You won’t believe what request of Joe Biden’s the Pope denied


The Washington Post called Joe Biden “very catholic.”

But the U.S. Council of Bishops is currently meeting to discuss denying Biden communion over his very public pro-abortion stance.

And now, you won’t believe what request of Joe Biden’s the Pope denied.

Biden is currently in Europe for a number of high-level meetings, which offered the potential for the President to meet with the Pope.

The sources say that Biden’s team initially requested for Biden to attend mass with the Pope early in the morning – however, the proposal was nixed by the Vatican.

Seems the Vatican took into consideration the fact that there is much controversy surrounding Biden and Holy Communion.

If Biden had attended an early morning mass with the Pope and received communion, that could most certainly impact the Pope’s discussions with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The Catholic News Agency even issued a retraction of a previous story that had stated the Pope and Biden were meeting.

It said:

In a story June 14, 2021, about Joe Biden and Pope Francis, the Catholic News Agency, based on information provided by a source, erroneously reported that the U.S. President would meet with the Pope on June 15. According to Vatican sources June 15, there is no meeting currently scheduled between Pope Francis and President Joe Biden.

The White House denied the report.

A public affairs officer at the U.S. embassy to the Vatican tried to say that Biden just never had any plans to visit Rome.

In response to the embassy, The Catholic News Agency said:

The President’s entourage had originally requested for Biden to attend Mass with the pope early in the morning, but the proposal was nixed by the Vatican after considering the impact that Biden receiving Holy Communion from the pope would have on the discussions the USCCB is planning to have during their meeting starting Wednesday, June 16.

The U.S. bishops are slated to vote on creating a committee that would draft a document about Eucharistic coherence.

It’s about time someone stood up to Biden and his warped view of Catholicism.

The killing of innocent life flies directly in the face of Catholic teaching, no matter who you are, Mr. Biden.

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