You have to see Dave Chappelle getting attacked on stage by a deranged fan


Dave Chappelle has pissed off a lot of people during his career with his comedy.

And it looks like his jokes that left no one safe finally caught up to him.

You have to see Dave Chappelle getting attacked on stage by a deranged fan.

In an age where comedy is dying like nearly everything else worthwhile in our society, Dave Chappelle hasn’t changed one bit.

The man could care less about the woke mob and pissing them off.

When he isn’t making fun of white folks, he is poking fun at groups never touched like the gay community.

Just within the past several months a joke he made about the gay community created a firestorm of backlash for the comedian.

Well it looks like his jokes might have gone too far for one guy.

During a recent performance in Hollywood, Chappelle was tackled to the ground on stage by someone from the audience.

All hell broke loose as his security and friends jumped in to help and chased the attacker.

Supposedly the guy had a gun and a knife on him. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, it turned out it was a knife-gun – a replica handgun with a hidden blade inside, authorities insisted.

“At the time of the attack, Lee was carrying a replica handgun with a knife blade inside, authorities said.” The Hollywood Reporter wrote. “Chappelle was not injured during the incident and is fully cooperating with the ongoing investigation.”

Chris Rock jokingly came up on the stage after the dust settled and asked “Was that Will Smith?”

And the guy who attacked Chappelle got his butt whooped behind the stage as the show carried on.

And in the end the attacker looked like he was turned into a pretzel.

The Los Angeles District Attorney declined to file felony charges against the suspect Isaiah Lee and instead filed four misdemeanor charges.