You won’t believe how Gillette responded to the backlash from their “toxic masculinity” ad


Gillette landed in hot water for releasing a highly-politicized ad that many viewed as attacking all men.

The ad lectures men about the #MeToo movement.

And how Gillette’s spokeswoman responded to the backlash will make you scratch your head.

Gillette is doubling down on their “toxic masculinity” ad targeting men.

In fact, a spokeswoman is even teasing releasing more ads, ominously saying the campaign was “far from over.”

Stuff NZ reported:

A Procter & Gamble spokeswoman defended the ad, arguing it was designed to encourage men to be their best selves.

“Successful brands today have to be relevant and engage consumers in topics that matter to them,” she said. “Gillette is using our platform to advance a more modern, positive vision of what it means for men to be at their best.”

The spokeswoman said the campaign was far from over, even going as far as to hint at more videos to come.

“If we get people to pause, reflect and to challenge themselves and others to ensure that their actions reflect who they really are, then this campaign will be a success.”

And while this is just the latest bombardment in the assault on masculinity the Left has ratcheted up since President Donald Trump took office, it comes on the heels of new “guidelines” released by the American Psychological Association which we reported conclude traditional masculinity is “toxic” and “on the whole harmful.”

So it’s not surprising there’s a loud and growing backlash against the Gillette ad. Even British television host Piers Morgan castigated it as “absurd virtue-signaling.”

And it’s not the first time in recent years that Gillette has been called out for its unscrupulous advertising.

In 2017, a watchdog group challenged the company for misleading American customers about where their products are manufactured. In a heavily run ad titled “Gary” the company insinuated all of its products are 100% American Made. In fact, they claimed their blades are “Boston Made.”

As Fast Company reported at the time:

The problem is, Gillette’s products are not predominately made in the United States, according to, and that means the company may be deceptively advertising.

One thing’s for sure, the assault on masculinity is far from over.

With President Trump’s 2020 reelection rapidly approaching, we’re sure to see more of the Left’s efforts to leverage the #MeToo movement and so-called “toxic masculinity” into his defeat.

But what do you think?

Will we see more dangerous advertising like this in the coming months? Is Gillette’s “toxic masculinity” campaign part of a larger effort to defeat President Trump in 2020?

Answer in the comments section below.


    • No, if you are male, embrace that fact. We are not women, never will be. We need to be respectful-including to who/what we are. I’ve never seen an effeminate lion, tiger, German Shepherd, Pomeranian, Yorkie, Siamese cat, or any other warm blooded male of their species.

      • I guess ALL the males who went to war in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan to protect women, children and families were “toxic”. I guess the thin line of mostly male law enforcement that protect women, children and families against the criminals are “toxic”. Idiots like those in the Gillette boardroom wouldn’t be here if we lost WWII. We’d be speaking German east of the Mississippi, and Japanese, west of the Mississippi.

        Based on the mentally deranged in corporate America and the rest of society, what’s going to happen is that men will start to NOT intervene and just stand by and watch as women get beaten, raped, and sexually harassed. Feminists espouse sharia law. Maybe we should allow it in the U.S.–where women can’t drive, can’t attend schools, have to walk at least 6 feet behind the man, have to wear scarves over their heads, are allowed to be raped, etc. This way, we can eliminate the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote.

        • …WOOOOOOOWWWWWW..!!!.. that little bitch UP in the advertizing dept , just signed up the , lgbtqrixp- whatevers , AND LOST MOST ALL REAL MEN.. SHAVE UR TWAT WITH THAT ONE gillett.. !!!

    • only dumb people limit their view to two outcomes- there are way more outcomes than redneck or Nancy. If you still like scatological jokes you’re a redneck.

      • Have you seen the price they ask for their products, it is crazy. Don’t know about other men but the most razor I can get a good shave from is 2 blades not 4 or 5. If I was shaving a flat board then 4 blades might work just fine.

      • Right on. I won’t be purchasing any of their products. Hit them where it will hurt like hell… the bottom line and a Board of Directors who understand customer service. Gillette’s products aren’t made in America, so why support some moron in china.

        • …perhaps Gillette can do an advertisement with Dick’s Sporting Goods, as both of their company’s value and stock price continue to drop in unison. I can see the ad campaign now…”Real Men Shave Their Genitals”…”Gillette products now available at Dick’s”….Ha! Ha! Ha!
          RJ O’Guillory

          • I think Gillette and Dick’s Sporting are feeling the heat and their bottom line has hit the tank. Won’t be long until the stockholders will either sell or start demanding a whole new ad. firm. I see it happening in both accounts.

      • Harry’s makes a better less expensive alternative. Gillete thrived on planned obsolescence of their products, Ever notice how the razor you were using didn’t last, and didn’t do as good a job just as they were releasing the newest razor product?
        That’s the reason I switched to Harry’s.

        • Totally agree,Harries makes a much better product. Gillette will never have a product in my home or any family members home ever again.
          Have a nice slow fall to the bottom Gillette. May your stock holders enjoy all your knew girlie men friends.

    • I’m still waiting for the company who will air a commercial on how women should act like women, tell them that if they’re sleeping to get to the top, the bottom will fall out, acting and dressing like gutter trash hoes will only bring you disrespect, take your place as God intended you to be…a woman of integrity and grace. Women need to respect the position that God gave to the man and stop trying to turn them into women. There is almost nothing more disgusting than these panty-waisted, limp wristed, bun wearing snowflakes unless it’s these shrill, aggressive, tightly wound h(f)emales.

      • I agree, this #me too has played its course, so ladies, if you want to succeed, just get off your butts and work for it. There are no FREE LUNCHES.

      • ….the , obozos, made same sex legal , BUTT , THAT DON’T MAKE IT RIGHT…!!!.. EVEN if the lizzies wear mens fly underware , they CAN’T WIPP IT OUT.,!!!

    • Women want manly and masculine men not sissies or wimps I will never purchase another Gillette product neither will anybody in my family and all my friends they are boycotting Gillette because they deserve it!

  1. Another badly-run company buying into the Left’s “politically correct” nonsense. Just one more piece of the Communist Demos trying to radically change the land of the free and home of the brave. We should all boycott Gilette, the Fake MSM, and any other zany moron-run companies buying into the Left’s treachery.

    • timmy Hoffman- Gillette has been around this country longer than you have. “The land of the brave” is being run by a five time deferral coward. His last deferral was fake and bought for him by his racist slumlord daddy.

      • President Trump is one of 15 Presidents — including Clinton and Obama — who you consider to be cowards. Nowhere in the Constitution does it require military service to be the President, only 35 years of age and a natural born citizen — which Obama was not.

        • Right!! But Soros finagled that financially enough to get it by everyone. Scumbag piece of garbage obummer was no part American AT ALL. The only thing he had to be proud of was what a great liar he was. Him and his he/she wife Michael.

      • Jim, you just called 40% of America’s men cowards, they all had college deferments. I had two differing deferments, one for essential industry and one for college after which I served twenty years. Did those two deferments make me a coward? As for Trump’s father and your specious claim he was a racist slumlord, it would behoove you to examine the judicial record where you would find he was found to have no guilt and was encouraged by the judge to continue his African American rental practices.

      • You mean horse mouth? She’s definitely a joke always good for a laugh let’s see how long she lasts before they boot her ass out!’

      • This website does not like conservatives, tell you you’re posting a duplicate post even though you know you’re not. that’s how they get away with not posting your reply sneaky bastards they all suck

      • That may not work out so well for them! We will make sure not to buy P&G products any longer and it started with Crest toothpaste, the Gum Detoxify and Gum and Enamel Health, which did not what promised.

  2. So alienating your customer base is supposed to increase sales? In the face of lower priced, higher quality competition, doesn’t seem the smartest move…

  3. Get the feminazis out of here!!!!! I agree with Corrina. Men will and should continue to be REAL MEN and not pansies. Hey “spokesman (yes, intentionally PC-incorrect)” I hope Gillette decides to eliminate your position for hurting sales.

    • There is no way Girl-Lette would have been able to produce and promulgate “toxic masculinity” tropes and memes without full support of Procter & Gamble. Girl-Lette used the excuse of following an industry-wide program promoting hiring more female advertising producers and directors. Given toxic masculinity ad director Kim Gehrig’s outspoken pro-feminist, misandrist commercials (focusing more on ideology than company products), Girl-Lette’s hiring her ad agency was not an innocent mistake.

      Girl-Lette and Procter & Gamble knew exactly what they were doing. They were complicit in an attempt at social engineering through shaming, guilt-mongering, slurs and epithets, and misandrist strawman rhetoric, than in selling anything of value; in effect, they mimicked the nagging behavior of the passive-aggressives who did nothing more than aggravate and encourage the behavior they were seeking to stop via nagging. Just as children learn, nagging does NOT work. While exposing the bigotry of Kim Gehrig (and Girl-Lette brand manager), it also reveals how virtue-signaling has overtaken profit margin and gross revenue in terms of business priorities.

  4. Taking advice on how men should “act” from a female spokeswoman at a consumer products company is patently absurd. Stick to hawking your products and stay out of people’s personal lives.

    Thanks God, most men that I know would never be so presumptuous.

    Oh, and you can kiss my business goodby.

  5. The people espousing this crap need a new procedure designed to cleanse and detoxify.

    It’s called the BATTERY ACID ENEMA.
    Guaranteed to eliminate CRAP coming from their minds and bodies.

  6. Gillette can rust in hell. I won’t by anything from those libtard sexists anymore even if I wanted to shave my ass. I hope P&G feels the cut to their profit margin. I am a white heterosexual Conservative male and have no apologies for that. I guess that when it comes to sexual harassment, now men can say #metoo. Thanks, Gillette now I can be a trendy crusader, too.

      • Sen. Lindsey Graham is a retired US Army Colonel with combat service. Somehow I don’t see him dwelling within a closet — you, on the other hand…

      • Keep up your posts, Jim. I come on here too, just to try to upset the Repubs – and get them to think a little. They are for the most part, single-minded and rarely have an original thought or comment to share!!

        • Yeah not like the jackass Democrats. CNN does an interview with a Black radio host and says he has white privilege because they don’t know that the radio host is Black. CNN not known for hiring intelligent people.

        • Nanny Nancy, I believe you stated the wrong party…. Democrats are having their own problems with the new crop of idots you all voted for. I enjoy watching the tower fall with little ole chucky and Nellie Nancy in the drivers’ seat. Its going to be fun watching the melt down of the democratic party in the next 2 years. Hang on for the ride.

      • Come on Jim, you are quick to point out others grammar/punctuation errors but you don’t know when to use capitalization… Snowflake. As far as Lindsey, have you blown him to know he’s still in the closet?

        • Donald, since when was the word snowflake required to be capitalized? I saw a snowflake on my lawn, catch a snowflake on my tongue. Now if I should use it as a noun, then I would capitalize it. The Snowflakes are out in full force this evening. Is that a correct usage, Donald?

  7. Just who does this “spokeswoman” think she is to feel entitled to use their platform to promote their vision of what constitutes what a real man SHOULD BE? How arrogant an attitude is that? More like what they would like to dictate what they “decide” a real man is. That is hogwash. More liberal indoctrination and intrusion into our lives.

  8. It is a huge turn off to see “men” with a sissy bun, earrings, womens hair styles, nail polish, make up and so on. If you are a mna be a man not someone that cant decide if you want to be a man or a woman.

      • Well Eugene – you are right. We all are born with some of both hormones. We don’t get to decide how much of either. Which is what those of us with an educated mind have been trying to tell you all.

    • Well darn then, John!! No shaving means you will grow a long beard – now all you will need is a man-bun and earrings. Oh no!! Someone above wrote how terrible that is!!

      • He said he will not be shaving with a Gillette razor. He didn’t say he wasn’t going to shave anymore. You do know other companies make razors. Typical Democrat twisting what someone else says.

      • He said he wasn’t going to shave with a Gilllette razor. He never said he wasn’t going to shave. You do know other companies make razors. Typical Democrat always twisting what someone else says.

  9. I surely don’t have to purchase anything they sell. They can keep their freaking blades. I Don’t want or need. There are more out there just as good or better.

  10. I wrote to Gillette two days ago about their offensive ad. I’m a wife and mother if an adult son…I like men to be men…they aren’t perfect but neither are women. If one wants a sermon, they should speak to their pastor, priest or rabbi. Enough with what Gillette considers politically correct. Our world is changing in negative ways…#me too may be going too far. Extremes are not productive.
    This ad campaign isn’t about our President; it is about the need of many today to forcibly change people into phony robots. Let’s get back to what we were…all in all, pretty decent.

    • AMEN! – Gail Katz. Second the motion on all you say. These corporations think they’re bettering their sales by their phonyspeak ads…only to bring hot coals on their collective heads. Good riddance.

  11. This anti-men (white men) campaign will have the opposite effect. Just wait, the backlash is coming. It’s human nature to push back.

  12. These companies need to keep politics out of the business. I can only hurt sales. I own stock in P&G and this kind of crap can only hurt the value of it. By the way I treat women with respect at all times even if one on them is acting like a two year old.

  13. I hear and read that there are 63 genders. If this is true the only conclusion I can arrive at is that God Almighty created 2, woman and man. The democrats created the rest. Eh?

  14. Good on those boycotting proctor and gamble products! Men should be men and boys should be boys. Woman should be woman and girls should be girls! If we respect ourselves then we have empowered ourselves. My boys played with trucks and dolls, my daughter played with dolls and trucks, but no where In the scheme of things did I say it was wrong. I did however teach them to Respect each other’s space, their privacy and each other’s things. I used Gillette razors , my children did but now that it has decided to disrespect men, boys and masculinity, I shall not use it again nor will my adult children. We have become a nation of whiners, instant gratification and truly disrespectful teasers. My dad / uncles / grandpa always patted their wives butts in playfulness, we children thought nothing of it as we considered it part of married life. We’ve forgotten values and morals- redneck or not, values , morals and respect all have the same meaning in the dictionary!! I agree that their spokesman/ person should lose their job as well as the team that put this advertisement together, they truly don’t know what they are doing. By the way Gillette, I’m for hire????. People need to go back in time and find where they left their common sense and scruples, then we can move on to more important issues like raising children, caring for the elderly and helping Veterans!! Much worthier causes in my book!!

  15. You have feminazies saying that “masculinity is a mental issue”. Males think that because they can grow facial hair, that it makes them masculine!! In fact, they are becoming snow flakes and you have a population of sissies! There is nothing manly about a huge percentage of these so/called “guys”. There are males and there all females, but the leftists would like to neutralize the traits and blur the lines!! Enough craziness, time to pull the plug on this brainwashing and PC garbage! Speak out America!!

  16. P&G should dump Gillette and return to its Conservative values and concentrate on it soap and household products and eliminate this political buffoonery! It was a much better company in the 70’s when I worked there.

  17. How about woman trying to be their best selves. They dress provocatively, put lots of perfume, makeup on and flirt with men but men aren’t men aren’t suppose to even look at them anymore. I use to smile at woman before, whether attractive, pretty or not. Now I look the other way because they’re acting lie a bunch of stuck up snobby woman who are think they’re better then men instead of just be equal with men. My God what has happened to this world, you know what, liberals, that’s what happened.

  18. I don’t get my blades form Gillette anymore, not even schick. I get them from and pay about 20% of what I use to and get a great shave, one my wife likes as she doesn’t get wiskerburns anymore!

  19. Men should act like men! some women are too overpowering towards their attitudes toward men. they seem to believe it’s their turn to rule over everyone! I’ve contacted P&G about their products many times & never received any response. I stopped purchasing their products! we have to talk with our MONEY! seems that’s only thing they care about! I’m doing complete emptying of my house of their products & I’m letting my family & friends know what’s going on!

    • Me too, i.e., (emptying of my house of their products & I’m letting my family & friend) see we can have a Man #metoo as well. Woman need to be themselves, stop trying to rule the world and they’ll get all the respect from men they need without being harassed in anyway, which they deserve.

  20. That advertisement does not “indicate a positive vision of what it means for men to be at their best”. Men are at their best when they are and when they reflect what they want to be, not what women want them to be. If all young women would determine what they really want, and not always depend on what the “Feminists” say that they should want, men and women would be at their happiest and live a joyful life.

  21. Can stupidity become more stupid? Looks like it. Aren’t men supposed to be masculine, and women feminine? Don’t know about anyone else, but it’ll be a sorry world if it ever changes!

  22. The problem is simply a typographical error. They left out the word “to.”

    Gillette’s position is not “Toxic Masculinity.” Rather, Gillette is “Toxic TO masculinity”

    The good news is that there are plenty of other razors available. And at a better price.

  23. This will have the same impact as Eric Holder’s demand that the nation have a ‘conversation about race’. Just dumped the Gillette razor and switched to Harry’s. Better results and will be saving money, too. Let your consumer $$$ do the talking.

  24. Right, lets see them make more stupid ads AND pay their employees with what LITTLE revenue they bring in from femenist arm pit shavers. I’m buying an electric shaver tomorrow!

  25. Who is the advertising lad who thinks American men all wear skin tight pants with no back pockets? WTMBMD (what would the Marlboro man do) It’s time for me to use another brand of razor.

    • Harry’s razor blades just sent me a discount card in the mail for 8 blades at $12.99. Didn’t take them long to jump on Gillette for extremely poor marketing judgment (as Gillette blades are ridiculously expensive). Hope Gillette goes under for this stupidity.

  26. As a kid growing up I remember Gillette as my grandfather, uncles and dad used Gillette. As a grown man, Gillette, FU! Your brand, your message and your corporate association with many other fine brands will not, does not include me. If you think you can play the modern game of whatever you think we are becoming it isn’t happening. I will use a BIC before I use your brand and if I Google BIC and find they are associated with you I’ll change. Google is a fine tool. Toxic Masculinity. You people are nuts.

  27. Gillette has really F’d up!!! Men will always be men, and masculine, unless we allow the Progressive movement to sway them in a different direction. Our children are being manipulated in school by educators with an agenda. It sickens me to see what is being forced upon our children in the public schools. I am frightened by the direction the Liberals are forcing our young people to accept as normal. If we allow this indoctrination of our children we will never be able to reverse the damage to our children and the future of our country!!! WAKE UP AND SAVE OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. In the U.S., 43% of boys live in homes that are headed by single-parent, mother-headed households. 78% of all teachers in the U.S. are women. Boys are subjected to feminine influence in these single parent homes 100% of the time. They are subjected to feminine influence in schools almost 80% of the time. Why then is there violence, bullying, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and other bad acts caused by boys/males???? The feminists created the problem and now they are chastising, denigrating, berating, and debasing males. Can’t have it both ways.

  29. How stupid! What other form will the “hate Trump” attitude take place? Get over it, you misinformed idiots. Trump IS our president and wake up and understand the good things he has done for the country and the world. Finally we got a Business oriented president rather than the usual politician oriented person that lives in the swamp and is beholden to the lobbyists and other politicians.

  30. After 60+ years of using Gillette products….I’M DONE!! Threw them all out. Check out “One” , best and closest shave ever. All their products are Superior. Lots of other competitors. Leave Gillette for the Fems. Lets see if they can survive.

  31. Shame on the RealMale hating bigots at Gillette. BOYCOTT Proctor&Gamble!!! I will never ever buy another product from the bigoted P&G-Gillette!

  32. Said this before and will say it again-that a company like Gillette jumps on the liberal-progressive train to nowhere says more about them than the American male. Their virtue-signal is disingenuous to say the least. They sponsored BOXING MATCHES in the past, one of the most brutal, mostly male sports in the world. This was for years. IF I were a male (and even as a female, would gladly pick some other company from which I’d buy their type of product.

  33. This trend of “biting the hand that feeds them” seems to be running rampid in the U.S. Anthem kneeling haters of our nation’s history. Hatred for capitalism, hatred for Christians and hatred for all men with white skin. There probably isn’t even a white man today the is even remotely related to anyone who owned a slave. Genetics suggests that ancestors can’t be traced back more than two to three generations. Movie stars are telling half of America that we are uneducated, racists, homophobic and should be exterminated simply because we didn’t vote for Hillary! Go figure. Hillary’s record speaks volumes about her. Who advises these people anyway? I guess Gillette figures it can survive on sales of women’s razors?

    • Well, Buddy, I can trace my ancestors back at least six generations. Some of my ancestors did own slaves. Those ancestors were long dead by the time my great grandparents were born, so I have only seen gravestones with their names on them. The rest of your post is spot on with the possible exception of ladies supporting Gillette. Not sure how that is gonna work out.

      Phil in TX

    • Good grief!! It’s not “rampid”, it’s rampant!! Where did you go to school anyway? You obviously didn’t learn to spell correctly or do you actually talk that way?

  34. Procter & Gamble has gotten the last penny I will ever spend on their products. I will no longer use Gillette, Febreeze, Downy, Bounce, Bounty, Charmin, Old Spice, Cascade, Dawn, Swiffer, Pepto Bismol, Prilosec, Crest, Oral-B or Scope. These were all of the P&G products in my home. When they are gone they will be replaced by products from a different company. P&G are dead to me. This will be repeated many millions of times by others that will not stand for this SJW BULLS*IT! P&G, STAY IN YOUR LANE!

    Phil in TX

  35. All they need to do is change the G to a J. Then “JILLETTE” can be the razor for womanly women, for manly women, for womanish men and all those whose orientation changes based on their gender fluid levels. According to the new math “Manly Men” are such a minority they can afford to write off that market. This is how the current crop of SJW MBAs think. To which I say “GET WOKE, GO BROKE”!


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