You will be sick to your stomach after you see what Nancy Pelosi did on the stock market


Wall Street got a hard dose of reality when average Americans banned together last week to use the billionaire’s tactics against them to get rich.

And after hedge funds lost billions of dollars in the process, many politicians and elitists freaked out.

But you will be sick to your stomach after you see what Nancy Pelosi did on the stock market.

For years, Wall Street has had two sets of rules and playing fields: one for the elitists and one for the average hardworking man.

And as a result, hardworking Americans have made minimum gains while many Wall Street tycoons rake in the cash and had their losses covered through past taxpayer funded bailouts.

But finally the little man has fought back and many are making a good chunk of change as a result. 

On a Reddit discussion board called WallStreetBets, tens of thousands of members joined together to buy GameStop stock which made it sore 2,000% from its $4 price point just a month ago. 

By doing so, many multi-billion dollar hedge funds lost billions as they betted on the GameStop to fall in short term sales.

And as a result, members of the elite and politicians in Washington, D.C. lost their minds.

Renowned leftist Senator Elizabeth Warren went on CNBC to claim “We need an SEC that has clear rules about market manipulation and then has the backbone to get in and enforce those rules. To have a healthy stock market, you’ve got to have a cop on the beat.”

And without missing a beat, the Securities and Exchange Commission stated, “We will act to protect retail investors when the facts demonstrate abusive or manipulative trading activity that is prohibited by the federal securities laws.”

And we all know that the average investor is just going to get screwed by more government intervention.

But there is one Wall Street investment that the SEC and leftists are willing to ignore.

It was reported over the weekend that Nancy Pelosi and her husband’s investment firm purchased 25 call options of Tesla stock worth anywhere between $500,000 and $1,000,000 per option back in December.

Why is this noteworthy?

In just the first couple weeks of office, President Biden made clear his intention to make all federal vehicles electric.

Since the Pelosis purchased Tesla stock, it has risen over $150 per share.

And as a result, Nancy Pelosi and her husband have made bank in what looks like a clear example of insider trading.

But we all know that leftist politicians won’t do anything to change the rules to keep themselves from getting rich off of information only they are privy to.

They can claim all they want about how they want “fairness” in Wall Street but everyone knows it’s nothing more than a big fat lie.

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