You won’t believe what China had to say about Joe Biden being named President-elect


Even though the results of the 2020 election are still up in the air, many people are eager to jump the gun and congratulate Joe Biden on being named President-elect.

And many of the congratulatory messages are coming from world leaders.

But you won’t believe what China had to say about Joe Biden being named President-elect.

One thing is clear over a week out from election day, the Fake News Media and the Left is overly eager to name Joe Biden President-elect.

Even with so many states like Pennsylvania and Michigan facing viable legal disputes to decide the winner, all the major news networks have called the election for Joe Biden.

So now everyone from celebrities to politicians are congratulating Biden on his “victory.”

And this includes gleeful world leaders.

National leaders from Canada, Britain, and even Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel congratulated Joe Biden.

But nothing will top what the Chinese had to say about the possibility of Joe Biden being president.

On Sunday, the Global Times, a chinese state-run newspaper, congratulated Joe Biden for being named the President-elect.

The newspaper called Joe Biden an “old friend” and remembered back to his “noodle diplomacy.”

Biden’s noodle diplomacy is based on his past visit to a Chinese restaurant while visiting the competing world power. 

The restaurant provided a menu combo called the “Biden Set,” which if ordered includes “five bowls of black bean sauce noodles, 10 steamed buns, smashed cucumber salad, mountain yam salad, shredded potatoes, and Coca-Cola.”

The Global Times claims that Biden has “finally claimed the crown at the senior age of 78,” but warned its readers that “we should not put too much expectation on Biden, because to contain and confront China is a strategic consensus between the two parties of the U.S.”

If Bejing Biden does win the Presidency, it will be anyone’s guess as to how much Biden will kiss China’s butt.