You won’t believe the insane statement LeBron James just made about gun control


LeBron James has become unbearably political over the past few years.

He’s desperate to be this generation’s Muhammad Ali so he can grow his global brand.

And you won’t believe the insane statement James just made about gun control.

LeBron James is one of the most privileged human beings who ever walked the earth.

He came from humble beginnings in Akron, Ohio to become a billionaire with fans worldwide.

That’s a testament to his talent and work ethic, and also American freedom.

But as great as James is at basketball, he’s a terrible political animal.

That hasn’t stopped him from spouting off on a number of issues he knows little to nothing about.

James stepped in it again while discussing policing and gun rights.

He said, “I think Firearms are a huge issue in America. I don’t know how you clean that up. I’m not saying that I got all the answers, but guns are a huge issue in America. They’re not used for just hunting, that a lot of people do for sport. For black people right now, we hear hunting, we think you’re hunting us.”

This is completely absurd.

Half of the homicide victims in America are black, and over 90% are killed by other black people, typically in gang-related activity.

The idea that Second Amendment hunting enthusiasts are hunting black people is completely detached from reality.

It’s these types of lies that leftists use to curtail Americans’ gun rights.

James also waded into the issue of policing in black communities and said:

James’ story completely misses the point.

The reason police are in the area is because of the excessive gang violence that kills over 6,000 black people every year.

Meanwhile, police shootings of unarmed black men is almost a statistical anomaly.

Last year, there were 14 such cases in the United States out of a country of 330 million people with roughly 1 million police interactions a year.

The Left points to a handful of cases, then builds a giant fake narrative around them.

Legal gun owners and police officers are not hunting people.

LeBron James should do more research before engaging in political discourse because he’s showing his ignorance.

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