You won’t believe how these “transgender” parents are abusing their son


Pushing “transgenderism” is the radical left’s new frontier.

They’re using preteen children to glamorize drag queens and some even resort to pumping children full of puberty blockers to halt their bodies’ natural development.

And what these “transgender” parents just did to their son is horrifying.

Greg Rogers is a biological woman who had a sex change operation to become a “man.”

She is “married” to Jody, a biological female, who claims to be a lesbian.

If that isn’t confusing enough for you, imagine what it’s like to be their five-year-old son, Jayden.

The parents claim Jayden “hates everything about being a boy,” so they are transitioning him to be female.

Christian Headlines reports:

“At first, we thought it was probably just a phase but it’s been consistent ever since,” Greg said. “She is adamant she’s a girl.

“We’ve had people saying we’re using Jayden for attention and that she just wants to be a girl because I changed sex. It’s ridiculous. Jayden knows nothing about my past. She just knows me as dad.

“She has no idea that I’m transgender,” Greg added. “Having been through this myself, I have conflicting emotions about her deciding she doesn’t want to be a boy anymore. It’s not an easy life. People will always judge you and I don’t think there is a single transgender person on the planet who would push that on a child.”

According to the Daily Record, some concerned neighbors called social services in Britain, claiming Jayden was being abused, but officials reported no concerns.

Jayden is now signed up for counseling at the Young People’s Gender Service, a group that works with youth who are uncertain about their gender. She is too young for sex-hormone changing treatment.

This poor five-year-old boy, at the behest of his parents is now in therapy to help him transition to becoming a girl.

Jean Piaget, a renowned childhood psychologist, wrote that children whom parents think are “acting out” are actually in need of attention for a psychological development that needs to occur.

Piaget further wrote that children between the ages of 2-7 are in a development stage where they don’t fully understand concrete logic and have difficulty with processing information.

Having a parent who had a sex change and another parent who is a lesbian only adds to the confusion for this five-year-old child.

Do you think five-year-olds should be subjected to so-called gender reassignment?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


  1. These so-called parents should be prosecuted they are both two queers hopefully aids or HIV will take care of them and the five-year-old boy would live a normal life these are two sick bastards

    • Suicide is a possibility for these kids. When parents, esp two lunatics, confuse the poor child even more! God must be crying when he sees what his children have become. This child should be taken away from these two idiots. If grown people want to flout God’s laws so be it – but to aid and abet this foolishness in one so young is pathetic and worthy of jail time. My disgust knows no bounds.

      • I agree, it’s a shame that, 2 women or 2 men have custody of children. And I feel if a court decides to allow same sex couples custody.. that judge should be disbarred. It’s hard enough in kids with normal parents, why make it worse??

  2. Until just the last few years we didn’t know how sick society has become as it was kept in the closet. We now see just how many have remained hidden and it is sickening. Back in the old days boys were boys and girls were girls and never heard any on them saying they would rather be anything else.

  3. There must be some way these two adult queers can be prosecuted through the courts. Liberal america has now gone much too far. I woulds like to see these so called parents behind bars and I also would like to hear that that five year old boy is taken away and raises as a boy, not a queer.

      • It could happen in the US just as easily, this seems to be a form of conversion therapy that the LGBT claim to be so adamantly against, unless of course it benefits them.

      • It’s also happening in Texas – surpris surprise. Look up “Save James” – tells you what’s going on with his divorced Pediatric Doctor Mom who is using courts to force his father to NOT let him dress as a boy…….she dressses him up as a girl. Maybe because his “twin” ()not identical) identifies and looks “feminine” like his two older sisters. It’ll make you sick and angry

    • It wouldn’t be anyone’s business if the two so called parents weren’t abusing a child. Our freedoms are supposed to end when they affect another person’s freedoms. In this case an innocent child who undoubtedly is confused having to live with two mixed up individuals and their relationship. He doesn’t have any real concept of what is right or wrong.

  4. And I thought I was abused!!! That child will probably grow up to kill. Himself, his “parents” or others. I will pray for him however.

  5. Delusion and confusion have replaced common sense and logic. The mental state of these confused adults are affecting young children and the brainwashing they are getting from early academics thru college are producing generations of adults that are confused about their sexuality and mental imbalance will increase the suicide rate.

  6. I just wonder what the devil will come up with next, In my lifetime I have seen a lot of things but
    this thing of parents pushing their children into a life style they don.t understand. When God in His
    creation made them male and female, now satin is trying to out do God in one of his last evil devises
    by twisting peoples minds into thinking they are something they are not. A man can never be a woman
    and a woman can never be a man. A person may change the way look on the outside but they can’t
    change the inside, God made them MALE and FEMALE and the devil can’t change that.

  7. thats why they should be banned from the military. I guess if everybody was a tranny then their would be no military , maybe thats the LIBTARDS agenda……GO MAGA

  8. When I was little, I wanted SO badly to be a boy! I even tried standing up to pee and I wanted to be called Jim. Guess what-I grew out of it! Thank God my parents didn’t put me on hormone blockers so I could never have been mother to my three children

  9. Isn’t this just like conversion therapy that they are so adamantly against, Another example of it’s ok if it benefits them.

  10. Sick and totally mentally ill people who should be hospitalized and have their child removed for the sake of having a normal life. What they’ve done to this child is worse then corporal punishment and both should be categorized as child abuse by authorities.

    • So true. Parenthood is looked upon as a ‘right’ because it’s biologically possible – no matter how the child will be affected. It’s not practical to judge every case, but these most outrageous can be salvaged.

  11. These sick SOB’s should have that child removed from the house and these a$$holes put in jail. And make sure the one who thinks she’s a man, should have to go to men’s prison. See how long she wants to be a man, when some giant dude makes her his bit(h!!!!!!!

  12. Crap like that shouldn’t be allowed, when the child hits 18-21 it should be his/her decision to make changes. That child will one day walk away from the so called “parents” and they will hate the hell out of them. Sorry excuse for human beings.

  13. These freaks should be tried and convicted of child abuse, rape, etc. Then, they should be put in General Population in Prison. They will then get their Prison Justice.

  14. “This poor five-year-old boy, at the behest of his parents is now in therapy to help him transition to becoming a girl.”

    Yet they banned THERAPY if the child or the child’s parents wanted it to STOP the child having those kind of thoughts wanting help to BE NORMAL.

    Claiming that it was DISCRIMINATION, child abuse or worse to NOT want to feel certain things and get help from a therapist to that end.

  15. Wow! Talk about confusion and misery just because of the parents sin. If God creates a boy that will never change, same for a girl. What could you expect from a kid with such a poor example, that’s all they know.

  16. This is child abuse in the extreme. Why these two are even allowed to have a child is criminal. They, and any like them should be strung up by their short hairs and left!

  17. These “parents” will have to face God some day. I hope they decide to repent and ask forgiveness for their sins before that time.

  18. This is child abuse and these Parents should be arrested. So where are the authorities like DFAS and Thr children protective Agencies? This needs to be stopped right now. This is a disgrace to let these children to be
    left to suffer at the hands of these SO-CALLED PARENTS that are really monsters? There are only 2 genders a man and a woman and no other. These people are sick in the head and should be locked up.

  19. Serve yourself first is now the fashion.
    –Children are sacrificed, either before or after birth.

    Rome wasn’t any worse before it fell.

  20. What a horrible thing to do to a child. Just because the “parents” are mixed up does not suggest that they should encourage the child to be confused. It has been shown by count that the number of suicides is much higher in the transgender group than the general population. I think that this is probably also true in the homosexual population.


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