White people were forced to do something despicable to attend this music festival


Left-wing social justice warriors often control music festivals put on around the country.

And the AfroFuture festival is not an exception.

But what they did at this music festival will make your jaw drop.

Many Leftists have been calling for reparations for black men and women who can trace their family tree back to slavery in the United States.

But one music festival took it upon themselves to serve their own bizarre version of racial justice.

The AfroFuture music festival decided to charge white people double the cost of a ticket that a black person was asked to pay.

Now, attendees and musicians are learning of this racist practice and all hell has broken loose.

Breitbart reports:

The AfroFuture music festival in Detroit is charging white people double the price for a ticket compared with people of color, in a move they claim will ensure marginalized groups are given “equitable chance at enjoying events in their own community.”

The festival, scheduled to take place August 3rd, offers different pricing structures depending on whether the attendee is white or a “person of color.” For white people, or “non-persons of color,” early bird tickets cost $10, compared with $20 for people of color. For those purchasing tickets closer to the event, white people will pay $40, compared with $20 for people of color.

The organizers of the event explain the reasons behind their discriminatory system in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of their website, although it is still unclear how they intend to validate the race and identity of ticket purchasers.

Upon hearing the news that the music festival was charging white people double, one of the rappers, Tiny Jag, decided to cancel her appearance.

She stated she did not support such a discriminatory practice.

The organizers of the music festival have naturally received a great deal of backlash.

Now, they have reversed their policy and are charging black and white people the same price.

What the Left doesn’t understand is that their so-called “solutions” to racial inequality are in fact racist.

If a music festival attempted to charge black men and women double the ticket price, they would be met with legal action and pay tremendous consequences.

What do you think?

Should the AfroFuture music festival face legal charges for discrimination?

Let us know in the comments below!


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  2. any festival or concert or public offering entertainment…if they charge different ;prices because of your race or religion or anyother reason should be charged for this discrimination practice. QUESTION they said they were charging this as a reparation practice………..so who was benefiting from this extra charge?????????

  3. Once again the Leftists ignoring reparations for black men and women was not made a law. Nor should it be. As another posted on another blog, reparations have already been paid IN FULL by the blood of the men and women that fought to end slavery during the Civil war.Not to mention how many of us marched in the South to end discrimination in the 60’s.But the Leftists want to keep stirring the pot . They will not or do not want racism in this country to be a thing of the past.The leftists are disrupting” every “avenue they can. Thumbing their noses at our President and our country.It is now a another case of “reversed discrimination” by trying to charge white people a higher fee to attend this music festival! Thank GOD it was brought to light and it was stopped.And thank GOD Tiny Jag refused to perform because of this act of discrimination. But when we have traitors representing US in congress, this hate will not go away!
    The question this story asked,” should the Afro festive be charged with discrimination?” Of course they should. But they won’t .EVERY TIME the Leftists break the law, nothing is done to them.So , just like a spoiled child that is never disciplined for inappropriate actions, they will continue to bully and break laws.I truly believe the Leftists want another civil war and totally destroy EVERYTHING this country stands for..Sad, scary and just wrong!!!!

  4. The people running this place (the AOC’s, Omar’s etc) have pushed the country over the top, it’ nuts. The country has gone crazy. Even this Trump hatred, I get it, he’s a commercial real estate guy, bleach blond from NYC, with a bunch of zeros in his bank account….and a typical rich nasty New Yorker, he’s not Mary Poppins, again I get it not very likable, so don’t invite him to Christmas diner. But he is the President, and that should be enough to demand respect, for anybody in that office.

    If the Dems don’t like him, vote him out, they put him in there in the first place by running Hillary, and they are going to do it again, not one of those clowns on that stage at the debate can beat him, not one, can you having Beto in the White House, I’d have to live in a cave without power to get away from that moron.

  5. Who draws the fine line necessary to discriminate? Many people who claim to be black sure look white to me. This racial discrimination issue is downright silly. Does no one look beneath the skin to discover what really matters?????

  6. The only people that deserve reparation for slavery or the people that were slaves before Abraham Lincoln free the slaves if you are not one of them you do not deserve s*** and I are not owed anything and unless you owned a slave before Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves you do not owe anybody anything so basically what I’m saying is white people do not owe black people s***

  7. The AfroFuture music festival should definitely face legal charges for discrimination.
    There is no doubt that if a music festival attempted to charge black men and women double the ticket price, they would be met with legal action and pay tremendous consequences as this is in fact racist and hence the AfroFuture music festival should definitely face legal charges for discrimination and pay a tremendous penalty for their racist behavior.

  8. I am all for it. What white person would want to attend this JUNK IN THE TRUNK event. Charge them triple and keep ignorant white people who want to wrap away!!!!!

  9. Any person who would debase themselves by agreeing to this blackmail has no self respect. I simply can’t understand why anyone would even want to attend any such event.

  10. I’m betting that they will put “people of non-color” in the back to still enforce their racist views. America is supposed to be a country where All People Are Created Equal – that’s true – but now that I am being held
    responsible for a lot of things I never did – my ancestors were “white slaves”, I never intentionally discriminated and grew up with all people of race, creed, and color and all were my friends. But ! when it
    started that I was forced to like someone just because of those factors – Whoa ! Why ? Because I don’t
    like all people of my race – so why should I suddenly be forced to have to “like” people just because the
    have some kind of special privilege now ? I’ve never seen color until all this came longhand now having to
    “like” someone just because of their history going back over a hundred years ago – is tough. Never see the
    Native Americans getting many perks and privileges like “non-whites” get in fact they are still screwed in
    many cases. What about the Asian Americans ? They seem to excel without a lot of programs ? People
    of “color” need to stop being modern slaves to the government programs and one political party which is
    using them just like slaveowners 200 years ago. Remember taking the easy road is often the wrong path
    to follow.

  11. Additionally, reparations were already made following the Civil War, when abolitionists bought land in Sierra Leone and the US Congress contributed funding. The city of Freetown was a result.

    That so many who never owned a slave died or were maimed/disfigured fighting to end slavery was the cost paid for the end of abolition. No further reparations are needed.

    The issue of reparations for slavery is not in any way the same as reparations for Japanese internment where homes and businesses were taken from loyal Americans and never returned.

    Redress over discrimination has been reverse discrimination from Day One and resulted in innocent people being punished/discriminated against in the name of equality. It led to things like busing and quotas which caused more dissention and anger on both sides.

  12. Bill you hit it right on. You would have to be a straight up moron to attend the event. But then again Illinois is full of moron white people.

  13. Are blacks unaware that Obama’s relatives had a total of FOURTEEN SLAVES! So HE will need to pay if they continue this farce. My family had not yet migrated to this country … so I am NOT PAYING ANYTHING. I also do not think it would be CONSTITUTIONAL … to charge SOME for the benefit of a few … something liberals never think about.

  14. If it came down to it; if they attempted to charge me double for being white, I just wouldn’t pay them anything by not purchasing a ticket at all. If all whites did the same, that would certainly put a dent in the profit they made with their concerts. This would take money away from them, which they likely would have used a portion of to spread their racist propaganda.

    The way I see it, paying for their tickets is in effect supporting them which I would refuse to do. On that same note, I’m also boycotting Nike for pulling their Betsy Ross shoes off the market.

    Conservatives must stop being passive when it comes to this type of behavior. There are basic things we can do to hurt these anti American traitors where it counts.

  15. Great common sense comment. Why would any thinking person pay them anything to spread their propaganda? Personally, I won’t be supporting Nike either. There are plenty of other athletic shoe brands out there. Truth be told, the shoes don’t make the athlete anyway. Besides that, sports and concerts are nothing when compared to the sacrifices made by those who serve in our military to defend the freedom that allows sport figures and entertainers to make the huge profits they make.

    I was never able to serve in our armed forces since I’ve been a type 1 diabetic from the age of 2 years, but I honor all those who fight for our freedom. Let me thank you Art for your service. Please know that here’s one who has your back.

  16. What they did was a crime. It should be treated as such and everyone involved, including the bands (if they knew about it) should be tried and fined. IF a white person knew they were being charged double the price of a black person to attend, and decided to go anyway, then they are acting as idiots. My guess is that they had no idea they were being charged double…but, in this world today…who knows? Unfortunately a large number of the black community population seems to be turning into what they say they are fighting. They are becoming racists and bigots by their own actions. Until they learn to let go of bitterness, stop playing the victim card, stop thinking they are ENTITLED to something because of something their ancestors went through… and until they start teaching their youth to respect authority by their own actions…they will continue to have problems. GOD PLEASE HEAL THE HEARTS of this beautiful people. Cause them to rise up and shine! Fill their hearts with your glory! your love! your peace! your joy! Your power! Help them to put aside any victim feelings and help them to see they can be victorious in life through your love.

  17. Want to put Reparations to sleep?
    Congress to pass a Law that Reparations will be paid under the following rules:

    1. Those requesting Reparations must fill out a 3 page Form.

    2. If approved, they will be given a Reparation Payment of One Dollar (1.00 Dollar)

    3. Very Simple and Easy.

  18. I disagree, whether it be $1or 1 cent, paying any amount would be condoning this un-American activity. What would have pleased me more would have found that all entertainment that had been booked back away from participating in this abhorrence of decency.

  19. I say every black person who wants repetitions needs to go to Africa get it from the descendants of those who sold the blacks to the whites, then return to America and pay the money the were rewarded (that they DO NOT deserve in the first place) and pay the families of those who died in the Civil War to help free their ungrateful A Zoe’s.

  20. Any Caucasian that has not realized that the most “racist” people of all are the black people living in the US. The reason for this is they are allowed to get away with it. Just because a person belongs to a typical minority group does not automatically give them the right to be “racists”. Obama was the perfect example. He hated what his mother provided him with; some Caucasian genes.

  21. Rose: Please, don’t look for Betty! She will probably be here when the mental hospital allows her access to the rec. room. They allow her to take out her anger on these blogs.Hoping she won’t act out there…(LOL

  22. Just another example that liberals’ brains don’t function logically.
    They often come up with stupid & self-centered schemes that rational people see the unfair error in & routinely reject.

  23. The people, to whom “reparations” are valid, are the actual VICTIMS, of a crime. Not great-great-great-grand-children. In the case of slavery, every, from the slaves, to their “owners”, have been DEAD, for a century.

    The people, who CLAIM to be seeking “reparations, in the modern day, are just looking for a “hand-out”.

    About the same thing as the NAACP demanding that far LESS educated, and experienced, Negroes, be placed ABOVE MORE educated white people.

    Just another attempt at a hand-out.

    This leaves the question: Why dont these people get JOBS, and support themselves?

    Are they opposed to putting in an eight hour day, for a paycheck?

    Is THIS what this is, REALLY about?

  24. The black entertainers must realize they would not last if it was not for the whites who pay to see them. They are so ignorant to the facts and know very littler. What about the first slave owner in the original 13 colonies who was BLACK and went to court to keep his black slave. What about the largest slave owner in S.C. during the Civil War who was also black. How about the white slaves when this country first started. Idiots need to research and learn about what they are talking about.

  25. After all the hundreds of billions in living wages extorted from working Americans through a punitive tax system and handed out by the Dems through so called playing field leveling programs and gimme programs devised to buy votes for the Dems, they are still trying to steal more of our money. The reparations have been paid out plus some since L.B.J. hatched this vote buying scheme with his den of thieves. Enough is enough, time to give back to the real victims here, the working people of America who strive day in and day out trying to make this nation a better place than they found it, who are trying to build something for their families and themselves, whose living wages are stole through tax schemes, because the high school wants new equipment or a bigger stadium for the football team, or someones brother-in-law wants a contract to build a new road to nowhere so he can line his pockets at taxpayer expense, or the Dems came up with a new vote buying scam. Enough is enough. Time to cut the spout of and let us keep more of our own money.

  26. What else can we expect from racist nigrs? I would not go to their animal show even if they paid me.

  27. Maybe America will wake up and realize how the left is pushing their “Black People cannot be racists”, agenda. However, any of us that have dealt with our entire community activities in the past twenty years will realize that blacks are in fact more openly racist because they feel nobody will confront their racism, because whoever does. will be considered a racist by the left, blacks and all radical democrats. As far as whites paying more for a ticket to a black concert, if you are ok with that, pay the extra money. For me, I will not pay more than anyone else for a ticket to any performance, black, white country, whatever. Any black that thinks what they did in Detroit is ok, is part of the reason there is racism in this country. God Bless America and all Americans regardless of all skin color.

  28. The name of Detroit should be spelled Detoilet; it’s full of crap as this ‘festival’ proves. If these fools want to con money from people who were never involved in anything, give them a one way ticket to Somalia and the problem will be solved within a few hours after arrival.

  29. I’m not happy about what Nike did either, but to disparage them by saying shoes don’t contribute to an athletes success is just inaccurate. It is unfortunate you have not been able to participate in sports, but because you haven’t you really have no perspective. Phil Knight & Bill Bauer were friends with my husbands track coach in the mid 60’s, they brought their waffle iron to his school and put a different sole on their shoes, and they were really impressed with the performance. Nike has been a world leader in innovating better shoes & apparel for athletes to perform at the highest level. That is why they are #1. I personally wear Nike’s because I have terrible feet & they are the only shoe that is comfortable for me to walk in. Everyone has the right to an opinion on the Kaepernick idiocy & Nike caving in, but don’t try to erase what Nike has done for athletes.

  30. No, they have apparently learned their lesson. Like many, they are victims of the cultural left who are making life miserable for many Americans of all colors.

  31. Sorry, we’ve been paying reparations for several decades in the form of affirmative action, welfare, equal opportunity, dumbed down testing and job requirements.

  32. WOW! Compare what Obrokeback did to this country to what PRESIDENT TRUMP has done. All of your expletives are ignorant rantings and have nothing concrete to do with his performance! How did Obrokeback earn that Nobel??

  33. LOL! Nice NIKE defection! It is the fact that they bent over for Colon KRAPONDIK, like Hollywood actors, when he sniveled that he thought the Betsy Ross flag was racist!

  34. Why would anyone want to go to a festival called Afro Future in the first place??? Second why would they pay to go???

  35. First question what is this CRAP Afrofuture music in the first place and second who would be STUPID enough to want to go???

  36. I don’t understand. It’s all the past. Forgive! If the organizers of He concert knew their complete history then they’d know that there were Hispanic slave owners and Native American slave owners as well as over a thousand free Black slaves owners. How do you differentiate the black slave owners descendants from the black slaves decedents.
    It’s all stupid and divisive. Let’s forgive and endeavor to make things better for our children.
    Democrats won’t allow peace. It interferes with their plan to keep us at each others throats to keep us from paying attention to their One World Government.

  37. It’s not the black folks, it’s people of all colors who are whiny or complaining about everything that the democrats put forth in the FAKE news to keep up confusion and derision in the country. Please don’t think all black folks are the same. The FAKE news focuses on the idiots of all races to keep us upset with each other so we won’t look close at all the One World Government plans they are trying to implement. Did you see that they are endeavoring to implement a domestic terrorist act. If the Dems ever get both the house and senate again and good folks rebel against any of their policies then the Dems can put those folks in jail without due process. Everyone, please open your eyes.

  38. These people play with a deck that has all racist cards in it. They’re ready to throw down a black wild card at every opportunity. I used to work with some like that.


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