Whoopi Goldberg just defended this top 2020 Democrat’s bizarre behavior


The Left will go to great lengths to defend their own members when they are caught up in a #MeToo moment.

For some reason their own rules don’t apply.

Which is why Whoopi Goldberg and her cohosts bent over backwards to defend this top Democrat candidate from his #MeToo accusers.

The Left went on an all-out smear campaign against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh last year.

They thought they could torch his nomination by making up a #MeToo scandal.

But when it comes to members of their own party they turn the other way.

This week, Whoopi Goldberg and members of The View stood up to defend Joe Biden from his #MeToo accusations.

Biden’s creepy and inappropriate behavior with women is well-documented in photographs and on video.

But the media has never reported on it.

And now it could end his Presidential campaign.

Breitbart reports:

Monday on ABC’s “The View,” co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Meghan McCain and Joy Behar defended former Vice President Joe Biden in the wake of former Nevada lawmaker Lucy Flores’ claim he inappropriately touched and kissed her in 2014 at a campaign rally.

Goldberg said, “Listen, in the old days we would call Joe—some folks of a certain age would say he’s overly familiar. Most politicians when they’re doing this with you, they are—Joe is a hands-on kind of guy. I’ve never heard anyone—she says she felt violated. I have to take her at her word. But it would have been nice if she turned to him and say, ‘You know what, I don’t really like this. Please don’t do this, Mr. Vice President. I’m not comfortable with this.’ Something, because he’s standing right there.”

Joy Behar said, “It’s a long way from smelling your hair to grabbing your hoo-ha. Let’s tell the truth. But she felt annoyed or uncomfortable, and we have to accept that. I don’t think it rises to the point we’ve been listening to like Harvey Weinstein and the rest of these people…

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar defending Joe Biden’s behavior is an ultimate act of hypocrisy.

These women would never tolerate this if it were a Republican politician.

But they are more than willing to forgive Joe Biden for his transgressions because he’s a Democrat.

These accusations have no doubt humiliated Biden.

They could even prevent him from ultimately announcing his candidacy for the White House.

Would you vote for Joe Biden in 2020?

Let us know in the comments section below!


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  2. Does anybody really CARE what Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar think ?
    Sunny Hostin has shown her disdain for anyone not like her since she’s been on.
    – Who’s she ? Nobody heard of her before this gig…
    Kinda surprised though, that Meghan McCain seems to be slowly steering towards the dark side…

    Anyway… I guess if you simply consider the source, you just say, “who cares?”. 🙂
    Most have known for YEARS about Creepy Uncle Joe, so that’s not going away any time soon.
    Listen to the stories from secret service, to see this was happening when Barbara Walters was still in front of the camera.

  3. What Biden did was no worse than a distant very old family member planting a head kiss on a grandchild who didn’t even know who they were. Creepy? Perhaps, but harmless. No doubt a bit traumatic for the young kid. But a mature seasoned politician should have just taken the experience in stride.

    The key point is the radical far left would have tried to crucify any conservative politician who did the same as Biden.

  4. I wouldn’t have voted for him in the first place. Remember his stupid comment about Americans not caring for the Constitution? If not I can send it to you. He just proves that you should not ask them the question, “How stupid are you,” because they take it as a challenge!!

    I totally agree that had this been a Republican, all hell would have broken loose, but then we forget our two part legal and political system. Have hope comrades!!

  5. Does inappropriate have levels? If it’s inappropriate, i’s inappropriate. He appears to have a touching problem with females of all ages.
    And isn’t part of the problem with this kind of harassment that woman find it difficult to say anything. Whoopi should know that.

  6. I wouldn’t vote for Joe Biden but it has nothing to do with his being too familiar with women. I think he’s just a demonstrative, handsy person and nothing he has done rises to the level of what Mr. Trump is accused of and I voted for him and will again

  7. He is about the biggest laughing stock in Washington! They did not call him “Crazy Uncle Joe” for nothing.
    Now they hope your memory is short enough to have you elect him for your President? Not in this lifetime!
    Even Obama would not endorse him so that should tell you snowflakes something?

  8. The hair sniffing, little girl breast cupping, and saying “don’t date until you’re 31” is only the tip of the issue…
    – That “cutesy” stuff is what goes on with the camera ON…
    Creepy Uncle Joe has been walking around the house, office, and swimming in the pool NUDE for years, with female secret service agents present.
    Acts so creepy that some agents have asked for and gotten transfers, taking lower-level positions just to steer clear.
    Mature, seasoned politicians have known to stand between him and the females in the family for years.

  9. His reputation precedes him, we didn’t make this crap up, he is known as Creepy Uncle Joe and we have heard time and time again about his fondling and groping women and young girls. If that is permissible then we don’t need the #metoo movement do we! All these woman must be making their stories up. According to Whoopi & Behar, by the way you won’t be hearing anyone groping those to butt uglies will you. Biden’s advancements were mere tender affections, creepy! He doesn’t stand a chance becoming Americas president, he has alot of explaining to do!

  10. No votes for Joe Biden. How about also No votes in 2020 for donald trump. When it comes to Bizarre Behavior, that White House WORTHLESS WORM wins, hands down, the Grand Prize!

  11. I watched a few videos of him with a little girl standing in front of him and he had his hand almost on her breast. You can tell these kids and women are uncomfortable with his advances. Sorry Uncle Joe go buy a farm and raise corn.

  12. Boy do they come out of the woodwork to defend Biden of the very actions of so many others, who are still buried in shame, and disgrace. But when it’s a democrat, or someone they like…they will move mountains to protect and defend! What do they think of Willy Clinton? think he’s Ok? It matters to them a lot to have a Democrat get elected, and I so wanted Trump in 2016, but even more so now in 2020. Such hypocrites…They need to take this once fun show off the air…it’s over…for all of those has-beens! Haven’t watched it in years!

  13. He’s just creepy. Swimming nude in front of Secret Service shows a huge deficit of common sense and decency. Low class moron.

  14. Well it’s nice to see I am not alone in the “yeck” feeling I get when I see him being…what is it they call it?…”Handsy”. Handsy sometimes gets out of hand! I’ll bet where there is smoke there has been some fire, and it is only a matter of time before someone gets brave and tells all! I really want to watch their faces as they report on that. Wrong is wrong…and has nothing to do with who’s doing it! He thinks he’s so smooth, and unpunishable, because of his age and seniority…and whatever else he tells himself, that he gives himself permission to be a senior pred! Not with us
    Jo…you are down and out for 2020!

  15. Ironically they have pictures of Joe doing this. But never were there any pictures of Brett Kavaunaugh doing any of the things he was accused of doing, which these women(and I use that term loosely) crucified him on their show. Can we say TWO-FACED!!!!!!

  16. Total Hypocrisy at its finest!!! The Dems will always take up for their “Own”, just look at the state of Virginia!!! Smh

  17. I’ll say the same thing about him as I did Killery. NO!!!! If he were the ONLY one running for President, I would do a write in, and vote for my dog. He’s smarter than them and much more loyal anyway. The old pervert needs to stay at home and hide his head in a pillow. Killery and her rapist husband too.!!!!

  18. Cerberus: Funny you should make the statement about the Secret Service. When he was VP, a SS woman said he always asked for women to be on his personal detail, and would parade naked in front of them when he went swimming in his pool. That was a well known happening during his time as the VP.

  19. I disagree with you, Jim 9999, it is an invasion of privacy, and if it was done to me, he would have been slapped. NO ONE EVER has the right to do that to another person, PERIOD!

  20. Why does anyone worry about anything anyone of the people have to say on the View, they all are jesters, air heads and big mouths.

  21. Why would ANYBODY listen to Goldberg about ANYTHING ? ! She renamed herself after her own flatulence ! – Stanky assed skank POS !

  22. NO WAY would I ever vote for him, no telling what he’s been doing all along. If he always wanted female SS and then walk around naked in front of them then he needs help. Where the heck is his wife while all this is going on?

  23. From what I’ve heard, O Bummer did the same things, but in his case, it was boys or girls. Kind of like when LBJ had to make a point, he used his personal pointer.

  24. Betty, your sick hate is very sick. Pres. Trump is far better than any democrat. It is dems who are totally worthless and full of hate like you are

  25. You are absolutely right William! I attended a few “live” shows of tThe View when Barbara Walters and Meredith Viera were hosts. It was a “fun” show with dignified hosts who treated their guests with fairness and respect. The group group of women on The View today are rude, disrespectful, and dumb women who follow the very liberal and mean Behar and Goldberg! They embarrass their guests and audience. They are long past the time they should fired for their horrible behavior. ABC should cancel the show and put something is the time slot that would appeal to educated, fair-minded women. Instead of idiots like Behar and Goldberg!

  26. Goldberg is an idiot. Biden has ALWAYS been an idiot. Leftists are ALL IDIOTS. Leftists must hang.

  27. The REAL tragedy about this “biden” thing is the MSM is ignoring the Virginia Lt Gov Fairfax accusations of sexual assault charges (rape, too??) by two females earlier in Fairfax’s career…

  28. THIS WOMAN SHOULD OF LET BIDEN KNOW SHE FELT UNCOMFORTABLE WITH HIM SNIFFING HER HAIR . Not come out now with it. What is the matter with these women coming out years later with this stuff. Money of course. I have no sympathy for these women who come out years later with this stuff. They should of spoke up when it happened. And what happened really ,its not like she was raped.

  29. Ofcourse she defended creep joe.He has a d beside his name.imagine these very same pics and vids going around about a republican?creepy joe even exposed himself to his secret service female body guard.nothing to see here folks,he’s a democrat

  30. Slightly off topic, but look at recent photos of Biden, and check out his almost closed right eye…could be indication of a more serious medical condition such as MG,…

  31. Pelosi is attempting to protect Biden’s actions, too, but to no avail. How the heck is Whoopi going to do any good? lol There are too many videos, witnesses and such to down play any of this! He is handsy. He is Mr. Feely Feely. Biden does this stuff and others have to come to his rescue? BS! He has made his own bed to lay in.

  32. poopi goldberg is dumb as a hog lying in a slop bucket. she follows the lead of the white women because she is too stupid to speak for herself.

  33. I got a kick out of all the libs who said you have to believe women and created the me2 movement. Now when the libs are being accused, they are defending the low lifes.

  34. He should be called Crazy Uncle Perverted Joe. He makes me sick!! If he were to do that to me I’d slap the piss out of him and tell him to keep his filthy hands off me!!

  35. Betty what do you have against President Trump? So far he has proved himself to be a great President. He isn’t a politician like the others were so he doesn’t let Congress tell him what to do. He is trying his darndest to fulfill his campaign promises but the Demonrats and Libturds keep getting in his way.

  36. Steve, LOVE your comment!!!!!!!!! Skanks poopie and behater should be let out to pasture where they belong, sure as hell not with educated intelligent THINKING and fair minded peeps…. these beatches make me puke…. abc is crazy to keep them on the air……

  37. I wouldn’t vote for joe if he became a republican but it’s not the women that bother me as much as the kids. He is a pedophile plain and simple. If truth be known he molested the lil girls we know as the Obama kids.

  38. The Broads on the View are nuts…It’s not just the women., Biden is doing the same thing to ‘little girls’…He’s is totally a Dirty Old Man’…His wife even said, that sometimes she doesn’t like it when her Husband touches her..

  39. Whoopie is the ugliest P.O.S. On earth she looks like the south end of a northbound mule and stupid as she looks she couldn’t find her way out of a wet paper sack but then again she loves Biden so what can you say to top it all off she is a worthless no good for nothing bottom feeding Democrat. I thought I would never see anything I hated worse than a lawyer but now you have these bottom feeding Scum worthless DemoRATS.. ????????

  40. No way I would vote for creepy, dirty Joe Biden. I would not want his hands, face touching any part of me. The people he has touched over the years is disgusting. The video of him doing this is sick: touching a 13 year old girl’s breasts is horrible.
    Whoopie and Joy supporting Joe is awful. These two are idiots. Whatever the DEMS/LIBS do is fine for them but the Right is not allowed to do stuff like that. The old phrase, ” Do as I say, not as I do”. You Clowns turn my stomach!

    TRUMP in 20201 Down with all the DEMORATS and LIBTARDS !!!!!

  41. Republican until the day I die!!! Democraps party is the Jerry Springer party, where anything goes, no rules.

  42. Whatever works! As for Behar and Goldberg, they have had their time in the sun,…maybe too much so, as it has warped their brains. They for absolute sure would never have accepted what Biden did if he was a Republican…and it is such hypocrisy that they still backed him. Good old ‘uncle Joe is handsy -feely…and according to the past, this a no-go way to behave like a good, upstanding male candidate …for whatever…but surely, not the

  43. NEVER ceases to amaze me, HOW the LEFT defends inappropriate behavior of LIBERALS/Progressives, that would have them calling for a “hangman” if the “offender” was conservative or moderate.

  44. You said it Carl! Clear and Concise! She is a racist and a hater! In it for the money only. What a selfish pos.

  45. The View is nothing more than a pile barf…the people that are on that show are low IQ people….Behar and Goldberg the worst of all…obnoxious hateful losers…how can that dirt show stay on TV ????


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