You won’t believe what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said about Trump while guest judging Ru Paul’s drag queen show


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a rising star within the Democrat Party and has the attention of millions of left-wing activists across the country.

But her recent mistake could end her short lived moment of fame in an instant.

And you won’t believe what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said about Trump while guest judging Ru Paul’s drag queen show.

The newly elected Congresswoman has been heralded as the leader of the radical Left and socialist wing of the Democrat Party.

She’s even been a thorn in the side of Nancy Pelosi and other prominent Democrats.

However, Ocasio-Cortez will soon learn that her radical policy proposals, foolish media appearances, and outlandish statements could destroy her career before it takes off in the House.

Her most recent public mistake that is embarrassing the Democratic Party took place while judging a drag queen show.

First, she decided to attack President Trump by stating he is the “worst part of our nature as humans.”

Ocasio-Cortez continued, “You standing up to that man every day — how can we all complain about anything, when you literally stand in the face of what I think is the worst part of our nature as humans?”

Then, she had the audacity to tell the drag queens that their bravery for “standing up to Trump” made them American patriots.

Now, she’s once again a national embarrassment for Nancy Pelosi and a complete joke in Washington, D.C.

So called, “Democratic Socialism” is in full retreat.

Bernie Sanders has officially ended his campaign and endorsed Joe Biden for President.

Ilhan Omar, AOC’s friend and Congresswoman from Minnesota, is buried in political scandals including a massive campaign finance issue and an alleged affair with her brother.

Rashida Tlaib, Congresswoman from Michigan, is currently being investigated by the House Ethics Committee for campaign finance issues as well.

Donald Trump’s election may have inspired a “resistance” effort from radical leftists but they’ve managed to self-destruct without Trump lifting a finger.

What do you think? Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez causing Democratic Socialism to lose steam?

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  2. If Trump exemplifies the worst part of human nature what would you say about drug cartels, MS-13 gang members, rapists, serial killers, muslim terrorist, and pedophiles?
    This woman AOC seems to completely lack the ability to have a rational thought.

  3. She is and always has been a TWIT. She should be the host of a drag queen show or go back to being a bartender which she probably sucked at as well. Every time she opens her stupid yap it drives more voters to the real Prez. She fits right in with the Dem Clown Show.

  4. Don’t blame AOC. Blame the idiot voters that thought it was a good idea to vote a bar tender into congress.
    The problem isn’t with the politicians. The problem is with the voters.

  5. oca-tez is a wonderful gift to the Republican party. Keep having diarrhea of the mouth, your fellow democRATS just love you for it.

  6. She needs to go back to her own country and most of the liberals and Democrats can go away with her. Preferably on a cruise ship contaminated with the Coronavirus

  7. Cortez is about like Nasty Nancy. For her to stand up and say President Trump is the worst human. Has Cortez looked in the mirror lately? Her reflection would be Nasty Nancy’s face looking back at her. I say put Cortez and Pelosi on an airplane and drop them somewhere between Iran and Iraq and let them fend for themselves.

  8. A totally disgrace & shamefully embarrassment to the American people and the constituents who elected her as their representative. The animosity and vitriol she and the other buffoons continue to enact are beyond reprehensible. They fail miserably & do NOTHING to unite their party or for the intellectual Americans. God bless the USA!☝️🙏🏼🇺🇸

  9. When the Corona virus passes, I see AOC having maybe a brief 5 year career as a pole dancer in an upper class New York strip club

  10. I have said it before and I will reiterate it here. If you look at her face when she talks about Trump and others, you don’t see passion (as some say she has) you see pure unadulterated hatred. IT is the same look you see on Pelosi’s face and Schiff’s face many times. They aren’t trying to help the nation, the American people, or even the immigrants as they claim. They are on a personal agenda and vendetta to get at Trump for winning the election and for having the nerve to tell the world the truth about such nasty people as Pelosi, Schiff, AOC, and others. This is their personal agenda of pay back and to try and get a Democrat elected in November. They don’t care how they do that, what they have to do to get there, and who they offend, step on, or use to that end, they will do it. Just look now how some are defending China over the virus. Democrats are saying that anyone saying it is a Virus from China is a racist. As I have said, they would have defended Hitler if he was anti-Trump. And people such as AOC also believe that the Holocaust was fake. So, when I see the things they do and say I chalk it up to hatred and bigotry, which is what they try to claim about Trump. They are far more racist and bigoted than anyone they point the finger at. And yet there are those that believe them and will support their anti-American agendas.

  11. She’s a stupid [email protected]…PERIOD.
    Who ever talked her into running for office (with someone else’s money and push) couldn’t have picked a bigger imbecile than her. You can tell by the way she speaks that she is somebody else’s mouthpiece.
    A waste of breathable air. The country’s decay is because of the fools who elected her and need to remove her and put some else in her place.
    Holy crap, can’t wait to see how that turns out!

  12. She got fired from her bartender job and was only qualified to be a Democrat representative. Lord knows you don’t need to know anything for that job!

  13. Cortez and her two cohorts are an embarrassment to our country. I cannot imagine how they were ever elected, but doubt they will succeed again.
    They are anti-American. They vilify everything America stands for, and mock our history.
    I believe, and am probably not alone, that Muslims do not belong in our government. They do not believe as Americans do, nor do they appreciate what America stands for. Their collective attitude is anti-America, so why are they allowed to take any part in governing.
    I believe there needs to be a law the exempts them from voting in our government!!!

  14. Almost did not bother to respond — she is a pathetic joke. Her supporters have probably deduced, by now, that it is not about gender, race, or, religion; sadly, she is mentally and emotionally dysfunctional and requires help.

  15. Ocrazio-cortez is a dumb-as-a-stump tranny born without a brain. But she/it supplies great comic relief. What a clown.

  16. Occasional Cortex is an idiot, simply. I hope she keeps talking with her below room temperature IQ.

  17. I feel the women is very immature. When you think about the wisdom of many elders out here that have experienced life, its ups and downs, then you come across someone like Cortez that sounds so immature and seems to have learned nothing, there is no comparison. She needs to talk to someone that has wisdom, compassion, and common sense and learn something.

  18. She seems to be an uneducated young woman with a lot of nonsense to regurgitate. I don,t know how any of Pelosi,s gang got elected. Like DeBlasio, how did he get elected when every cop in the five boroughs of NY hate him. I don,t have a clue why this happens.

  19. She seems to be an uneducated young woman with a lot of nonsense to regurgitate. I don,t know how any of Pelosi,s gang got elected. Like DeBlasio, how did he get elected when every cop in the five boroughs of NY hate him. I don,t have a clue why this happens. And I have never written about this before. Every time I try to comment I am told I have already written this???

  20. Was she born ignorant and had a relapse? Reminds me of a catfish – all mouth and no brains. Unfortunately, I suspect that a lot of her problem (and many other peoples’ too) can be traced to the gradual takeover of Marxism in public schools and institutions of higher learning and to the infiltration of churches by some of the same type of teachers and the abandonment of teaching the Ten Commandments. Murderers, rapists and habitual criminality should be punished with a recyclable (and inexpensive) rope. preferably at the court-house.

  21. I would think everyone has missed her intention. She has seen that all the old school Dems are rich or very well-off. Her intention is to attract as many of the donors (with lots of money) will offer her a chance to also become wealthy. You do not attract those people unless you are in the news often as she has done.

  22. Why do people listen to this stupid, no brain bartender? She sounds like a broken record, has nothing to say but keeps saying it. If she had half of a brain, it would rattle in an ants ass.
    So why even listen to her stupid ramblings? Every time she opens her pie hole some kind of garbage spews out. I am surprised that she knows what hole to feed into her body… She is so stupid, that she thinks she will be re-elected to congress when nobody in her district knows or likes her.. What about AMAZON which she blew the deal on in NYC and cost her fellow New Yorkers thousands of jobs and millions of dollars?
    JUST IGNORE THE BIT** and get on with your lives as if she wasn’t even around.
    Just a thought, why aren’t we hearing from the other idiots from her party when everyone else is hunkered down???

  23. I look, listen, giggle 🤭 the ones with the funniest comeback is worthy…those who like to vent which is normal during these trying times
    As a VA retiree I need to laugh at things after working with med billing area, I am compassion with listening to those who vent
    Learning one thing through all that
    People want to be heard whether it is a bill not paid by the VA or those who want a listener to hear their stories, so on with life as a journey
    I do hope when my time comes that I was a compassionate listener
    I do respond…humorously..whether it is in writing,ASL or just quiet in prayer
    Bless you

  24. When will this woman come to an end. She deserves no more than the spew that comes out of her mouth. Buried in manure. I am tired of being censored when I try to write as polite as I can on this three legged dog. Now print me because I know I did not write this before

  25. When will this woman come to an end. She deserves no more than the spew that comes out of her mouth. Buried in manure. I am tired of being censored when I try to write as polite as I can on this three legged dog. Now print me because I know I did not write this before. Liars

  26. With any luck at all both Pelosi and AOC will be voted out of office this November, but if she is an embarrassment to Nancy Pelosi, that takes some doing.

  27. What is she doing, judging a contest anyways. Isn’t everyone supposed to stay home to prevent the spread of the virus?Maybe she doesn’t care about that. huh? Maybe she and all the queens should be arrested for attending a large gathering. But of course she won’t, because she is a Democratic politician. Dems don’t get arrested. The fairness of our justice system is something, isn’t it?

  28. Ocrazyo Cotex’s stupidity is greatly apreciated by the demoNRats, those know Soros speaks through her mouth and those need Sorrow’s money to finance demons’ campaigns. True that Ocrazyo is an embarrassment to Nasty Pelosi and other demons BUT they have to take it from their down rear back to keep Sorrow’s money for he is the “money crap man” they need. Ouch

  29. Every syllable from the idiots mouth is a stroke of the saw on the plank her ideology and party leaders stand on, can hardly wait for this AOCancer to be removed from the once prestigious, respectable forefathers legacy, 😔 RIP JFK

  30. You cannot embarrass Pelosi. She is already at the bottom of any barrel you can find along with the slime. Cortes is a blessing to the GOP . Everytime she opens her mouth more votes swing over to the real President Trump.

  31. The title should be “The moron aoc continues to spew BS”. The part of not believing what that nitwit said would only be true if she spoke the truth and said something nice, but then the headline would need to change to “AOC bursts into flames after speaking the truth for once”

  32. AOC is far better suited to judge a Ru Paul event than she is sitting in Congress. She
    fits in perfectly. Maybe she should look into a new profession that she might be successful
    doing. Politics or any job requiring intelligence is not it.

  33. It’s hard to comment on the biggest ass and the most lack of knowledge as an ignorant person can be!! She will not be around for long! The ass has done nothing for the district that voted her in office by a small margen!!


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