You won’t believe how this Christian radio station just stabbed pro-lifers in the back


Planned Parenthood doesn’t want anyone to find out about the secrets behind their bloody business practices.

They know if the American public saw the truth about abortion, they’d be toast.

Now, Planned Parenthood just got a surprise ally in one Christian radio station.

A pro-life movie, “Unplanned,” is set for release on March 29.

The movie tells the story of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director turned pro-life activist.

Naturally, the producers are turning to Christian media sources to advertise the movie.

But K-LOVE, one of the biggest Christian radio stations in the country, is refusing to give any airtime to Unplanned.

Metro Voice reports:

The popular behemoth Christian music network K-Love isn’t feeling the love from fans. Abby Johnson, the former Planned Parenthood clinic director whose life is the basis of the new movie “Unplanned,” is calling out the over half-a-billion-dollar valued network for boycotting the movie.

Abby Johnson In a Facebook post Friday Johnson stated, “K-LOVE has decided that they will not run any promos for my movie, Unplanned. So, a Christian radio network won’t advertise for a pro-life movie.”

K-LOVE execs claim that because of the movie’s “R” rating, they won’t run the ads.

But Unplanned got the “R” rating despite not having any profanity or violence because Hollywood wants to limit the audience.

And K-LOVE famously aired advertisements for the “Passion of the Christ,” which also was rated “R.”

Planned Parenthood can’t afford to have Americans to find out what they are doing on a big screen.

Now K-LOVE, one of the largest Christian radio stations in the country, is throwing the pro-life movement under the bus.

They’ve made the decision that their listeners can’t handle the truth about abortion.

But many listeners are baffled why a Christian radio station would ban ads for such a powerful pro-life film.

K-LOVE is receiving backlash from their listeners and pro-life activists but are so far refusing to budge.

Should K-LOVE play ads for the Unplanned documentary?

Let us know by commenting below.


    • I agree. If they do not promote pro-life, they are just another wannabe fake Christian group. You can’t kill babies and call yourself a Christian. Just does not work.

    • K- LOVE station is located WHERE? Are we expected to do ALL the research on this story?

      As far as the TRUTH about abortion, DO NOT Believe the numbers you hear every year on the total number of abortions performed. California has NOT been releasing the numbers they do for over 5 years. Another LIB state has followed suit. SO, when those self righteous people at Planned Parenthood start making statements that the Number of Abortions is going down EVERY YEAR, IT’S a LIE!

      • I wondered the same thing Nancy – where is this so called Christian radio station located? Or are they afraid to say!!

        • K-Love is not a radio station, it is a contemporary Christian music radio programming service in the United States operated by the Educational Media Foundation. The network’s programming is simulcast on over 440 FM stations in the United States. It might have been assumed by the author that since K-Love is so wide spread across the country, then people would know about K-Love. But it could also be assumed, by both of your reactions, that with the vast number of ways that people can listen to music, one person isn’t necessarily going to know about K-Love and/or many other medias that play music.

  1. Businesses need to stop advertising on their station…money talks. The WORD is already out about the movie. I am even handing out flyers at my work.

  2. This doesn’t surprise me. It was only a matter of time, since they promote Lauren Daigle with her non-profession of faith in the Messiah in public. Now they are pro-abortion. A clear case of watering down the Truth of the Word of G-D.

  3. Some station owners are sold on Satan’s dream for America which is Wealth, Power, Fame, Luxurious Living and Instant Gratification of every Lust and Desire without regard to character, reputation, family, friend, oaths of God or Godly precepts….

  4. Really sorry to see K-Love refuses to air commercials for “Unplanned”. This is the time to support Pro Life; and not to in effect support the Abortion industry. You can’t have it both ways.

    I suggest K-Love management get on their knees and prayerfully seek God’s Wisdom; and not Man’s.

    I am praying that K-Love will see the error of their ways, repent and stand up for what is right from a Biblical perspective.

  5. My question is do they then support Planned Parenhood? They need to rethink their decision (which is ultimately theirs) and advertise for free. With the MILLIONS of babies that are aborted they should Rejoice that someone is now trying to expose the evil that abortion truly is! Shame on the radio station and how much did Planned Parenthood donate to them. Remember, money talks….

  6. Ridiculous. Stand up for God and the unborn babies you cowards.! Theaters won’t market anything Christian or conservative. Don’t call yourself a Christian station if you can’t or won’t make a stand for God and His people.

  7. Contact the station. I just did and stated that if they will not change their minds and take a stand I will be changing radio stations and will let my friends know of their cowardly betrayal.

    • Flood their Facebook account. Further reaching than talking or leaving a message that no one will ever see or hear about.

      • Under visitor posts on the K-Love Radio Page, someone has just posted on this issue. Those who want to flood their page, should go here and do it. Only problem is the visitor’s posts have to
        Be clicked on to be seen; it’s not on their front page.

  8. If they do not start advertising “Unplanned” I will stop listening and paying my contribution every month!!

  9. K-Love has done a lot of good and honorable things during their tenure as a Christian Radio Station – But!
    We had a local man who spent most of his life doing things for others. coaching, serving on various boards, church offices, etc… Got to straying out of his home pasture. Momma found out. Threatened divorce. Couldn’t stand the publicity of that, so he killed his wife and daughter, and then himself. Somebody wanted to put a plaque up somewhere in town to honor him for all the good stuff he’d done. Consensus was that no matter how much good he had done in his life, the last thing he did in his life cancelled out everything else. K-Love – you are committing suicide. May you die broke and in great pain.

  10. Call their radio station and voice your concerns and objections….800-77-5600 or 800-525-5683; sometimes pressuring them will help make changes…

    • Even Though I have nor heard of K-LOVE, I did call the station with a comment that they shoud be ashamed of themselves, etc.

  11. Pastor T
    I guess K-Love has become K-Hate to the unborn and those ladies that are being lied to about what they are doing. I watch the movie and there was no violence and profanity in this movie just the truth about the evil motives of Planned Parenthood as they lie and take advantage of young women in crisis. I guess K-Love will be taken off my favorite radio stations.

  12. I am amazed I guess the true colors of the ownership is showing. Green! Soon I am sure they will realize how much green this is costing them.


  14. By their works you shall know them! Guess they say one thing and do another, just like a lot of our so called Christians who say we should love everyone except those evil hateful unborn babies who, they judge, are unlovable. All children-babies are gifts from God and are innocent and lovable until the world corrupts them. Hate to think of what these so-call Christians are teaching their own children about abortion which the next step is mercy killing for the non-productive elderly. Better be careful as their own children might decide to do them in.

  15. How about a positive and encouraging STAND for all of the innocent murdered babies! I’ve always heard that “for evil to prevail, is for good people to do nothing”. We live in the day of the lukewarm church. Yes, it makes GOD sick. Soon to follow will be a vomiting up of the culture and prosperity driven gospel/Christianity. Then will be revealed a glorious spotless church! A true bride that the LORD will receive unto Himself! K-LOVE as is our whole society are rearranging lounge chairs on the deck of the Titanic!! Have mercy LORD for they know NOT what they do.

  16. I’m a pro-lifer and a supporter of. K-Love. After this I will no longer be a. K-Love supporter. Any organization that believes a child isn’t worth saving obviously doesn’t need my money.

    • Thank you Rudolph Gutierrez for standing up for the unborn babies. It has warmed my heart as I have read all the responses from the men to this article. I do not know about K-Love radio station, so I could not address it personally other than to say they cannot be Christian and support abortion. I am an elder lady and retired but I wore many hats during my life with one of them as a RN. Never would I have allowed my skills to be used to kill an unborn baby. None I worked with would have either. We are aggrieved over the newer abortion laws coming out of New York, along with the rumblings from several other states. Type in “infection rate and abortion” in your search bar and read about what women face following one of these procedures. Can you imagine? Everyone should see the film. Everyone should make sure they have conversations with their children about all matters relating to sex education and the truth of abortion. Their schools are telling them but it is not from the Christian view. Parents volunteer in your children’s schools. I spent two half days a week in the nurses office covering for the school nurse while she was at a different school. Check with your schools office to see what their needs are or to provide them with your special skills. I know I sort of got off track but my mind just flew so I went with it. There was much to say about the negative effects of abortion on the women, many who were forced to have it, it was not their “choice” as Planned Parenthood and our Government officials parrot. I have listened to too many of their stories. These women suffer for life and they never forget the date. I truly believe the blood of all those slaughtered babies will be spread out over the hands of that Christian radio station and it’s supporters if they do not stand up for Pro-Life. Of course the movie is rated the way it is. Murdered babies don’t look good, but the truth needs to be told and shown. They have abortion clinic posters in our schools. Our teens need to see the truth and see it with their parents.

  17. Most pro-lifers are actually just pro-birthers. No matter how damaged, or how much help they need, forget about the kids once they pop out.

    • Eric, that is a dishonest Planned Parenthood talking point. Who do you think is adopting the babies. Pro-Life people are. How many have you adopted?

  18. K-Love – lighten up and do the right thing. So many Christian songs being marketed are not even fun to listen to, so I quit listening to K-Love almost round the clock over a year ago. Won’t even consider checking into that station once in awhile anymore if they don’t acquiesce and promote this important pro-life movie.

  19. No real God loving, Bible reading Christian would ever be pro-abortion. It is stated in the Bible that abortion is murder.

  20. If they can allow advertising for the R-rated The Passion of the Christ, they can certainly advertise Unplanned.

    Someone commented online: “How to show her both sides of the political picture?”

    I responded: At least you believe in presenting balanced information, and letting your daughter form her own views; draw her own conclusions. Conservatives aren’t as reasonable on animal issues, which really ought to be seen as bipartisan rather than progressive.

    Someone on AlterNet commented:

    “Vegans are the new born-againers…is an all-or-none advocacy the proper way to go? A more reasonable alternative would be to limit meat consumption…”

    I responded:

    Since you draw an analogy, comparing vegans to born again Christians, I’ll ask:

    Both animal activists and pro-lifers see themselves extending rights to an excluded class of beings, and compare themselves to the abolitionists in centuries past.

    Would pro-lifers settle for restricting the killing of the unborn and reforming the abortion industry, rather than abolishing the killing of the unborn altogether?

    Would pro-lifers settle for limiting abortion to only certain days of the week, or banning it only on holy days, or days of fasting, feasting, penance, etc.?

    Can pro-choicers give the possible rights of the unborn a fair hearing, and then dismiss them with an “okay…”, a promise not to disrespect the pro-life position, but without promising to protect the unborn, either?

    Can pro-choicers exempt themselves from any moral duties or obligations to the unborn by citing biblical sound bites (often out of context) like II Corinthians 12:8-9. where Paul claims the risen Jesus told him three times, “my grace is sufficient for thee…”

    Can pro-choicers dismiss concern for the right to life of the unborn as “good works”, the way born again Christians often dismiss the animals’ right to life, failing to see animal issues as central to their faith, as they now view the right to life of the unborn?

    “God’s second-best…” ?!

    Can pro-choicers pay lip service to protecting the unborn by acknowledging it as a biblical moral ideal, similar to Genesis 1:29, but that after the Flood, we live in a fallen world, and the common aren’t expected to live by a higher standard?

    St. Filippo Neri, for example, spent his entire life protecting and rescuing other living creatures. Born in Florence in 1515, he went to Rome as a young man and tried to live as an ascetic.

    He sold his books, giving away the money to the poor. He worked without pay in the city hospital, tending to the sick and the poor. He gave whatever he possessed to others.

    St. Filippo loved the animals and could not bear to see them suffer. He took the mice caught in traps away from people’s homes and set them free in the fields and stables.

    A vegetarian, he could not endure walking past a butcher shop. “Ah,” he exclaimed, “If everyone were like me, no one would kill animals!”

    Can pro-choicers likewise say being pro-life is not an ordinary ethic the general mass of people are expected to follow, but rather the morality of saints and religious reformers: “Ah, if everyone were like me, no one would kill the unborn!”

    Can pro-choicers acknowledge abortion as a moral wrong, but then say, “Also, since we are all sinners, we shouldn’t be judgmental…” and leave it at that, and allow the killing of the unborn to continue, as born agains often do with animal issues?

    What if it’s necessary to first end the killing of animals before we can end the killing of the unborn? Contemporary Hindu spiritual master Ravindra-svarupa dasa (Dr. William Deadwyler), wrote in a 1979 essay:

    “A (spiritually) conscious person will not kill even animals (much less very young humans) for his pleasure or convenience Certainly the unconsciousness that allows us to erect factories of death for animals lay the groundwork for our treating humans in the same way.”

    Pro-lifers talk about the “silent screams” of the unborn while ignoring the very real screams of animals.

    Their lives don’t count, because they’re not human?

    Is that any different from saying, “Their lives don’t count, because they’re not white.”

    Opponents of global warming; global hunger; the energy, environmental, population and water crises don’t take it personally when told veganism — ceasing to kill animals — is the solution to their respective crises…especially when the case is made in secular political language, supported with scientific data, etc.

    Pro-lifers, on the other hand, react with hostility, even when the case for animal rights is made in biblical theological language, and when the case is made citing the long history of animal advocacy in Christianity.

    And I really don’t understand their reaction! Rosemary Bottcher, past president of Feminists For Life, once stereotyped pro-choicers as cold-blooded utilitarian social engineers, to whom killing is a useful social tool, like trimming hedges. Peter Singer, author of Animal Liberation might fall into this stereotype, and he is an atheist. Ingrid Newkirk, co-founder of PETA, is an atheist, as is Bill Maher, known for making fun of religious people. You’d think Bible believers, born again Christians, etc. would appreciate the animal rights message being presented to them in familiar terms, by fellow theists.

    The 2007 teen comedy Juno brought the pro-life message to mainstream secular American society. Similarly, a Christian vegan message needs to reach the religious communities.

    • By equating animal rights with the human baby’s right to life is like equating animals to man. Man was made in the image of God. Animals were not made in the image of God. Now before you go painting me as a person who doesn’t love animals, you need to do a little more research into Conservatives and Christians who have animals and have a love for animals. But I think that you are basing your idea of animal cruelty on one thing, which is from your perspective of being a vegan, and that is: if a person is not vegan then that person is abusing animals.

  21. K-love has given up hiding the truth, they are a secular radio station. I hope that people will see thru the deception and listen to real Christian radio.

  22. K-love has stopped hiding their true status. They are just a secular radio station. They must have taken money from the Democrat party and now we see, being a Democrat is more important than being Christian.

  23. Anyone who has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ should refuse to provide any financial support for this station.

  24. Just because one calls oneself “Christian” does not make it so.
    Many out there claim to be Christian, but are not any more so than Judas.
    Yes, that guy that betrayed the Christ.
    The way to damnation be broad. The way to salvation be narrow and many cannot find it because they are caught up in this world.
    They want to claim ‘grace’ covers their sin so they don’t have to worry about it.
    Same as those that claim God and them have a deal.
    News flash!!!!
    God’s deal with mankind is the written contract contained in the Holy Bible.
    Jesus is the ONLY name one can be saved by.
    No other nor “special” deals.
    And TRUE salvation comes from repentance.
    Signs of possessing such is a changed life.
    Will K-Love go out of business because they refuse to show the adds?
    Not likely because they preach words that ‘tickle’ the ears and fill the heart with false hope and joy.


  26. Wow! Unbelievable. Not really. In the end times even the elect of God will be fooled. No more K love for me and I’m telling everyone I know. Shame on Klove.

  27. I will be boycotting Klove and spreading the word to everyone I know. Shame on you Klove. Have you forgotten God’s laws are above man’s.

  28. Beware. Far too many organizations who supposedly exist for the purpose of furthering moral/laudable issues appear to simply be “cottage industries.” That is: Their prime objective seems to be more concerned with generating salaries/income for their promoters than the issues.

  29. I am glad I do not support K-Love, however I do support the Billy Graham net work which is truly Christian based. K-Love is hypocritical and those that contribute to its’ operation should consider spending their funds in a better formatted Christian network

  30. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  31. Sorry KLOVe, but I cannot support or recommend you to my family and friends. I’m appalled at your taking the course you’re on, a “slippery slope”. Your audience will not support your new attitude.
    It’s not too late to rethink your approach to this “matter”!

  32. K-Love is listener supported, so if they won’t promote the “Unplanned” movie, then people should not support them. I know I won’t be listening or supporting them anymore unless they change their stance and start advertising the movie.

  33. KLove.
    Please recognize why they rated it R
    You got sucked in.
    Please reverse your decision. Everyone needs to understand the horror of abortion!

  34. Then if this is the decision they choose to make, then we fight in the way that will hurt them the most! Boycott the station(s) as well as send emails to all of the advertisers that you will be boycotting the media outlet(s) that is doing such. As well as the advertisers who do not stand with the Christians and Pro-Life as well as the Constitution of the United States of America!!!!!!! That will get the attention of the station(s) as well as the companies, advertisers and media outlets both pro and con!!! They serve the God of Greed. Not the God of Creation, of Love and of Salvation. All of the companies! All of the Advertisers! All of the Outlets. It is quite easy…
    As God Wills It!!!!!!!!!

  35. K Love shame on you for not supporting this Movie. You are one of the reasons that nobody believes in Christians when you don’t stand up for the bible. Using a dumb excuse that is was rated R (so what). I don’t guess you watch TV stations now a days. You need to fight back and ignore Satan take a stand for God.


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