You won’t believe what one university just did to bring back segregation


In the United States, we are supposed to be one nation, under God.

But the radical Left in America wants to divide us along race, gender, sexual orientation, and dozens of other factors.

And one university just took that to a new level and brought back segregation.

Segregation was a dark period in American history.

And because of the work Republicans did during the Civil Rights Movement, it is now history.

But at Virginia Tech, one of the largest universities in the state, it is coming back in the form of separate graduation ceremonies based on race, demographics, and sexual orientations.

There are 10 “cultural achievement ceremonies” to serve as an alternative for students in different categories, including African-American, Native American, Hispanic, LGBT, and Jewish.

But unsurprisingly, there is no separate “white” graduation.

The College Fix reports:

One of the largest universities in Virginia hosts nearly a dozen alternative graduation ceremonies, specially tailoring the events to fit numerous student backgrounds and demographics, including LGBT students and veterans.

The 10 “cultural achievement ceremonies” at Virginia Tech offer unique graduation events for numerous students, such as Jewish graduates, African Americans and Native Americans. The ceremonies “include a spectrum of underrepresented populations on campus, as well as graduates within the recovery community and military veterans,” according to a news release from the school.

This truly is racism at its finest.

In a nation where civil rights champions of all races fought to destroy segregation and open universities to all, it is now socially acceptable to separate ceremonies based on race.

Many other universities have some form of separate ceremonies based on factors like race and sexual orientation.

For instance, Harvard, Yale, and Brown University each host a separate ceremony for LGBT students, called the Lavender ceremony.

But none have gone as far as Virginia Tech.

For virtually any race or orientation — other than white and straight — there is a separate ceremony that one can choose to go to.

Identity politics truly has gone too far.

Do you support segregating graduation ceremonies?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. All of the Founding Fathers who were born or lived in Virginia must be spinning in their graves at what has happened to their beloved state, what with this business at the college, murdering of new babies, and only God knows what.

  3. Civil war is coming, folks. Liberal Democrats are ripping this country apart by giving preferential treatment to gays, Hispanics, blacks, illegal immigrants, Muslims etc. etc. etc.. United we stand. DIVIDED we FALL!

  4. That’s ridiculous! Graduation ceremonies should honor everyone regardless of race, sexuality, or any other issues!

  5. Only a “civil war” if the Democommies win. If the American citizens win, it’s the “2nd American Revolution”. Semper Fi!!

  6. Racism in this country will never go away as long as this kind of BS is allowed to exist. Do they get federal funding? cut ’em off. . . .

  7. Many smaller groups who clearly identify themselves are demonstrating who has been primarily responsible for creating and nurturing racial tensions, and it is NOT “whitey.” Come on, folks. Stop blaming white people for attitudes you create by your own attitudes and actions.

  8. Folks, This is the time for each of us to pray for this nation and for those we disagree with. Pray that God provides wisdom to the uninformed.

  9. First off — if VT gets ANY Federal funding at all, it should have been stopped yesterday. Secondly– the Alumni should stop all their donations to the school. Thirdly — someone needs to investigate and see who is getting wealthy from this BS. There has to be a reason for this type of hypocritical action and my guess it is the almighty dollar.

  10. Leave it up to the Demons rats and this is what you get. Stupid, wrong and stop all federal funds the school is receiving. It’s time to teach American history in our high schools.

  11. Wake up America! “Spare the rod, Spoil the child” the enemy has taken over our colleges.
    Teachers and the leaders In our elementary schools have been handicapped by ridicule of any type of corrective action. Our country has been taken over by what amounts to a three year old tempertantum. God help us.

  12. This is interesting.

    When I graduated from high school over 45 years ago, the girls were told to wear white robes and the guys were told to wear purple. The girls were issued red roses, probably at taxpayer expense; the guys were issued nothing. The girls were allowed to have bare legs under their robes; the guys had to wear long pants. Sorry, but that’s not being treated equally. I refused to attend and picked my diploma up at the school the following week–no regrets.

    When I graduated from college, there was no such discriminatory foolishness, so I was pleased to attend the ceremony.

    I think we should remember that graduation ceremonies are for the students. No student is required to attend. If any group of students wants to have a separate ceremony, not at school expense, such group should be allowed to have a representative collect their diplomas after the regular ceremony and do so.

    In my state, it is illegal for a public university to fund any activity that is not open to everyone. In my opinion, that’s a good law.

  13. All of this comes as no surprise, actually I’ve expected it, and it will only get worse. The battle lines were drawn centuries ago and now it’s obvious to the casual observer that this is simply a battle between good and evil. The party of death, homosexuality, islam, etc. etc. is now openly showing, and evidently demanding, the division. We are in the last minutes of the last hours of the church age. Judgement is coming sooner than you think. Which side are you on? The choice is yours, God will honor your choice, choose wisely and soon!!!

  14. My God! Talk about going backwards in time! After all the fights to get everyone equal rights, including school, to go back to that time is crazy. However, every day I see African-Americans going back to wear native clothing and ways of living. They still celebrate the role they used to play. It is like they never want to forget the way their ancestors were treated and here they go for Segregation! Ridiculous! I agree any Federal benefits schools be cut off immediately!

  15. For a group of people who continue to accuse President Trump of being a racist, we know who the real racists are. The Democrats and far left as they always have been. President Trump would NEVER allow this!

  16. NOW …”WHO are the racist?”….Looks like those mean old “white men” are at it again….I mean they are going to blame them if it is a cloudy day…or a sunny day

  17. when I graduated it was same purple for guys and white for girls. not sure about the roses or the pants under the robes. come on though, thats a reason to not go to graduation? I didnt think so, but to each their own.

  18. so the gays and blacks need their special ceremony?but in sports they play white, black, gay and the others. will they stop that also?

  19. This is typical behavior of the left, divide & conquer. Why can’t the Democrat supporters see this?

  20. You know, as a business owner, I don’t differentiate between race and sexual orientation when I hire people. I look at the quality of the individual. I don’t care about the ‘minor’ stuff…I don’t even care about your degree. This crap encourages people to think that their ‘category’ somehow makes them superior to others since they achieved something within their own demographic. If anyone in the real world makes a distinction, though, and doesn’t hire them, they will make a stink about being discriminated against because of their separate ethnocentricity or gentrification. Trust me…if you make your ‘category’ an issue with me either verbally or on paper, I’m going to find a legitimate reason to hire someone else. Go ahead…sue me…I’ll justify my decision in court.

  21. Sadly, many in these groups will carry aggrieved, oppressed mindsets the rest of their lives. This is an unfortunate fallout borne by modern liberals. Happiness, being content and fun to be around seems to be an anathema to this crowd. Who wants to expose themselves to this level of negativity? Classic examples are embodied in the likes of Hillary, Jesse Jackson, AlBore, Moochie and the prime ‘downer’ spokesman, former POTUS Barry.

  22. A wise person once said: How I treat others is my opinion of myself. Until the day when everyone is treated the same, there will be problems. The Bible tells us: God is no respecter of person. Elizabeth

  23. I absolutely do NOT support this. How could we have come so far in uniting only to have all efforts in that regard destroyed by a few? As a matter of fact, I totally disagree with labels such as African- American, Asian-American, etc. If someone doesn’t want to be an American in America, he should take himself back to his country of preference which is denoted by being placed first in his chosen label.

  24. Yea, good question. We are presently going through a night/day example of good vs evil with 8 years of Obama and Hillary lies and destroying this Nation vs Trump restoring and building up America and the Communist Democrat base do not see this? How does one work with a “special kind of stupid”? I’m at a loss.

  25. The drive to divide our nation has been ongoing for many years, but really took root under this nations first partially Black President. For all 8 years, the right had a game projected onto them by the left. Constantly calling us Racists. Yet, here we go, the left is exposed for their blatant racism. How does this move advance cohesiveness in our nation, a sense of brotherhood and togetherness, a color blind world?

  26. These stupid alternate ceremonies show who really can’t get along and play well with others. They falsely accuse all people with predominantly European ancestry of being “alt-right” bigots and haters, but they are the ones dividing people with their alt-graduation ceremonies. They are big babies and drama queens (no pun intended).

  27. The Democraps are only out for themselves and their supporters are either making money, off of this, or are idiots. This is who is teaching our kids…Through all 17 years of education. Our country is in trouble.

  28. Ever since the republican House and Senate under then President passed the bill on desegregation of schools as the final measure in the USA to totally end any all segregation. After 8 years of this under President Reagan the Demonrats have been trying to put cat back into bag bit by bit. They did so under President Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and have now finally succeeded into turning that race bait card into an actual issue and to start placing that cat back into bag through ignorance of the people involved. They used ignorance and race baiting to do their dirty work. Which has finally worked, sad day in American.

  29. If they need to separate the students due to a large class of graduates, why aren’t they dividing them up by the courses they graduating from. Such as: Economics, Sciences, Medical, etc. It makes no sense to divide them up by the process they are using.

  30. Being a 3rd cousin, several generations separated, I would think Thomas Jefferson would be steaming with Virginia.

  31. This is definitely another example of history repeating itself and another reason to bring on crash courses in history in our schools. It has been a convenient tool for the left to keep students ignorant of history. It is much easier for the Progressive left to manipulate their thinking that way.

  32. This is horrible. Not because whites don’t get their own ceremony! All people together is what people fought and died for; activists who marched and worked tirelessly to give every race the rights they deserved. It saddens me to see our people so divided. The powers that control our colleges have allowed hatred to take over their campuses. Blacks, Asian, native Americans lGBTQ communities should not accept this division it causes great harm to all students by saying we are NOT ONE! One ceremony where all who worked hard is the only acceptable option. If there are audience members or parents who are offended by an all inclusive graduation ceremony should just stay home. GOD HELP US. This cannot be the new face of America.

  33. The Civil Rights activist who fought so hard and some gave their lives to have equal opportunities will have died in vain if this become the norm for the country. Sad day in America!

  34. That is the most stupid idea I have ever heard of. I graduated twice and we were all in one ceremony.
    That’s MyNickelsWorth

  35. Dear Wylena, there is no such thing as a Christian demonrat the two beliefs are mutually exclusive.

  36. Right wing Republicans, and Southern Democrats most of whom later switched to the Republican Party, tried to stop Civil Rights. Center and Left Wing Democrats along with many center left leaning Republicans, pushed Civil Rights through. The very thought of a racist group like Culture Watch trying to claim any credit for Civil Rights is disgusting and an abominable lie.

    Now, that being cleared up. I believe separate ceremonies are a bad idea.

  37. In this civil war one side has 350 million guns, the other side is not sure which bathroom to use. 🙂

  38. This has been going on for a long time. We have had black this and black that in multiple achievement arena’s, the glorifying women for achievements, this is just to mention a few groups and there are many. Now it’s LGBT achievements and glorification’s. Do we ever want to consider white achievements, etc.? NO NO NO This would be racist. I’m just an old white red neck sort of a guy. But when I look at this I wonder how all this happened. Aren’t we all just Americans? Why can we salute and glorify all for just being Americans? Gary

  39. i don’t see the need to have separate ceremonies at all. there only needs to be one. i wasn’t even aware that this was going on. how sad for all the students. this only goes to show what is really being taught our children at all ages.

  40. Another example of how Black folks talk of inclusion in the social culture is a joke. The culture of inclusion has such examples as names. Michael is LaMichael, Thomas is named DeThomas and so forth. It would appear that they prefer their own cultural style, which is fine, but do not continue to promote white privilege and the lack of inclusion in the social culture.

  41. Why did we have the civil rights movement then?? Just more progressive liberal lunacy!!

  42. Were I gay (or any of the other identity categories), I would be insulted. I would be insulted not to be recognized as being worthy among all the other graduates.

  43. Let us pray That students reject this idea and that the turnout is very very small for these “cultural achievement”graduations… In fact they are cultural setbacks… The fact that there are no white or straight options is discrimination and should be rejected by all the students … what universities are doing to our kids where is abusive and parents should stop sending their children to these hell-holes ….So many kids today look nothing but confused as they have been denied commonsense guidance and that is the “right” that has been missing in this generation

  44. one ceremony for all – then they have get-togethers & divide into groups but that’s segregation! what if it was “whites” wanting to have their own ceremony & no other “group” was invited there would be uproar! whites have sat back & lost their rights! all I can say is people wake up! we’re all supposed to be treated “equal”! is the university paying for each of these “separate” graduation ceremonies?

  45. What’s happening to America??? Has everyone gone crazy? Have the younger generation especially the Universities lost their values and their minds? Are we allowing the Muslim mentality to over take the American values and ways of thinking?

  46. It is sad to see the university turn to the days of yore. we were doing so good at stopping this type of treatment for all people. When graduation is split along lines that differ from the general norm it is a giant step backwards.

  47. Dems are following the Alinsky rule of divide and conquer vice the intent of assimilation which ensures our strength. The clownish universities who play this game should lose ALL funding, period.

  48. WILL be here sooner than many think it will, I will be gone, but by 2050 this land as we have known it will be as well.

  49. Not surprised. More style over substance. Nothing more than a temporary esteem boost. Once the self congratulatory festivities end, reality bites. There are segments in the economic structure where ‘apartness’ still grants special status, think education and government. Otherwise, you are judged on actual productivity and contribution to the entities bottom line. Kind of reminds me of the negative connotation surrounding the label of being an affirmative action hire.

  50. The old Segregation that the Democrats imposed was to separate the Whites from everyone else!
    The new Segregation that the Democrats imposed was to separate everyone else from the Whites!
    This is an improvement???

  51. Nothing like believing in a fantasy!
    The Leftists will claim that somehow the Democrats and Republicans “Switched Places”. Yet they can’t explain how or when this was accomplished, let alone why many millions of people (just about the entire Country) would change Political Parties, let alone in a very short timeframe!
    Totally absurd! Once again Leftists are making it all up as they go along!

  52. Now that the formerly segregated black students who opposed being excluded from the total graduation of white students has been overcome, the black students want to be segregated from all others? I don’t believe it! There should be one graduation for the entire graduating class and if a student does not want to attend, that’s OK with me. They can have their own ceremony at their own expense OFF CAMPUS.
    The only separation I approve is for the different schools to have their own ceremony IN ADDITION to the whole school ceremony. For example, the Political Science grads, the Music School grads, the Engineering grads etc., can have their own ceremonies where they can be recognized for outstanding performance in their majors, AND there is a whole general graduation for all to attend, if they wish. DO THEY WANT SEGREGATED EMPLOYMENT ALSO?????? I doubt the majority wants any segregation at all. I don’t.

  53. My grandson had to pay $400 to purchase a cap and gown to walk across the platform to receive his college diploma.. (one time use, no refunds or rental). He refused and used the money in a more practical way and I’m proud of his decision…. Maybe it’s time college students stop participating in the graduation ceremonies…. why would you have to pay for a cap and gown.. I can see paying for the tassel and renting the cap and gown.

  54. This is absolutely ludricous, first we declare segregation unconstitutional, then we declare sexual discrimination unconstitutional, then we establish equal funding for girl’s/women’s teams compared to boy’s/men’s teams. Then we allow Trans girls and men to compete against women! Now we are segregating graduation ceremonies by race and gender or perceived gender. This is TOTAL DESCRIMINATION! WE have the Black Republican Caucus, and Hispanic Republicans, BUT HEAVEN FORBID IF WE ANNOUNCE THE WHITE REPUBLICANS!!!!! The Citidal in Virginia was FORCED TO ADMIT WOMEN!! Mills College(an all women’s college) was allowed to remain all women! The former Negro Colleges became Black Colleges and did not have to integrate!! But All white colleges did have to integrate!

  55. Any European-American (what the MSM calls “white” – but they wouldn’t DARE call Asian-Americans “yellow” or Native American “red”, etc.!!) parent who sends their child to a racist, discriminatory, anti-“white” like Virginia Tech deserves this.
    Best way to correct this injustice is with your wallet.
    when my father & 4 grandparents came here from Italy it was “Press 1 for English, press 2 for Italian…(sarcasm, you DemonRat Party Bolsheviks).


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