You won’t believe what the left just called racist


The left regularly labels iconic staples of Americana racist.

In the past they’ve attacked peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hoop earrings and even casting a black lead in Star Trek.

But you won’t believe what classic childhood cartoon the left just called racist.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is one of the iconic TV specials of American tradition and culture.

It teaches to love and accept people for whom they are and to be thankful for the friends and family in one’s life.

But the left called it racist because of a single scene.

Franklin, the show’s black character, is shown sitting my himself on one side of the Thanksgiving table.

The other characters are seated on one side of the table while he is seated across from them.

Charles Schultz, the creator of the Peanuts comic strip, was avidly anti-racism.

In fact, he drew attention to it in his comic strip.

And he specifically added Franklin into his iconic series because he wanted to improve race relations in the United States.

The idea for Franklin was inspired from a letter from a black schoolteacher in Los Angeles.

The teacher had phoned multiple cartoonists and they were all scared to add a black character due to the potential repercussions that might have ensued.

But Charles Schultz decided to add a black character anyway, and it worked.


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  2. So let me get this straight. A few people are commenting negatively about Franklin sitting on the opposite side of the table from Charlie Brown, Lucy and Sally, and suddenly this is THE LEFT complaining? This is comparable to me saying that, because a few white supremacists don’t want Franklin at the table, that CONSERVATIVES in general don’t want Franklin at the table.

  3. The term racist has lost most of its significance in America. It has been used to excess, and is one of the many causes of a divided nation. It has been used by democrats and their supporters as a weapon to tarnish reputations, and destroy the livelihoods of even those innocent of the accusation.

  4. Give me a break… If you are looking for something hard enough your mind will make something up that isn’t really there to fulfill your desire….. So, Frankin is sitting on the other side of the table….Maybe he is the guest of honor and this way everyone can communicate with him easily… Maybe he came late and the other side of the table was already full…. Maybe a few guests haven’t shown up yet or had to leave or maybe you can’t see the person sitting on Franklin’s right… You can see dessert there for someone. Marcie? Lucy? Violet? Shroeder? Snoopy? Woodstock? who know? But it is time people stop looking for reasons to be offended. If yourself as a victim, you will always be a victim… This calling everyone racist over any tiny little imaginary slight is more than ridiculous! Grow up and act like adults. If you don’t want to be a victim all of your life, then stop acting like one and stop claiming you are! …and that statement is not aimed at any race… it is aimed at anyone trying to label other people something to somehow make the world feel sorry for you or draw attention to yourselves… You might get a little bit of attention… but it isn’t respect… it’s pity, frustration, anger and disdain… Pick yourself up by your bootstraps and start acting like you are the person God created you to be. Walk with dignity and honor and stop letting negative thoughts and negative emotions control your lives.,

  5. The left could find racism in a pile of dog crap… I’m completely surprised they didn’t find a way to blame Trump… If they really want to see racism…they should simply look in the mirror. I’m beginning to believe it’s in their blood… and certainly, all over their history.

  6. How much clearer must it get, ban all classic movies/music and, are history, turn everything black then there will be no more talk of racism, it will be all about them, that’s what they want (RID OF US) rerace are past and, breed us out. I don’t care to put up with that your racist bull s—T because I care and, have pride in my color unlike many today, blacks are the races and, everytime we speak out we are labeled a racist, that’s their way of saying to shout the f___k up. They have recruited all these white brainwashed black loving supporters, that’s how they do it, turn white against white sad to say we have to many that willfully betray their own color, unlike blacks no matter how wrong one of theirs might be. Here’s a simple test, call some black man a BLACK BOY and, see what happens. They blow WHITE BOY out their black mouths all the time, they like to do it in front of white women, it’s to put the white man down and pump up the black man !!!

  7. The only thing that would have made them happy is if ALL the characters were black. End of story. Their goal is eventually make sure everyone in this country has black blood. Until then, just deal with the racism garbage.

  8. The social justice warrior bimbos throw epithets with disgusting impunity. If you include persons, characters, etc. of different races/ethnicities then one is showing racism by including a token. If minorities are not included, then this shows racism. The only way to avoid charges of racism is to exclude Whites which is absolutely racist. Which is to say that the SJWs are the most racist group in the US. This also shows the SJWs, accusing others of their own faults, as liars and hypocrites.

  9. Give em an inch and they will keep attempting to change history, the black boy in the Peanuts cartoon should be viewed as a compliment for blacks and probably is to reasonable blacks who are greatly in the minority, screw the rest of them, it is what it is!

  10. If you look at all the new shows that are coming out … they are all about the black people and putting white people down … how about shoes where people get along with each other…. I have black friends from hs that now say all white people should just die!! Who are the true racists?
    And really a Charlie Brown cartoon … ?? They’re nuts

  11. I recently was on YOUTUBE scrolling down looking for something of interest to watch when, I found this one that said HISTORY has been lying to us, ABE LINCOLN was black and, went as far as to have the real ABE to the left and this short black man to the right and said he was the real Abe Lincoln. I did not click on it, I don’t know which I was more pisst off or shocked. Of all people in history how could they show so much disrespect to, the man that freed their people, paid the ultimate price, a bullet in the head for them and, this is how they repay him for his ultimate sacrifice. It hasn’t been that long since they put that big statue of Martin Luther King in front of his memorial, blocking a nice view of it, M.L.K. was all about his people (BLACK) he did nothing for all the people yet there are AVENUES named after him all over the place, black history month (no white history month), I understand they now have NINE (9) black colleges but we can’t have one, that would be racist. They continue to use RACISM as a tool to get away with everything, and get their way on everything, when they are CLEARLY THE MOST RACIST RACE IN AMERICA, the next time a N blows that WHITE BOY crap out their black mouth reply BLACK BOY and give him a five knuckle sandwich!!!!

  12. Liberalism is a mental disorder and Pelosi,Behar,Hillary, Carrey, Waters, She-pard are just some of the poster girls in the deranged NAZI Commie Demoncrat party!!! Here is just another Liberal LGBT useful idiot on display!

  13. It’s all about CONTROL, ala “1984”. Control over the language, thought, the children and their education, the Media, all of Commerce, and eventually “your soul”. They don’t care about what you think – THEY will tell you How and What to think ! It’s already been tried a number of times in History, and failed miserably every time. However, these sick zealots who want POWER OVER ALL will never quit.


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