You will never eat Chick-fil-A again after finding out how they betrayed Christians


Chick-fil-A has become the fast food restaurant for Christians everywhere.

The fact that they have stood by their values is important to people of faith.

But you will never eat there again after finding out how they betrayed Christians.

For years, Chick-fil-A has stood by their guns under constant attacks from far-Left organizations due to their financial support of Christian charities.

The fact that they would stand by their convictions was huge for Christians.

But now they are betraying their customer base by announcing that they will no longer donate to Christian charities, including the Salvation Army, in order not to offend the Leftist outrage mobs.

BisNow reports:

As Chick-fil-A expands globally and into more liberal parts of the U.S., the chicken chain plans to change which charities it donates to after years of bad press and protests from the LGBT community.

Beginning next year, Chick-fil-A will move away from its current philanthropic structure, Bisnow has learned. After donating to more than 300 charitable organizations this year, the Atlanta-based fast-food chain will instead focus on three initiatives with one accompanying charity each: education, homelessness and hunger. 

“There’s no question we know that, as we go into new markets, we need to be clear about who we are,” Chick-fil-A President and Chief Operating Officer Tim Tassopoulos said in an interview with Bisnow. “There are lots of articles and newscasts about Chick-fil-A, and we thought we needed to be clear about our message.”

The new initiative will no longer include donating to organizations like the Salvation Army, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Paul Anderson Youth Home, Chick-fil-A says, all of which sparked criticism in the past from the LGBT community due to the organizations’ stances on homosexuality.

The fast food chain is hoping to expand to more liberal areas and to college campuses that resist them due to their Christian faith.

So to them, it is all about money.

One must wonder how long it will be before they start opening on Sunday, as they will make more money after all.

Are you going to avoid Chick-fil-A going forward?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. It might be a good decision. The owners/shareholders/staff, etc. of Chic-fil-A can still donations to charities they want to support and still not appease the left-wing jackasses we have in government at all levels. As for me and my family, we will continue to eat at Chick-fil-A.

  3. Right is always right. Marriage is between one man and one woman. Each of us was born either male or female. That is the way God intended it. All of these groups who want to do this differently want the rest
    of society to accept them as normal. Biological sex cannot be changed. Marriage was for the purpose of populating the planet. I grew up on a farm. There were places where all male or all female cattle were kept.
    I never saw a calf born in one of those lots because same sex creatures cannot multiply.
    I am very disappointed at Chick-fil-A has taken this direction. I have a feeling that thjs will effect their bank account.

  4. If this is indeed “compromise”, Chick-fil-A will suffer from it. You cannot compromise God’s principles and expect no return consequences. Too bad.

  5. The LGBT community and left wing nut-cases won’t be happy until they bring this whole country down to their low level and no level of morality and it’s too bad too many people in power and owners of businesses won’t stand up for morality anymore because of fear of being labeled racist or homophobic or sexist, etc.
    I could be the last Christian on this planet and I will never give up my standards of morality for any sick and perverted group of people.

  6. “If” this story is accurate, then I can’t even express how disappointed I am in their decision. I have no problem with the organizations they will now donate to. But to throw out ANY Christian organizations just because of the radical alphabet people protests ?Well, this is telling me making money is more important to them than standing strong for their religious beliefs. They have caved in to the ones that are abominations in GOD’s eyes. Not to mention, the alphabet people are a very small majority of the population of this country.So who cares what they want by their protests?It has only helped CFA thrive because of those of us that believe in GOD and appreciated your Christian beliefs. Well, good luck on that decision CFA. If this is indeed your decision, than it will be my decision not to support you any longer. In my area we have Popeye’s that has delicious chicken sandwiches too. At a cheaper price. I will be going there more often now.Shame on you, CFA….

  7. Chick-fil-a has betrayed the Right; fallen/crawled in bed with the Left to the disgrace of their loyal backing! For what reason? To accomodate the LGBTQ?!

  8. Dear Delmar Bromm, Robert DeLong, Lee Sullivan, Gregory Snow, Linda M…….There is a special place for you in Heaven!


  9. MONEY controls the WORLD….to heck with any MORALS, just pamper to the UNCHRISTIAN followers….I know this will hurt the company but TO HECK WITH THEM…I will never eat at another store again. I hope more will swear to this….

  10. I will not eat there again. I used to be so proud if them I would try to go once a week just to support them. I met people there, picked up take out, and took my family there. I will not be being doing that any more. Very disappointed, but will give that money to Salvation Army, and FCA instead.

  11. How are they betraying Christians when they will donate to the homeless, Hungry, and education they can’t give to everybody some people need to get real!!!!

  12. LGBT represent 4.5% of the population of the country. That means 95.5% of the country should show their disapproval of Chick Oil-a and buy their chicken elsewhere. This family of three is going to do exactly that.

  13. LGBT represent 4.5% of the population of the country. That means 95.5% of the country should show their disapproval of Chick Oil-a and buy their chicken elsewhere. This family of three is going to do exactly that.

  14. I was thinking how long before the haters of Chick-fil-a was to come up with something to bring them down they are still donating to several groups education, hunger, and homeless!! PS EAT MORE CHICKEN!!!!!!

  15. I am deeply saddened that Chick-Fil-A would bow to the immoral community of homosexual, pansexual. pedophile and whatever else un-godly group that is rotting the minds of our youth (and, apparently, so called adults) with perversions.

  16. It’s no big deal!! You are reading into this a whole lot more than is true!! Wait until all the FACTS are out!

  17. This should certainly AFFECT their profits by boycotting of people of faith. [The word “effect” is a result, while “affect” is the action). Capish?

  18. And also…their pocketbook grew as we supported them against the attacks. The leftist alphabet soup still won’t be happy, and now neither are we. One cannot serve 2 masters.

  19. Call me crazy, but as a Christian , is it not my call to help the homeless and the hungry? I don’t recall where Jesus said we should help only the heterosexuals in this world. While I do agree that they needn’t bend to any certain group, they have not abandoned their Christian call to be charitable. Eat more chicken!

  20. Amazing how people pile on for one bad decision, that will likely not affect the big picture of chick-fil-a’s charitable donations and actions. Christian’s are instructed to love the sinner, hate the sin. Dan Cathy made a sinful choice, but that doesn’t mean Christian’s should be calling for his ruination by boycotting his business.

  21. I agree totally, they are still supporting 3 very basic needs, not to mention, keeping people working and expanding not necessarily for money but just maybe for the influence. We will always have opposition and why they think their voice is more important and their voices are the loudest is because they are being used by a defeated foe.

  22. These persons are one percent but make up a disgusting percentage. The tail wagging the dog. I will eat at Chick- every chance I have. The food is good. I like it. These individuals are relentless contributing very little to humanity and society but their garbage. I hope these complainers and nasty one’s chock on their next mouth full of whatever. When some big mouth tells me what to do or not I will make every effort to do-it just to irritate. Get a life you creeps.

  23. People want to feel comfortable in their sin so of course they stand together. I will not boycott Chic Fil-A. You are right there is an absolute right and wrong but they are still giving to very important charities and I’m sure in the private lives give even more to the others. God gives us free will to choose good from evil and if we want good to prevail we need to fight the battle where it is,in the spiritual realm and on our knees.

  24. It is indeed unfortunate that they done forgot who brung ’em to the dance, but we accomplish nothing by boycotting them – that’s exactly what the alphabet soup perverts want us to do. Chick-fil-A needs our support and prayers now more than ever. You know the hate base of the pervert world isn’t intending to stop here. They won’t be happy until we all agree that their perversions are not only to be accepted, but also to be glorified and celebrated.
    God will judge them in His time. If God doesn’t pass judgement on LGBTQXYZ in America, He owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.

  25. By refusing to donate to Great Christian Charities that they donated to before they are letting the Left wingers control their decision making. When we give in to the demands of these misinformed morons it is the beginning of their incessant rantings and ravings until they control every move we make. Big Mistake Chick Filet. I will be watching closely and you will be on a list of possible shut down for me and my family. Bad Decision Chic Filet.

  26. Business and religion should not mix. The Christian religion was based on writings that coincided with people who cooked with Camel dung. I wonder if those who condemn Chick filet have ever taken the mote out of their own eye. I don’t agree with the LGBT but I have been told not to judge….so….I will look in the mirror to see where I stand. Love to you all.

  27. I have no issue with Chic FIL A changing their contributions, hunger, education & homelessness are all great initiatives Salvation Army is NOT such a great organization, just because it’s religion based, doesn’t mean they are on the right. They lost SD t my money years ago. Chic FIL A can give their money where they want, the real get should appreciate the donations of the past 3 years & look forward to their continued generosity

  28. You gave in to the people hurting your business with their hatred. You stabbed loyal customers in the back. I am saddened by your betrayal. Have at it with the left and I hope you all choke on you chicken sandwiches. Politics suck.

  29. Actually,
    I never cared for Chick Fillet, after they took it out of the Malls in 1976.
    When they went Commercial, their flavor decreased.
    But, I think they need to be careful about where they are headed here….
    Probably going with the children who are headed straight to Hell, if they keep going along with the Democratic Devil Worshiping kind of Activity that is starting to demise our young brain-washed minds.
    I’m telling you, I’m getting tired of the stupidity,…Going after our children today, in this way….
    These (Creature’s)
    Teachers, need to stop their hatred of America, Just because they chose a field of endeavor, that is tantamount to professional suicide.
    Quit Taking it out on the Children,
    Just because you screw’d up your life,,,, doesn’t mean you should Ruin Theirs……..
    Roy Lee Bradford I don’t care if you know my name, come and get me , I’m heavily armed
    and by the way F%%K SOROS and his STUPIDITY
    \If I had that kind of money< I wouldn't waste it on a INSANE IDEOLOGY…
    He should be gone soon anyway, from the looks of him…….
    And Pelosy Why is she wasting the rest of her Life on this, Honey,,,you cant take it with ya…
    2020 OVER

  30. That is not the reason they are cutting those ties as I understand it. The other 2 organizations are following the “liberal christian” line of thinking that OK’s homosexuality and Chik-fil-a doesn’t believe in that.

  31. I am definitely going to take my family to Chick-Fil-A lots of times in the future. I am not going to let some group of *^#%#()@) tell me where to eat.

  32. Very disappointing to hear that they won’t donate to certain causes anymore. If they think that will put them back into the good graces of the Left and certain groups, it will not happen but we good supporters won’t be so supportive anymore!! We never thought that they would cave to the LBTXXX group and they are making a big mistake!!

  33. No, the opposite is true. My friends and family are going to start eating our chicken at Chick-Fil-A from now on. Yeah, yeah, Chick-Fil-A!!!!!

  34. To turn your back on an organization that servers 23 million people in need per year because it is a Christian organization, That is cheap. Goodbye Chick fill a.

  35. Look,
    What I was doing, was conveying the kind of thought these days.
    If this kind of activity pursues,
    We will be living in the past.
    The Romans in their wickedness, took part in an Anti-Christian crusade to oust Christianity Because it didn’t fit they’re life/style.
    Which was homesexual and multi-partner etc.
    Many displayed transgenderism however its spelled.
    I’m not against people doing whatever they feel.
    But, I know right from wrong.
    And the Roman’s crusade eventually led to the death of Jesus, who may or may not really be the true son of God, But, who really know’s the truth.
    No One Has Ever Come Back To Tell Us, isn’t that right?

  36. It is only 2 organizations they won’t donate to. They are not stopping all donations to Christian organizations.

  37. Chicken-Chicken- Everything taste like Chicken anyway, dog,squirell,woody wood-pecker, Why is the story, lately about chicken?
    What happened to people killing each other over a Popeyes Sandwitch…
    Hope I’m not here to see it end……..

  38. I agree with Robert. If chick filet is doing this to appease the left morons, it is a mistake. You can’t compromise what is right. This immoral society wants people to accept their perversions. Read the bible. It will never happen. Tired of this crap of being tolerant. Wrong is wrong. God only created man and woman. Chick filet needs to put Christ first.

  39. Christians must do always what is correct on our LORD EYES no matter what the pervers think or do.

    Believe it !!!

  40. Why don’t you people read beyond the bullcrap the anti-Chick-fil-A news media is trying to pump you full of? Chick-fil-A is not compromising their beliefs, and they’re not backing down or giving in to the alphabet soup gang of professional persecuted victims. Salvation Army has always been a great outfit, and they put a higher percentage of donations into the actual work than any other group except for the Gideons (The Bible people). I worked for years as a volunteer for Salvation Army, and for American Red Cross. Red Cross went political, and Salvation Army is still a good outfit, but they have softened their stance on all forms of sexual perversion. Chick-fil-A has not softened, so they moved their money to other endeavors where they align more closely with the recipient’s mission, and where they can see the greatest effect from their donations. They are not donating less money than they did before, and with them, it’s not about the money – it’s about the mission. I hope all you “former” Chick-fil-A fans and supporters learn that before you jump on the liberal bandwagon and start boycotting. That’s exactly what the alphabet people want you to do. If you fall for it, you are playing right into their hands, and help them win a victory. May I repeat – Chick-fil-A did not quit supporting the Salvation Army because of pressure from the perverts.

  41. Terry, I feel they are betraying Christians by trying not to offend the LGBT community. And by not giving any more donations to “Christian” charities.
    That offends and disappoints me a great deal. I never felt they offended these groups. They never refused to serve them or allow them on their property. This won’t stop me from going to Chic-fil-A, however if they ever open on Sunday against the founders wishes, then I know the are liars. And I won’t go!

  42. I be live as a Roman Catholic,that its up to them to Decide on there own what they support and what they don’t,getting caught up in the Gay thing and not support charities that Do is the right choice,God never intended this type of people to enter his Holy place at death. That’s what I was brought as. Catholic.Its There RIGHT to choose.

  43. I agree with Margaret. The liberal left will always take a story like this and spin all the negative they can to get us as conservatives and Christians to panic over their painting of Chick Fil A as giving in to them and the LGBTQ wackos. Chick Fil A is a privately owned company and the owners can take out salaries and dividends and give millions to the organizations the company has dropped. As an international company I think it is a wise move for Chick Fil A to make the move they reportedly have made while still standing strong on their Christian principles.

  44. Cynthia and Robert I don’t think this change is a change in Chick Fil A’s stand. With some of the comments I am reading here it is evident that the liberal left is accomplishing what they want to accomplish and that is to make all of us panic and criticize and abandon a wonderful company.

  45. Cynthia and Robert I don’t think this change is a change in Chick Fil A’s stand. With some of the comments I am reading here it is evident that the liberal left is accomplishing what they want to accomplish and that is to make all of us panic and criticize and abandon a wonderful company.

  46. Why should it matter? Look at all the businesses we go to without even checking on their belief system. So all of a sudden we should be against a business due to their changing donations?
    You have all kinds of products in your life from likely atheistic companies and their owners…AND from CHINA ! Are you cutting back on “Made in China” ….while they pound protesters into the ground? I doubt it…

  47. So sad one of the great Christian companies has now despite huge Christian ✝️ support and partnering with them in the battle has now gone against everything we thought they stood for and given in to antichristians liberal left for dollars. After all these years I will now and my family restaurants based solely on price. Shame on you Chick Filet????????????????

  48. What a shame. Trying to appease the loony left that hate your values Don’t anyone stand up for what they believe? Very disappointing. Thought you were better than that.

  49. I think you’re right about that. Remember all the bad press Camping World was getting. When they “denied Christian’s or Trump supporters at their business. I thought it might be “Fake News” and wrote to the CEO. He answered me in an email and cleared it up. It was not true. It was another tactic of the left to destroy their company. So, I’m going to contact Chic-Fil-A’s CEO and find out where they truly stand.
    I’ll get back on this site when I find out.

  50. How sad Richard. You and a lot of others who have commented are becoming the victims the left and the LGBTQ bunch have set the trap for. Your damnation, judgment of Chick Fil A is exactly what the left and this article wants you to do. Rather than judge and criticize we need to support our brothers and sisters in the Lord and encourage them by our actions and prayers. Because the company has elected to drop several organizations does not necessarily mean the owners of the company have done so as well. I would challenge everyone to consider that way to often we as Christians beat each other up and lose our testimony to the world and in the process destroy each other.

  51. Denise, your comment makes no sense. I believe Chick Fil A is still very much fulfilling the commands of Jesus who said we are to clothe the naked and feed the hungry, etc. I believe comments like you have made just fall into the trap of the enemy of our souls. Your knee jerk reaction is exactly what the left and the LGBTQ bunch want you to do..over react and panic.

  52. It is really shame on you Mike Stringer. You are judging based on this article. Do you, or any of the rest of us , really know all of the story? There are other great organizations in addition to Salvation Army and just because Chick Fil A elects to discontinue supporting Salvation Army does not mean they have abandoned their Christian principles.

  53. Good for you and your family you just sell out your faith in Christianity to the left win if you have any Christianity

  54. Take care that you know ALL the DETAILS before making kneejerk decisions. Unless you’ve ever been in head to head combat or gridiron dueling, it is sometimes necessary to make a non-playbook head-fake in order to end run around your enemy for the victory.
    Perhaps the groups they are disengaging from have the questionable affiliations, not the other way around. Contact Chik-Fil-A’s public relations department to see if your assumptions are correct, or in fact true. Then decide to support or abandon support depending on the results.
    The innocent have even been executed due to reactive decision making, and lack of evidence.

  55. This was a foolish decision. Chick-fil-A has attracted a following in part by its staunch support of the Christian community. To betray this support is to lose its powerful identity and to lose the dedication of its clientele.

  56. I don’t eat at there establishments because there either Christian or nonchristian it because of how the chickens are raised, not a heathy meal. What surprised me that 56 of these posts are by males who would like a home cooked meal sometimes .

  57. If this information is true they will be boycotted by both the Christians and left progressives. This move might take Chick-fil-A from third place to oblivion. If they don’t have the guts to stick to their convictions and compromise under pressure they don’t deserve to stay in business. What else will they compromise down the road? Sad, like a superhero going on the take.

  58. I don’t see why many of you call yourselves Christians at all! Jesus loved EVERYONE, he didn’t go around hating people!
    Yet you guys carry all this hatred of anybody who isn’t like you- and you carry it around like stinking garbage! UNLOAD it, already, and be CHRIST-like! The world will smell better for it!

  59. For one we do not know all the facts. For two we are supposed to be Christians. We are all sinners and we are supposed to forgive our fellow mankind especially fellow Christians. If you’re not willing to forgive them for possibly making the wrong decision then you’re giving us fellow Christians a bad name.

  60. Perhaps you should post all the organizations that Chick-fil-A “does” donate to, before making any judgement. You only call out three they are stopping. What about the thousands of others they continue to donate to?

  61. Nobody hates the LGBT community. They have their beliefs. Christians have their beliefs based on the Word of God. It’s as simple as that. Some people like the color green; some people do not. Chick-fil-A has wimped-out on this one. They will regret their decision. I will no longer support them. They have betrayed people of similar beliefs. If you can’t trust Chick-fil-A, who can you trust? If you can’t stand up for your beliefs, you are a wimp. Perhaps another food chain will start-up and pick-up where Chick-fil-A failed us.

  62. I was thinking of staying away, but heard that the Salvation Army takes care of all homeless including LGBT. So maybe CFA is just rotating their support to other organizations that need it more. I guess I need to see which organizations they are supporting. I will be talking to the local CFA owner to hear what he has to say about this.

  63. I think I will take what I would have spent at Chick Fil A and now donate to the organizations they no longer support, because of their Biblical stance!

  64. It is still a nice place to eat; unlike another. bigger chain I wont mention, that has let the LGBTQ crowd take over their service, and these people bully and slander anybody who does not approve of their sexual habits. It does no good to be polite to such workers and just pay your bill and get your food; they are aggressive and if you ever fired a gay person as I once had to do (Those incompetent yard workers from HELL!) then the whole gay crowd will be out to do you dirt for the rest of your life. I have lost whatever sympathy I had for these twisted people, so I will eat at CHick Fil A and any other place where diners are safe from gay bullying.

  65. WOW what a disappointment I can’t believe they did this. How about all the Christians that supported them when they were under attack by the LGBT community. I’m sure Satan is very happy.Goodbye Chic Filet.

  66. Weskn
    I have been a loyal and satisfied CFA customer–their food is good and so is their service. To think of caving to leftists (read sickos) that complain about supporting the Salvation Army is causing me to revisit my support for this well-run organization. CFA needs to stay true to their principles and God given truths regarding keeping Sunday business-free and labor-free, so we can all worship together in our places of worship. I will continue to donate my time to ring the Salvation Army bell outside stores and malls in freezing weather, so needy people can eat and pay fuel bills so they don’t “freeze”.

  67. I agree with you, Cindy. I am also wondering about them opening on Sunday and that will be the deciding factor for me as well.

  68. They can give to and not to anything they want! They can be open or close anytime they want!!I can eat anywhere i want anytime i want. I hate libs that push this kind of garbage!! Who does McDs gives to and when are they open?I love their food and who they hire. I would hope they do not fall from their beliefs because of money.SOLD OUT!Just like McDs i will eat there when they ARE OPEN including Sunday if they are open! from a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN WHO IS A CONSERVATIVE INDEPENDENT BAPTIST!!!!!

  69. opiwg…Thank you for your post. You make a lot of sense. I will continue eating at Chick-Fil-A. I will know they are compromising their beliefs when they open on Sunday.

  70. Cajun…???????????? Huh? So verifying something is bad? I am not abandoning Chick-Fil-A. I am questioning their motives. I agree with Terry. I am still going to eat at Chick-Fil-A. I am not going to let the alphabet people win. I will know they betrayed their beliefs when they open on Sunday

  71. Granny…The Bible is the true word of God and was given to us by Him written by men through Him. I will still eat at Chick-Fil-A.

  72. Jesus is the true Son of God. The Bible is the true word of God and it is very clear that Jesus is the true Son of God. Who really knows the truth??? ALL who have come to Jesus and accepted Him as their Savior. He came and died for the sins of all, even yours. He loves us so much that He died and went to Hell and conquered satan, sin, and death so that you have the chance to join Him in Heaven for eternity. It costs nothing for you to come to Him and be saved. He paid it all on the cross. He is waiting for you.

  73. Tom, that is sad that you base your decision on just this article without checking or understanding why they made that decision. So you are letting the alphabet people win.

  74. Ed, yes, I’m sure satan is very happy that you are jumping to conclusions without knowing the facts. So you are going to let the alphabet people win. sad

  75. Lloyd…You are right on. Those who refuse to eat at Chick-Fil-A without knowing the facts are letting the alphabet people win. I will still be eating there.

  76. Richard, so you are letting the alphabet people win. sad. You have jumped to conclusions without knowing the facts. I will still be eating at Chick-Fil-A. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty??

  77. Linda, please don’t jump to conclusions. I don’t think their decision has anything at all to do with the alphabet people. I will still be eating at Chick-Fil-A. I believe in innocent until proven guilty. When they start opening on Sundays, then I will know they have betrayed their beliefs.

  78. JH, so you are going to let the alphabet people win. very sad. You are jumping to conclusions without knowing the facts. I will still be eating there. I am a strong believer in innocent until proven guilty. I will know that they have betrayed us if they start opening on Sundays.

  79. JONMAC…I will be eating at Chick-Fil-A. Sad that you are abandoning them without knowing the facts. The alphabet people are very happy with you.

  80. Lloyd, I was disappointed not to hear back from Chick-Fil-A, but I agree with you. You are correct and I am not abandoning Chick-Fil-A.

  81. Larry, Have you thought that it might just be the other way around??? I would check out the Salvation Army. There must be a good reason why Chick-Fil-A is no longer donating to them. I will still be eating at Chick-Fil-A. Sorry you are letting the alphabet people win

  82. Dan, bingo, YOU WIN!!!!! Sad that so many people on here are jumping to conclusions and letting the alphabet people win.

  83. Helga…They did not cave!!! Please find out the facts before jumping to conclusions. It’s just the opposite. The organizations they are no longer giving to do not meet what they believe. You are letting the alphabet people win.

  84. Actually, Jim, you need to check out the Salvation Army. There is a good reason why Chick-Fil-A will no longer donate to them. It is the SA which is not meeting Chick-Fil-As beliefs.

  85. Brandy, good for you. Too many people are jumping to conclusions without knowing the facts. Chick-Fil-A is not abandoning their beliefs. Just the opposite. It is the organizations they are no longer donating to that no longer fit Chick-Fil-As beliefs

  86. Truthteller…?????? It is your choice to eat where you want to. No one is forcing you to eat anywhere. And Chick-Fil-A serves ALL who come. They don’t care what your beliefs are

  87. Lorene, please do not jump to conclusions without knowing the facts. They are not selling out. It is not Chick-Fil-A that is betraying their beliefs, but the organizations they are no longer giving to that do not meet those beliefs.

  88. Sandra, so you are just jumping to conclusions without knowing the facts. Chick-Fil-A is standing up for their beliefs. They have not caved in. You might want to check out the organizations they are no longer giving to

  89. Ronald, unfortunately, there are a lot of people on here that believe in guilty until proven innocent. Facts don’t seem to mean anything. They are just jumping to conclusions, and very likely the wrong conclusions. I do not believe that Chick-Fil-A is selling out at all. Just the opposite. They are no longer donating to organizations that do not meet their beliefs.

  90. Mark, it is not Chick-Fil-A that is doing the hating. They will serve everyone who comes and do not care what you believe. It is the LGBT/homosexuals who are the haters!!!! They are trying to FORCE everyone to accept their sick perversion. We do not have to.

  91. I don’t think so. Get the facts. I am pretty sure that Chick-Fil-A is no longer donating to organizations that do not fit their true Christian beliefs. It is not Chick-Fil-A that is caving in. Too many Christian organizations are caving in to the libs and perverts and Chick-Fil-A does not want to give to those they do not agree with.

  92. Don, Dan Cathy is dead. And it is Chick-Fil-As choice to give to organizations that share their Christian beliefs. They have decided that the organizations they no longer donate to do not.

  93. except that they haven’t betrayed us. I thought so too, at first. They just are no longer donating to organizations who no longer fit their Christian beliefs

  94. I agree! People need to stop bringing religion into business! One has nothing to do with the other. These 3 fields will benefit a great many people in need and will not embrace OR deny help due to religion. I will continue with o support them. It is each person’s choice based on many factors. I am sick ???? f other people trying to force me to support their views.

  95. Thank you!! ALL businesses need to keep their religious AND political opinions to themselves! Neither has any place in non religion related enterprises!

  96. Gijanedoe…You make no sense at all. It is just the opposite. Chick-Fil-A has not changed their Biblical stance. You might try checking out the Biblical stance of the organizations they no longer support. Chick-Fil-A is no longer supporting them because they no longer agree with Chick-Fil-As Christian values.

  97. So it is just fine with you that homosexuals and other perverts are trying to force the rest of us to accept their views? We do not have to accept their sick perversion

  98. Do you buy from Target? THEY sell a line of clothes encouraging Kindergarten & other youn kids to embrace the alphabet lifestyle as normal & acceptable! I’ll stick with Chik Fil A!

  99. Exactly! They want only their views to be accepted and to force the rest of us to live their perversions. NOT happening!

  100. Wesley, have you thought that it just might be the Salvation Army who has caved? I am not saying you should not support the SA. God bless you for donating your time to help the needy. But Chick-Fil-A has not caved. They are no longer giving to organizations that do not fit their Christian beliefs. There is no reason why you cannot support both.

  101. bj; Please read this story again. It clearly states they will not contribute to any Christian organizations that are against the alphabet people’s lifestyle. To me, they are pandering to them. Especially since this article also states they want to be approved so they can open at colleges and etc. that are Liberal. But just in case I have misjudged CFA and their motives, I have tried to contact their headquarters to hear directly from them what CHRISTIAN organizations they WILL be contributing to. I have no problem what so ever with the groups mentioned in this story,they will donating to. But if all of this is just about CFA making more money and forsaking their beliefs, I will not support them, any longer.

  102. True Citizen: Thank you! The bible clearly states that homosexuality is an abomination in GOD’s eyes. But here is another one passing judgment and criticizing us for following GOD’s word. Really sad….

  103. Very disappointed with them for caving to to the left. I will not go there anymore unless they change back to who they were !!

  104. They will surely note a big drop in my business, as I eat there roughly once per year. It is good, admittedly, but they are much better off to cater to the right than to cater to the left and their gang of midget Nazis. The Left’s demands will never cease, but will continue to grow, like Mafia ‘Protection Money’ schemes. Oh well, they shall learn!

  105. So because Chic -fil-a supports these Christian groups the lgbt groups give them a hard time. Why? these groups are helping people, that makes no sense. As a Christian I believe we should help people , we also need to stand on the word of God. I know we all have sinned, and when we truly get saved must not continue in sin. Chic -fil-a should not compromise on giving aid to these Christian groups due to the persecution from this group. Giving money to those helping others is the right thing and this is what Christ taught.


  107. I just had a wonderful lunch there with my family! And I’ll continue to go to CFA. It’s a great restaurant, great food, great service. They have a right to decide which charities they support and donate to. The left finds fault with anything and everything that they feel is WRONG. And the louder they complain they think it’ll drown out all the good CFA has/will do.

  108. Eric, Please learn the difference between “Their and There” Where did you go to school!? I’ll still eat at CFA

  109. My sentiments exactly .stick to your Morals and faith. Don’t sell yourself short for a dollar .They have screwed up Europe now trying to destroy this country

  110. Can’t find my earlier comment!!!!
    Anyway I changed my mind I thought it was about business, and keeping GOD’s word alive in chick Fil-A restaurants.
    They have abandoned their beliefs,
    and I can’t accept this as anything but a money thing.
    No more chick Fil-A for me.

  111. I will boycott Chick Fil-A same as Target, Netflix and growing amount of businesses who go against Christian principles. I did really like Chick Fil-A too. So sad.

  112. It is Christian to help anyone in need. You don’t have to agree with or like what they do or stand for. But if someone genuinely needs help, any Christian should try, without prejudice. I don’t know if Chik-Fil-A is bending to the alphabet people or if they are just trying to streamline their charitable giving by donating to some omnibus organization that spreads the donation around to where it is needed most. When the gay nightclub in Florida was shot up, the nearby Chik-Fil-A opened on Sunday to feed the victims and witnesses and first responders. Was that selling out the alphabet people? Don’t throw them under the bus because they are changing their donation protocol. I would eat at Chik-Fil-A, but there is none close by me. I did when I lived out west and they were among my favorite fast food restaurants. Good luck to them I hope God continues to bless them.

  113. you are right, rj; we should boycott stuff made in China until they give Hong Kong Sovereignty and quit persecuting their own for not toeing the Communist line, and set up a truly Democratic government!

  114. Here is the letter I received from Chick-Fil-A when I e-mailed them to ask about their decision…

    Thank you for reaching out to us. We know you care a lot about Chick-fil-A and the work of the Chick-fil-A Foundation – and we truly value your feedback and appreciate you’re taking the time to share with us. Please know that you have been heard.

    The mission of the Chick-fil-A Foundation is to nourish the potential in every child. For more information on the Chick-fil-A Foundation’s giving, we strongly encourage you to read our announcement directly from us here:

    As you will see, the Chick-fil-A Foundation announced that in 2020 it will focus its giving to address three critical needs facing children: education, homelessness and hunger. In 2020, the Chick-fil-A Foundation will partner with Junior Achievement USA, Covenant House International, and more than 120 local food banks in the communities where Chick-fil-A opens new restaurants. Moving forward, the Chick-fil-A Foundation will reassess philanthropic partnerships annually rather than make multiyear commitments. All organizations – faith-based and non-faith-based-will be considered for future partnerships.

    You can also visit to learn more about our refined giving approach and how we will work with our 2020 partners to help all children reach their potential.

    Thank you again for taking the time to share your comments and concerns with us. We hope to have the opportunity to serve you in one of our restaurants soon.

    Customer Service Team
    Chick-fil-A, Inc.

  115. bj; Please do research on Covenant House International. They will now be contributing to the LBGTQ community. Now please tell me they are not pandering to them. I’m quite sure some the other organizations they will be supporting are still for Christians. BUT… In my opinion they have given in for approval of the gays and transgender. Which is definitely against GOD’s word. As another poster stated, you can not serve two masters…..

  116. My sister & I will both continue to eat there based on our Christian cincistions. Chici-Fil-a did not desert it’s Christian organization, just had to do some temporary fanagaling due to LGBTQ queer ways, in more ways than one.

  117. I wrote my comment in Nov. 2019. And found out today that the Chic-fil-A in our neighborhood (Goose Creek SC) is planning on opening on Sundays. I’m done with them!

  118. we will stop favoring them with our business 3 or 4 times a week. May as well go try out other places since their witness has become not one as a hero to Christians, but one as a normal wimp

  119. I have to beg-out of this discussion, as I have never gone to any “Chic-fil-A”! And at 80 years old, I’m not about to start now.

  120. There’s a price to be paid for our actions and choices we make. Chic-Fila you should stand your ground even it the democrats don’t like it. Plus why loose out on your blessings God has and will bless you if you do right. Why penalize the charities with money that they need to do their part in helping others. Please don’t stop being a blessing to other Worthy charities helping others that need their help. It’s been said
    “ ( stand for something or you’ll fall for other things ) “. Stand your ground my friends in Christ Jesus. Prov 3:5-6. Let God do the leading. Prayerfully seek Gods voice and His will before you make decisions that could make things more difficult for other charity groups that are ding so many good things to help those who need their help and their needs


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