You won’t believe what Teen Vogue is telling 13-year-old girls about sex


The radicals in the LGBT movement are determined to trick children into adopting their sick ideas regarding sexuality and gender.

But this time they’ve gone too far.

And you won’t believe what Teen Vogue is doing to confuse 13-year-old girls about their bodies.

LGBT radicals are grooming the next generation of activists.

Which is why they’ve made teenage girls and boys their primary target.

Occasionally, these radicals sneak into classrooms or libraries to spread their sick ideas.

However, they’ve discovered they can have more immediate impact by infiltrating the media.

Now, Teen Vogue is telling 13-year-old girls that gender is entirely made up and that they shouldn’t identify as either a girl or a boy.

Breitbart reports:

Teen magazine, Teen Vogue, is at it again, diving headlong into contentious politics and calling it “science” — this time with a video titled, “5 Common Misconceptions About Sex and Gender” that proposes that “binary is bulls**t.”

The video features a group of speakers telling teenagers that traditional gender roles are not “scientific.” The speakers scoff at the idea that a person with a penis has to be a boy and a person with a vagina is by nature a girl.

Some of the sage comments include that of Belgian model Hanne Gaby Odiele, who is seen saying, “I’m here to tell you that binary is bulls**t.” Next up, author Katrina Karkazis sneers at the idea that “sex typically refers to your biological traits.”

But Karkazis goes on to insist that gender is not about binary sexes but is instead about “ideas” about sex. “Gender is about your identity, your expression, and it’s often based on ideas about sex.”

Teen Vogue should be ashamed of themselves for pushing this sick propaganda on young boys and girls.

Teenagers are not exactly known for their wisdom or emotional maturity.

Confusing them by telling them there are an infinite number of genders is wrong.

But they are showing no signs of remorse.

Teen Vogue knows exactly what it is doing.

Parents will need to be increasingly aware of what their kids are reading or listening to online if they wish to protect them from publications such as this.

Do you agree with Teen Vogue that there are in infinite amount of genders?

Let us know in the comments section.


  1. That is vogues whole purpose they want teenagers to be confused because the more vogue confuse them the better for Vogue! Satan is the author of confusion 🙄 duh? Read bible Satan the author of confusion 1 John 1 liar deceiver muderer trickster satan evil prince of darkness.

    • In my 72 years I’ve see an awful lot of naked babies, but I’ve never seen a true hermaphrodite, which are born occasionally. That is a decision for the mother and father and their Doctors. Vogue has always been on the cutting edge of dysmorphic ideologies and dysfunctional lifestyles. I would keep tabs on what my children reading and on line. It’s a parent’s job to protect their children in all things. Don’t be lookin’ to God to fix everything. God helps he who helps himself, and turns his highest attentions to those who cannot help themselves.

      • You are right on DH even God won’t fix stupid unless you are really serious when you ask him to fix your own. ( I’m in agreement with you and not referring to you) we are given the name “parent” for a reason.

  2. This shows me how important it is to pretend, and for them to live a life of fantasy. It’s not enough that they want to live this way, but they want everyone else to think this way so that they will be “right”. They are targeting children because many adults are wise to what they are up to.

  3. These teenagers need to know the obvious,
    That they are a product of millions of unions between the two sexes.
    and that now it is their turn to someday continue the process.
    I heard a Jewish rabbi say, “the only way to achieve immortality is through viable children.”

  4. Teen Vogue’s intentions are quite clear here . To desensitize the youth into seeing Homosexuality as being harmless and perfectly normal and natural . By eliminating the reality of Gender that helps to make this possible . Gender Neutrality is a lie being spread by Homosexuals and their supporters . The efforts to eliminate Gender is quite dramatic . Gender Neutral Restrooms are the example of the efforts being made to make this happen . The truth is simple , Homosexuality if adopted by the Human Race By the majority of the Population will mean the Extinction of the Human race .

    • Hear, Hear !! Bravo!!! Straight-line logic to it’s ultimate end. I’ve said this for 50 years and always get the pooh-pooh, as homosexuality is supposed to be normal. Normal means what most people do. If homosexuality is what most people do, then why isn’t 95% of the population homosexual? Destroyed by their own demented logic, are they not? Unless we are with Alice in Wonderland, where what the Red Queen means what she says it means at any given time and something else at other times?

  5. They can put it anyway they want, one it is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children what gender they are, as is the parents responsibility to sue this magazine for defamation of gender, come on America wake up, you as parents have rights, use them.

    • ”it is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children what gender they are” ????? really ???? nature should teach them, because that is what nature is !!!!!! I cannot REMEMBER my parents sitting me down and saying ”Joy Ann, you are a girl, and your brother Larry is a boy” !!!! people KNOW what they are, and those who are trying to say that Larry is a girl, too, even tho he isn’t are literally sick in their heads and want to FORCE us to question our own FACTS of NATURE !!!!

      • Yes Joy Ann Roberts, it is up to the parents to teach their children/grandchildren the truth. We never had a problem as children about “what gender we were”. Times have changed and we must change with them if we want to protect our children. We must educate them on what the loony left is trying to do to them and how bad it is. I wish this wasn’t true but facts are facts and if we just allow our children to “learn on their own” then they could be in trouble as they get older.

  6. This is SICK! These perverts are taking advantage of young people in an effort to create more ignorant perverts. The perverts behind this should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

  7. Truth be without the Lord Christ Jesus in ur heart mind& body u r in the crosshairs of these perverted lunatic reprobates,personelly I feel sorry for this generation of young people who r subject to this dribble of stupidty & insanity!

  8. Wickedness, evil and lawlessness is infinite not “gender” and not “sex”. I say that but in reality there is a beginning and an end to these.

  9. I blame this on the democratic movement. This is totally a mental illness of men and women that has reach a level of concern for this country, and I also consider the democratic party a complete failure worldwide.

  10. As a elementary teacher from a conservative state who retired in 1999, I am absolutely appalled at how the schools have been completely taken over by the liberals, they write the text books, the curriculum, teach, and push not only political correctness, but false narratives that support their agenda. It was subtle at first, but it is now blatant! If anyone has the audacity to question any of their propaganda, you are called a racist, or xemophobic, homophobic, ( I don’t even know how to spell all of their made up words) etc. Those whom you are criticizing are instantly called victims and you are the bad guy. It is time for the American people to wake up and take back our country. We must take a stand and we need to enlighten those young people who and their parents who are the product of our school systems. In this case, and we have many more to address, there are only 2 two genders and we are all born either male or female, period!

    • As a high school teacher who realized in 1963, after four years of the insanity that passes for education in the evil empire that the United States has become, I stopped participating in the indoctrination system. It is designed to create a society in which, by age 18, all but a few of the “products” of the system will appear to have been born terminally stupid. Judge for yourself the level of success that government achieved with compulsory (the opposite of liberty) schooling.

  11. There some sick parents out there. When I was stationed in Hawaii 1969-72, I had a neighbor, a Navy Chief, who had a son about 4 years old. His wife, a truly weird woman, dressed the boy in girls clothes, gave him dolls to play with and bragged how he loved to cook and bake cookies. I sometimes wonder how the poor kid turned out.

  12. Gender is not science we know this for idiots it’s determined at birth not in a lab or in Washington by some it like AOC! These radicals fail to mention the high suicide rate from these individuals who choose this way of life and it is a choice

  13. It is interesting to note that I have never seen a queer cat or dog or cow or pig and yet we were the species given the power of reason. With the exception of a very few legitimate cases humans are either born male or female and the occasional hermaphrodite. This is the same for genetic mutations like 2 headed calves and other anomalies. Should we discriminate against gays because they are attracted to the same sex , no because we should not discriminate against any peaceful people. But they also should not try to promote the gay agenda as that is the same as promoting the black or white race over the other one. They need to stop their agenda is a form of discrimination in itself.

  14. I have preached (from a young age) to my grandchildren (as have their parents) about how Vogue and other trashy magazines and websites are trying to “change” what the truth is because they are very sick people and want other children/young adults to join with them and that they should ask their parents who will tell them the “real truth” about how things are. We have explained to them how these trashy magazines and sites get PAID to bring in young adults to read their junk. So far so good as all 3 of the over 20 grandchildren KNOW the truth and STICK WITH THEIR GENDER THEY WERE BORN WITH.

  15. Just another example of the LEFT WING LIBERAL INSANE running the asylum and you can think the so called present day higher institutions of learning for much of this BS that is infecting our nation like CANCER !!!

  16. America….you better watch out….the democrats are out to get you….they need to be stopped!!!! They do not have your best interests at heart. They are here to change everything and rule over you. They really want this nation to perish. Their big agenda is to have a new world order. Can’t you see the light of day….Mueller investigation clears Trump and they are still after his ass. Yes, he was exonerated….the dumb ass Democrats just didn’t use that word on purpose. And the Democrats will do anything to get Trump, that includes taking down America if need be. Come on America….wake up….please!!!! The liberals are really getting too liberal….they have no qualms if you get hurt or what you really think and need….they are out to get their way. America is not here to save the world and all its people. We are a nation…..and sooner or later it will crumble to the ground like we have seen so many other countries…..DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN AMERICA….read between the lines. And the MEDIA is not in our side…that should be obvious.


  17. Cave Creek School District north of Phoenix feels it’s necessary to take precious school time to teach their precious 4th grade students about oral sex and anal sex. The problem is the new curriculum they are going to vote on in April 8th has been developed for children as young as fourth grade! Not only is this not “age-appropriate”, it violates Arizona State Standards. Unfortunately, this has already passed in Tempe, Az. If this keeps going, our children will never be able to have a childhood. Protect our children. Please notify people, especially parents, I don’t think they even notified them.


  19. perverts, freaks and pedophiles trying to justify their creepy child molesting criminal ways through the mass media. the fools in the media are to stupid to realize their being lead down the path. Sex is what your born with girls have different equipment than boy that’s a fact!!! You can’t change it with wishful perverted thinking!!!! or for all real purposes with surgery !!!!and drugs!!!

    • The “fools” in the Marx Stream Media know EXACTLY what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.
      The Bible said things woulds get REALLY STUPID, and now they are. It’s only going to get worse.

  20. Once again it must be the duty of parents to monitor and when necessary keep garbage like Teen Vogue out of the hands of their children. And at the same time cancel any subscriptions, and send letters of complaint to the editor.

  21. Liberal progressive lunacy running wild! Unfortunately, this sick perverted depravity of peoples minds is only going to get worse. When our nation took prayer and Bible reading out of our public schools back 50 to 60 years ago, we have been slowly reaping the consequences of not acknowledging the God of the Bible, who has blessed above all nations!! Romans 1:1-32 comes to mind, a must read for todays evil world!!

  22. These liberals have gone beyond ignorant and so want everyone else to join them. So, if I’m a felon and I have an ar15 and I “feel” it’s just a stick I guess when I shoot someone and get arrested it’s just a stick, right? Or when I drive my corvette at 120 mph in a 45 mph zone but I “feel” I’m doing 45 makes it ok! HEY DIPSTICKS, a BOY IS A BOY AND A GIRL IS A GIRL. LOOK at the shape and get over it!

  23. Humm they want us to believe science about global warming or what ever they call it now day but not the science behind a man or a woman. I’d say big pharma is just as much behind this because they will have these kids on drugs for the rest of their lives and keep big pharma in dollars for ever.


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