You won’t believe what Pope Francis just did to President Trump and Americans are furious


Throughout history, the Vatican has tried to stay out of American politics.

And with the craziness of 2020, people were hoping Pope Francis will keep that tradition going.

But you won’t believe what Pope Francis just did to President Trump and Americans are furious.

Since the founding of the United States, the Vatican has taken strides to stay out of American politics.  

The papacy still had a major influence over Europe throughout the 1700s and 1800s.

But the Pope rarely got involved with matters dealing with the United States.

And, in fact, the first Pope to ever visit the United States was Pope Paul VI in 1965.

Even then, the Pope didn’t step on the toes of American politicians. 

And with the election of 2020 being so divisive, many hoped that Pope Francis would not get involved this time around.

That is especially true since we still don’t know who will be the President for the next four years.

But that didn’t stop Pope Francis from sticking his nose right in the middle of our current election crisis.

According to Biden’s transition team, the Pope called Joe Biden and “extended blessings and congratulations and noted his appreciation.”

But that’s not all. 

Biden also thanked Pope Francis for his “leadership in promoting peace, reconciliation and the common bonds of humanity around the world.”

It’s worth noting that Pope Francis is famous for promoting socialism while in the Vatican.

And even though the Pope decided to acknowledge a Biden’s victory, Bishops across the United States have refused to claim Biden or Trump as victorious. 

This is just a slap to the face for President Trump as he is still fighting voter fraud in the courts.

But that didn’t stop Pope Francis from jumping the gun to congratulate Joe Biden who would be the second Catholic to ever hold the office of the Presidency.

And if Joe Biden does win this election, then it is safe to say he and Pope Francis will be pushing some radical leftist policies together.