You won’t believe what Arnold Schwarzenegger did to attack President Trump during this 2020 commencement speech


Arnold Schwarzenegger has outright betrayed the Republican Party since Donald Trump was elected in 2016 and joined the rest of Hollywood’s unhinged mob attacking the President.

His most recent attack will make you sick.

You won’t believe what Arnold Schwarzenegger did during an online commencement speech to attack President Trump.

A small army of extreme left-wingers have started streaming 2020 commencement speeches for high school and college graduates during the coronavirus crisis.

Former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton are among the more prominent “leaders” to give a speech.

Each of them used the opportunity to preach about their radically left-wing agenda and make subtle jabs at President Trump.

However, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “commencement speech” crossed a line.

During his online speech, he held up an honorary doctorate he received from Trump University and stated it meant nothing to him.

The reason Arnold’s attacks against the President are so nasty and hypocritical is because of his past friendship with Donald Trump.

The former governor has even admitted to the media they’ve been decade long friends, knew each other from the wrestling world, and Trump offered to support him when he held office in California.

Schwarzenegger found it easy to betray his friends once it became popular among the Hollywood elite to despise Trump.

Either Schwarzenegger is a terrible friend and ally, or he is a total fake who’s willing to say or do anything for money or to advance his agenda.

The former actor and governor is not the only celebrity to have betrayed Donald Trump since he entered politics or the Oval office.

Members of the media, rappers, big name celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and even Barbara Walters were all once great friends with the Trump family until it became politically unpopular to do so in the mainstream media.

Regardless of their previous friendship, it is clear celebrities are using this crisis to influence young people to despise President Trump and adopt their left-wing agendas.

If Arnold Schwarzenegger really wanted to give students a message of positivity and hope he would have left his petty politics aside.

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  2. I could care less what this Follywood user thinks about anything. He needs to stick to acting and weight lifting and his fantasyland.

  3. Voting means nothing to me. I, like many others can produce a vote in my favor anytime. I keep remembering years ago the vote taken asking which was better Coke or Pepsi. Coke won with the votes taken at a coke plant.

  4. You keep pointing out people who have betrayed Donald Trump. Has it ever occurred to you that, as those numbers grow, Donald Trump has betrayed them?

  5. Arnold is worthless if he said what is reported. Problem nowadays is you can’t depend on anything reported by the media . They have their heads so far implanted in the liberals backsides you can’t see which side of their mouths they are speaking from!

  6. Hopefully these young people will learn to ‘Think for Themselves’, isn’t that what they went to school for….OOPS Maybe Not, that’s were they were first Indoctrinated into this Demonic Blood Sport!!!

  7. Arnold is not alone. I believe that what JC above said is true of ALL hollywood elites, so they think they are, pardon me while I go vomit at the mere those ugly, liberal, outrageously stupid-acting people who are SO sure of EVERYONE admiring them, little do they know that the opposite is true. We could EASILY live without them.
    They may have been able to ACT when they played a part in a play or movie, but when they act as themseves it is pathetic and worse than worthless! Stop feeling we are SO lucky to have you elite “hollywooders” around. It is more like YOU are lucky to have people like US to see your false ACTING and give you pay. You could make a living no other way. The only other thing you know how to do is falsely brag about how ideal you and your ways are.

  8. First of all you can’t act worth a damn. Second, nobody understands because of your stupid Austrian accent. Third, your not the muscle bound reject that you once was now your all flabby. And last but no least,SHUT THE HELL UP!!

  9. Just another once-upon-a-time “Hollywood celebrity” in his last throes, attempting to lift his head out of anonymity by humiliating himself. Nothing new.

  10. Not to be to surprised from this once upon a time La-la land miscreant. No hope here, even if he pulled with all his strenth,he would still have head where it is. Maybe he should get a glass belt buckle so he could see!

  11. Edward-explain how Trump betrayed them? Because he ran for President and when he won that election-he put the USA and the people of our country first? Isn’t that what a President of this country should do? As for Oprah-she’ll turn every which way for attention. She puts this country down but this country also has allowed and still allows her and many others to be successful by using their talents no matter what their race or background.

  12. Well he was a pathetic governor so what else is there to say?
    He should have just stuck with acting – even though he was limited in that field.

  13. Edward, Pres. Trump loves this country and has done only good for us. So how has he betrayed them?? By being a great leader? The left can’t stand anyone who does not agree with their sick agenda of total control

  14. I wholeheartedly echo Edward Pixley’s post–intelligent carbon-based individuals understand the heinous covert ulterior motives of Strumpet, and Arnold is another of the knowing elite to have realized the deceptive intentions of the POTUS!

  15. Robert, Edward, your opinion does not matter- trolls usually don’t have much intelligent things to say Arnold-just another has been elitist -you are washed up and part of leftist madness and grandstanding The POTUS is for America 1st, and has stuck to campaign promises- maybe that is what is driving leftists to go unhinged???.

  16. Arnold Schwarzenegger must be sucking up to Hollywood money to get another movie. The old fart is too old to be seriously cast as an action star, but he wants another place in the limelight. It is shameful what movie stars will do and say to get another part in a film. Hollywood sucks. Arnold sucks.

  17. I was never a big fan of his movies and read that he Was connected to Natzis. I think he and his gang made steroids very popular to young fans who worshipped him during his bodybuilding glory. There’s no way you can get like he used to be unless you take steroids. I met him in Kuwait and he was weird. I was all excited and star struck and nervous when I shook his hand and introduced myself and he didn’t seem very friendly like he was better then everyone. That was during his hay day he wasn’t that old yet.

  18. Arnold is and always has been about Arnold. Anyone who has ever known him from the early years knows what he is truly like.

  19. “However, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “commencement speech” crossed a line.

    During his online speech, he held up an honorary doctorate he received from Trump University and stated it meant nothing to him. ”

    Considering that he got it for free, rather than the tens of thousand of dollars that other people were swindled out of, I’d say he got off easy. Luckily, he didn’t have to sue Trump to get some of his money back.


  21. Anybody who has read his book knows that Arnold only ‘believes in’ whatever’s good for Arnold. He is utterly amoral and cold. Look at other action icons of his era…Stallone, Eastwood, Bronson, Norris, Ford, Gibson….their films often portray iconic American values. Not Arnold’s, though. He’s no American, in actuality OR in spirit.


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