free zones; instead of gun free zones, there should be “try anything, and a good guy will stop you with a single bullet” zones.

  195. You can argue that a gun-free America would be good, but a gun-free America is not a feasible reality. There can be an America where decent people have guns or one where only criminals have them.
    As an aside, I think you’re taking for granted the good that comes from guns. Imagine how many more car accidents there would be as a result of deer overpopulation if there were no guns for hunting. Imagine if police needed to stop terrorists with a bow and arrow.

  196. I’ll confess something here that will not be a popular opinion: I do not like Trump. I don’t think he represents the Republican beliefs I was raised with.
    But how on Earth can anyone think it’s a good idea to take guns away from decent people and leave only criminals with them?

  197. It happens to be that most suggested gun laws would not save any lives. But even if a law could save lives, we still need to weigh the costs. I know this may sound callous to some, but what is the value of the lives you’re saving if we’re living in a freedom-less dystopia?

  198. Pure fantasy. If the government tried to confiscate all firearms, whilst even only ten percent of the people resisted the attempt, then the government would probably be defeated.

  199. Shutting down all gun manufacturers while leaving the rest of society intact is impossible. A totalitarian government, rife with censorship and devoid of due process of law, would have to be implemented. The maintenance of such things always requires armies equipped with weapons of some kind. What you’re advocating actually demands an extinction-level democide accompanied by mind control, as in basically rebuilding a new world altogether.

  200. Emphasizing “gun” violence over violence in general is sophistry. We must not ignore the merits of firearms. The idea the firearms have no merit whatsoever is a lie.

  201. Only one purpose? Like the discharging of a projectile that travels at sufficient momentum as to puncture bone along with the flesh beyond it? Why would that be the only purpose? Even so, subjecting an living organism to such destruction is not always devoid of merit. The making, keeping and bearing of weapons are part of being human on earth.

  202. See. That’s the thing. It would be easier for the armed people to force the unarmed people to go away than for the other way around to occur. What part of that do control advocates not understand?

  203. The United States military is not bulletproof. While certain vehicles and buildings are bulletproof, the act of using them as shields comes at the forfeiture of being able to seize things or rape people.

    Besides, who is to say that “little guns” are the only things with which are armed? We can build things that would prove to be major inconveniences to invading infantries who intend to capture us or steal from us. When it comes to insurgent infantries trying to stand up against an aggressive navy, an aggressive air force or an aggressive space force, let us not forget that the only attack options available to the aggressive forces are lethal ones or otherwise ones that destroy property that the forces might actually be interested in stealing. Neither they nor their bosses will necessarily get what they want by injuring or slaying civilians. Governments that order too many broad strikes upon too many of the people from whom they depend upon tax revenue or other services will collapse.

    No part of the “Bill of Rights” is obsolete, just as no part of the ninth section of the first article of the Constitution of the United States is obsolete. The structure of our republic and perpetual union of States is very particular.

  204. Shot by whom? If it is a tyrant acting in color of law, then this only serves to reinforce the stance on how important it is that the common folk be equipped with everything that the tyrants are. Also, who is to say that everybody close to a person automatically absolutely must never deserve to be shot? A person could have a loved-one about whom he or she does not know enough, and that loved-one could be evil. Would it really be so terrible to find out the defects in the character of that other from a posthumous investigation?

  205. Yes, just like it would be rather hard to use a knife or a baseball bat to “mow down” multiple home invaders, while waiting for the nearest cop to arrive. Da!

  206. The key was that Australian people did not really resist the measure. Some people complied and turned in their weapons, whereas others lost their weapons in boating accidents, and there is no telling how many weapons exist in Australia of which the Australian federal civil authorities aren’t even aware. Also, the mandatory buyback didn’t put any end to anything that was already prevalent.


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