You won’t believe what happened to this five-year-old girl due to transgender bathrooms


Radical transgender activists waged an all-out war to force private businesses to have “gender neutral” bathrooms.

Major corporations like Target caved despite warnings from conservatives.

And what happened to this five-year-old girl because of a transgender bathroom policy is sickening.

Pascha Thomas is a mother of a little five-year-old girl.

She recently described an event where her young daughter was sexually assaulted in a government school bathroom.

This was only able to happen because of a new “gender neutral” bathroom policy.

The Christian Post writes:

Pascha Thomas, the Georgia mother in question, shared her testimony on Wednesday in a video with the nonprofit legal firm Alliance Defending Freedom. She explained that her daughter was assaulted in November 2017 at an elementary school that is part of the City Schools of Decatur.

“My daughter stated to me that she was in class, and she asked the teacher if she could go to the bathroom. And the teacher said yes,” Thomas described.

“So she was in the bathroom and she was pulling up her pants, when one of her classmates came into her bathroom, a little boy. She tried to leave the bathroom, [but] the little boy pushed her against the bathroom stall. Basically pinned her up against there. She asked him to stop, he wouldn’t. He took his fingers and he was penetrating her through her pants. She asked him to stop, and stated several times that it hurt. He refused,” the mother continued.

“Once he was done, she went to class. I asked her if she told anyone about it. She started crying and said ‘No mama, I didn’t tell nobody, but I didn’t ask him to come in the bathroom with me. I didn’t know he was going to do that.'”

ADF explained that the school had implemented a policy in 2016 to allow students who identify with the opposite sex to use bathrooms, locker rooms and showers that corresponded with their gender identity, rather than their biological sex. Meaning that boys who identify as female are allowed to enter girls’ facilities.

According to the Alliance Defending Freedom, the school never informed parents of the new policy.

Radical “progressives” don’t care about the consequences of their agenda.

They only care about forcing acceptance of their anti-Christian lifestyles by any means necessary.

Even if that means endangering young girls.

In this case, a five-year-old little girl became the victim of their agenda.

As of this story, the school has yet to change their transgender bathroom policy.

According to the Alliance Defending Freedom, The Office for Civil Rights has launched an investigation.

You can watch the full story below:


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  2. Well, WHO was it that really PUSHED FOR this, to me it’s down right CRIMINALITY, a half-black guy who was PLACED in the White House, NOT, NEVER “elected”, AND here we have a black mother COMPLAINING about her 5-year old LITTLE girl having been SEXUALLY ASSAULTED by a BOY in the GIRL’S BATHROOM….!!! You can say “THANK YOU” to THAT half-black GUY….DON’T BLAME NORMAL “white people”, CONSERVATISM……!!!!

  3. Get out and vote for the GOP in November to save the country from NAZI Commie Demoncrats liberals!They want to make America into another Venezuela!Obama almost got us there! Now that America is great again because of president Trump let’s keep it that way!

  4. This story sickens me, truly sickens me. Even 1 single violation like this little girl has suffered, that’s enough to reverse every single LGBTQ executive order, law or anything else done in their favor.
    Can someone tell me why in the world 5 year olds are in need of transgender bathrooms? Please, how ridiculous is this. As a matter of fact, it’s ridiculous AND disgusting that there are transgender bathrooms ANYWHERE!
    Let’s take back our Country from the vile, ungodly libs.
    Get out & vote for Conservatism, VOTE R and let’s create a Red Tsunami to decimate any hope of a blue ripple!

  5. What’s the matter with suing the school system the board that made this rule without notifying parents. I will bet any lawyer good or bad would take this and require payment only upon winning because this is a rape case and at the least sexual assault on school grounds and involving a minor.
    The boy should also be getting help because he has been sexually motivated by someone that’s for sure.

  6. I am NOT surprised that this has happened, because it is just what I said was going to happen. I have NOT gone back to Target since they put the Trans bathroom into effect. Any guy that does such a thing to a 5 yr. old deserves to have it cut off.

  7. If that is even alleged by a woman concerning a man, with no evidence to support it, it is called sexual abuse and he cannot serve on the Supreme court. Here is someone with far more evidence and most likely the school will do absolutely nothing. After all, it’s just a child. Well, if it supposedly scarred Christine Blasey Ford for life, what do you liberals think it will do to this little child? You may not understand it, but God knows your monsterous HYPOCRISY!

  8. Get out and vote for the GOP in Nov. to save the country from NAZI Commie Demoncrat liberal mobs!They want to make America into another Venezuela!Obama almost got us there mob! Now that America is great again because of Pres.Trump let’s keep it that way!

  9. I can only wonder what the next move for the Liberals and Democrats will be. How can a political movement be so blind to the REAL needs of a society? The Liberals and Democrats should worry about job creation, taxes, America’s status in the world and not everyone’s genitals. In other words, “They need to get their minds out of the gutter!”

  10. I guess the #MeToo movement doesn’t include children. Since the progressives hate children, destroying childhood innocence means nothing to them. Seems to me this would be a good opportunity for the school to rescind the rule in spite of it being a government edict. That is if they wanted to. Since our schools are being run nearly totally by progressives, I swear they relish things like this happening. Otherwise why would the Portland, OR, school district force high schools to have co-ed bathrooms and showers. It feeds their perverted sexual appetite. Target is actually losing profits and they still will not do away with their policy of allowing men into women’s restrooms and changing rooms in spite of the fact that there have been numerous documented problems because of this. The lot of them are very sick people and the only hope to overcome this is to get rid of all the liberal courts.

  11. He’s one of the sickos that are out there harming our society. Why anyone thought this would be a good idea is unimaginable to me.


  13. Mustn’t offend the mentally ILL? But little girls and women have to TOLERATE sexual assaults and rapes just to assuage their tender feelings??? What could be wrong with that? It sets aside ALL the progress once made on protecting women and girls, and yes, even boys and men, from unwanted sexual assaults for the sake of a FREAKING MINISCULE percentage of the population that are too deranged to know what gender/sex GOD made them! They can LIVE their lives however they want; but use the restrooms and locker rooms, etc assigned to their BIOLOGICAL equipment!

  14. I do not understand why the comments hare are political, racist, or christian.

    The bottom line here is that a five year old child was assaulted by another child. The color of the skin, the religious beliefs or that one child is transgendered has no bearing on the situation. It was not caused by a gender neutral bathroom. It was not caused by anyone in a political position. It was not caused by any religious belief. It was caused by one person to another. Maybe it should be looked into as to the child that did the act. Being five years old (assumed) and being sexually aggressive, I must wonder as to the training that child is receiving at home? What are the parents teaching this small child? Is this kind of behavior condoned in the home? Wait, is this a hate crime directed at someone that does have the same color skin, or religion, or???? Assault of any kind, by anyone of any age is a crime. The real crime here may just come from the parents of the perpetrator. And in case you are wondering, I do identify more with the conservative side of things but I strongly believe in tolerance of our differences. Color, religion, country of origin and yes, the sexual identity or preference of a person mean very little, what counts is how you treat others.

  15. It’s amazing that there was never an issue with Transgender and bathrooms prior to the one and only anti-American and race-baiting racist the Obama’s.

  16. While I absolutely disagree with this policy, the story sounds a fishy to me. After all, the boy was described as little. How little?. How old were these children? Little boys don’t have such proclivities. Did she identify him because he’s presumably in the school? If she did, at least the article could say she identified him without giving the name.

    You may think I’m being harsh, but these are the questions defense counsel ask, the kind of which should have been asked of Dr. Christine Ford but weren’t.


  18. Totally agree after I read this story I was thinking she should sue the school district for not keeping her daughter safe. These liberals haven’t gotten out of control what about the kids rights this is crazy letting males use women’s bathrooms.

  19. If this is my daughter, everyone responsible fo this in any measure dies.
    The teacher, the principal and all of the members of the school board

  20. I agree the school system should be sued. I live in Georgia, but this is insane. I will be calling Decatur Administration on Monday. Please do the same.

  21. Ridiculous. The little boy is a Republican in training and so thought he could do he wanted to do with her. He heard that so called President Trump said he could grab women by their p*ssies and so he decided he could do it too.

  22. Obama’s idea, so there’s no blame on President Trump. He didn’t start the rhumor
    of grabbing women, someone else lied. This particular kid knows nothing about
    Republicans or Democrats. Your opinion, Eric, is mute and meant only to stir things
    up and blame Trump. Maybe you should find some other kind of hobby.

  23. Little to complain about since 98% not only vote for the democrats but also vote for those based on their own color.

  24. Yet, even though there is a GOVERNMENT CERTIFIED birth certificate in Kenya, democraps continue to put forth the idea that the orangutan was born in the US. I even tried to get information on the arrivals from Kenya on airlines during the time he would have come here. Strangely, only two weeks of records in the US archives are MISSING. Care to guess which weeks are missing? That is right, the two weeks missing are the ones where the orangutan came to the US from Kenya.

  25. A BC in Kenya was never certified, it was a photocopy of a poorly put together certificate of live birth, from Hawaii, not a BC, Obama is an illegal immigrant to America, he is a citizen of Indonesia by adoption, Obama was an illegal president thanks to nasty Pelosi changing a government document and the democrats pushing his election.
    If Sheriff Joe had not been attacked, and possibly he and his family threatened, America would have the truth.

  26. I agree, this isn’t a racial issue. This sexual assault story is one that many people with common sense have expected. Transgender and gender confusion, in restroom choices, only opened the doors to sexual assaults. There are probably many stories out there, that haven’t been reported. Since Islam allows unspeakable behavior to girls and boys, we will never know how many young people have been abducted for the sex traffic gangs. The Gentlemen’s bar had moved 200 young people from Toledo to Pittsburgh in 2012. This increased during Obama’s “open door policy” for restrooms.

  27. As a former teacher, we often had monitors to watch for troubling situations, even because of visitors within the building. There have been stories of older students threatening or assaulting the younger students in restrooms. But the mixture of older boys entering the girl’s restroom, under the deceptive, transgender guise has only made it worse. People need to rise up against the minority rule. It used to be that the majority rules, but passiveness has allowed it to turn around. We need to push the pendulum back.

  28. It is not a matter of religion it is a matter of nature over your freaky deaky mind, just because your deviant mind tells you that you are the opposite sex does not mean you are.

    Damn! LGBTQ freaks time to start eradicating them just as we should eradicate muslims the latter being some of the most serious homophobes of all and everyone knows the reason homophobes are homophobes.

  29. That illegal alien “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry Osama’s” back door is most likely always open 2 to 3 inches just get his long time butt buddy Rahm Emmanuel under hypnosis, the influence of truth serum, and wired to a Polygraph and put the question to him.

  30. You should have waited until after the election before making such a smug comment, although I thought the same thing I did not account for the illegal votes and the scramble brainwave less than worthless individuals existing on numerous planes of existence with mastery over none of their surroundings and only being aware of what the Demoncommiecrats through their mouthpiece purveyors, complete lie spewing Lamestream media commentators fed them.

    70 some charges filed against our duly elected President by the Demoncommiecrats and they have taken back the House which means come January expect Impeachment proceedings to commence.

    Trump had his chance he backpedaled in decontaminating the toxins of the toxic cesspool in DC.

  31. A little girl needs to grow up feeling safe at school and safe at home. I can forsee many years of her being terrified to go to school and even more terrified to go to the restroom alone!!! This is uncalled for in any school. Enough already. Just because the Kenyan in the WH wanted his husband to pretend to be a woman and use the Ladies’ Room does not mean the rest of the country needs to kowtow to his wishes….

  32. Ggrrr … The system seems to protect the accuser never the victim.

    I will share what happened to me as an adult …

    I witnessed our female principal of our grades three to five school pull a young boy by the back of his shirt collar. I reported this to the Board of Education.

    Having 4 children in school I attended our Board of Education meetings. At the end of one meeting in May while speaking to teachers and Board of Education members I felt a grope to my buttocks. I turned and the female principal was a few feet away behind me and she waved. My heart sunk. I went into immediate flashbacks of being abused by an uncle. In fact, I saw it. I reported the incident. She, of course, denied it. It happened again one month later in June during year end field day. Then, again, September at Back to School Night even though I was chaperoned by educators in hopes she would stay away from me. The school board would not dismiss her without solid proof. She was forbidden to come near me. All they could do was to Not reinstate her contract.

    Why is the victim the one they don’t believe.

    This child had a crime committed against her. The school is responsible for students in their care. I feel it should have been reported to the police. This boy needs psychotherapy. He may become a rapist in his teen years. Or, worse yet, he may be a victim of child rape and is doing to others what has been done to him thinking it’s ok.

    This young girl and her Mother needed to be trusted by the school and the police needed to intervene when her voice was not heard.

    I am feeling Ssooo Sad for this young girl and her family.

    Everyone needs to be heard when sexual abuse is reported. Females need to trust that what they had done to them is a violation and a crime. Makes, as well. No one has the right to touch another anywhere, in anyway, on their body, Ever-!!!

  33. If a child is confused about his/her “gender”, he/she should receive counseling in the biological gender she/he was born with. Any other counseling prior to the child turning 18, should be considered CHILD ABUSE.

  34. The school and the parents of the child who molested the 5 yr old should be sued, and the school should be made the change the policy. Such a ridiculous state of affairs in our schools should be stamped out and they should return to teaching, not promoting social decadence.

  35. EXACTLY and all the other low down crap the muslim fool pushed over on the fools that voted for him and landed on the rest of us decent legal people left in our nation.

  36. If you are born a male you are a male, born a female you are a female. Use the bathroom & facilities that are for your Gender. Parents who are not telling their children what Gender they are, because they want the child to pick what they want to be. This is ridiculous. God decided the Gender not the Parents. The parents need Psychiatric care. Obama should have never started this crap & He should be Sued for what he is putting Our Children through. He is a total idiot, I wonder what bathroom he uses, or Michelle/Michael uses??? I was in Wal-Mart one Saturday morning & went to use the Women’s bathroom, as I was walking in I saw a little girl in one stall, & a man was coming out of the stall next to her, I backed up thought I was in the wrong place, but I wasn’t he was fixing his belt he was around 60 years old laughing & said am I in the wrong bathroom? The little girl came out & ran out to her Mom, & I told him that if his pants were unzipped & hanging down he would be minus 2 when he left & he hurried out I immediately went to the Service desk talked to a Manager, & she said they are having a lot of problems since Obama said they can use whatever bathroom they want. I would not let my daughter use the bathroom without me being in the bathroom with her (I don’t mean in the stall) I would stand by the sink & wait for her. Same thing with my Granddaughters I do not let them go in the bathroom by themselves too many Perverts, Pediphiles & Crazies out there. What is this world coming to, It’s like Sodom & Gomorrah all over again. Sometimes you wonder if the parents are Perverts. May God Help Us.

  37. What I would like to know, how does a “little boy” (I assume he was around the same age as the 5 year old)Where did he learn to do what he did??

  38. I live in Decatur (and I am transgender, and reading the stuff on here is just appalling), and it has been confirmed that the mother of the girl told her to make this story up to make trans people look bad, under the direction of the Alliance Defending Freedom. Facts matter.

  39. Man, for people who play the victim card, y’all are incredibly awful people, saying stuff like “death to Muslims.” The hell is wrong with you people?
    And for the record, I am transgender, Jewish, liberal, and biracial. Fight me you religious freaks.

  40. To Piper..I think you are a liar. No one could be all that and survive the self-detesting.

    To Navy PO2..You are so right. I think Obama would have done anything that would bring turmoil and divide us. His goal was to destroy America as much as possible and he went to great lengths to set up Hillary to keep his agenda going because he knew just how greedy she was. In 4 years she would have sold all our secrets to all our enemies for cash. She would have also sold the stuff in the WH that she tried to get away with stealing the first time around.

    And to all the BIRTHERS. if I was a gambler, I would bet a million bucks against 1 dollar and I would make that bet to 1 million people that Obama was born in Kenya. I would be a millionaire for sure. BUT the thing is…It doesn’t matter that he is was a REAL AFRICAN AMERICAN (not too many real ones) because his Communist bred Mommy was an American citizen, therefore so was he. That, however, doesn’t cover him being listed as a foreign student on college papers…No one would spend 2 million $s to permanently hid the records of his previous life if he was legit. The man who was president of Obama’s graduating class at Harvard said he never saw Obama or ever heard of him on campus. This class president was privy to a list of all the students because sometimes written communications had to be sent to all students in the class. Barack Obama’s name wasn’t on that list, but Barry Soto, a foreign student was.

  41. You are assuming she voted for him because of race. Many black people saw right through him. We dont know if she was for or against him, bit it’s wrong to assume anything not in evidence.

  42. yes we are watching those racist pieces of snake schitt in the democarpo party as they spread lies and hatred not only in the congress, but the racist scum bag azzwipes on cnn and the other hores and pimps in the news(sic) media and those $luts out there in hollow woody. Those bags of excrement lie everyday all day and they hate whitey and suggest that the faggots and the darkies with some Mehicanos and Italians thrown in built the USA. Just think that racist rag loving communist mulatto and his ho set back race relations in the USA at least 100 years.. that piece of snake schitt got the congo dancers all riled up and they murdered cops because of his BS, then he got the fags all bouncing around in the street while secretly using the fb&i hores to spy on a Real American that loves the USA unlike that worn out old drunken hore clintoney..

  43. yes we see that aholes on the news everyday.. fortunately the worst scum bags are no longer soiling the WH and that old drunk lost the race in 2016

  44. It’s the male Muslim followers who believe they can do as they please with any female of any age. Warped minds. What a disatrous “religion.”. It’s not a religion, it’s a very dangerous, sneaky Cult.

  45. “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

  46. The web site like this gives racist and evil Whites to secretly spread their Satan level hatred about non whites citizens. Then some that pretend to be a christian, but are nothing but christian bigots. It is why I will never attend a predominant white members church. I don’t want to think that I might be sitting next to a BS religious bigot.


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