You won’t believe what happened when Donald Trump made a surprise appearance at the UFC fight this weekend


Presidents have made it a tradition to visit major sporting events.

It shows their support for the sport or the American team playing.

But when Donald Trump decided to show up at the UFC fight, all hell broke loose.

No one expected Donald Trump to show at a UFC fight.

The sport is quickly growing in popularity, but this is the first time a sitting U.S. President has ever attended one of the fights.

The crowd exploded in cheers and one of the fighters complimented Trump, saying, “the guy’s a bad motherf***er.”

Trump proceeded to share the fighter’s message on social media and the media was outraged he would dare do so.

So the media tried to throw Trump under the bus by saying everyone booed him and he had zero support at the fight.

The Guardian reports:

Donald Trump followed up his appearance at an Ultimate Fighting Championship event in New York City on Saturday night by retweeting an obscene comment from one of the fighters…

“No matter what your views on Trump as a president, the guy’s a bad motherf***er,” said the Florida welterweight. The comment appeared to reference the fact that Masvidal fought Diaz for the “Baddest Motherf***er in the Game” belt.

On Sunday morning, Trump retweeted the video, along with the obscenity, and wrote “Great fight Champ!”…

The president’s son Eric Trump took issue with reports his father had been booed. He retweeted a BBC story saying his father had been jeered and commented: “What a joke. You are the most dishonest people. The audience was chanting ‘Donald Trump, Donald Trump’ followed by ‘USA USA.’ Dana White said it was the greatest entrance he has seen into a UFC. I can’t wait until we win again in 2020 to further embarras [sic] your profession #FakeNews”

The media is attempting to make it seem like no one supported Trump at the UFC fight, which could not be any further from the truth.

Dana White, the owner of the UFC, stated that it was the greatest entrance he had ever seen.

The media is simply trying to portray Trump as a villain with no support from any Americans.

What do you think?

Did Trump receive a warm welcome at the UFC fight?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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