Whoopi Goldberg told Joe Biden her top choice for Vice President and it will make you sick to your stomach


Since Joe Biden has essentially clinched the Democrat nomination for President, rumors are beginning to spread about who he will choose to run as his Vice President.

One candidate being peddled by a popular day time show host.

And Whoopi Goldberg is now telling Joe Biden who he needs to pick for Vice President and her choice will make you sick to your stomach.

It’s no secret that the women on The View are liberal social justice warriors with an axe to grind against President Trump.

Nearly every show is spent attacking either the President, Vice President, members of the White House, or the Republican Party in some form or fashion.

The show toes the line between electioneering and free speech.

Now, Whoopi Goldberg has officially issued her number one choice for Joe Biden’s Vice President.

Goldberg said, “The person who really is qualified to do it, and he cannot pick her, Hillary Clinton… For VP. I’m just saying the qualifications.  She would be brilliant.”

All throughout the 2020 Democratic primary we’re heard rumors Hillary Clinton may enter the race.

But she’s remained out of the race and even withheld her endorsement.

Her record of neutrality is not perfect though.

She did accidently admit she can’t tolerate Bernie Sanders or his supporters.

This most likely means she’s done things behind the scenes to ensure Sanders does not receive enough delegates to win the nomination.

It’s unclear if Clinton is making moves to secure a position as Biden’s Vice President.

Joe Biden choosing Hillary Clinton as his Vice President would be a dangerous move.

On one hand, she does have a tremendous amount of experience and the Clinton fundraising machine would be a major threat to President Trump.

But Trump has successfully defeated her in the past and Democrats are frankly done with her at this point.

Clinton has been a sore loser since 2016 and provided the Democrat Party with zero leadership.

What do you think?

Would it be a good or bad idea for Joe Biden to select Hillary Clinton as his Vice President?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. That’s a great idea. You want to make Biden even more unpopular put Hillary on the ticket too.
    Nobody can stand that woman, including her own husband, and she lost two elections.

  3. Choosing Hillary for VP would be disaster for Biden. If he were to win the election (I don’t think he will), his term as President might be short lived. It’s time to put her and her husband out to pasture. They’re not pertinent anymore. Biden doesn’t have much to choose from as far as women and men candidates go.

  4. KMSL! Hitlery is on her DEATHBED from KURU – CANNIBALISM! She cannot sleep, walk, talk, etc. Is in STAGE 4 which is AIRBORNE! Go ahead, Whoopie, just lie down in the bed with her and YOU WILL BE DYING WITH KURU! It’s SAD that you have been eaten up with HATRED for Our Duly Elected President JUST AS THE OTHER B*!%h*$ on The View! The one MAN who is doing what JFK wanted to accomplish, but the “elite” chose to ASSASSINATE HIM. I am 83 years old and will say DJT is the BEST PRESIDENT DURING MY LIFETIME! WAY up there next to JFK! Ronald Reagan was a good man who was SHOT by a FRIEND OF the BUSH FAMILY!

  5. Unless Joe has plans on committing suicide during his first month in office, I don’t think picking Hillary is a good idea. She still has a lot of favors to fulfill with the Russians, Chinese and Iranians. At least Hilary and Biden have the same taste in “(Sale Us Out To) Dictators”.

  6. Woopieeee has nothing good to say about anybody. She is right and everybody else is wrong . .its been the dnc plan all along.have biden win and clinton to be v.president for the Clinton clan can get back to doing business out the back door of the White House. Weve have had enoug for Obama’s puppets..

  7. It’s a landslide for Trump whether Quid Pro Joe the head of the Biden Crime Family chooses anyone. Biden can’t remember where he is, if his sister is his wife or vice versa just about anything else. The Democrat evil clown show continues with one clown.

  8. I’m through with sarcasm and hate!!!! It’s not the Democrats and the way I see it, this started with Trump and he’s raceism! Take a look around with everything going around!!!! God’s trying to tell us something!!!!!? To many disasters!!!

  9. Putting that Black Widow Spider on the ticket is about as dangerous as anything Biden could do.
    He would commit suicide before he even knew what was happening. That Spider is eager to sink her
    fangs into the body politic of America…..We’d all be doomed like a fly caught in her web.

  10. Enough right-wing garbage, conservative snowflakes ! Whoopi Goldberg and the other women on the View have the right to express their liberal views ! And Hillary Clintons would be a terrific choice for vice president ! She;s no :sore loser ! ” She, and millions of other Americans, are rightly outraged by the fraudulent election of the totally unqualified and unfit idiot Donald Trump in 2016 , despite the fact that Hillary won the popular vote by three million .
    Trump had no business running for president in the first place, because he has absolutely no experience in government or public service, doesn’t know squat about how to run this country and is using the presidency as an excuse to profit at the expense of the American people . Heck, a pile of manure would have made a better president .
    Trump is by far the most corrupt and incompetent president in US history and has done more damage to our government and more harm to the American people in only three years than all the previous presidents combined . Richard Nixon was a president who became a criminal. Donald Trump is a criminal who became a president .
    Idiot, moron, nincompoop, jerk, ignoramus, lecherous creep , boor, buffoon , middle headed braindead pompous ass and horse’s ass , greedy, ruthless scheming , mendacious , power hungry , unethical, unprincipled , unethical, immoral, amoral , cruel, callous , nasty, vindictive , inept, clueless, heedless, mindless, brainless, soulless schmuck. That’s Trump . God save America from a second term with him in the White House !

  11. Biden would be signing his own death warrant if the ticket won. Hillary so badly wants to be the first female president.
    If he wants a woman on the ticket he would be better off with Mayor Pete.

  12. I think Biden choosing Hillary is BRILLIANT. Biden will likely get blown out in November, Trump won’t need to go after Biden, as he will self implode, and there is still PLENTY to beat on Hillary with. This might finally end the Clintons in the Democratic Party. I still say Bernie would be tougher to beat because like Trump, he is a movement. I think Hillary still controls the DNC. They push Biden to win nomination, then in early to mid October, Biden “decides” to withdraw, and the DNC appoints Hillary as their nominee. No debates, no campaigning. She’d still lose, but it would be “Clintonesque” if it happened.

  13. poor health of joe biden, if he dies, she will finally get her wish, in a round about way. you can see this coming from the start. WAKE UP AMERICA. this scenario was planned from the start…..

  14. Aunt Jemima and her harpies should stick to shucking and jiving.
    Hey Janet, this crap started when Cankles lost the election and your limp Hollywood twerps, Marxine and Obongoloid started up with their #resist stupidity. Losers always act like losers.

  15. If Biden ever became pres, with HRC, as vpres, he wouldn’t last 3 months before she added him to her hit list and he was taken out, making her pres. What a joke! These 2 don’t have even half a brain between them.
    Criminals and cillers, all flock together. Lord Have Mercy on the USA. Keep Trump. He protects life!

  16. If he picked Hillary he would mysteriously be dead by Election Day. Suicide by Clinton again. He should run as far from her as possible. I think he picks the Minnesota Senator or Harris from California. Both losers but that’s my opinion. #Trump2020

  17. Joe Biden has already said, (unless he forgot) that he wants a BLACK FEMALE for VP. Now the last time I looked Hilary is not black.

  18. United States section : 18 U.S. Code §2071–concealment, removal, or mutilation of federal property
    “ shall forfeit the office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.(a,b)
    From the Cornell Law Library based on Hillary R. Clinton’s personal email and home based server
    This also applies to Ms Pelosi who torn up the SOTU speech
    APPLY THE LAW!!!!!!!
    If this was a REGULAR Federal worker …they would go to jail and fined at the same time for along heavy sentencing of 25 yrs. and $25,000 fine on top it all
    That is why all the federal workers have DOUBTS of our reps, Prez, anyone in the politico arena, etc…because of the lack of seriously applying the law to those higher than us Federal workers and MAKING IT STICK…just because they have money and we do not…she is NOT ABOVE THE LAW!

  19. Ok,Roger Burger lets all Vote for a senile old man and the most crooked women ever to be in office.How can you be so Nieve I guess you just can’t come to terms that it was Hillary and her cronies that started the fake Russia scam. President Trump and his supporters will slaughter Biden and whoever the Democrats pick because Biden will have nothing to do with it he dosn’t even know where is at most of the time. Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  20. If by chance Biden chooses Killery Clinton for a VP candidate and a bigger “IF” that some how they won against President Trump then Biden is doomed to get ARKANCIED with in 3 months after the election ! Killery Clinton has a passion to be president and the old bag will let NOTHING stand in the way . Biden wins and dies shortly after the election !

    GO TRUMP 2020 !

  21. Whoopdido, what a brilliant thought! On second thought we really get sick just having to look at you! Bring it on and she will be a three time loser with old Joe! This guy barely knows who, what, where he is! The plan is to get Joe out with the 25th Amendment and Voila, we have Hillary, NOT!!!!!,

  22. If Biden picks Hillary as his V.P. candidate to run with him, Mrs. Biden had better buy lots of life insurance for poor old slow Joe.. Knowing the Clinton record, I would guess Hillary would make it look like a natural event or at the very least an accident or suicide.. I don’t think Whoopi cares about poor old Joe….

  23. They both need to be in prison for their corrupt activities. Absolutely incomprehensible anyone would want these two holding public office at any level.

  24. Talk about touching the 3rd rail, Hillary would doom Biden’s campaign. How many other VP candidates have committed as many crimes as she has!



  27. With Hillary as VP and if Biden did not resign in his second year he would probably die of a sudden illness or commit suicide due to being depressed.

  28. If Joe Biden is dumb enough, and I think he might just be, to select Hilary as VP and somehow actually win , he might not make it past the Inauguration Ball.

  29. I thought the Jollywood Obama Bots, were all going to leave the USA, if President Trump was elected..!
    If it’s a matter of not being able to buy a ticket or something, Perhaps King Georgey or VICE-King Mikey could help them out -of the country, that is!
    They are pushing Hillaria$$ to be Vice President… so she can be handed -instead of winning it- the Presidency, regardless of what the people THINK(?) on the DAY AFTER Joe “STALIN” Biden is sworn in! At that point, they will “somehow” quickly determine he has Dementia!

  30. I would hope it would make every ones choice for President a lot easier, unless they actually want crooked Hillary for president. I used to have a lot for respect for Whoopi. Lately, not so much so.

  31. I think this might lead to another “ceiling”! This could very well be the first time we
    have a candidate on the ticket who is under indictment. I think the DNC and Biden
    kown that this is a possibility.

  32. This is an example of a criminal choosing a criminal. Biden has been in politics 45 years if he is not a criminal, that would be a miracle. I do not think that this miracle exists. So choosing Hillary would be a mistake for the dems.

  33. I mean really… all the corruption that she tries to hide really does come into play here. I cant believe she’s not locked up by now. All the crap against her??? Unreal. If it would be you or me we would be locked up day one!

  34. Both Hillary and Biden should be in jail.
    Both of them are Disgusting and have only one interest and that is to benefit themselves!
    Just read between the lines of everything they say. They start every conversation with “Well I, me, we, ” etc.
    They both have NPD/ NARCISSISTS PERSONAL DISORDER. that explains their actions. IDIOTS!

  35. Hillary lost in 2016 because she sold America out and lined her pockets with $$$. Just like Biden Family! President Biden??? He would definitely climb back in bed with China selling out Americans for his own benefit!

  36. Maybe after the Barr/Durham indictments are unsealed this summer old Joe and Hillary can both be president of their cell blocks(good luck with that,hahaha!), but there is a good chance that they will not be available by November, and I don’t think that running the country from prison would be allowed, even for them.

  37. Joe Bidens cognitivity is not sharp enough to pick his vp himself and needs someone like Whoopi Goldberg to tell him who to pick . Whoopi wanted so bad to have Hillary for president that she would push as hard as she can and probably envisioned a suicide or accident of Biden , then her wish will come true as Hillary would become president . Open your friends eyes that are ready to vote for democ rats , still time to educate them .

  38. I wouldn’t trust Killery to clean my toilets. She is a lying, cheating, ruthless corrupt witch.

  39. Who cares what a freaking has-been comedian thinks? Why bother giving her credibility for any sort of intelligent thought.

  40. BRILLIANT? You’ve got to be kidding me! Is she a glutton for punishment? She still hasn’t handled the fact that she lost the last election. Now, you think she wants to lose again? Yeah, go ahead, Joe…..pick her. She’s brilliant alright. Brilliant at lying, cheating, hiding corruption, evading jail. Yeah, bring on Hillary! Great suggestion, Whoopi……..


  42. The View should be cancelled! and anyone who constantly belittles the President or anyone else in the government should be censored. I cannot begrudge a supposed comedian a few jokes about any official, but when some of the late night talk show hosts spend 20 to 25 percent of their show voicing their opinion, day after day, the networks should be held responsible for their behavior and the host taken off the air! And everyone should know who they are!

  43. Hillary Clinton is a proven loser, and her actions after the 2016 election made her look weak and unstable. A most likely choice is Amy Klobuchar; she did not insult Biden during the debates. Second choice, though not likely, might be Kamala Harris. Long shot would be Elizabeth Warren.

  44. Yes, Berger, Hillary won the popular vote by 2,868,686 votes, and she won CA by 4,269,978 votes. If you remove CA, Trump wins Electoral AND popular vote. If there was EVER a reason to keep the Electoral College in place, so EVERYONE gets a say in the election of a President, this is it.

  45. If there was an earthquake and California fell into the see the democrats would never win another election.
    I’m just saying.

  46. If he chooses Clinton it would go against what he already said. He has said in the past he would pick a Black Woman as a running mate. Obama’s wife seems to come to mind. That could mean IF Biden wins he would be sworn in and a couple of months get sick (er?) and step down leaving the Obama clan again in power. Soros would be so proud.

  47. Yes, you can pick your preferred VP. So you go on Whoopsie & tell the nice old White Man who you want. How she couldn’t get in on her own, so you’re asking for help for her. Isn’t 3rd-wave feminism so holistic. So we’ll have a liar, cheat, murderous, hypocritical Witch as VP so when sleepy can’t put two words together, we’ll get a war-mongering, anti-conservative women, pro-life, anti-gun President.
    Let’s get past Nov. 4th, then we’ll get her on trial, if she’s not there already. The jury will hear the evidence, which there is a lot, then she’ll get prison time & will never be President no matter who backs her.
    I Love Happy Endings!

  48. I wonder if she could serve behind bars? Attorney General Barr is about to drop the hammer on her once and for all. “We the people” have waited long enough for justice to be served.
    Woopie, AKA Jimney Cricket you are a moron, and your program the View should be kicked off the air.

  49. It’s really to bad that he does not choose Hilary as his VP because in 6 months or less he would be dead.
    How stupid is Whoopi?
    Those who are close to the Clintons are close to death…..

  50. Whoopi has totally lost her mind due to illegal drugs and has no idea what she is talking about anymore. Being a host of a show almost nobody watches with a bunch of other morons who fight left and right with each other while reading each others daily death threats. Time to go to the clinic and dry out.

  51. Better go into hiding Whoopi ….. your big, uneducated, feckless mouth has angered 10’s of millions of Americans. No-one will miss you when you’re gone.

  52. Biden if ever elected would not last very long Hillary would cause him to have a heart attack or something else.

  53. Glenn March 19, 2020 at 5:29 pm
    hitlary is only qualified for farm work shoveling sh*t!

    How can she shovel sh*t when she and whoops are so busy spreading it?

  54. Im surprised Whoopi didn’t want Stacy Abrams. After all, she “won” her election just like Hillary did, as in didn’t.

  55. I think if Joe Biden chose Hil-liar-y as his V.P., she would probably, eventually drive him to suicide! I think its terrible how the Dems are using a mentally deficient elder for their own personal gain. His wife and son should not allow him to be used in this manner.
    As far as the women of the View, does the words “STEPFORD WIVES” ring a bell? Programmed, thinkless women doing as they are told!

  56. Hillary needs to take a walk in the woods and let Law enforcement find her 3 days later face down.. What a wonderful day that would be

  57. I thought of that when it looked like Biden was going to be the Dem Candidate for POTUS. If Biden won, which he won’t, the Political Cartel would declare Biden unfit to hold office according to the 25th Amendment, and Killary would be POTUS! How’s that for a real nightmare, the treasonous traitors from the last Regime, in control once again, only this time there won’t be another election, it will be a dictatorship.

  58. Robert Berger has a problem in that his job let him eat too many Brains as a bonus. Unfortunately like Killary he also now suffers from KURU as Carol has diagnosed previously!
    Kuru is a very rare disease. It is caused by an infectious protein (prion) found in contaminated human brain tissue.
    Kuru is found among people from New Guinea who practiced a form of cannibalism in which they ate the brains of dead people as part of a funeral ritual. This practice stopped in 1960, but cases of kuru were reported for many years afterward because the disease has a long incubation period. The incubation period is the time it takes for symptoms to appear after being exposed to the agent that causes disease.
    Kuru causes brain and nervous system changes similar to Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Similar diseases appear in cows as bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), also called MAD COW DISEASE!

  59. Who really cares what a washed up Bonehead thinks ? The View SUCKS and the woman on it are loosers,
    TRUMP is in it for another four more years, Wake up and smell the coffee everyone.
    The Clintons both should be in Jail.


  61. Burisma Biden and Benghazi Clinton….what a perfect LYING combination! Anyone who would vote for this ticket is mentally deranged!!!

  62. Hillary would kill Biden in a heart beat so she could be the president
    Of course it would be an accident like all the other deaths that happen around the Clintons

  63. The US is in real trouble when an inane idiot like Whoopi Goldberg has influence in US politics. She belongs right where she is – flacking leftist Democrats on a show for which no rational people have the slightest respect.

  64. Whoopsi is wrong,,, The Democrats are going to DUMP SLEEPY JOE BIDEN at convention, opting for Hillary for President,, this way Trump can get a rematch, so she can lose AGAIN.
    Trump 2020

  65. HAHA HA!!! Let me ask you this. If you were President, would you want a VP who wants to be POTUS and who happens to have a trail of dead people in every place they have been. Joe Biden might be an idiot, but he surely knows what the sound of a shotgun slide raking in a round sounds like. Like the Mafia, they make great friends, but lousy business partners. Hillary!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahha!!!!!

  66. Robert Berger needs to be checked out by the FBI. His views are those of a full blown Unabomber.
    Too bad someone with his obvious mastery of English has slipped off the platform of sanity.
    I believe he is as dangerous as any other terrorist.

  67. Goldberg said, “The person who really is qualified to do it, and he cannot pick her, Hillary Clinton… For VP. I’m just saying the qualifications. She would be brilliant.”
    Has a lot to say about Whoopi. Any brilliant person can act like a dummy, but a dummy can not act like a brilliant person. And these two stand side by side.

  68. The last thing we need in this country is another corrupt politician serving in the White House. It would be bad enough having Biden,who has shown numerous times, his mental health is failing,but would be even worse adding a corrupt politician with a corrupt husband in the White House.

  69. Sleepy Joe isn’t that insane. He above most knows that people who stand in a Clinton’s way have a high possibility of disappearing, and if the wild witch from the east were to become Bidens VP, clearly there is a high probability that Ol’ Joe would have a terrible accident shortly after the election. No Joe may be mental but not that badly infected.

  70. Whoopi Goldberg another disgrace to the black race President Donald Trump has done more for the black race then Democrats been in office Plus President Donald Trump love this country Whoopi Goldberg you know what they say about house Negroes look to the view

  71. If hoof in mouth joe taps killary for veep the oddsmakers in vegas will go crazy on when she would become president lolololol

  72. Biden said that he will pick a woman. Let’s say he DOES pick Hillary and lets say he DOES win the election. Then he is removed from office for being pixilated. Hillary becomes president!
    The whole thing is a set up, planned from the start, to get Hillary who will further the new world order agenda.
    The pandemic looks like planned by China to interfere with the election. They want China friendly Hillary!

  73. Hildabeast Clinton is a liability for VP ! With her murdering 4 Americans in Bengahzi and helping the gay Kenyan Obama run guns that created Isis and murder Border Agent Bryan Terry and theft of Haitians Relief funds and laundering it through the Criminal Clinton Foundation with Chelsea Hubble Clinton overseeing these stolen funds and some of these funds used to purchase two condo’s for Chelsea Hubble Clinton and the sale of 29% of our Uranium to her best friend Putin ! I could go on and on .

  74. Ha! What a laugh! Hilary wouldn’t make a good dog catcher. And on another note, why isn’t she behind bars?

  75. Whoopsie,and the whole lot of them on the view should be taken off the air.
    they have done more damage to our country with their “IDIOTOLOGY”.
    I think the whole bunch of the tv people, msnbc,cnn,the whole lot just spew hatred not only for the President,but the country as a whole.
    take them off the air & and give us more information about how to combat the coronavirus.
    move over “main stream media” you are no longer “public enemy number one” coronovirus has unseated you in that category. so step aside.

  76. Who cares what Whoopi thinks or says? Where does she think or where do you think that she has the wisdom to speak at all on the subject of vice president let alone our government? What has she done that you think she warrants this attention? Isn’t Hollywood all about entertainment, so why are you giving her a pedestal to share what she believes. She, being as vulgar as she is, doesn’t make my list of someone that I should ever pay attention to or listen to. So why are you publishing what she is dishing out? Do you really think that Hollywood has some important knowledge to share with me?

  77. If Biden names Hillary as his VP, AND IF HE SHOULD WIN The Presidency, I think Biden will commit suicide in office so Hillary can FINALLY be President.

  78. Deanna H
    Goodness it’s amusing if one has time to read all this stuff.
    Who cares – Whoopi or Clinton stuff. Trump is top notch President over any in my lifetime and guess who chose Trump! GOD – check it out with all top Pastors and the Bible. Trump wins again!!

  79. It’s obvious to me . . . Hillary and Bill are in the background pushing to have Biden elected with Hillary as his VP. As the story goes, Biden will become more and more unable to serve due to his apparent dementia illness and step aside so Hillary will win her ‘crown’. This is a win, win for both of them. Biden will be proving he doesn’t need Obama’s endorsement or support to win the election with Hillary as his second and Hillary will finally become the President she always wanted to be … first woman president.

  80. jemb, It ain’t gonna happen. Watching Biden this week with his own fake news networks he seems completely confused and incoherent. I don’t see how he can be propped up enough to win the nomination. I don’t know what will happen but Biden at this point is an embarrassment to not only his party but to all citizens of this Country. It’s sad to watch.

  81. So! On one hand we have a crooked politician, Joe Biden, who made his family members millionaires, using his position as Vice President. He’s in the early stages of dementia, and could be in persistent vegetative state by November. He has been named in a woman’s suit claiming he sexually assaulted her, and he has roaming hands around women and children.

    Then, we have Hillary Clinton, who made herself and her daughter a multimillionaire using her husband’s position as President. She and her perverted husband have been seen on the Lolita Plane traveling to an island featuring underage girls. She is in the early or mid stages of Parkinson’s disease and can’t go up or down stairs without falling. Her ability to beat the rap on every criminal act she has committed, will surely be her downfall, as someday a real prosecutor will come out of the woodwork to file charges. And if Biden meets an untimely demise, everyone will know that Hillary did it.

  82. I remember back in 2016, these people threatened to leave the US. Why didnt they? Can we provide them a dingy? I’ll stand there on the dock to ensure they sail away.

  83. Biden most likely wouldn’t last 6 months against Hillary’s “HIT SQUAD” that is apparently very efficient at making murder look like suicide. With his lousy health, she’d probably have them stage a heart attack so she could “THEN” become President. This would probably be the start of many assassinations, all politically connected, to include many relatives and associates of each target. This could get very messy with Ms. Hillary involved in our political system again.
    As a Veteran, this is not a political system I support. I supported our flag and what it represented back then and the U.S.Constitution, but the lack of honesty in our news media and our government leaves much to be desired.

  84. I wish more people would remember what happened 22 November 1963 as well as HS Civics 101. If the President, for whatever reason, cannot not serve his/her position, the VICE PRESIDENT assumes Command. I can’t see Biden living a full term. Think about it.

  85. As always the women on the View are to the left of China. They are all as stupid as my pet rock. Hillary would make a great running mate for Biden. Their campaign slogan would be “Dumb and Corrupt……What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”

  86. Ask Hillery if she knows what a blocked commodity tax straddle is (or was when she made 1 k into 100k).


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