You won’t believe what Alyssa Milano is doing to encourage young women to get an abortion


Alyssa Milano has taken it upon herself to be become Hollywood’s top abortion cheerleader.

But she officially crossed the line.

And you won’t believe what she’s doing now to desensitize and encourage young women to abort their babies.

Milano has become Hollywood’s lead abortion cheerleader by opposing the “Heartbeat Bill.”

The Heartbeat Bill bans abortion once a heartbeat is detectable in the womb.

The state of Georgia recently passed this bill and liberals are furious.

Now, Alyssa Milano and other liberal Hollywood celebrities are calling on everyone to boycott the state.

But her latest move to promote abortion crosses the line.

Alyssa Milano is starting a podcast for women to share their abortion stories so young women can feel comfortable about getting one.

Breitbart reports:

The far-left actress Alyssa Milano has launched a new podcast where women will have the chance to share their “personal abortion” stories with the world.

The podcast, named “Sorry Not Sorry,” points out the fact that one in four women in the U.S. will have had an abortion by the time they are 45.

“If you’d like to share your personal abortion story on my podcast to help shine a light on the importance of bodily autonomy, please record the story on your voice memo app and email it to below address,” Milano tweeted. “If you’d like to remain anonymous please say so in your email. #SorryNotSorry.”

Milano’s new project comes at a time when she and other Hollywood figures are railing against Georgia’s new “heartbeat bill,” which seeks to outlaw abortions in the state as soon as a fetal heartbeat can be detected.

Alyssa Milano has gone too far.

Publicly advocating for abortion is nothing new.

But creating a platform for women to encourage others to have an abortion is dangerous and irresponsible.

Alyssa Milano has likely not considered the consequences of what she is doing.

Young women will not seek help from their parents or women’s centers but instead turn to abortion clinics or those that will perform the operation illegally.

Milano wants to share the “brave” stories of women getting an abortion to inspire others.

What she’s covering up is the deep psychological toll that getting an abortion can have on a woman who later regrets it.


  1. Alyssa Milano needs to find the nearest gas station and stick the air hose into her ear! The air supply in her head is leaking. Who does she think she is counseling women to get abortions? She was lucky that her mother choose life when she was expecting her!

    • This irresponsible twit needs to sterilized…and everyone should avoid every thing she might “perform” in. And as far an an air hose, I’d rather she just drink some antifreeze. After all, she is advising murder.

    • Alyssa Milano is far too stupid to make suggestions to anyone. Why would anyone wish to listen to a woman that is far too stupid to find one form of birth control out of the thousands out there, and who gets pregnant, due to her vast stupidity, so elects to murder her child? Anyone as stupid as she is, is definitely not worth listening to.

    • Oh I so much agree. She is not a medically trained staff person, who has to clean up the abortionists mess when it’s 3 AM in the morning and the woman is hemorrhaging…neither does Pelosi or Waters…they just think it a dandy idea! I am and RN and OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner …and have seen more than I ever wanted to. When that uterus has been scraped of all products of conception, as we call it, it can and frequently does bleed…to the point of non-stopping. I have sent the bodies off to the morgue! It’s not get your “AB” in the afternoon, and hit the party line at some up-beat CA in-place. They have had a serious procedure where a life has been carved out of their bodies…personally I think it fair justice….a life for a life!

      • Thank you, many need to hear the Horror Stories Of abortion instead of these “ brave” Sorry not Sorry stories online.

        Milano is Misinformed if she feels abortion has no consequences, if it doesn’t rob so many of
        so much in their and others lives.

        One doesn’t realize the damage it does until it’s too late . One lives with the horror of killing a child the rest of their life.

        Someone ( HER Mother) let her live, be alive. What’s so wrong with allowing other children to live? To have a chance at life?
        What is she afraid of?
        What are they all afraid of?

    • Would someone—especially liberal pro-killing babies women, please explain why you want to destroy human life?

    • Dont forget she owes lots of money in back taxes. They should put her and Al Sharpton in the same cell for not paying their taxes. Someone needs to gag this bitch. She is like AOC, WANTS ATTENTION FOR HER CAREER IS OVER. I WISH THE NEWS MEDIA WOULD QUIT MENTIONING THEIR NAMES FOR THE DONT DESERVE TO SEE DAYLIGHT, LET ALONE BEING ON TV

    • Marc…Believe it…and the number they have had is usually 3-5. One time a very long time ago, back in the 60s…before most of you were born, I was assigned to a Women’s GYN floor. The college co-ed in one of the “Isshie” private rooms had just had her 4th AB…”best kind of birth control, I can think of, she said!”

  2. I have only one comment for Alyssa Milano: there will be NO one except her self to stand in front of God and give account for her life…..there will be no excuses, no liberal media, no hollywood elites to stand with her…her and only her will face the absolute truth for once in her life and unless something changes in her life , there will be complete damnation for her life long actions…..PITTY…

    • Dont forget she owes lots of money in back taxes. They should put her and Al Sharpton in the same cell for not paying their taxes. Someone needs to gag this bitch. She is like AOC, WANTS ATTENTION FOR HER CAREER IS OVER. I WISH THE NEWS MEDIA WOULD QUIT MENTIONING THEIR NAMES FOR THE DONT DESERVE TO SEE DAYLIGHT, LET ALONE BEING ON TV

    • Hi Fred
      I totally agree with your post. This woman is godless to say the least and advocates the murdering of innocent little babies. Wonder if this minion of satan has any children of her own. Total disrespect for the life that the Lord God has breathed into these most preceous little lives. Still, you and I know that God knows all and sees all and judgement will fall on all who are not in the Lord and the Lord in them.
      A murderer in her blackened heart will give an account, weather she believes it or not, to a righteous and Holy God and if she had any fear of the Lord, she would not want to hear Him say “Depart from me, I know you not and be cast into eternal hell”

      • Hi Fred: She has a little boy and was in all the magazines after birth how wonderful her little baby was, she just wants to hug him, etc., etc. The thing is with how she is actually screaming about the right to abortion that she did not abort her baby. I also wonder if when the kid gets old enough to see how her mother was out pushing abortion why she didn’t kill him and worse yet, knowing how she feels about abortion does she really love him because the way she is ranting and raving about abortion and wanting young women to do it, she certainly must hate babies and just how does she really feel about her kid and did she have other abortions before and after him. Was it too late before she realized she was pregnant and that is how he got born. If that kid has any emotions the questions he will be asking and wondering about his own mother. He will love her as his mother but he will look at her with different eyes. Does she get this. Trust me on this, the kid will grow up and come across her activities unless the Internet and old magazines and old copies of history are all killed.

    • Well, where she’ll go, there will be plenty of friends there who think ( or thought) like she does. There is no time then, to say…”hey, look, I’m sorry!”

  3. I can see some of her points but when it comes to abortion her parents should ever had her aborted then we wouldn’t have to put up with all this garbage

  4. This is what leftists, particularly leftist “celebrities” who call themselves activists, do in lieu of having a career. Pathetic. But I do wonder if “bodily autonomy” will catch on as a leftist buzzword. The so-called
    “voice of the voiceless” once again has nothing to say.

  5. Milano must have had a number of abortions herself to have to overcompensate in trying to make it acceptable like this. She needs to get some help, as this won’t help her own feelings of guilt.

    • Dumb bitch has probably has probably aborted her babies every time she got pregnant. She doesn’t deserve to breathe the air that we breathe

  6. I’ll tell you this. If she believes it not doesn’t matter to me. Alyssa Milano ihas Satan licking his lips in anticipation of her demise. He’s going to shove that pitch form of his so far up her ass.

  7. Dumb bitch has probably has probably aborted her babies every time she got pregnant. She doesn’t deserve to breathe the air that we breathe

  8. Absolutely outrages!! God forgive me for saying this, but its unfortunate HER mother didn’t abort her!
    Abortion is a sin and the heartbeat bill is the right bill to endorse and I applaud Georgia for passing this bill….Wish more states would do what GOD wants us to do. Not kill an innocent….Especially since , in this day and age, there are so many forms available to a woman(or man) not to get pregnant in the first place…….

    • Haven’t been to a movie theater or rented a movie in years. Never streamed one and have no intention of doing so. I have much better things to do with my life. Don’t even watch television.

  9. So the “brave stories” she wants them to post are actually the true confessions of 1 in 4 women admitting to first degree murder. When Alyssa has met her maker, her eternal punishment will be having her brains squeezed out by an abortion forceps, over and over and over for at least eternity, over and over and over and then over and over and over again for each testament on her blog, over and over and over as she meets each of the little heartbeats she called for murder over and over and over.

  10. This is no different then what Kevorkian spent ten years in prison for. Only difference the ones he was helping commit suicide could speak or write. Whereas these babies that are being aborted (murdered) are unable to speak up for their lives. These women should have thought of the consequences prior to opening their legs and saying come get it. It’s not only denying the child it’s say but also the father. When the father presses murder charges on the mother an has her committed to a institution, she will find she has nobody to stand by her side. She destroyed that when she murdered her child. For as God says He has counted every hair upon the child’s head which means it was alive prior to the murder. All because the mother listened to a washed up, has been celebrate, that failed to go to medical school. Lock her up, charge mother with murder, and Alyssa Milana with assisted suicide as they did Kevorkian.

  11. This fat bitch is clearly a terrorist against defenseless babies. Im surprised she hasn’t killed all of her own babies. Give her time, her kids are not safe with her.

  12. I wonder if Alyssa Milano agonizes over the fact that none of the “transgendered women” that the left values so highly will ever have an abortion?

  13. I dont know if she has any daughters but if so guess she does not want grandchildren. She will be sure daughters have an abortion. Wander what her parents think of their sick daughter. Get a life you stupid liberal

  14. Alyssa Milano’s mother should have aborted her instead of giving birth. This bitch has always been a little whore – she was not a very good actress. Now she is trying to get back. She is like Pelosi in her actions/thinking.

  15. As a retired OB nurse, I can tell you that we know. The first TP might be because a young girl is scared. the next one is a habit. They are changed. I remembering a patient that was having her “first ” baby. Something did not seem right to me. OH, yes, she told me, my first baby. I had her record. Two abortions. The special love that a mother has for her baby was not there!!!!! Elizabeth

  16. Abortion . . . why oh why didn’t her mom have an abortion when she could have? No, not just kidding . . . and SORRY, NOT SORRY!!!

    Roe-v-Wade should be destroyed in every means possible! Abortion is a crime against humanity!!! The voice of the unheard heart beat must be heard!!! Women who desire to fornicate, and damn the consequences, then choose to have an abortion . . . must also loose a finger along with each abortion!!!

    America, each State must pass these new laws that demand that the voice of the heart be heard . . . NO MORE ABORTION OF A HUMAN BEATING HEART . . . PERIOD ! ! !

  17. It’s too bad that she won’t post any stories of women whose abortion destroyed their lives. They don’t fit the “narrative” she wants to publish. If she was interested in post the truth, she would give those women an equal voice. Perhaps a pro-life actor/actress could create the same thing only called, “So very sorry”.

  18. How about encouraging young woman to use birth control, if not abstinence. What a sorry world we live in where a woman would encourage someone to kill their child and think it’s ok. I’m a nurse and witness the heartache of post abortion moms who are not happy with their decision.

  19. Alyssa Milano’s words are disheartening when so many young people in her age group oppose abortion.

    Students for Life of America
    4755 Jefferson Davis Highway
    Fredericksburg, VA 22408
    Office: 540.834.4600

    If Alyssa Milano’s words in her podcast named “Sorry Not Sorry,” are true when she states that “one in four women in the U.S. will have had an abortion by the time they are 45,” it indicates abortion is a reflection that we as a society have failed women.

    Feminists For Life
    PO Box 151567
    Alexandria, VA 22315

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  20. As a child actress, I marveled that Alyssa Milano had the face of an Angel. Hand crafted by God. What a shame to find that her proximity to, and association with the filth of the cess pool of Hollywood has fetid everything behind that cherubic face into the vile spawn of the devil. Disgusting.

  21. I had an abortion and regretted it the moment my baby was crushed to bits and sucked out. I wonder if Alyssa Milano would interview me? I would tell her of the lies Planned Parenthood tell women and how abortion absolutely devastates women. Will Alyssa interview women who are victims of botched abortions. How about the family members of those women who died as a result of an botched abortion. I don’t think she has the courage! But that’s okay Alyssa you just keep spreading those lies about how abortion is just all sunshine and lollipops.

  22. She is blind to the truth. No one in their right mind thinks it is okay to rip a tiny baby out of the womb. Most dangerous place to be seems like these days. As much as I hate what she is doing, we need to pray for her, that God will open her eyes to see what she is doing. He died for her sins as he did for ours. No matter how evil. I pray her eyes will be opened. I pray for the salvation of this country Lord knows we need help!!! This is why he came and died…to seek and save the lost.

  23. I’m sorry Abortions took place before Roe vs Wade, in dirty back rooms with coat hangers… this is what some want to see happen again, usually the same ones who complain one organization or another is giving out free condom’s!

  24. When it come to the question of aboertion, the only man entitled to an opinion is the patient’s doctor.

    As to the rest of yo buttinskys, MYODB!

    • On no…you don’t get away with that. There is nothing that male or female doctor is giving this woman that amount to much of an education. It is a easy procedure. I knew one once who took delight on killing babies on good Friday! As an RN…of many years…we entered that noble profession to save life…all lives…the good and the bad. We were not to question their motives for doing whatever they had to their bodies in the name of being “hip”. I have seen a lot…OD on heroin, OD on Fentanyl…alcohol toxicity…cardiac arrest for a first time coke user…and then we have the abortions…and the wasted leftover carcass of the mother and fetus…the botched procedures, done in a sterile procedure room. All you hear is all the old back-alley ones of years ago. Well then they made them legal…and they still botch them…more money in the doc’s pocket. I would like to be on that pod-cast…I would like to tell people what it is really like at the end of that procedure table…and little bodies are scalded with saline solution…they do feel pain folks! Ever burn yourself badly? Think about the pain you felt that time, and think what that baby feels in all of the skin he has! That is a horror movie in the making! People don’t want to talk about the actual taking of this baby’s life…I HAVE BEEN THERE! It is what nightmares are made of!

  25. The difference between Liberals and Conservatives is Conservatives fight back when Liberals just cry and tell the teacher.

  26. Her shrill voice is out there and the media covers her, but I wonder what she does for a living? Haven’t seen her in a film or TV show since she was 12 years old.

  27. Who took my post off? I just want to let you all know that I have 7 beautiful children and I loved being pregnant and Abortion is wrong

    • Congratulations Rosa…that is wonderful! I have had 9 pregnancies and lost 6 pf them trying to bring them into this world…I have three children now…and they are my entire life!

  28. Alyssa Milano has 2 kids why didn’t she abort them if she is so for abortion What a snowflake her husband should talk Sunday common sense into her I have started to boycott anything she’s in she’s a real 2 face person

  29. So many have said if you disagree with abortion don’t have one. Women own their bodies the govt and you people do not. Most women are aborting a tiny embryo not a baby. Roe v Wade still the law of this country so butt out MYOB. Women have the right to take care of their own bodies. Not all pregnancies are healthy not all are viable not all are happy. Like it or not there is a need for access to abortion. Stop talking about religion and Satan.
    Eleni Vacaville,Ca

    • I Respectfully, professionally, and spiritually disagree. Many years ago…about 1973, I didn’t know I was pregnant…about 3 weeks. I came down with meningitis…had all the wrong things for a pregnant woman…drugs of all kinds, ex-rays…and about 3 weeks later found out I was pregnant. After losing 4 children up to then, I was ecstatic, till I realized what I may have done to this developing baby, at the worse possible time. My doctor asked if I wanted to keep the pregnancy…absolutely yes was my answer. Some 8 months later, my son came into this world…perfect, healthy, and beautiful. Today he is my support and backbone as I travel through the end years of my life. It was his suggestion, and my decision…but I chose and decided on life. I trusted God, put my life and my baby’s life in His hands. We have lost some of our respect and love for our God…who made my baby’s life possible.


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