You won’t believe the claim this celebrity is now making about President Trump


The Left has spent the last four years blaming conservatives and President Trump for anything and everything that didn’t go their way.

If they don’t like how something is going in the world, it’s Trump’s fault.

Well, one celebrity is now making a claim about President Trump that you just might not believe.

Filmmaker and comedian Judd Apatow took to Twitter last week to blame President Trump for the death of Louisiana Congressman-elect Luke Letlow, who died of COVID complications.

Apatow’s tweet read, “If Trump had made wearing a mask essential to Republicans, he (Letlow) would be alive.  So would hundreds of thousands of others.”

Yes, you read that correctly, a Hollywood filmmaker is stating that Donald Trump is personally responsible for someone’s death.

He further states it is Trump’s fault that hundreds of thousands of others have died during the pandemic.

Apatow’s controversial Tweet left hundreds of Twitter users divided over his claim. 

As the Left usually does, many banded together to show support of Apatow’s statement tweeting responses like, “Agreed. What sort of political system doesn’t allow for the immediate removal of a President such as this man? We are far from the greatest country in the world.”

One supporter of the leftwing, crazy socialist Apatow said, “It’s simple . . . to set an example, all government employees need to follow CDC guidance. S–t, it might even be a national security matter if not done (military and essential government personnel). Biden should enact this policy for employees AND their families.”

Left-wing Hollywood personalities continue to speak and act as if they are somehow royalty and we, the American public, must bow to their every comment and ridiculous Tweet.

There is no denying that the coronavirus has caused devastation to thousands of Americans, but to blame the President of the United States for an individual’s death is absolutely ludicrous.

No one can make a factual argument that wearing a mask would have changed the circumstances of Letlow’s tragic situation. Still, the Left would like you to believe it would have.

The Left continues to tell everyone to “follow the science” except when the science contradicts their narrative.

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