You won’t believe how transgenders are demonizing rape victims


Leftists want everyone to bend the knee to their LGBT agenda.

They claim to be champions of those society has “victimized.”

But how this gang of trangender radicals slapped true victims in the face reveals what they’re really about.

Except for using people to advance their own political power, radical leftists don’t care about people’s life experiences.

The latest group of supposed victims that the Left has latched onto are biological men and women who are confused about their sex.

They’re trying to force everyone to accept transgenderism as completely normal.

And anyone who refuses to kowtow is labeled a “transphobic bigot.”

There’s always been universal agreement among leftists that taking tax dollars for almost any use imaginable is okay.

But the Left has become so unhinged over all things LGBT, they’re even willing to bar funding of organizations if they don’t bow down to radical transgender activists.

In fact, transgender radicals in Vancouver Canada recently defunded a women’s rape crisis center because the center simply wishes to separate the women it serves from men.

LGBT activists cried “transphobia.”

The Christian Post reports:

Vancouver Rape Relief, which was founded in 1973, was defunded because they were “supporting transphobia,” according to city council member Christine Boyle, who in a March 13 tweet explained that she was voting to strip the organization of public funds because she could not support an organization that was not “inclusive” of transwomen and sex workers.

Transgender advocates celebrated the vote as they have long considered the nonprofit group as a hub of bigotry toward persons who identify as transgender.

The rape crisis center said in an statement online that they were the victims of discrimination masked as “inclusion” and said the city government was attempting to “coerce us to change our position” of barring males and only offering services to females, the National Post reported earlier this week.

“Our services are available to all women who have experienced male violence. We provide assistance to women and girls in prostitution who have been assaulted by johns, pimps or men pressuring them into prostitution. We provide assistance to women who are currently being prostituted, women who are trying to escape prostitution, and women who have been trafficked into prostitution,” VRR explained.

VRR has long maintained that forcing females — particularly those recovering from rape and other forms of male violence — to share intimate spaces with males, even if they present as female, is disrespectful of the victims and often serves to re-traumatize them.
The move to bar VRR from government resources was led in large part by Morgane Oger, a trans-identified male who has long accused this group of discrimination and bigotry. Oger is also the vice president of the British Columbia New Democratic Party.

“Rape Relief is strong enough and principled enough and has enough supporters in the community … we will say no to that kind of money,” VRR spokesperson Hilla Kerner told Star Vancouver in a March 14 phone interview before the city council vote took place.
Meghan Murphy, the Vancouver-based founder and editor Feminist Current and longtime advocate for VRR’s work, said the city government’s action against them was “disgusting.”

As we reported, the Left crossed a serious line when LGBT activists’ started coercing our children by having Drag Queens take over kids’ story times in public libraries.

Using children to advance their agenda is despicable.

But it’s hard to believe leftists are so consumed by the transgender agenda that they’re taking it out on rape victims.

We’d like to hear your thoughts.

If the Left will even try to force women who’ve been raped to kowtow to their radical LGBT agenda, where will they stop?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. So-called transgenders have a mental problem. If i saw one in a womens bathroom i would absolutely freak out on them! They are taking womens rights back a hundred years!!!

  3. Why all this hate? I thought you people were supposed to be Christians. Christians are supposed to love everyone. You may not like what they are doing, but there shouldn’t be hate in your hearts or your mouth about the actual person. Atheists are better Christians that the bunch of you all.

  4. Hate to break this to you, but if you ever were in a public restroom, then you most likely shared a bathroom with a transgender. They have always been here. Where do you think they went to the bathroom before this silly outcry of them?

  5. Your ignorance is profound. It is very obvious that you really don’t even know what a Christian is. And although Jesus commands that we love everyone, He also commands that we hate sin and we are not to condone it. Atheists are better Christens????? That makes no sense at all.

  6. Liberals have become insane and cannot control their sick hate. They are very dangerous. They can’t stand it that there are those who will not bow down to them.

  7. I do not have to bow down to transgenders or any of the other sexual freaks out there. I do not have to accept their perversion. I serve God, not them.

  8. When did Christ every verbally attack a sinner? When did Christ ever tell a sinner to kill himself? When did Christ ever call a sinner names?

  9. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? What I said is the truth. You have no concept at all of what a Christian is. And when did Christ verbally attack a sinner? You claim to have read the Bible, but do not know? It occurred when He threw the money changers out of the temple for desecrating it. He not only verbally attacked them but chased them out. Where did I tell you to kill yourself???????????????? I DID NOT. And what do you think a Christian is? You have shown yourself to be very ignorant of what the Bible teaches. It’s in there.

  10. I DO NOT love or even like everyone, and no one is going to tell me that I I have to! If that makes me (whatever adjective is being used), then so be it! Label me whatever your little snowflake heart tells you to, I do not care!

  11. Dont paint All Christians with a broad brush. We are called to love the sinner, hate the sin. We are called to decern, not judge their actions. We are not to participate in the activities. Love them, dont judge.

  12. There you go, telling me what and how I am supposed to feel about people! There are people that I dislike, and there are people that I dislike INTENSELY! People who feel they must FORCE their agenda on me, fall under my “INTENSELY” category! Why can’t you IDIOTS just live your lives and stop trying to live the lives of others for them?

  13. Judgment Day is coming to all those that have sought to act as effeminate. The time is now to repent of that transgression and humble yourself before God.
    Those that embrace such sin or support its wickedness will not escape the consequences either.

  14. Kaci –And you are a blooming idiot !!!! The hatred comes from these dirtbag people who are trying to force their mentally challenged lunacy on the rest of the world. If they want to be –whatever they want to be– do it but don’t try and force it on the rest of the world as normal behavior and we have to okay it. They should be put on an island ALL BY THEMSELVES and then they can spread their hatred amongst each other. You are absolutely WRONG in your assessment of these scumbags.

  15. It’s never been so prevalent as it is now and if obozo didn’t promote it, it wouldn’t be even a quarter of what it is now.

  16. I disagree with you. Like I said, where do you think they went to the bathroom for all those years?

  17. It’s not hate buttercup it’s disgust for those who go against God’s will and his laws and if you can’t understand that then it’s you who is lacking in knowledge of God’s word. There isn’t anything wrong with people who follow God’s words and laws. As a matter of fact those that do follow his laws do not commit crimes or hurt others intentionally. How old are you kaci? You sound like a very young naive person.

  18. Hopefully, US citizens will vote the Dems out this coming election. They are on a mission to change our culture from family to bizarre individuals who choose to be what they want to every day – and schools & students are told to ‘respect’ them. It is a part of the indoctrination the Dems are forcing on us – to do what they say and don’t say what they don’t want you to say. They don’t follow their own rules and have divided this country with hate, disrespect and dishonor.

  19. Being a Christian man and knowing the word of God, this transgender plow is
    another one of satens tricks even as the gays who are saying God made them
    that way which is also a lie God made man to be a man and a woman to be a
    woman, special made for special reason, don’t be fooled by satens tricks and be what God made you to be.

  20. What has become of the Liberal movement in this society . . . a once viable and thoughtful opposition to conservative thought, is now a confused and bullied shell of its former self. I used to enjoy bantering back and forth with well-informed, yet opposing, political views in lively conversation. NOW . . . a couple of well-chosen words in opposition short-circuits any interaction and lowers to a slew of rants and name-calling. It’s quite disheartening and depressing. Today’s Liberal is disorganized, in thought . . . they are lazy, not wishing to even defend their position, but rather go to distasteful epithets and meaningless insults. Following the preset talking points and following the party-line as to what they are expected to believe and espouse, ill-equips them from using their own brain to form a cohesive string of thoughts. I am a Christian. I believe God’s Word is inerrant. I believe He turns His face from transgressions . . . and willful practice of abhorrent behavior is sin. We, as a society, have opposed God and His edicts, as stated in His Word. We need to face sin, head-on. Transsexualism is an ultimate example of that. Lord, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing . . . does that sound familiar ?

  21. Kaci I don’t hate anyone in the LGBT community but I do hate having their “rights” crammed down my throat! I’m of the “live & let live” mind set & don’t believe it’s my right or job to judge; however, I’m entitled to believe & worship/ practice my religion without being forced to bow down to things that I believe are wrong. I’ll happily let you live your life as you choose if you’ll let me live as I choose without making me swallow things that I believe are sinful. Some of the nicest people I’ve known in my long life were gay & we’ve allowed each other to live without condemning the others life choices–not trying to force each other one way or the other. I believe the LGBT community has brought the controversy on themselves by creating the idea that everyone is forced by law to accept that way of life & most of us don’t deal well with being forced to agree with things that go against our morality. I hate the news that parents are deciding that children are trans & trying to have their sex changed when the kids are too young to decide for themselves, etc & believe this whole trend has gone too far!! Just live your life as you choose & let us do the same & the animosity will die down!!

  22. Jesus also said, “Let the dead bury the dead.” Luke 9:60, meaning if the people have no interest in Him, (Jesus/God), those same people mean nothing to Jesus. That’s more serious than name calling and it is justified by Jesus Himself. No need to preach to people who refuse the Word of God, (the teachings of the Bible), their refusal PROVES they would be a waste of time and effort!

  23. Christian love does not mean condoning behavior that is sinful because sinful behavior is harmful to the person engaging in it. I would no more tell a schizophrenic that the monsters he sees or the voices he hears are real than I would tell a person with gender disphoria that he is a woman or she is a man. That is Christian love. Jesus didn’t call sinners names and He didn’t hate them, but He didn’t condone their behavior either. He threw the money changers out of the Temple because by their desecration of the Temple they were damning their own souls. He didn’t condemn or insult the woman caught in adultery but He did tell her to go and sin no more. Christian love is a hard thing. It is hard to do and hard to accept because you have to surrender your pride to it.

  24. God is a hoax. But, that being said, this has nothing to do with God in any event, and I only mention it because some posters here are confused.

    This is tough. I support both groups, rape victims and transgender. But I guess I have to come down on the side of any rape victims who actually feel further traumatized. But honestly, I have to wonder if this so called “problem” is not simply being promoted by the large number of homophobes in the misguided Christian community.

  25. It is not right for any group to “FORCE” their beliefs or life style on anyone and no one should be punished for their beliefs unless it harms others. This is especially true when schools “FORCE” their beliefs on children. It is not the job of educators to indoctrinate children to their way of thinking. If they do this then the teachers doing so should be fired, or the school should loose all Federal funding.

  26. Eric ! Why so militant ? Your attitude screams a need to believe in a benevolent God ! What was it that Chesterton quoted . . . ? “When one chooses not to believe in God, he doesn’t believe in nothing, he’ll believe in ANYTHING” ! (paraphrase) Besides, “If there were no God, there would be no Atheists !”
    Your supposed deep-seeded belief that trans-gendered persons deserve all the rights of the traditional gender-separated populace is quite amazing to me. You probably believe that the Earth will come to an end in 12 years, as well. That newly elected ‘Town-Crier-Idiot’ from Queens has led you gullible lemmings down a rat hole and set your souls to waste in her selling of non-provable claptrap.
    Smile, Eric ! You are destiny of despair and emptiness is of your own making . . . you still have time to educate yourself and repent from your baseless and empty proposed future. The hereafter is real ! On your current track of thought, there is only one thing that you can possibly say the second after your last breath, and that’s . . . UH OH !

  27. Kaci Stahl sadly there are too many bigot Christians who are Christians In Name only,(CINO). My God hates the sin, not the sinner. Too many of you’ll CINO and the members of LGBTQ will be very disappointed when you’ll take your last breath. Satan will include you and the LGBTQ to build his Kingdom before Jesus Christ return. I suggest Kaci Stahl that you return to Bible studies in a Christian church that studies the words of God from a King James Bible. God bless

  28. Why is it mostly sinful males that are transgenders? Pervert males have found a way to BS many of you to get access to female only facilities.

  29. Come quickly please LORD JESUS! why are we letting “transgenders” tell us what to do? we have to take back our country! they’ll have to stand before Almighty God on final Judgement Day just like rest of us! I feel sorry for them cause God will turn them away! I’m asking JESUS to send someone to share with them the true way to Heaven! Lord please help them JESUS! these people need a ONE ON ONE VISITATION WITH JESUS CHRIST WHICH IS ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN!

  30. I don’t care if these guys wear a monkey suit and say they’re a “Silver back”, I don’t want to hear about they’re antics. Keep it away from me and mine and do not try to make me accept your behavior as normal. It is a form of deviate behavior, therefore, not as normal as you may think. People have to do what they have to do. I am not going to judge you. However, I will say this, when you die, you will face your judgement. It will not be with LGBT doing your bidding for you or a liberal judge or anyone else… It will be just you and God. In America, we still have rights. You have rights and so does the rest of Americans. So, we do not have to call one another names and act ugly to one another. either. We can agree to disagree and be done with it. As I said above, we will both have our judgement day. I am not your judge and you are not my judge.

  31. And what about having your ” lifestyle” forced down my throat? Does not the logic of your comment go both ways? Just asking…

  32. Through all my years of reading i have never read such crap as this article is. The pure hate is on full display as well as the comments that support it. One can take words and twist them all they want. But the 1 fact cannot be disputed by anyone. God loves us all Gay Straight White Black Asian all. I would not want to stand before God and explain why i wish someone dead and my hatred toward them in words or saddens me to know that hate is alive and well…and dwells in the hearts’ of so many..those of you would be well to remember….John 8:7…1 John 3:2…Matthew 7-3:4… are not the judge of things…God is…

  33. Never in my life i have read such crap. We all know what the Bible teaches. Hate will in the end eat you up and leave you with nothing.Those would be well to remember…John 1:1-5…John 8:7-11…1 John 3:2…Matthew 7:3-4…and lastly…John 12:44-50…

  34. Who happens to be in the restroom while I’m in there, is of no concern to me, as long as I’m NOT AWARE of “tranny’s” or homosexuals or other mentally ill people being in there. Keeping it “in the closet” is how it USED to be…and can be AGAIN.

  35. Totally disgusting government response. These women are totally traumatized by men and in walks a man in a dress? I think not!

  36. Kaci Stahl, I happen to have the complete text of the Quran in English from the King Fourok Institute in Egypt, as well as Sharia Law likewise from the King Fourok Institute of Egypt and in English, you need to do your research. Homosexual behavior (LBGT) is called an abomination before Allah and the offender must be put to death. Just as adultery, and promiscuity are also an abomination before Allah and calls for the death of the offender. I will not give you the specific verse but leave it to you to look up yourself. I do not do research for others only for myself. Do have a nice day. And just for your edification I am 75 years old and Retired from the US Army, I have a Degree in Criminal Justice from Troy State University and a Doctor of Divinity from the University of Theological Studies in Germany.

  37. This is the type of bovine excrement that you get when you consider mental illness as a civil right. (Sex disphoria is a delusion. A delusion is a mental defect or illness.)

  38. I have a 15 year old Grand Daughter who is my Ward, and should she ever go into a restroom that is supposed to be reserved for women, and I hear her scream because some man dressed as a woman is looking at her from over or under the stall wall, that person will be carried out in a body bag. Use any ideology to peak at her and you existence on Planet Earth will cease it is that simple.

  39. I know several Transgender people and they are seemingly reasonable people but unfortunately psychologically scrambled. They have an emotional disorder and I feel profoundly sorry for them. Rationalizing their disorder does not make their perception a reality. It strikes me seriously odd that feminists need men to tell them what it is to be female.

  40. You can always tell the perverts. They say you are doing what they are actually doing. The Catholic Church condemns killing oneself and so does any Christian Church so the only ones telling perverts to do that are themselves. Secondly Christians main goal is protecting children as Jesus said “To bring the children to him.” and Anybody denying children to him is wrong. Now that is not about sex, that means to teach children about Jesus teachings of love for good that come from his Father God. In Jesus days children had a rough life because parents could kill a kid for reason if they wanted and babies born with problems like cleft lips and were really sick could be put outside until they died as parents didn’t have the resources of doctors or the time to care for disabled children. They were to obey and work if healthy. Thank God the majority of parents loved their kids. And just because Islam allows children to be sold to an adult for a night of sex as long as the father is paid doesn’t mean that Jesus allows the same. Even in Islam the one good thing is women and men have privacy in bathrooms or separate bathrooms if rich enough. If you are a transgender going to the bathroom is your problem not the problem of girls especially and woman. You wanted to change, the girls and women have not changed you should not be allowed to make second class citizens out of girls and women. Your DNA is a mans and that means you are physically stronger no matter how much medicine you get on to weaken yourself and you still can’t have a baby which women can, a gift from god. The fact that a male dressed as a woman walks into a female bathroom and stands there looking at her tells me he is looking for something, he should go look through somebody’s window because that is what he is doing. Looking through windows at girls and women are still illegal thank God. Women don’t stare or pay attention to women in bathrooms because they are there to use it. What is a man pretending to be a woman in there for when he looks at women.

  41. Kaci~ if you answered that way, you obviously do NOT know what sharia law is. They kill gays and trans. Women are now upgraded to half the worth of chattel.

  42. Kind of. Sharia is the system of moral guidance, which Muslims believe was revealed to the
    Prophet Muhammad by God. It is a set of values, basic norms, and prescriptions for ritual, family
    and business life, comparable to magisterium/canon law for Catholics or Halakhah for Jews.

  43. I used the King James Version in my studies, but in the original language, Greek (New Testament), which translates differently than in English.

  44. The media has tried to put a scare in the public with that BS. How many times has that actually happened in the United States? It’s a red herring that is only used to scare the masses.

    The statistics for transgenders is as follows:
    65 percent were transgender men (assigned as female at birth) and 35 percent were transgender women (assigned as men at birth).

    With approximately 1.4 million transgender adults in the United States—and millions more around the world—chances are that you’ve met a transgender person, even if you don’t know it.

  45. Please enlighten me how you think that transgender people are telling you what to do?

    You Christians have a lot of gall to try to claim this when you have over and over again stuck your noises in our laws and made then fit your own agenda. Christians forever try to impose their values on others. I have no problem with Christians, but when you try to take away my rights, then I have a problem. Your rights end where mine begin. If you believe one way, great, fine, fantastic, but don’t expect everyone else to believe that way just because you do.

  46. How do you explain the multiple of children that are physically born with both sets of genitals? They are called hermaphrodites and 1 in 2000 are both that way.

  47. Explain how you think my “lifestyle” is being shoved down your throat. Inquiring minds want to know.

  48. Just because YOU don’t want to see it does not give you the right to tell some other human being that they have to hide in the closet. They have just as many rights as you do. No one is asking you to hide in a closet nor should you be telling anyone else.

  49. Mary E Fooshee, you are confusing transgenders with transsexuals (cross-dressers).

    Tell me where you think a transgender person should go if they are being abused by their significant other? Where should they go if they have been raped?

    A transgender is more likely to be attacked than be the attacker.

  50. Then I am sure you are aware that Sharia Law is more of guidelines than actual laws and they don’t pertain to non-Islamics. Jewish Halacha, Islamic Sharia & Catholic Canon Law are very similar, but none of them are laws used for the non-believer. Muslims following Sharia Law is like Jews following Halakhah Law, like Catholics follow Canon Law. It has nothing to do with you. Stop the scare tactics already.

  51. Myth #8: Transgender people are mentally ill

    Major medical organizations, like the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association, say being transgender is not a mental disorder.

    The APA explained this in explicit terms when it stopped using the term “gender identity disorder” in favor of “gender dysphoria”: “Part of removing stigma is about choosing the right words. Replacing ‘disorder’ with ‘dysphoria’ in the diagnostic label is not only more appropriate and consistent with familiar clinical sexology terminology, it also removes the connotation that the patient is ‘disordered.’”

    Gender dysphoria — a state of emotional distress caused by how someone’s body or the gender they were assigned at birth conflicts with their gender identity — is a widely recognized medical condition. If untreated, it can lead to severe mental health issues, including debilitating depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation.

    But the AMA, APA, and other medical experts agree that letting someone transition, which can entail medical treatments like hormone therapy and gender-affirming surgeries, without social stigma is the main treatment for gender dysphoria. In this way, being trans isn’t the medical condition; living as trans is in fact the treatment to the medical condition.

    And not all trans people deal with severe dysphoria. It’s barely or not present for some trans people, while it’s mentally excruciating for others.

    These facts show that psychological distress and disability aren’t inherent to being trans, so being trans doesn’t meet the definition of a mental disorder (a psychological state that causes significant distress and disability).

  52. You cannot lump all Muslims together. That is like lumping all Christians together, it just isn’t correct. In Iran today, lavat (sodomy) is a capital offense and people are frequently executed for it. In Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen and Mauritania, sodomy is also punishable by death – though no executions have been reported for at least a decade. Same-sex sexual intercourse is legal in Albania, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Guinea-Bissau, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Mali, Niger, Tajikistan, Turkey, and most of Indonesia.

    The Qur’an gives women equal rights. It gives them the right to life, education, property, the right to free choice. Daughters and sons are equal. Not like the bible. Not like the Torah.

    ‘A person who is blessed with a daughter or daughters and makes no discrimination between them and his sons and brings them up with kindness and affection will be as close to me in Paradise as my forefinger and middle finger are to each other.’ (Muslim II, Section Beneficence).

    A prayer Orthodox Jewish men say every morning — “Thank you God for not making me a woman.”

    Don’t even get me started on verses where the bible makes men superior over women.

  53. The. is so lost that they believe it’s their way and no other. They’ve forgotten that this is a country that was founded on judeo-Christian principles. And if they don’t change their ways they will be the destruction of this great country.

  54. Aware or not of who is in the bathroom with me is not my worry. I worry about those people who are predators–especially pedophiles–who use the transgender movement to gain access to their targets and be protected from prosecution. And don’t tell me this doesn’t happen, there are DOCUMENTED cases of just this scenario.
    Also, men and women are assigned a gender at birth, by God, and is indicated by the sexual organs they have. Catering to their belief that they are in the “wrong” body is the same as catering to a schizophrenic who believes that monsters live in his house and want to kill him. This is not tolerance, it is enabling a mental illness. This is not loving your neighbor.

  55. Christians who love their neighbor, call them out on sinful behavior and do not enable their mental illness. You, as so many do, confuse condemning the sin with condemning the sinner. They also confuse enabling with being helpful and loving in a healthy way with help and love that calls mental illness mental illness and encourages the sufferer to seek treatment.

  56. Tell that to the people of Brunei who will now have to live under Sharia LAW. If they are guidelines then they wouldn’t be called law, they would be called guidelines. And guideline or not, do you really want to defend a system that requires the capital death of homosexuals, transgenders and others with mental illness (who you say you love), the partial dismemberment of people who commit petty crimes? I don’t care if Sharia only applies to Muslims. It is wrong.

  57. The Q’uran does NOT treat women and men equal. Women CANNOT get the same amount of a parent’s estate as a man. They get one third. Women are encouraged–sometimes by arrest–to cover and to remain in the harem. And yes, I do know that the harem is the closed part of a Muslim household where ALL women of the family are kept. Christianity introduced the idea that women were not property but people. Have some Christians misused the Bible? Sure, just like some Muslims have misused the Q’uran. I won’t lump all Muslims together and you should’t lump all Christians together.

  58. Transgender advocates are making it illegal for me to say that they are mentally ill. That makes me a transphobic bigot. I will not recognize a mental illness as reality. That is what they are trying to make me do.
    Kaci, what gives you your rights? The government using the Constitution as a the basis. What is the Constitution based on? English Common Law. What is English Common Law based on? The Ten Commandments. The Napoleonic Code is also rooted in the Ten Commandments. These Commandments make it illegal to lie, steal, murder, commit adultery, to even covet another person’s property, they require us to honor our parents and to have a day off. Your laws are our laws and they were formed by our “agenda”. I don’t require people to believe as I do. I pray that they do because then their lives will be improved by their attitude towards everything around them.

  59. Transgender as it is touted today is a mental illness, not a physical reality. Children who are born with both sets of genitals do eventually have to make a choice. They are addressing a physical reality not a mental illness

  60. The article is not crap. It is a legitimate concern of the shelter that was built to give refuge to women who are being abused and trafficked by others and have been raped. These women don’t need to see men, they need to be cared for. All of this is fueled by the false idea that men and women are the same. We are not and never will be. We are EQUAL but we are not the same. Neither are “transgender” women the same as biological women and never will be. Also, allowing men who claim to be transgender into a women’s shelter allows abusers access to victims.
    I will agree that some of the comments are hateful and insulting and I wish that we wouldn’t sink to the level the leftists do and appeal only to emotion but people are people all deserving of love.

  61. These are the same medical organizations who report that treating someone who has gender identity disorder medically with drugs and surgery does absolutely NOTHING to change the rates of depression and suicide in that population.

  62. Why can’t transgenders have their own shelter? There is nothing stopping them. I don’t think this is about protecting anything besides the transgender political agenda.

  63. As Christians, we are also called to be fools for Christ, not darned fools. There is a big difference between tolerance and condonement; it’s high time that you acknowledged it.

  64. Transgender people have already acknowledged that they have gender identity problems. They are in no position to dictate how a rape crisis center should be run; any rational, reasonable, adult would agree that you don’t put female rape victims in with males. Call me anything you want, but this is just a play to call attention to themselves.

  65. I live in San Francisco and go to a predominantly gay gym. There is someone I suspect to be trans, looks like a guy but whenever he showers, he always faces the wall. When he enter the shower, he drops his towel and covers his genitals. Being this is a gay gym, the guys give each other the look over.. Most of the guys turn around to shower and rinse off. Since this gym’s shower room is small, there aren’t island showers. Anyway, after showering he grabs a towel and wraps it around his waist and exits the shower room,. In a way, I feel disrespected by this but unfortunately i’m in the minority in feeling this way. I recall several years ago another gay gym i was a member of had remodeling work done on the locker room / shower. There was an obvious woman on the crew along with several guys. I felt disrespected as the constriction company obviously knew the job was remodelling a locker room shower in a gay men’s gym, they could’ve sent only men on this job.

  66. Kaci, you don’t even believe in GOD or JESUS! All you do is get on Christian sites and stir up trouble! I’ve seen you in other sites, I know who you are, and what your game is! Ignore her people, she is doing satans work! I have confronted her before!

  67. Right there! You show your true colors satan! You have said on other sites, at other times that you are atheist. Now you defend islam the cult of satan! Kaci Stahl you are a servant to satan!

  68. I think he is probably a lgbtqueer. He is probably good friends with Kaci Stahl! Slaves to satan. Sad.

  69. Why is it such a problem to accept the sexual assignment given you by the almighty? If you don’t agree with it YOU have a mental problem and you should ask god to help you deal with that. Doing anything else makes society deal with your problem. We all have crosses to bear, so just deal with yours and spare the rest of us your burden, we have plenty of our own!


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