You won’t believe how Good Morning America just used this 11-year-old kid


Radical LGBT activists will use anything or anyone to push their agenda.

They don’t care about the side effects of their morally void lifestyle.

And the way Good Morning America just used this 11-year-old kid is sickening.

On Good Morning America, an 11-year-old kid was paraded around on the show claiming he is a “drag queen” and “gay.”

The hosts completely accepted his “identity” and even described it as “trailblazing.”

Life Site News writes:

The sexualization and “gender fluidity” of children got one of its most mainstream boosts yet this month, as “Good Morning America” (GMA) devoted a segment to prepubescent “drag artist” Desmond Napoles.

Napoles, known onstage as “Desmond is Amazing,” is a self-described “androgynous drag kid” who identifies as gay (though it’s unclear if he understands the term’s implications). He reportedly started displaying an interest in women’s clothes at age six, after which his parents say a therapist advised them to allow him to “explore.” He rose to prominence in 2014 when RuPaul and Jinkx Monsoon featured him in a music video.

Earlier this month, “GMA Day” co-hosts Michael Strahan and Sara Haines invited Napoles on the show for a celebration of his “trail-blazing” and “bravery” in the world of drag.

After Napoles came onstage by strutting across a red carpet, a conversation ensued celebrating the “inspiring” impact of his cross-dressing as an example for individuality, and his parents’ support for his self-expression. The young boy’s flamboyant and decidedly-adult garb contrasted sharply with his talk of enjoying trains and root beer.

The segment also treated Napoles to a surprise visit by “iconic drag queens” Hedda Lettuce, Shannel, and Alyssa Edwards. The performers lavished similar praise on the boy’s activities as “courageous,” “inspirational,” and “the future of drag.” They also presented him with a number of gifts, including a gift basket of makeup, a unicorn bag with fake nails and other assorted items, and more.

This is a prime example of how the LGBT will even propagandize children.

Sadly this is nothing new, however.

The so-called “progressives” have been targeting children because they know they don’t know better.

As Culture Watch News reported, Planned Parenthood showed high schoolers a video in their sex ed course of same-sex couples making out.

They want to brainwash and hypersexualize the future of America from a young age for their own political benefit.

And their end goal is to see their deviant and morally void vision for America come to fruition.

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  2. They should lock all of those child predators up 15yrs. and the parents 20yrs. and get that poor little boy mental health help now!!!!

  3. First murdering the unborn for baby parts is made acceptable now sexual child abuse is being advertised as normal. God help this nation. We are doomed. Can only imagine what our enemies are thinking. You don’t see this BS on their TV’s.

  4. We don’t have a bent gender problem.
    we don’t have queer problem.
    We don’t have atheist problem.
    We do have a low life liberal dem bloodsucking ersatz life form problem.
    Talk and voting are not the answer to dealing with these ersatz life forms, civil war is inevitable, why are we waiting?

    You’re right. The beginning of the END.
    Just when you think you’ve seen it all. Very sad.

  6. The show’s producers should be prosecuted for this example of child abuse. Children shouldn’t be exploited in ways that even adults shouldn’t be.

  7. I will stand up all day and proclaim their right to make these choices. However, I don’t agree with these life styles. I don’t agree that they deserve to be congratulated for their decisions. I don’t believe they deserve special privileges. I don’t believe they should criticize and demean those who choose not to agree with them. Gary

  8. Shades of Sodom and Gomorrah it is alive and getting worse as we allow the perverts to take over the mainstream of America. It doesn’t matter if you read, or even believe, the Bible, the truth is all around us that the end of civilization as we have known it is swiftly coming to an end. When we first allowed this to be acceptable behavior that was OK in public and then further allowed it into our schools and then wanted it to be TAUGHT to our children was the final nail in the coffin of America.

  9. This is so very sad. This young man really has no idea what they are doing to him. He is getting so much attention he thinks that is great. Yes our America is being lead down into the gutter a step at a time. I don’t understand how the democratics get by with all their under handed ways?

  10. This is what happens when people move away from God, when He’s dismissed in their lives, institutions & country. As long as we continue on this present course, it will not go well for us. It will, in fact, get much, much worse. We humans need to get off our high horses, ditch our destructive pride & acknowledge God Almighty for who He said He is. We don’t have anything about which to be proud. We’d better be darn quick about it too – time IS running out. You can laugh, call me a nut etc. I don’t care a wit about that, I EXPECT it. But we’d better start searching for God & what He wants because on that last day (yes, there WILL be one), that ALL that’s going to count. Period. This’s all written in a book called the Big Instruction Book for Living Excellently…what fabulous wisdom & directions! Awesome from cover to cover! When a country accepts as normal what isn’t, implements it into society AND makes it law, it commits an egregious sin against God – yes, let’s call it what is really is – sin. America’s accepted & implemented queer relationships & recognized queer marriage. I use queer instead of gay because the word’s been twisted from a benign meaning to that which’s twisted & corrupt. This’s an abomination (Merriam Webster:
    something regarded with disgust or hatred; anything greatly disliked or abhorred. intense aversion or loathing; detestation. Pretty much sets it straight, huh? Not believing any of this doesn’t make it any less the truth, it just makes the unbeliever more & more ignorant. I pray for America – because we need it – desperately.

  11. It’s right down Gayle’s alley after all she’s queer and opariah’s lover. Stedman is just a pawn for the public. And Nora, I figured out how much of a distasteful leftist she is prior to the 2016 election. I used to watch the show; once I realized how much they lie and shade the truth, I stopped. Both of these women are disgusting and the parents of this young boy, a young boy that has NO IDEA about life should lose their child and put behind bars. Good Morning America, might as well be, hello NWO and immorality, chaos and the loss of a free country. Instead of getting mental help for this YOUNG BOY, they are parading HIM around as a female which HE will NEVER be. Gayle and Nora are just as guilty for abusing this child as the parents.

  12. I quit watching abc,cbs,msnbc,cnn etc……tbey are not news people they are opinion people …..journalists are even harder to find….

  13. Of course I believe it. Why wouldn’t I? After all, Good Morning America IS Liberal Democrat organization isn’t it? We’ve already learned they will hurt anyone and do anything for ratings (aka ‘media power’).

  14. EVERYONE PRESENT should be locked up, the freak parents, that I believe are totally responsible behind the little boys’ thinking/behavior. I’d bet everything they have been, and allowing him to be molested, his actions are well rehurst. The people responsible for arranging the show, the audience and the Drag Queens all were encouraging and praising the little boy. Lock them all up, if they weren’t all child predators, they wouldn’t be there promoting it!!!!

  15. I fear for this little boy, I think we all remember the 6yrs. old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey who was raped/murdered on Christmas in 1996. This stoopid exposure could make him a target for some pervert out there, like what happened to that poor little girl, I know the parents are looking to make alot of money exploiting their child!

  16. This is acceptable and even promoted by liberals but don’t dare say anything to another adult that could be misconstrued as sexual or hateful. Then all hell breaks loose. You even lose your show on ABC, or are set on a public stage to be demoralized by some of our leaders in Washington. Welcome to liberal America….HOW DISCUSTING.

  17. I don’t dare what sick people think on what I say, I hope they do have a problem with my words, I have a problem with their sick morbid minds!

  18. I don’t care if he is gay or what he identifies as. This is exploiting a child and should be against the law, shame on those parents and Good Morning America.

  19. His parents should be shot to promote evolution, as for Desmond get him into psychiatric therapy pronto.

  20. First take that child to a qualified ( straight not queer ), doctor and have him physically examined, then lock the parents up and, throw away the key!

  21. Kenneth Bottomley I agree and the news (tabloids ) that push this need to be closed and the perverts that own them jailed

  22. Liberalism is a mental disorder and Pelosi,Behar,Hillary, Carrey, Waters, She-pard, the lemon, Ocasio-Cotex are just some of the poster girls in the godless deranged NAZI Commie Demoncrat party!!! Here is just another Liberal LGBT useful idiot on display!

  23. This is how media glorifies deviancy down. It’s crap like this that the only network I watch is Fox. It’s bad enough the way the audience cheer this excrement on, but his parents supporting this is just plain wrong. As for the parents, I hope you are reading my comments because you belong in one of Stalin’s gulags. You are despicable in what you are doing to your child! One of the tenets of Marxism is to destroy moral norms. I’d say on that point they are succeeding. Wake up America, we are rapidly losing our Republic.

  24. This is nothing short of promoting Pedophilia,,Who knows what goes on behind closed doors with this he/she drag queen,this little boy and these children.

  25. Good lord, this is truly insane. Some children go through a period of identity insecurity. It’s natural, I’m not sure where I fit in, who I am and why do I feel this way. It’s called “raging” hormones people. As a parent I had sons who would play barbies with the neighbor kids, one son also had a my buddy doll till chuck ruined it. I also had a daughter who played with trucks and army men. All of my children also played with toys that were , gender specific, as the world puts it. All of my children grew up healthy and happy. One is married, one lives with her boyfriend and the other would love to get married and have kids just hasn’t found the right girl. My daughter as a toddler wanted to be a boy, she thought it unfair that she couldn’t shoot her pee at a cheerios in the potty. My sons at age 2/3 also wanted to paint there nails , we did. By the time they were of school age they were aware of who they were and why they were made different by God. I didn’t however let my daughter use makeup at 11, like this little boy. If she wanted to wear an army outfit for Halloween I let her, she was even a priest one year. It was make believe , I believe this mom and son just want attention and this is how they get it and dad is just along for the ride, he seemed a little uncomfortable. If he wants to a drag queen when he’s older than so be it. Allow him to get through puberty and give him the same rules as you would your daughter about wearing makeup outside of the house, by the way, less is more!!

  26. Is this the same 11 year old dancing in the gay bar in new York his parents should be shot his little rear end will be worn out before he is 21

  27. Liberals will not be happy until every child in America is confused and taught that deviant sex is the norm.


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